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What Day Was Jesus Crucified

Is it possible to know, from scripture, what day of the week Jesus was crucified?

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 ---mike on 5/10/06
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The Bible says He died on Preparation Day. That is the day we call Friday.
---jerry6593 on 8/16/08

It doesn't matter what day Jesus was crucified. God is always in the present tense. He is always in the now. When a person accepts Jesus as Savior, on that day the Spiritual reality of Jesus' death and resurrection is a real "now" experience. Jesus' work is not in the past tense. If one wants to point to a certain day or historical time frame, its only significance is man's mortal measurement of historical time. It has no real connective significance with what God has done. Jesus said the time is coming and is NOW that the true worshipers worship the Father in Truth and in Spirit".. Thank God He is always in the present tense and is with us NOW.
---Robert on 8/15/08

Remember we are dealing with the Roman,NOT JEWISH calanda---Danelle

Forget the calendars. Read the Gospels.
My data is from the Bible.
The day before Sabbath is what?
Thursday isn't before Saturday.

The First day is always Sundays.
The NT is under Roman Calendar.

It was Romans who were in Charge.
Not Jewish Calendar.

The same Calendar today that Jesus used. Roman.

He died on Friday.
Sabbath is only Saturday.
First Day of the Week is only Sunday.

You are rejecting all other facts because the 3 days don't add up.

Your time isn't God's. He has none.
Believe, you can't understand God completely.
---Nicole on 8/14/08

Wade, Roman were in Charge in those days.
Jesus died under Roman type of Crucifixion.

The days of the week are Romans gods.
We are using the same calendar.

RCC calendar isn't the Roman Calendar.

Our new year is the Start of Advent.
November 29th to Dec 1st. Somewhere around there.
Our Calendar is basic on Jesus' life.
The waiting for Jesus' birth starts our Calendar called Advent.
Our Christmas Season isn't until Dec 24th to Jan 6th or 7th. 3 kings days. 12 days.
That's where the song 12 days of Christmas.

We have 3 Seasons in a year.
Original Time until Lent.
Lent Ash Wednesday.
Original Time again until Advent.
Our year ends in November with the Feast of Christ the King.
---Nicole on 8/14/08

Maybe this will help. We are on a different calendar than those days, (catholic, that't why we hear so much about good friday, every friday is good. The evening and the morning were the first day, this is key. So the Lord Jesus was placed in tomb at 6:00 p.m Wednesday and arose at 6:00 a.m sunday morning. I think if you figure this according to jewish days the answer is easy.Of course many have opinion don't they.
---wade on 8/13/08

Nicole, the New Testament teaches we're no longer under the law. Rituals, legality was done away with. Study Paul's conversion and his New Testament writing. God's point was religious practices under the Old Testament doesn't change the inner person. In fact, God, through Jesus Christ was making the statement that the heart of mankind had to be transformed and circumcised. Its not what we eat, what day a certain outward act is performed that makes a person close to the Lord. Its what comes out of the mouth (words) and truthful behavior reflecting kindness, patience, forgiveness and love from the heart. The person's actions is no longer something to be compelled, it is with a new heart comes an inner desire to Praise, Serve and Honor God.
---Robert on 8/13/08

Nichole, you must refer to the Torah,the ancient records regarding the Crucifixion. The works of Josephus also record this(Josephus was a Jewish historian who lived in that day) Yeshua was the sacrifical lamb without blemish,slain for our sins.His sinless blood also was representative of the Passover blood on the lintils of the Israelites-sparing thier first born from the angel who pass over them,but slew the Egyptian first born. Not even Einstien can get three days and three nights in the tomb from Friday until the first day of the week:Sunday. Remember we are dealing with the Roman,NOT JEWISH calandar
---Danelle on 8/13/08

Danelle, look at the Bible.
Jewish tradition states you must kill the Lamb no later than 3 pm.
Jesus is the Sacrificial Lamb for a reason!
He is not going to be passed over. He is going to die.
Argue with the Scripture, if the 3 days doesn't make sense.
God's ways isn't our ways.
But Jesus died on Friday.

John 19:31 Since it was the Preparation Day the Jews did not want to have the bodies left on the cross during the Sabbath, for that Sabbath was a solemn feast day.
Thursday isn't close to Saturday.

Luke 23:54 the Day of Preparation, and the Sabbath was about to BEGIN.

Mark 15:42 As it grew dark (it was Preparation Day, that is the eve of the Sabbath) Wednesday is not the eve of Saturday.
---Nicole on 8/13/08

Robert, u are not Jewish, a convert Jew wouln't say that.
John 19:31 for that Sabbath was a solemn feast day. Solemn feast? PASSOVER. Jesus is the Sacrificial Lamb.

Jews had to kill the lamb, put it's blood on the doorpost to have the first born spared. Exodus 12

Jesus came first to His first born! They understood His death. He is the Lamb, He can not be Passover, for us to be Passed!

Jewish people perform a ritual for nothing?
Did God tell Abraham to sacrifice his son, only to stop him for nothing?

No, God is telling us that He will sacrifice His Son during the ritual of the Passover He command the Jewish people to do 1000's of years earlier.

It matters which day He died.
---Nicole on 8/13/08

Yes it is: The Sabbath commemorates the creation of the world, but Sunday, the first day of the week, commemotates the redemption of the world [John 19: 31-37].>>>>The Jews had just VICIOUSLY MURDERED a man but were now expressing their pious "concern" that the body be removed lest the Sabbath be polluted. After suffering for six hours. Our Lord Jesus Christ died at 3 pm. He was sinless. He was perfect when He came and when He left. Are you saved? From Hell's FIRE.
---catherine on 8/13/08

Does it really matter? Jesus was crucified, died, buried and rose from the dead that we may live if we accept him as our personal savior. The spiritual truth of what God did for us is all that matters. Jesus said "my words are spirit" and "the time is coming and now is when the true worshippers worship the Father in truth and in Spirit, for God is Spirit...."
God does not want us to get hung up on name of day, time on a clock..His work is what it is. Keep it it simple. So much time is wasted on text book debate. Ask Jesus, is it all that important to get the timeline down? Or, to save souls with God's love and spiritual truth?
---Robert on 8/13/08

No,Jesus was not crucified on a Friday.How can one get three days and nights in the tomb from Friday?And what's GOOD about Friday? He arose the first day of the week,which is Sunday(look at your calandar.)So,it is obvious that Yeshua was crucified on a Thurday.That night and Friday and Saturday night,brings us to Sunday, the first day of the week. He had to be put to death BEFORE the Passover.Wednesday,was the Jews preparation day.
---Danelle on 8/12/08

Died on Friday night #1, Saturday night # 2 going into Sunday morning night #3 which it also goes into the break of day for # day 3.

Thursday is impossible.
All Gospels states it was a rush to take Jesus' Body down from the Cross to bury His Flesh. All agree because of the Sabbath. Their start of the day starts the night before for you and I.
Friday dark night starts the Sabbath until Saturday Dark evening, when Sunday starts.

That's why the RCC biggest day of the year isn't Easter Sunday morning. No, Easter Vigil. Saturday night when it is dark outside. We celebrate Easter and Lent is finish.

Proof that the RCC didn't start this easter bunny.
We are celebrating Easter while Protestants are waiting for sunrise.
---Nicole on 8/12/08

Still haven't read how you get three days and three nights from Thursday to Sunday, or Friday to Sunday? Jesus said, For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale's belly, so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth. MT. 12:40
---Wade on 8/12/08

Matthew 27:57-60, When it was evening,..Arimatheas named Joseph,..He went to Pilate and asked for the body of Jesus..Taking the body, Joesph wrapped it in clean linen and laid it in his new tomb...V62 The next day, the one following the day of preparation (today is the Saturday the Sabbath.)
Matthew 28:1-10 After the Sabbath, as the first day of the week was dawning,...V 6 for He has been raised just as He said.

First day of the Week is Sunday. Sunday comes after the Sabbath, Saturday.

Mark 15:42 since it was the day of preparation, the day before the Sabbath. Friday.
Luke 23:54 It was the day of preparation, Sabbath was about to begin.
John 19:42 So they laid Jesus there because of the Jewish preparation day,
---Nicole on 8/11/08

Ok. So we have heard how a couple of hours in one day and a couple in the next makes 2 days but now explain how to get 3 nights out of this. Unless there is an explanation for the 3 nights I'm going to stick with the Thursday afternoon crucifixtion. At least I can count 3 days and 3 nights in that.
---john on 8/10/08

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Anyone who understands Hebrew reckoning will understand what a day is. In Genesis each day began with the dark part first and continued to the next dark the following day. That's why the evening and the morning were the first day, second day... In Hebrew thinking, any portion of that day is considered a day, sort of like integers. Therefore, Jesus died on Friday during the bright part of the day. He rested (and kept) Sabbath and the bright part of Sunday (early in the morning) he rose. 1-2-3 three days.
---Geoff on 8/21/07

Andrew gave you the correct answer to the question. Christ said he was going to do something a very specific way and said is more than once for emphasis, and a lot of people here want to make Christ out to be a one who speaks lies because of their erroneous preconceived notions.
---notlaw99 on 2/21/07

Rev 13:8-9
"And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. If any man have an ear, let him hear."
---Tom on 2/21/07

Jamin ... As Jesus died, He cried out "It is finished"
He was referring to the defeat of Satan, and His salvation for us.
That was good news.
---alanUKquent64534 on 2/21/07

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If the day of the week was Friday when He was crucified, why do we call it Good Friday?
---jamin on 2/21/07

Toby, the greek word wra can mean "hour" or "time" depending upon how it is used. When we read all 4 accounts of the gospel we can know Mark 15:25 should correctly be translated "time" and not "hour". Here is Mark 15:25 from the Greek: "Thereupon being third time; and crucified him." This means that this was the third time they were crucifying someone. Please read Mt.27:45; Mk.15:33; Lk.23:45; and towards the 6th hour= Jn.19:14,18.
---Eloy on 2/1/07

Toby, the greek word wra can mean "hour" or "time" depending upon how it is used. When we read all 4 accounts of the gospel we can know Mark 15:25 should correctly be translated "time" and not "hour". Here is Mark 15:25 from the Greek: "Thereupon being third time; and crucified him." This means that this was the third time they were crucifying someone. Please read Mt.27:45; Mk.15:33; Lk.23:45; and towards the 6th hour= Jn.19:14,18.
---Eloy on 2/1/07

Toby [no disrespect, are you a male or female]. I agree 12 noon/the sixth hour [high noon] was the hour Messias/Jesus The Christ of G_d gave up His Ghost, not on the the weekday.

No need adding on more needless scriptures. [Count backwords 50 days from Shavout & see what you get (Lev.23:15)]!

You haven't answered the Gen.1:1 question yet, not that it matters or will respond.
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 1/29/07

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Eloy & bob If high noon as you say is the time then please reconcile Mat 15:25.
Mat 27:45-46
Is it not true the 3rd hr = our 9am...6th hr = our noon, 9th hr = our 3pm.
---Toby on 1/14/07

Well, at least "High Noon" is right, with or without Gary Cooper there.

Wonder when Jesus numbered the yoms and/or omers in Genesis 1:1>?
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 1/11/07

Jesus was nailed to the cross on Friday at 12 noon, then came three hours of darkness, and his sacrificial death of taking peoples sins on Friday April 14, 28 A.D. at 3:00 p.m. Early Sunday morning, three days after Jesus last Passover supper, is Jesus Resurrection Day.
---Eloy on 1/11/07

oby, If the Word of Truth can be rightly divided, it can be wrongly divided. Hence many different man made bibles, 'denominations, doctrines, etc wrongly taught as "The Gospel Truth".

Your [intentional?] (mis)spelling/(mis)pronunciation of Messias/Christ Jewish name goes well with that verse you just mentioned, [this is not for me!].
---bob8749_[Elishama] on 1/11/07

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bob6749. no need for further comment other than in your scriptural quote you avoided the most important scripture to the info you were trying to project. V15 Study to shew thyself approved unto Yahushua, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.
---Toby on 1/9/07

oby. Later! No matter what you say or believe, 40 + 10 always equals 50 except maybe when trying to solve for the unknown use 1/2 days for full days, or reject anything not in your spiritual equation or test tube.

Scriptural facts speak for themselves, [2 Tim.2:9-13,14-16] speaks for me.

Read Zola's books "The Seven Feast's Of Israel" or "The Feast Of Pentecost". A closed mind receives nothing.

See You Later, I'm done on these OMERS!
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 1/7/07

bob hi. You have not shown nor do I believe can show a scripture that says P/cost was 10 days after he ascended. Also the counting of the 50 days as in Deut 16:9 is to BEGIN from when the corn is to be harvested. If corn is sewn 1 week prior to Abib, 1 inch in the ground it would be ready by P/cost to harvest, and V16 says at HARVEST is the time to count 50 days. From Passover we are told to count 7 Sabbaths. These 2 time periods are diff. cont
---Toby on 1/3/07

bob cont. Scripture calls dawn the beginning of light as in morning, you appear to be saying that each new day or dawn of a day starts at dark. Dawn in scripture is always translated to be light not dark. Also U said (light always chases darkness!)The way you put it darkness is leading and Yahushua is trying to catch up.I dont think so. also for the 40 days he was teaching not testing. scripture says teaching. I wont comment on your "dots"
---Toby on 1/3/07

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Whoever said it dawns to dark? Dawn, like many English/other words have more than one meaning along with a 'root' word. To dawn litterally means to begin [a "new" day/24 hr period], like it "dawned on me", etc.

I always read above and below scriptures so as not to read more into them than I should [Luke 23:39-(42-45,50-*56/after *6p.m.)* your scripture!]. Cp.Jn.19:38-42, 20:*1-19 >.

---bob6749_[Elishama] on 1/1/07

Continued: Lev.2:15-16,17-21 corresponds with Deut.16:9. A sheaf [Christ, First Fruit From The Dead] is waved before G_d. Pentecost is 50 days later. [Lev.23:17/2 loaves, Jew & gentile, now one IN Christ Jesus], The Church/Bride of Christ.

Ten days after the 40 days of Acts 1:3 was The Day Of (Pent)ecost as recorded in Acts 2:1 >. Forty + 10 still equals 50 [Acts 1:10-14]!

Connect The Dots!

Aloha Again! [Eccl.12:12] Hope I've Helped.

Hopefully I'm Finished Counting Omers.
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 1/1/07

bob6749.Dawn in English and N/C mean to grow light=morning. It can not mean "it dawns to dark" Check your concordance Luke 23:54 #2020 "drew on" is talking about light nearly arrived as he was in tomb and doornot shut. Also can you show a scripture that says that Pentecost was 10 days after the 40 days of teaching? Look at Deut 16:9 the count 50 was to begin from when the standing corn was ripe for harvest not count until it is ripe.
---Toby on 12/30/06

First, in Jewish thought, 6:00p.m./sundown Gen.1:> evening, 6:01p.m./dawns/begins a new day, (light always chases darkness! Who is the prince of darkness, Who is The Light of the world?).

2) The number 40 represents testing or proving, which The Lord did for that exact time period with 'infallible proof's'. The disciples then tarried for the Promise 10 days more bringing them to The Day Of Pentecost with The Holy Spirit molding all there into one living organism, The Church!

---bob6749_[Elishama] on 12/28/06

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Hi Audrey. If you are correct then how can it be 40 days after he rose that he ascended from the Mount of olives on a Sabbath day? Please show scriptural answers. Also how can he be put in the tomb just before Dawn, to rise at the sunset Sabbath? He Had risen is correct, just before dawn, exactly 72 hrs after he was in the tomb. Not a sunday, read texts with concordance. Not 1st day of week.
Yes Easter is pagan.
---Toby on 12/27/06

It is true the Christ was crucified on a Wed. and He rose three days and three nights later...being late that Sat. evening. He HAD risen already when Mary came to the tomb. Easter Sunday is pagan and another subject.
---Audrey on 12/25/06

"[One]" has risen from the dead & you still won't believe, I've had many scriptures for some years now. The scriptures/dates, events I gave are more than enough to debunk things you said & claim.

I'm free of any tradition's as such, knowing the truth is sufficient for me. Run references & schriptures as I did, wherever it leads.

You're just wrong, no problem! Yeshua [Y'shua], Yoshua [Y'shua]. Yashushua?

So long Toby.
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 12/25/06

bob6749. I wonder if before you wrote you checked,or did you simply rely on tradition?
You wrote a lot without a scripture ref. It is easy to accuse, Yahushua was accused, but nobody backed it up, they just accused. You dont know me or have to believe me, CHECK it for yourself. Why would I try to trap you, again CHECK it for yourself, believe what scripture says not mans word,CHECK SCRIPTURE. If you do look happy studying.
---Toby on 12/23/06

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toby, you're using, twisting & distorting scriptures inserting man's logic to 'back up' what you believe. I retract the apology I issued to you, I read your answer right the first time!

I guess you would try to 'trap Jesus Christ' also. By the way spelling Yashua would never translate to Yeshua/Jesus or [Yoshua/Joshua]. Gotta go, your logic is like having no gravity in spaceships, no ups, no down, just drifting where ever you want to go! Have fun!
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 12/22/06

bob6749.U."Scriptures set Christ/Yeshua's death at the 6th to 9th hours [noon to three p.m.]".Mat15:25 3rd hr (9am) put on stake. Mat27:45 darkness from 6th (noon) until 9th
(3pm)V46 about the 9th hour (3pm)called out to his Father and then died. I know what traditions says but look at Mk15:42 when even HAD COME Joseph started to go to Pilate it was already dark. His walk to see pilate was around 3/4 mile. Read Luke23:54 It was almost the DAWN of the Sabbath when they saw where He was laid.
---Toby on 12/22/06

bob cont.Did you count back the 40 days or did you just accept Jewish tradition. Titus 1:14 Also Abib named by Yahushua, changed to Nissan after their being in captivity again. Check scripture, trials lasted from M/night Wed when he was captured until early Fri morning. This is all proveable with a little scriptural research. Prophecy is filled with truth, not a guess and not a "tradition" of man.
---Toby on 12/22/06

1) Scriptures set Christ/Yeshua's death at the 6th to 9th hours [noon to three p.m.].

2) Three days & three nights are counted from 6pm to 6pm the next day Jewish Calendar time. Christ Jesus/Y(J)eshua, Y(J)oshua had to be anointed & buried 'before' 6p.m that same day before the Passsover Sabbath began, having being chosen on the tenth day Of Nisan/Abib, and slain on the 14th whatever day they fell on [Exodus 12:1-*6 (*the reason they shouted "crucify Him")].
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 12/21/06

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Continued: Hence, counting backwards from the 1st week day [after sundown/6p.m. Saturday], three days and three nights, places The Lord's death on Wednesday, the 14th of Nisan/Abib. Having been found without fault [blemish] after His illegal kangeroo night trial before Pilate, & 'proper' religious leaders.

Chosen on the 10th & killed 4 days later, the fourteenth of the same month [Exodus 12;1-6]. [Accepted? Jn.12:1-11,12-19]

G_d's prophesy's are always fulfilled one way or another.
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 12/21/06

Jesus was nailed to a cross, it is in the Greek translation it is in the history of the church of eye witness acount by Eusibus pamphilli and it is what is true not false doctrine about a Stake.
---exzucuh on 12/21/06

Cont.Count back from just prior to dawn
T/day, Mon/N-M/Day, Sun/N-S/Day,Sat/N-S/Day. 3days and 3nights, brings us to 14th Abib, our Friday, He died just after 3pm, and the count for the 3/3 could not start until the tomb closed. This occured just before dawn of Jews Sabbath Luke23:54 the words DREW ON Str#2020 begin to grow light, to dawn. Yahushua was nailed to the stake 9am, Sky Black, Noon-3pm died just after 3pm, tomb closed just before dawn of the next day. There is so much more to this study.
---Toby on 12/20/06

It is possible to know. Acts1:4 After 40days teaching V9 He ascended from Mt Olives, V12 and it was a Sabbath Day. From a Sabbath day count back 40 days inclusive and you come to a our Tuesday.Jhn20:1 tells us it was still dark,"just before the dawn of Tuesday". That is when he rose, in Luke24:21 the disciple said it was the 3rd day,(of the week) and that is Tuesday and and he is now teaching. Day 1 of 40. Cont
---Toby on 12/20/06

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Read Mark 15:42, Luke23;53,54,56KJV.Friday is called preparation day. Sunday is first day of week read Luke24:1. A biblical day begins at sunset and ends next day sunset.
---mb on 12/20/06

Cont. There is one more point. We see Yahushua was killed on 14th Abib which was our 6th day (Friday). If we look at creation, and when they left Egypt, the 14th was the Sabbath Day. Someone moved the Sabbath Day forward and to this day are keeping the wrong day. No wonder there is clear inst, to get our feet off His Sabbath.Is 58:13. Dont be tough on me, I'm just a messenger of truth. Is58:1
---Toby on 12/20/06

The Lords Supper too was instituted at this time, connecting both testament's [Old & New Testament's or Covenant's]. As He did hanging on a cross between Heaven & earth. Vertically (re)connecting man & G_d, horizontically, connecting both testaments or covenants, also connecting the promised natural earthly seeds to the promised spiritual seeds [stars in the sky] promised to Abraham.

Again, why was the curtain tore from top to bottom, that used to separate all but one from the Holy of Holies?
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 12/19/06

Continued: Those dates given are highly suspect, as there are discrepancies between b.c., a.d., & the common era [c.e] of 4 to 8 +/-. The best we can say is it happenned as recorded by the Gospel writers.
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 12/19/06

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What one believes they believe. So I'm not going to get into a ongoing debate/dialogue about things individuals/churches teach. But there's no way possible one can get three days/nights from friday to monday. There's also a agreed age Christ spent on earth, not 32.

1/2 days are just that, halfdays! Jewish holidays don't fall on the same days as 'Christian' calendars, but are Jewish/lunar calendar days/dates G_d gave to that fellah Moses. My 'scriptural' belief's.
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 12/19/06

the Lords Last Passover Supper was on the night of Thursday April 14, 28 A.D. at 6:00 p.m. when Jesus was 32 years old; afterwards came his arrest (Luke 22:53), beating, and death. It commemorates innocent Jesus nailed to the cross on Friday at 12 noon, then came three hours of darkness, and his sacrificial death of taking peoples sins on Friday April 14, 28 A.D. at 3:00 p.m. Early Sunday morning, three days after Jesus last Passover supper, is Jesus Resurrection Day.
---Eloy on 12/18/06

Additionally the yearly Passover Sabbath [falls on different days, because of Jewish calendar 'dates'], Palm Sunday or Weekly Sabbath was the 10th day of Nissan the day the Passover Lamb [Jesus Christ Of Nazareth] was chosen with palm leaves laid before Him, people shouting Hosanna, crucifyying Him 4 days later, the 14th.

Rising after three days & nights from the dead as promised/prophesied] anytime after 6 pm Sat./weekly sabbath], the 1st day of the week. Gotta double check.
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 12/18/06

Jared, Sadly at that time he had few friends Joseph of Arimathaea,& Nicodemis. The ladies watched.Mrk16:46 he bought fine linen.No one just had it. The 500 are they who saw him after he rose.Joseph's burial tomb used. Why did you want to label me.Why not accept that
these things have to be revealed it is a promise, the hidden things, the mysteries. Didnt he say at the end time knowledge would increase. Its not my job to change you or your mind.Take it or leave it that your choice. Deut 30:19
---Toby on 11/23/06

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toby you speak as if Jesus didn't have any friends. My word he had alot of followers like over 500 and I think maybe out of 500 friends someone might have some fabric used in the burial, it seems that one of the 500 had a tomb. I will stand with scripture and tradition Toby, and I say maybe you should not listen to the watch tower so much.
---Jared on 11/22/06

Eloy The "power of darkness is Satan and yes he did start his worst deeds in the Garden, however it was Wednesday M/night, and it was a start to the following sequence of events that lead to his death,not a fortaste of his death.Also Strongs #5154 3rd time,(something
Happens)Hour #5610 fixed time, point of time
a moment (something happens)Mark15:25. John19:14 says they were preparing, not that it was the preperation day, this wasThursday.
---Toby on 11/22/06

You are right Eloy, It began on a thursday, i have many books on that. God bless.
---winna on 11/22/06

Hi bobm True Yahushua died around 3pm on what we call Friday, Jews called 6th day. I never in any writings say day begins at midnight. But think on this, is it at all possible that the jewish traditions could be wrong? Titus1:14. How come the Ladies at the tomb saw where he laid, just before it began to get light, dawn, and then went home before the sabbath? Luke 23:54 strongs drew on, 2020 to grow light, to dawn. At sunset it grows dark.
---Toby on 11/21/06

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Jared. In truth the spirit of Elohim taught me. Not Jewish fables about s/set Sabbath Titus1:14.Jared would you do me a favour think how long it would take, from dark, walking everywhere. TO.. Get permission to get the body, check he was dead, go buy burial cloth, take down, cover in 100lb ointment, wrap in burial clothes, carry to tomb, lay out, push stone over door, get home just before dawn and Sabbath started. Apparently this info has been out there some 20-30 yrs. I was shown it this year.
---Toby on 11/21/06

Jesus died on the Friday, before the Sabbath. Day begins at sunset not midnight.
---bobm on 11/21/06

Toby, Jesus was crucified towards 12 noon, after he was actually nailed and hung up, then it became dark from 12 noon until 3 o'clock: "Thereupon being preparation of passover, and while towards the sixth hour (in our time: "towards 12 noon"), and he says to the Jews,...And they took Jesus, and led away...where they crucified him, and two others with him..." John 19:14,16,18.
---Eloy on 11/21/06

Toby, the power of darkness started in the garden of Gethsemane Thursday night when Jesus was foretasting his own crucifixion and then was falsely or wrongfully arrested.
---Eloy on 11/21/06

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How do you know this? I mean it is clear in scripture that he was burried right before the sabbat which is on a saturday (starting Friday Eve.) which would mean that he would be dead on Friday (burried prior to sundown for various reasons) and rose on sunday after sabbat. If it was really a different day don't you think it would have been reveiled before now?
---Jared on 11/20/06

Jared. No I am not saying the Sabbath is on a Tuesday, what I am saying is Yahushua arose just before the dawn of our Tuesday and was alive on the third day which is our Tuesday. He was murdered on what is our 6th day "Friday" it was the 14th of Abib. I can prove that back then days started at dawn, not midnight, or sunset. So just before dawn was still as our Monday, and at Dawn was the 3rd day, the start of the 40 days teaching.
---Toby on 11/20/06

so you are saying that the sabbat us is on Tuesday then not saturday, that opens alot of debate too.
---Jared on 11/20/06

Jared. U asked "why did the Disciples immediatly start celebrating Sunday" in short they didnt. Mans traditions from Constantine who changed the Sabbath to the invincible day of the sun, sunday and man has followed ever since, substituting the sun for the SON. He didnt rise on sunday.
Luke 24:1 is poss one of the worst translated scriptures, that was translated my man to uphold the sun-day ceremonies. Cont2..
---Toby on 11/17/06

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Cont2.Luke24:1 Now upon the first(a certain one) {[day]not in orig} of the week (Sabbaton, a time between two Sabbaths), very early in the morning,(just at dawn)they came(arrived) unto (at) the sepulchre, bringing the spices which they had prepared, and certain [others] with them. We can know this was the 2nd day of the week just before the dawn of the 3rd day, They couldnt come earlier as there was a guard, even at the time they arrived the guard was still there.
---Toby on 11/17/06

Eloy though not in scripture it could take up to 3 days for one to die on the stake and that is why theywanted to hurry the process, Sabbath was approaching. Third time check: strongs5610 a definate time, a fixed time, hour 3 is a definate fixed time. Greek hora (horah) a twelfth part of day. Nowhere that does it say the 2 robbers were nailed to the stake the same morning. It suggests they were there when Yahushua arrived, that appears all. At 12 noon it was dark how did they do what they did in the dark?
---Toby on 11/16/06

Ok if you are right then why did the Disciples immediatly start celebrating Sunday as the lords day. because Jesus rose from the grave on Sunday. If he was in the grave for 3 days he had to have been crusified on a Friday.
---Jared on 11/16/06

Toby, he was not crucified at 9 am, but at 12 noon. The Greek word "ora" in Mark 15:25 is more correctly translated "time", meaning it was the third time they were crucifying that day, for they already nailed two others to crosses. "Thereupon being third time; and crucified him." Mark 15:25.
---Eloy on 11/15/06

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Jared What if scripture is true andtradition not? What if tradition of Sunset-sunset is wrong and Lke23:54 is right? For the time of the burial started at even (Strongs #3798 late in the day) Mrk15:42 and finished when they rolled the stone closing the tomb. Just before that the woman saw how his body was laid Lke23:55. and before that V54 it says, and the Sabbath "drew on", Strongs #2020. to grow light/to dawn. AV to begin to dawn/draw on. V56 the very last they did before dawn and Sabbath day.
---Toby on 11/15/06

Jared, Did you read Acts1:12 The distance Yahushua and the desciples travelled was a Sabbath days journey from Jerusalem. What I said was the only day that a Sabbath days journey was required was on the Sabbath. I did not say he believed this, but it is the distance (approx 3/5 of a mile) they all went before he ascended.
---Toby on 11/15/06

Yes they are all right math does not change. Jewish calendar is lunar, we know when passover took place, when Herod ruled, When Pilot was in Judea, The High Priest and his men,the potters field how it was used at that time for the 30 pieces of silver thrown there, Nicodemus when he was there his tomb dug out from the rock,the criminal they called for instead of Jesus when he did his political crime. The historian Josephus etc.
---Jeanne on 11/15/06

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