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Concept Of Multiple Races

When and where did the concept of multiple races, which is the root of racism, originate? The word of God clearly makes it known that there is only one race, the human or mortal race. Gen 1:27, 2:7, 9:1 Acts 17:26

Moderator - Noah's three sons believed to be the Asian, Black and White races. Genesis Chapters 9-11.

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 ---josef on 5/9/06
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moderator is correct.
---shira on 6/1/08

moderator is correct.
---shira on 7/15/07

At the tower of Babel people were caused to have different languages. As they moved apart (segregation)they grouped around those of the same beliefs (culture). Race is mostly an outward feature defining us by looks. Dis(respect) and dis(crimination) are the downfalls of cultural differences. It is therefore our culture not our race that is the object of true discrimination. Christianity is a culture that has been the object of dis/dis and dat over the world. We as Christians WILL overcome race vs culture.
---mikefl on 5/13/06

Yes it is Leon. That was my point. It is good to see that my brothers and sisters in Christ agree. Thank you all for your responses. They were all very insightful. It is my dream that MLK's dream is realized before our savior returns, It would be one of the things in which I think, He would be well pleased. Well done my good and faithful children.
---josef on 5/12/06

There is only one human race but there are many ethenic groups. Their cultural differences are many. Moderator, input please,I thought all Noahs sons were all the same as he and his wife, but their offspring filled many different areas of the old world and people assumed from the area where they settled that they were one ethenic group or another. Isn't location the only evidence for that in the Bible? Thank You.
---Darlene_1 on 5/12/06

I believe D N A testing shows there is not enough evidence to support different races,this does not differ from the Bible. People who looked alike tended to stay together,thus keeping 'race' in check.This is not my idea Iread this some where,but agree with it.
---william on 5/12/06

Thanks Eloy.
---Leon on 5/12/06

Some how the ascii symbols for one-half did not come through.

Their faces were half black, half white, and Yes, Leon, I do believe Frank Gorshen (rubber face) was in that episode.
---John_T on 5/12/06

John_T: Ah-h-h yes, "RACING" around the universe with Captain James T. Kirk, "going boldly...", encountering all those " diverse races of beings ", many with social issues not unlike our own.

I saw the episode (with Frank Gorshen?). It made a very good point & I believe it's applicable for our day. (Hebrews 4:14-16)
---Leon on 5/12/06

Leon, I reiterate, the two races are: those born again, and those born one time.
---Eloy on 5/12/06

m.p., dis" is a common colloquial word. A Verb meaning 1. to down, or put down a person; degrade; denigrate; condemn; thumb down. 2. discard; cast off; put at a distance. And it is a Noun meaning 1. one who is disagreeable; disobedient, dissenter, condemned. A christian should not be a dissing, nor should they be dissing one another.
---Eloy on 5/12/06

emg: My exact sentiments. Thanks for the bible-based clarity.

Josef: This stigma about "races" is absolutely incredible, isn't it? :-/
Yes, the word of God (Bible) clearly makes it known that there's only one race ( ancestry, family, classification, kind ), "the human...race" that was created in God's image. (Gen. 1:26-28)
---Leon on 5/12/06

Leon:Thanks for ur reply.No i dont think there is anything like a pure white human race.we have a pure human race created in the image of God.
---pkay on 5/12/06

Race talk reminds me of an original Star Trek episode where the actors all had a face white, black, the difference being which side was painted black.

I recall reading somewhere that genetically, all humans are 99.999% alike, the remaining 1/10,000 accounting for skin color and other "racial" features.

BTW isn't it amazing that God described sins as RED, but not BLACK?
---John_T on 5/12/06

Okay Eloy! :-)

But , "What do you mean when you (5/11/06) say 'races'"?
---Leon on 5/12/06

Eloy don't you have a better word in your vocabulary other than diss or dissing? It makes you sound aggressive, thuggish and does not really go with the persona that you otherwise create here. In addition, it is not a real word.
---M.P. on 5/12/06

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Leon, part 2: Those born again, from Christ- called, the righteous; the born-again Christian; the sanctified; the saved; the spiritual; hated of the world and the friend of the Lord; the sheep; the children of the God; the well-doer; the obedient; the agreeing; the proChrist; the good tree; the temple of the Holy Ghost; the live; and the shining wheat.
---Eloy on 5/12/06

Leon, part 1: Those born one time, from Adam- called, the sinuous; the unregenerate; the carnal; the damned; the worldly; friend of the world and enemy of God; the goats; the children of the devil; the sinner; the disobedient; the dissing; the antiChrist; the evil tree; the whited tomb; the dead; and the burning tare.
---Eloy on 5/12/06

Pkay: By the way, is there such a thing as a pure white human race? :-)
---Leon on 5/11/06

Eloy: I agree, there are two types of people in the world , i.e., saved ( born again ) & unsaved ( living in sin ). But, the word race(s) isn't a Bible term. What do you mean when you say "races"?
---Leon on 5/11/06

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Pkay: I don't believe there is such a thing ; however, I've noticed on numerous occasions (when the subject has raised its ugly head) some CN bloggers do believe in pre-Adamic (evolved cave dwelling folk) & post-Adamic (Nephlim) "races", & cursed Cainites, Hamites, Cannanites (the later three alleged to have been black people ).

I agree, exclusivity is definitely racist & un-Christian.
---Leon on 5/11/06

Generally speaking, to God there are only two races in the world: The saved, and the damned.
---Eloy on 5/11/06

God created 2 people (we know not what they looked like) and from them, every other human being came into existence in very varied appearances. Different skin, eye and hair colours, different heights and weights, eye shape, hair type, foot size etc. etc. etc. Genetically, every combination was there from the start in Adam and Eve. We are all members of the human race and as such should love each other for what we are because this is the way God intended each individual to be.
---emg on 5/11/06

"God created diverse races" On what are you basing your knowledge of this?
---josef on 5/10/06

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Leon what do u mean other imperfect sub-human races?Is there such a thing?
---pkay on 5/10/06

I have a question for those of you who frequently use the term "races". Do you mean races as a synonym for "nations" or "generations" from one common Bible ancestry , or do you mean something completely different like a pure white human race plus other kinds of imperfect sub-human races?
---Leon on 5/10/06

God in His glorious wisdom chose to create man in different races. It reflects the beauty and diversity of our glorious God. For Christians there is no room for racism. I laugh when I see we have exclusively black or white or yellow churches. Get real people..when you get to heaven there will be saints from every nation, tribe, people and race.
---pkay on 5/9/06

God created diverse races while men twisted it by being racist...
---Cris on 5/9/06

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moderator is correct.
---shira on 5/9/06

moderator is correct.
---shira on 5/9/06

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