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Is The Bible A Fiction Book

How do you know the Bible isn't fiction?

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 ---charlie on 5/9/06
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I call your attention to the reestablishment of the state of Israel.

The fulfillment of this prophecy recorded in the Bible .....
---mima on 3/9/11

You called attention to it.

Where is this fulfillment?

Show the scriptures witnesses testifying that this is a fulfillment.
---Trav on 3/14/11

Jerry, thank you for your kind remark. If I am still in grade school, does it really matter? God bless. :-)
---John.usa on 3/12/11

"Jerry, I know what I know the same way you know what you know. :-)
---John.usa on 3/10/11"

Now there's a mature response. Are you still in grade school?
---jerry6593 on 3/12/11

B.asic I.nstructions B.efore L.eaving E.arth....
---richard on 3/11/11

God saw fit to tell us that not everything contained in the "bible" (this word NOT FOUND in scripture) is a genuine holy writing and included this verse for that reason (God provides a REMINDER to only heed genuine "SCRIPTURE")...

2 Timothy 3:16
"all SCRIPTURE is inspired by God...".

Many hobbies, industries, etc., have a collection of literary works that guide them in their practice ("guidelines") that is commonly/loosely referred to as their "bible" (the electrticians "bible", the car repair "bible", etc.).

"SCRIPTURE" is NOT FICTION (it even tells us the pre-Antioch name for devotion).
---more_excellent_way on 3/11/11

Jerry, I know what I know the same way you know what you know. :-)
---John.usa on 3/10/11

John: "There probably was a real Job. But the book itself was not written until about 200 B.C. in a very stylized and embellished form.
---John.usa on 3/8/11"

And just how would YOU know that? Were you there? Most REAL Bible scholars claim that Job is indeed one of the most ancient books.

---jerry6593 on 3/10/11

God cannot and will not be contained in a book. Christ himself said that there cant be enough books written to explain God.Lots of books were left out of the Bible but you still have those that say it is only filled with what we need. What we need is a relationship with God and stop trying to figure out who wrote Genesis. God bless you.
---david on 3/9/11

One of the ways we can be certain the Bible is not fiction is through the prophecy in the Bible that has been fulfilled.
I call your attention to the reestablishment of the state of Israel. The fulfillment of this prophecy recorded in the Bible is alone prove that the Bible is truely the Word of God!
---mima on 3/9/11

There probably was a real Job. But the book itself was not written until about 200 B.C. in a very stylized and embellished form.
---John.usa on 3/8/11

The Bible couldn't possibly be fiction... Or nobody would buy it. Who would buy, and keep buying, a book that tells people their hearts are desperately wicked...that they are sinners who are bound for an eternity in hell?

NO, the Bible is true, but people insist on reading it AS IF it is fiction! Many people just don't WANT to believe it.
---Donna66 on 3/8/11

Job was an actual person.

1. If not it brings into question the very honesty of the Almighty who names Job along with 'righteous' Noah and Daniel at Ezek. 14:14, 20.

2. The truthfulness of James too would be in question. He points to Jobs example of endurance. (Jas. 5:11) Only a true-life example, not a fictitious one, would carry weight, convincing worshipers of God that integrity can be maintained under all circumstances.

3. Additionally the Jews always, historically viewed Job as an actual person and always included the book by his name in the bible canon.
---scott on 3/8/11

The Bible is the Word of GOD.
---shirley on 3/8/11

John.usa....I take it you do not belive the Bible to be the Word of God.
---JIM on 3/8/11

//But there are some made-up stories in the Bible, such as Ruth.//
Ruth was the grandmother of King David. That story is true.
---Scott on 3/8/11

While Esther, Job and Ruth cannot be proved by outside sources there is no reason to assume they are made up. The characters in Esther that can be checked on are real. The result is a holiday that is celebrated.

The area where Job is supposed to have lived existed.

The people and actions of Ruth all fit in a historical setting.

So to say they are made up is an unprovable assumption. But I cannot prove they actually happened either. But at least two can be shown to be highly probalble.
---Samuel on 3/8/11

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It depends on how you define the word Fiction. But there are some made-up stories in the Bible, such as Ruth, Esther and Job.
---John.usa on 3/8/11

For the same reason that I know that Charlie is not fiction. And likewise the fool will say, No, there are no words recorded by Charlie. But there was a Big Bang, and single cell amoebas and protozoas gathered together and evolved into guppies, then into apes, and then into a human.
---Eloy on 3/7/11

Many portions of the Bible have been shown through archeology to be true. Other parts have been shown to be probable or could have happened. Places mentioned are real.

For instance in the early 1900's scholars said the Bible was false because there was never a Hittite kingdom. Now we have excavatd the capitol and know a lot about the Hittites just like the Bible said.
---Samuel on 3/7/11

2Pe 1:16 For we have not followed cunningly devised fables, when we made known unto you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but were eyewitnesses of his majesty.

---jerry6593 on 3/7/11

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Real or fiction,it doesnt matter. God can not be contained in pages of a book. Commandments were already given before Moses went up Sinai,Noah's flood wasnt worldwids. The Bible is a book of parables and stories of great faith. Believe in God and your heart will be made pure. I am not Christian,Muslim or atheist. I dont get caught up in relegion. Ilove my Father who gave me life. I look around each day and see His greatness and His love. No book of stories make me feel the love He has for me. I see HIM daily and thank Him for my well being. God bless you all. Let it be so.
---dave on 3/6/11

Because what is written is coming true.
---sue on 3/7/08

What is your definition of "fiction"?

There are many places in the Bible that are parables, where truth is expressed in figures and as "fictional" stories.
---Jack on 3/7/08

Prophsis in the O.T. line up with what happened in the N.T. Also, artifacts from the Bible have been discoved (Noah's Ark, where the Red Sea was parted, etc.). There is NO way the Bible can be false.
---Leslie on 12/31/06

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by the witness of the holy spirit and men.Changed lives.why after christs death didn,t peter go back to fishing?why did paul; a pharisee, a man of God, a persucutor of believers unto death turn to jesus?fiction doesn,t change mens lives don,t choose to die for a lie. And I,am not talking about wordly lies, these men ,and especially paul were devote jews.
---tom2 on 5/30/06

Fiction,well thats like little red riding hood.Though some fiction has a basis in truth, meaning it has portion that we all can relate with. There is a HUGE difference between all written word that exists in the world today and HOLY scripture.The word of God(the bible) is the only spiritual truth.A witness of God thru men so that we might know him.
---tom2 on 5/30/06

First I had to understand that there was a place within me for God. A place that cried out for a creator. I can not deny that (and I have in weakness, tried many times). Once I knew there was no doubt a creator, I had to find out what/who it was. There is a "deep calling to deep" within all of us if we but listen. When we listen, God's word rings as true as the finest brass bell one could ever hear. Study and prayer proves the truths written in the Bible to those who sincerely search it.
---mikefl on 5/13/06

Because I know The Father is real. I know His Word is truth. The Fathers Himself gave credence to His logos when He gave credence to His Son. "This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased; hear ye Him" (Mat.17:5)
---josef on 5/11/06

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Charlie: How is it you don't know the Bible isn't fiction ? Please read 2 Corinthians 4:1-7.
---Leon on 5/10/06

If you limit yourself to just the New Testament you could have doubts because you are not seeing what the New is built upon but once you have read the Old Testament and then see all the prophesies fulfilled in the New the doubt goes.
---emg on 5/10/06

As stated by some of the responses, some items in the Bible are in parables. But the main story in the Bible is the story regarding the love of God towards man that He gave His only begotten Son to save him. This story is not fiction because Jesus Christ is a historical one. Jesus Christ is not a product of man's imagination. The story about Jesus life is not constructed by some writer's imaginations.
---Bebet3754 on 5/9/06

Would you set out to work on your car without the handbook that shows you how to repair something, or how to get to the wiring harness? You NEED the handbook!

The bible is our handbook for life! Some stories are parables, but they are teachings for us to learn from. Jesus is NOT fiction! He gave His life that we may have eternal life.
---NVBarbara on 5/9/06

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The witness of the Spirit perhaps.
---Linda6563 on 5/9/06

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