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Can I Marry A Hindu Guy

I am a 24 year old Christian woman in love with a 27 year old Hindu guy and wish to marry him. Is it wrong or right? Our parents won't agree to this. But I don't want to marry any other person.

Moderator - A true Christian couldn't do this as you would be unequally yoked. In addition, a Christian wouldn't be dating something of a different religion. Why do you think you are a Christian?

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 ---simi on 5/10/06
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NOW WITH REGARD TO CHRISTIAN MARRYING NONCHRISTIAN, I think there is no straight forward reply.

Christian part of the family would like to see that the new family follows christian social customs. They would like to see the children grow up as christians. This is pehaps christians in their heart of hearts would like see every loved ones in the same place even in the afterlife.

Well one thing is for sure. Marriage between two christian partners is not a gaurantee for an ideal home (if ideal home means a christian any way)

Marriage between christian and non christian partner is not necessarily a hell for children.
---rajib_das on 8/31/09

WITH REGARD TO PRIYA's, querries I would like to say as below,-

PRIYA, if are sure that Good Lord came to you, please be exceedingly happy, because you are fortunate in spite of being from other faith. There are many christains who are not as fortunate as you are.

Christians are all human beings. They may say things which may seem to be offensive and painful to you. Leave aside those. Enjoy Good Lord's company. Good Lord will understand.
---rajib_das on 8/31/09

In our country(India) christian society acomodates marriage between a christian and non-chrsitian partners. from a perspective of christain society, i think christians would like to keep their people with them .so i think in general in our country such a family is also considered as still christian.

well Afterall chritianity is primarily a matter of heart and a very personal God.
---rajib_das on 8/31/09

designnations liek Christians, Hnidu, Muslim etc r al manmade...check ur blood it has the same basic compostion in evry corner of the world...rituals sacrifices n norms hold no position if u don learn to understnad the love of God...and for every lil creation born on this earth...which are His creations...
---priya on 8/19/09

iam shocked seein the comments posted hear....n truly disappointed with the attitude of Christians towards people followin other faith.....iam a Hindu...n Jesus came in my dreams n spoke to me ...Jesus never had a prob wiht me being a of u r speakin abt a lot of faith..Read Mark least ten percent of u al who have posted their comments ready to do with this from ur heart? God teaches us one thign n He reminds us evrytim ..Love God.....n al religions teach one thing "Love God" n "Love ur neighbors"...
---priya on 8/19/09

If our Heavenly Father and His son are not in it, it will not work/prosper/live.

Pain and heartbreak.

I understand your pain now, but it will be worse later. God saved me from making a similar mistake, it hurt horribly at first and for awhile. But 20 years later I am so thankful. God helped me dodge a bullet. I would have ruined my life. I still know the guy I have no regrets, I am thankful.

I prayed for God to send me His choice in a husband. I stopped dating and waited 6mo. He sent me an amazingly Good, Honest, Loving, Godly man (handsome too) who I am honored to be married to. People ask if we are newly weds after being married 12 years.

Please Pray for strength to do God's will. I will pray for you.
---SuzieH on 5/10/09

arent all man created by God? so whether Hindu, catholic, Christian- we are all the same?
---todd on 5/9/09

Dear anandk, maybe you are or have found a magathmah or brahman who is or has some deeper sense of a different way. but still looking at hinduism in its pressent form it really turns towards animism that worships about anything (someone tryed to make a survey once of the hindu godsd, and found that there where at that pressent time over a million different gods. as you sayt Hinduism is supposed to see the divine breath in everything, and witth that Christianity agrees,(for in HIM we all move and breathe) however ther is a great differencehowever everything is contituted by the divine that dioes not indicatres everything IS GOD.
---Andy on 3/12/09

I read with great interest this topic and the replies it has been getting for the last couple years.
I also read with great disappointment at some of the replies, particularly one that states Hindus worship anything that flies, crawls, walks etc... that is very very nonreligious point of you and view.

Here's mine:
Till the day when everyone on this earth can think as ONE, act as ONE, believe in ONE, trust in ONE, follow ONE, see only ONE,we as mere humans can never achieve the ONE that is God.

If Christians are the best, how come racism is so evident in the states?
If Hindus are the best, how come we still believe in a defunct caste system and isolate a human??

and the list goes on...
---Anandk on 3/11/09

God has plans for you. His desire is for you to marry a man who believes in him to be your family's spiritual head. In order to be your spiritual head in the manner God intended he must acknowledge and submit to God's authority. You can choose to disobey God. what you are choosing though is a family that does not honor him.
---susan7589 on 3/5/09

The moderator may have been a little harsh with you, but s/he is correct. You cannot marry him. You cannot assume he will become Christian once you marry him. He probably expects you to become Hindu. You will cause division in your home and in the lives your children. Ask yourself this question. If you really thought it was ok to marry him, why are you asking for confirmation? You know it's wrong and you want someone to tell you it's not so you can feel good about this decision.
---Elaina on 3/3/09

Dear Moderator,she may be a Christian,but sometimes the heart controls the senses,and we dont think it out when we fall in love.I agree though,it is a bad idea to marry one who is unequally yoked.Pray for the man,maybe be his friend,maybe he will find God and maybe someday he will not be unequally yoked.Just make sure the conversion is real and not just made in an attempt to get you to marry him.Marrying him now,could compromise the salvation of your children,if he attempts to raise them in a false religion.It is bound to cause friction.
---judy on 3/3/09

The moderator is correct. If I met a man, even though he is handsome, and he told me that he was Hindu, I would try to bring him to Christ instead of dating him. I don't understand Christians that allow themvselves to date outside their religion. God gave us these rules for a reason. I have seen many christians marry unsaved or different religious faiths and all it will do is end in heartache. He will not allow you to go to church or talk about Christ, nor will he understand what you are talking about. When he said he was a Hindu, you should not even dated him. You did that and then you fell inlove and now you will problems. Then you can't divorce him, because you chose this, you can't leave and then you will be committing another sin.
---Janine_Henschel on 3/2/09

You must ask your self only one question does he believe that Jesus Christ is the liveing son of God that his blood was shed on calvarys cross to pay the debt of the sins of mankind or does he believe in budda a stone symbol who is a false god budda did not die on a cross Jesus Christ did to denie god is eternal death in hell
---lawrence on 3/2/09

Barath. Christianity believes in one God,
Hinduism worships about everything that walks crawls flys or swims.
to christianity God is a person more then a spiritual atmosphere
hinduism however they believe in personifications sees divinty more as a energy that is all.demons are birthed out of that bad karma good spirits out of good karma. but since you're a hindu you will be more able to point out the differences. However i do not believe your future bride to be a devout Catholic for OUR HOLY BOOK forbids interreligious marriage. as some of your rules also forbid certain things. wheres the jealoussy in that?
---Andy on 3/2/09

Um - I believe the moderator's comments about the status of your christianity are a little harsh, to say the least. What is in your heart and where your soul is can only be something God can know and judge. Our very own hearts are deceptive to us, how then can we understand another's heart?

That being said, the bible says don't be unequally yoked. It is possible that you may win him to Christ. If it's still in the decision phase, then I would say cool it for a while - see what happens. Or ask him to read a gospel and see what he think?
---sheba on 1/5/09

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If you marry someone with different beliefs than you, one of several things can happen:
1) You will each persist in your own beliefs, which will cause friction all the days of your life (being unequally yoked - 2 Corinthians 6:14).
2) You will abandon your beliefs, and take up his, becoming an apostate (This is what happened to Solomon).
3) He will abandon his belifs, and take up yours, becoming a convert (This is what happened to Ruth).
4) You will both abandon your beliefs and take up a neutral compromising position (I had a schoolmate whose father was Jewish, his mother Presbyterian, and he was an avowed Atheist.)

Many people marry, naively assuing #3. While that CAN happen, the other 3 cases are much more likely.
---StrongAxe on 12/5/08


I read the entire blog and found really a one sided affair. Most of them saying Hinduism is this and that. Uff god, okay, dear, as a Hindu in love with a devout catholic ( have now permission to marry her from both parents), I strongly say two things, first: most people in this blog are outright jealous 2: Thing that matters most is that, ARE YOU HAPPY?, believe and trust me, When a Hindu accepts you, it is DONE DEAL, he will NEVER EVER give up on you. Have a nice life, be happy, respect your parents. One thing you need to understand, when you invite a third party other than your parents in to your family affairs, disaster waits. Protect your family first. Both of you, do not fall prey to hyenas from both religion. Some I see here.
---Bharath on 12/5/08

Meg, marriage is difficult enough without the separation of two different belief systems. In which one would you bring up any children? This is a huge mistake in my opinion. What would be worth it. The physical pleasure? Anyone can meet those needs and all you have to do is mix in the right circles and you will eventually find someone who shares your faith. I suspect that your potential husband is also of a different race, adding another hurdle. (Shakes head sadly).
---frances008 on 10/27/08

Simi:You posted this in Oct 2006 much water has passed in between the portals of that Bridge,If you are around would you care to comment.or do we write FINIS to the story if there is one at all."Meg" you will have to ask Her if you desire to take the leap into the unknown, from which there is no return just one dark VOID.God knows the future YOU DON'T.
---Mic on 10/27/08

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Four things strike me about the person who asks the question:

1. Being in love with someone seems to beat all other considerations - like whether you are truly compatable etc. Marriage is a marathan not a 100 yard dash.
2. You seem to be fixated on what you want and not what God wants or what would be circumspect.
3. You seem to put being in love with someone before the family who brought you into the world and will have to live with you if and when you divorce this guy.
4. The future of your children (spiritually) has not been taken into consideration.
---frances008 on 10/27/08

God wants us to be happy, im in love with a hindu as well and i dont know why people think god would find that wrong. as long as you dont forget your beliefs then you have made no wont be easy but it will be worth it. good luck and best of wishes to the both of you
---meg on 10/26/08

???How do you get olive skin!!! It is not wrong to fall in love provided BOTH Parties acknowledge that it is an "undissoluble Contract Before God" and the issues are brought up in Christianity.You burn all your bridges behind you. you are not allowed UEEEESSSS.IF all these are met then the ticket is Valid.Its the determination of seeing The contract Through till Death do you part.
---Emcee on 3/31/08

When you mix light with dark you have twylight, it is neither light or dark, visability becomes jaded,and unless you have sharp vision it is difficult to see during this time. So will be your marriage, but if you could see clearly in the first place you would avoid going out during that time. It's worse in the dark but it's much to travel in the light.
---Carla5754 on 3/31/08

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No christian should even date a non believer let alone marry one.You are looking for trouble.
---shirley on 2/6/08

I disagree with alot of what is said here. No disrespect to anyone but any form of extremism is wrong... That is not what Jesus would have wanted.
---Private on 2/6/08

Yes you can marry him, provided he believes in Christ. If he does not love christ, he will take you to hell along with him and you can forget him. It is safe to prefer a groom selected by your parents. Please read the NEW TESTAMENT Carefully. Remember that a sheep cannot live with a Jackal.
---rameshraju on 12/31/07

christian simple means who is belongs christ. who abide in the will of His alone. since you clain yourself as christian, you must seek the guidance of our lord. i can assure you that the plan and purpose of our Lord is not good but always best.
if some thing comes form Lord that is far batter than what is best for you.
with prayer
from india.
---ujwal on 12/30/07

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I understand where you are coming from. I am 22 year old Christian and have been dating a Hindu for almost two years. Your love for one another should be the most important thing. Concentrate on that fact and the rest will fall into place. I know how hard it is to have a third person in your relationship, but you have to trust that this is the man God has chosen for you. God Bless and good luck.
---Carla on 12/22/07

I'm in the same boat, but it's a struggle. Are you hoping to win him to Christ? I've read the scripture over and over again that speaks loud to me, it's my will that's the problem. It's hard to decided who or what you "love" will override the other.
---Tiffany on 10/9/07

Hinduism is different from many other religions in that it does not have a founder and does not claim exclusivity. It explicitly accepts all religions as valid. Decide for yourself.
---The_one on 8/4/07

You are in outright disobedience to God by marrying this man. How do you feel about that? You seek God in prayer first. Follow what the Spirit directs you to do. I would not want to tell you to do something that is directly against God and His statutes. Can you face the consequences? Do you desire the love of this man, more than God? Only you can answer these type questions. I wish you well in your decision.
---Robyn on 7/17/07

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He must first fall in love with Christ before he can fall in love with you. Or do you want to take the place of God and be his first love?
---Marcia on 7/17/07

Choose this day who you will serve. To marry this man is to put him before God. We serve a Jealous God whom we should fear and revere. If you love him why are you sending him to Hell? As long as you are with him you are delaying the power of the Holy Spirit from working to draw him to God.
---Marcia on 7/17/07

What do to do if i have a christian girlfriend and she follows her religion but i dont follow her religion and i want to marry her.

Do i have to convert to christianity or is marriage allowed without the need to conversion?
---cg on 7/17/07

Simi::Did you reply under the pseudonym of Private. If so then you have already sealed the bond. As a catholic I wish you well, & would love to know how you are faring.No reprisals here.
---Emcee on 2/8/07

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we are clearly told not to be unequally joined wioth unbelievers it would be wrong there to marry this man,it would affect how you brought your children up and how can you have fellowship on a spiritual level if yiour marriage partner is not also of your faith?and in marriage betweenchristians fellowship is vital i was married for 33 yrs being widowed
---doree4573 on 2/7/07

I used to have Hindu neighbors. They had a kind of a closet with photos of their Gods and also photos of loved ones. Amongst them was one of Mother Theresa. When I asked what's Mother Theresa doing there, they told me it's because she was a good person.

They seem to respect anyone who is good no matter their denomination.
---Caring on 2/7/07

Hindus do not accept our God as part of their pantheism. There is a new multi-religious cult that is trying to combine all of the world's religions into one faith; however, this is not a good thing. Even if someone who professed the Hindu faith were to accept Jesus Christ as a part of their faith, how would Jesus feel if you were to raise a family that accepted a collection of gods and treated Jesus as just one of the group? Marriage is a covenant that God joins together, and it is not just about you.
---lorra8574 on 2/6/07

Anu--I have heard that the Hindu religion accepts many gods and that some receive the Christian God also as part of their faith. Is this true or have I been misinformed? I am not accusing nor do I have a hidden agenda, I just want to know for my own info.
---buttons on 2/6/07

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I read that some one advised Simi not to sleep in enemy's camp.I am a Hindu but I know how Jesus forgave even those who brought suffering upon him.Jesus didnt consider his tormentors enemies and I dont think God has enemies.And as for the decision to marry its difficult to foretell whether or not a marriage will be successful.Whether you decide to get married to him or not may you be able to do so without getting hurt or hurting someone else.Best wishes...
---Anu on 2/6/07

simi,Love is a thing that really is difficult to keep away. Most people i know that go into mix marriage suffers during there life together. Their Christian life is on a critical condition. Unless, if he be converted before your marriage but don't try yourself to find ways for him to become a Christian. This will become worst. For he could pretend to become one. And since you have no power to overcome this, ask God for His strength. Don't be hasty, just wait. Livia
---Livial on 1/28/07

Dear one, how could you possibly be 'soul mates' when you don't even believe in the same God?
Love is a choice, you have settled for what appears as 'love' because of what you feel. IF you are a born again Christian, how did you get mixed up with someone of the Hindu faith in the 1st place? You are asking for trouble young one. Spend some 'knee time' and see what God thinks! GBY
---NV_Barbara on 1/28/07

Simi:Are you a strong Christian.Which Denomination are you.A mixed relationship is extremely difficult. Its like grafting two different trees together.Marriage is to Join 2 together to be in one flesh.Your voyage together will be into unknown waters,Love is not a way of life its a temporary emotion some lasting longer than others .The only Guarantee of Love is In Jesus so if He is out of the equation you will have bitten off more than you can chew the ones to suffer will be the children
---Emcee on 1/27/07

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I wouldn"t if I was you. Please don"t make the same mistake as I did. I didn"t relly know him he told me that he was open for any faith. I am a christian my husband is a hindu. Guys from that faith want their children raise in their faith. Yes you will have problems it will not be easy or smoth road.

moderator please don"t judge people who are christians we all are not perfect god is perfect.

---sally on 1/25/07

I too am mixed Asian/Carribean I see a lot of Asian families that go to the extreeme with their daughters especially in Britan. My Granmother and friends Ive known run away or face worse for not marrying in their race Religion. My family are also Hindu on my mothers side some converted to catholics some non religious it is not just christians that are unwilling to accept but Hindu's to My Grandmother was disgraced and we never met her immediate family until very late most are in India or dead.
---Carla5754 on 8/18/06

Just wondering if the moderators of this website take anything out of your responsesO.o

Moderator: We will not post personal emails. You can post your ChristiaNet User Id however.
---nicole on 8/17/06

If you decide to not marry him, you need to sit him down, and explain that you love him, and why you cant and your beliefs. Hell be deeply hurt so you owe him an explanation. Email me and tell me what you choose to do because Im extremely curious about your decision. You dont have to of course.
---nicole on 8/17/06

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My parents were mixed, they exposed us equally to both sides of our culture, and let us pick our own religions, some picked Christianity, some Hinduism, and I even have a brother who completely surprised us and converted to Buddhism. But you need to sit and talk about this, do not enter a marriage with your boyfriend unless your deeply devoted to the other
---nicole on 8/17/06

I tend to see Christians more then anyone else turning the children against the other culture. Indians in my experience dont tend to do this because their very family orientated and that makes them flexible, their willing to do most anything for the happiness of their loved ones.
---nicole on 8/17/06

Hindus have traditions that are not tied with their religion, and even the ones that are, you should celebrate it, along with and American traditions. Its important for the kids to know about their background. Its so sad, when the mother or father, completely raises them one religion, and then makes them hate the other. I think the best thing to do, is teach them about both religions and let them pick the one they want to follow if any.
---nicole on 8/17/06

If you do decide to get married to him, I suggest you sit and talk to him about it, you guys could decide to raise him one of two ways.
Raise them both Hindu and Christian, just Christian, or just Hindu. Whatever you choose though do not turn the child against the other religion or culture. And whatever religion you choose to raise the children as you should also expose them to the other culture.
---nicole on 8/17/06

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It's sort of common that your parents don't agree on it. But mixed marriages are becoming more and more common. They'll evantually accept it.
---nicole on 8/17/06

Private - Not everyone believes in God. And most people even if they do believe there is a God only have some very vague notion of who or what He is. Man's problem is sin and Jesus Christ the Son of God dealt with sin on the Cross when He sacrificed Himself then rose from the dead. There is only one God, and only one way to Him and that is through His Son Jesus Christ.
---Helen_5378 on 8/16/06

And why do people call everyone who is not christian a non beliver? They still belive in god. I think that's all that really matters
---private on 8/16/06

And theres no way to convert to hinduism because it's a very loose religon. If you wanna follow it you can, all you have to say is I'm hindu. And your allowed to thread other religons into it.
---private on 8/14/06

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My parents don't agree to me doing that either. I just ignored them and did it anyway. And I'm really glad I did, theres nothing wrong with it. We're happy and in love. But then again we were both very open minded. So it's upto you. If you don't think you could handle being with someone of another religon don't do it. But I think its worth it to be with someone I love, hes my soul mate in every way
---private on 8/14/06

When u were born, did u knew which religion you belong to.pls dont fool people saying its a sin for a christian to marry somebody outside your religion.Did Jesus or Lord Ganesha tell you dat??? For so many years, your priests and our priests have been fooling people over religion.Religion is to spread peace.It was created by people so that we fear somebody and live in peace.
---Shiva on 7/16/06

If you are truly a born-again Christian who believes that Jesus Christ died on the Cross for your sins, then it is wrong for you to be even going out with this man. To marry him you would be disobeying God who says in His word "Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers" (2 Corinthians 6:14).
---Helen_5378 on 6/29/06

There is no conversion for hinduism you either are born one, or you will never be one. I myself am of the christian religion and while I do see there will be many barriers in the relationship but, god willing with time all things can be worked out. We as christians should not waste our time judging fellow peers(that is for only Jesus to do) but rather offer advice and consult them in hard times that's what having true faith in GOD is all about. Remember WWJD
---kay on 6/28/06

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SIMI:-(You are on the horns of a dilemma.Jesus loves all, as He said "He came to save sinners".The consequences of this union presents barriers, conflict of worship, childrens religious future & resultant conflict which WILL ensue.You need to see if he is amenable to change & willing to study & accept your belief which is the true. Council,guidance, prayer is imperative. If you can iron out these issues, then your future will not be fraught with disaster.Divorce is not a solution.
---Impartial_Bystander on 6/7/06

Dear Christian sister, while being 24 may feel grown and knowing, trust me, a life with someone of a different culture, faith, life, will make the years go very slowly indeed. Love is a wonderful feeling but it is not the only one to consider. Only do this if you are ready to renounce your place in Christ. Consult this person about the Hindu religion, They will accept an add-on but not a replacement.
---mikefl on 5/13/06

2. Your heart is leading you instead of you being led by the Spirit. Commit your life to God FULLY. You've made Jesus your savior, but not your LORD, or you would not be playing in the devils backyard. God is a jealous God, and if you are his daughter, his princess, do you think he approves of you sleeping in the enemies camp?! Say goodbye to hindu boy- NOW! He is NOT the one! You don't want to marry any other person because you haven't met the right one yet. God will bring the right one
---T.S. on 5/11/06

Rickey gave good advice, except for one part: Why would she need anybody to "keep her in the faith so she won't be converted"? If she's that weak of a "christian", then she might as well convert to hinduism now. In THIS day and time, we have to be so rooted and grounded in God that no devil in hell could pursuade us to turn our back on him, much less a measley human false god worshiper. Simi, you cant play with rattle snakes, you'll get bit every time.....
---T.S. on 5/11/06

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si mi, it is WRONG because GOD said so. If you go against JEHOVAH GOD (the ONE TRUE God) then you are asking for trouble. Most likely you will end up in divorce, but I have to question if you are a TRUE Christian. Why did you date someone who worships a FALSE GOD? I work with a Hindu man and they are STRONG in their beliefs. STAY AWAY FROM PEOPLE WHO WORSHIP FALSE GODS and not Jehovah God.
---Donna9759 on 5/11/06

We tried over and over again to make it work, but each time someone ended up getting hurt.
5. So, don't go by how you feel about it, but go by what the Word of God says.(2Corinthians 6:14)
---Rickey on 5/11/06

3. When Paul talked about not being unequally yoked he wasn't saying it to put us in bondage , but to keep us free from the yokes that come with being hooked up with unbelievers.
4. You are a woman of virtue & there is purpose in you. It would be wise to let him go & keep seeking God. Trust me, I know that it is hard to let a person go, but there are many benefits from it. I was engaged to a nice christian woman & something in me said no.
---Rickey on 5/11/06

You can marry him if you want to because you have a free-will to do it, but there are consequences.
1. If you're not strong & have others to keep you in the faith you could be converted to Hindu.
2. I've seen christian women marry unbelievers and they thought that they would make it work out. It caused trouble for them.
---Rickey on 5/11/06

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Why are you so convinced that simi is white while her boyfriend is not. Even if this were true isn't it off topic?
---Bruce5656 on 5/11/06

Hope you don't eat steaks!
---Fred_S. on 5/11/06

Simi, you can marry anyone you want but be prepared to have lots of disagreements between you and the guy due to different religious beliefs.
---A_Catholic on 5/11/06

simi, moderator is correct. Whatever your definition of being a Christian is, you've got it wrong. Not only would you not have fallen in love with this man but you would not have even contemplated dating him in the first place. If you really were a Christian your main concern would have been to bring Christ to him and pray for his salvation. Both sets of parents are against this for very good reason. If you marry him you will end up having to accept his faith which will mean worshipping many false gods.
---M.P. on 5/10/06

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You are certainly free to do this. You are free WHITE and 21. As an old man men who has traveled over much of the world. I would not be surprised to find that your boyfriend is much interested in a WHITE woman. Yes you're free to do it but if you do you'll wish you had not done so.
---mima on 5/10/06

Part one:

The Bible is very specific about this. You will find the direction you seek in II Cor 6:14-18.

No one is denying the feelings you have for your boyfriend but just because you have feelings for him does not make it right.

Now you have a choice to make, do you follow the clear instructions God has given you or do you follow your own way?
---Bruce5656 on 5/10/06

Consider also, Matthew 16:25-26, "For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it. For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world,"(or a spouse) "and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?"
---Bruce5656 on 5/10/06

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