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The Bum Cussed Me Out

Pan handler at gas station by my house is always there asking for money. At first I felt sorry for her and gave her money 3 different times but this time I did not and she cussed me out as I left. Am I required as a christian to keep giving away my money to this person?

Moderator - You are required to listen to what the Holy Spirit is directing you to do in each situation in life.

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 ---no_name on 5/9/06
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I just want to thank all who replied as I have gotten a lot of helpful thinking and ideas. I have always wondered what others think about this topic.

Bless you all.
---Virga5539 on 5/7/08

I would never give any money to a panhandler,many times they do just use the money for another drug fix. If you feel led to give,give to a Soup Kitchen,or some Charity that feeds them, or give the person food not money. You must be led by the Holy Ghost but God never wants you to enable a person to sin. The Bible says 2 Thessalonians 3:10- if any will not work they should not eat. Word takes a firm stand against nonworkers,it leaves them too much time to be busybodies.
---Darlene_1 on 11/6/07

Good advice, Mima! :-) Tough to do sometimes, but, Jesus (YAHUSHUA) didn't have it easy either.
---Gordon on 11/6/07

If the pan handler cussed you out, it was not an encounter with an angel unaware.
But I wonder how many of us have bypassed one by refusing to make eye contact with the needy.
---Bob on 11/6/07

Here is a great opportunity. You heard of heaping "coals" on someone's head here is the opportunity. Continue to give handouts to the panhandler, and she will never forget you nor what you say. So carefully weigh the words that goes with your money.
---Mima on 11/5/07

Ask her if you can pray for her next time....
---cris on 11/5/07

"There but by the grace of God, go I". Give her money. I agree with Chris that it is up to her and God what she does with it afterward. Pray for her. She probably cussed at you because she is hurting. Being homeless and broke is not fun and can make anybody in a bad mood. If you dont have any money to give, tell her.
---sue on 4/4/07

1. On the sermon on the mount, Jesus said if anyone asks you to give, then give.

God taught me if someone on the streets ask me for money, and I have it, give it to them. The person may look as it they are on drugs or alc. but it is not for me to judge, because I just don't know. God looks at my heart,to see if I am going to give or not... If I am a sheep or a goat.
---chris on 4/3/07

2.When the money leaves my hand, it is no longer my buisness, whatever the person does with the money is between them and God. I have learned, the more I give the less selfish I feel. I also noticed when I cringe and find it difficult to give to someone on the street, then something is wrong and I need to ask God to search my heart, and remove whatever the problem is, before I become hard hearted.
---Chris on 4/3/07

3. I have given to men and women who I have met on the streets.They looked as if they could have been on drugs, but it turned out they used the money for food. I did not watch to see what they were going to do with the money after it was given. I just happened to stop at a fast food restaurant and there they were. This has happened more than once. So I have learned to give and not judge a person as to what I think they are going to do with the money...I never know when I am going to entertain an angel.
---Chris on 4/3/07

no_name, The moderator is right, you have to listen to the Holy Spirit, some use that money for booze or drugs. God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 3/29/07

well after the third time I gave her money I felt like it was a no that's the last time next time you see her do not give her any more money.
---no_name on 3/29/07

Part 2:

Some fast food places have coupons for burger, drink, and maybe fries available.

Why not buy a book or two of them (as I intend to do) to have something to give to the poor so they can EAT, if that's what they really are asking for?
---Jack on 6/7/06

The other day my friend and I were having breakfast at the local fast food eatery, and we saw a street person standing around whom we had seen before.

My friend bought him a gift card for this restaurant. If he needs food, he can get it. If he's just looking for money to spend on booze or drugs, he has something to help him eat.
---Jack on 6/7/06

One morning a homeless man was sleeping on a loading dock at a burned-out building. I had stopped my McDonald's and had an extra biscuit and sausage. I quietly walked over to the loading dock and set the sausage and biscuit on the man's chest and walked back to work. It was hoot to see him wake up and find his surprise. He walked around the building and came ask if we could give him a cup of coffee. This winter, take a homeless person a blanket.
---Nellah on 5/15/06

You are blessed by God when you give to the poor. Don't expect to be blessed by them. Jesus said if you have given a glass of water even in the name of a disciple you have given it to me.Our responsibility is to give cheerfully with love. If you give and don't see the pan handler but see Jesus instead, you will have the blessing of the giver. Don't be robbed of that.
---john on 5/12/06

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Go to RevHerb's 5/10 posting here and click on the blue line under his name.

That brings up the last 10 of his postings. Then to get a better idea, follow the threads to come to your own conclusion about what he says.
---John_T on 5/12/06

Who is this Rev Herb ? and what kind of church
does he Pastor???
---Betty on 5/12/06


Thank you for the clarification. I am not following RevHerb's postings so I am unaware of his inciting intentions.

What do you say to the comment that Madison made, and that Bruce seconded? Are you showing Christ-like humility and willingness to help the downtrodden? I ask as one pastor to another.
---John_T on 5/11/06

John_T gave the same answer that I had. Sometimes I will ask what the money is needed for. If they say food, I offer to walk in a resturaunt to buy it for them. If it is for a bus fare, same thing, I will pay it for them. Once in a while, I will give them what is in my pocket and leave it to them to use it however they like, but not real often.
---chris on 5/11/06

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JohnT. I stand by my judgment of Herb's metaphor. The metaphor devalued the poor. And, if we were to take Herb's metaphor literally, then according to the verse, we should not share the gospel with the poor either.
---Madison1101 on 5/11/06

I sorta agree with your assessment about RevHerb, and I am glad that I am not a member of his church!

Nevertheless, in my dealings with erronious pontifications of others, like eloy, I like to give the benefit of the doubt first, and allow several chances of correction before I go after wrong statements.

That gives "wiggle room" or gives enough rope to hang ones self.
---John_T on 5/11/06

John T,
Metaphor though it may be, it is the type of harsh response we have come to expect from Herb. Even the metaphor itself is missapplied as Jesus was talking about giving the holy to the unholy. He was talking about the "pearl of great price." It speaks to the experience of taking the gospel to someone and having them reject the message and maybe even turn on you in response as in Acts 16.
---Bruce5656 on 5/11/06

A more apt scripture would be:
Mark 9:41, "For whosoever shall give you a cup of water to drink in my name, because ye belong to Christ, verily I say unto you, he shall not lose his reward."
Matthew 25:35-36, "For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in: Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me."
---Bruce5656 on 5/11/06

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I meant "give". I fumble fingered!

Which Madison wrote the comment about Herb? He used a metaphor, not name calling. Seems as if you were too quick on the reaction trigger.
---John_T on 5/11/06

Find out her needs, then supply one.

If she is a boozer, the $ you five her will go to buy booze.

If she is hungry, buy her a Happy Meal, ot let her order $3.00 of food from the local 7/11 and you pay only for the food you see.

That is the way to keep from being "bummed out" (sorry, couldn't help myself!) over her addictions and refusal for help.
---John_T on 5/10/06

Amen Linda!!! Good answer. If we all could always have the eyes of Christ, what a different world this could be
---christina on 5/10/06

If your money is your treasure (pearl), look out!
---Linda6563 on 5/10/06

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Only Herb would refer to a poor person as swine. Way to show the Love of God to the poor, Herb.
---Madison on 5/10/06

Cast not your pearls before swine.
---Rev_Herb on 5/10/06

I work in an area of town where the homeless roam during the day. There are shelters near my work. These people are my people. Lot of them are mentally ill. They're put out on the street after being hospitalized for the time allowed by law. Some don't know where to go once released. If this woman, not a bum, smells of alcohol, give her a buck, she might fall into a seizure in front of your eyes. If she doesn't, tell her how much God loves her. I've been homeless too.
---Nellah on 5/10/06

Statistics show that most of the poor, homeless people on the streets are probably also severely mentally ill and off their medications. Before deinstitutionalization, these people were kept in state hospitals, away from the public. Now, many are homeless and begging on the streets. Their personalities are less than desirable, because of their illness.

My suggestion is to pray for this person. She is probably suffering far more than you can imagine.
---Madison on 5/10/06

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I am just going to make a suggestion here, although it may not be very popular. How about seeing her not as a bum but instead someone who Jesus bled and died for to reconcile and redeem. When we label people, we blind ourselves to the potential of Christ in them.
---Linda6563 on 5/10/06

If you feel that it is safe to do so, you could try saying to her "Why did you speak to me like that considering that I have helped you several times, sometimes I don't have money to spare"? This might make her aggressive but, on the other hand, it might open a wonderful dialogue.
---emg on 5/10/06

Don't feed her habits. It is possible to show Christian love toward someone, but be firm with them at the same time. Next time you drop by that area, if you're able to, carry some food or other things she might need. If you see her give them to her, spend a little time with her and talk to her, share the Lord with her. Don't "preach" to her, just show her that you care, and the Lord loves her. If she was doing the right thing with the money you gave her in the past, she'll appreciate this
---T.S. on 5/10/06

I believe, by the womans's behavior, the Holy Spirit has given you your answer. None of us can afford to give to every needy person whom we pity (or who makes us feel guilty). All our money is actually His, so we need to be good stewards of what He's given us. Sounds like giving to her might just contribute to whatever her problem is (alcohol, drugs, self-pity, who knows?)Ask to pray for her if you want to, but bring earplugs, you'll likely need them.
---Donna2277 on 5/9/06

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Just do what the Holy Spirit tells you to do. Maybe this person has mental problems, etc. Pray for this person. Sometimes giving money is not what is needed. Jesus did take care of physical needs 1st, then spiritual. Give this person a nice sack lunch or something else that is more personal besides money. Put some reading material that God can use to reach them.
---EJ on 5/9/06

It sounds like she had started depending on you to give her money. I'm with Chris. Ask her if you can pray for/with her. I would be wary of anyone who would take money and not be willing to pray.
---Linda on 5/9/06

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