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Read The DaVinci Deception

I find the DaVinci Code to be a deliberate attack on Christianity. I have a few friends who are in the process of reading it. I talk to each of them about it, my opinion included, then I recommend "The DaVinci Deception", by Erwin Lutzer(I believe). Anyone read it?

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 ---Chelsea on 5/10/06
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Why read fictional novel that carries blasphemy against Christ? He was sent by our Father to come to this world to save our sins. Blasphemy against Christ is a blasphemy against the Father and the Holy Spirit.

Holy Bible is inspired by the H.S. that God left as our inheritance.

Da Vinci Code is obviously inspired by the power of darkness to cause destruction to our faith.

Reading the book or watching the movie is equally supporting the blasphemy against our God.
---Water_Lily on 6/21/08

I have read Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code" because a friend lent me his book. I will read "The Da Vinci Deception" if someone would be kind enough to lend me his copy. Anyone?
---Bebet3754 on 10/6/07

In answer to your question Daniel the answer is yes it is a good idea to watch the movie or read the book to have a good knowledge of what you need to discredit. We must be prepared. I once heard a moderator say they read the book of mormon so they could witness to mormons more effectively. The same should apply here.
---Matthew on 3/14/07

IT's a shame these long critiques are more expensive than the original novel.

You can find several shorter ones (some rather lengthy) on line, free for the download. My favorite is Not InDavincible.
---Jack on 3/14/07

Let me pose another option to you all rather than boycotting The Da Vinci Code. Many people (nonbeleivers) are going to see this movie. When they come up to you and start asking you questions about Christ and how the movie represents Him, what can you say? You never saw it or read the book because you boycotted it. Why not see the movie and use FACT (the Bible) to discredit parts in the eyes of nonbeleivers when they ask? Can't we use this as a ministry tool? Use the devil's tool to defeat the devil?

Moderator - You will need to study the Bible not the movie to show errors. Are you teasing?
---Daniel on 5/19/06

If you study the development of the religion of Christianity from a historical perspective, understanding the cultural and religious aspects of the time, you will come to discover that there are things that the church has hidden from us. These may not be things that are necessarily discussed in the book or movie, yet people may be moved to think instead of just swallow.
---Grace on 5/19/06

NurseRobert, in my mind it is because the book is fiction but the author makes the claim that it is based on historical facts. Read the first page titled FACT. So Dark The Con Of Man.
---chris on 5/19/06

Until today, I saw no danger from this book, since even the author sais it is fiction. But today I heard on the radio an advertisement for the film, and it states baldly that this "exposes the greatest cover up in history" ... in other words presenting the DV code as an expose of the truth.
---alan8869_of_UK on 5/19/06

Dan Brown's highly popular novel, The Da Vinci Code, while an often fascinating read, has garnered unearned merit as historical fiction from those who believe the book's premise opens the door for a dialogue about the foundations of the Christian faith. Brown's creative license regarding early Church history, belief, and custom has caused a sensation where these inaccuracies are flourishing.
---NVBarbara on 5/19/06


I cannot believe how people are taking this so seriously.
---NurseRobert on 5/17/06

Even a little poison is poison. Why pollute your mind with such trash? Bible says in the last days there will be blasphemers who will speak lies and doctrine of devils to turn people away from the truth. Jesus is Divine. He is the Son of God. He is the very God... God the Son. Embrace truth like a bulldog with a bone and never let go.
---ann on 5/17/06

Christ IS the son of God and the Da Vinci code says he isn't, do not believe these lies or deceptions. For in these times to come satan will try to decieve us all but thanks to the lord Jesus Christ our savior we will all have strength in this time to come. Please if you feel you should see the movie dont because it is full of confusion and lies. For these are the signs of the antichrist it depicts in the bible. So stay strong in these times for our True Lord and the KING of kings is coming SOON!
---Kiefer_Luttrell on 5/16/06

the movie that is due out may 19, 2006 should be boycotted by all true christains. this supposed code that was found in leonardo de vince's works and translated by? is definately the work of satan!
---Debra_Hylton on 5/11/06

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