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See Loved Ones In Heaven

Out of the millions upon millions of saints, the vastness, in heaven, do you really think you will see relatives, spouses, children? Yes, the Word says we will be known as we are. That just means we will have a personal idenity. This does not say I will definately "see" loved ones. Does it?

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 ---Fred_S. on 5/10/06
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Jesus said, I go to prepare a place for u, and if I go to prepare a place for u, I will come again and take you unto myself, that you maybe with me in paradise. Was he just speaking to the disciples or to us all?
---Marcia on 8/21/07

Heaven is a big place but eterninty is a long time. Do you not think that the God who created all of this, can/will, if in our best interest, ensure that those we loved in this life will be made known to us?
---Bruce5656 on 8/20/07

I also believe God will allow those things (pets)we have loved to be there for us.
Would that just be the cute and cuddly pets or would it include, say, a goldfish? millipede? (yuck), scorpion? cockroach? ants?(lots of us had an ant farm as kids) Yes, people DO have these things as pets.
---Bruce5656 on 5/17/06

YES, I believe we will know our friends, family, acquaintences, etc. who passed on as believers. I also believe God will allow those things (pets)we have loved to be there for us. It would all fit with a world of worshipping Almighty God with His love and grace for us. It will be wonderful to see people who we carnally remember as elderly, failing, or hurt who then will be at the most perfect form of their lives again. Perfect for them and godly for us. Amen
---mikefl on 5/13/06

Bruce, Thanks for the correction. I was assuming that the disciples had possibly seen drawings of what they looked like, just like we see drawings/photos of what former people looked like and are able to possibly recognize them. Just an assumption.
---Cana on 5/12/06

Since they had never met Moses or Elijah, the knowledge of who they were would have had to have been revealed to them. They did not "recoginze" them.
---Bruce5656 on 5/11/06

When Elijah and Moses appeared on the mountain with Jesus, the disciples recognized and knew who they were and they had been dead for many years! I think we will be recognizable to our family and friends.
---Cana on 5/11/06

Who knows you as you are known? Maybe this could be friends and loved ones? As you can see by my answer I'm convinced we will know each other we will see our relative spouses friends children. In fact I think they see us now the ones that have gone on. I believe they constitute the great cloud of witnesses.
---mima on 5/10/06

Would you rather see your earthly loved ones, or rather see God?
---Jack on 5/10/06

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