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State Of The Church Today

In your honest opinion, when observing the state of the church today, should we be 'victoriously' rejoicing or fasting, weeping and mourning? Do you think the Lord looks at his people today with a smile, or with a broken heart?

Moderator - A broken heart as were are in the phrase of pulling the remnant out of the apostate church. The separation of the goats and sheep is occuring.

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 ---T.S. on 5/11/06
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I stand in agreement with Moderator.
---josef on 5/12/07

the condition of the church today is as it has always been . And that is ,what is the condition of the hearts of those that profess to follow jesus?what fruit do these people produce?only God knows,but I have my suspesions that many aren,t what they profess to be.
---tom2 on 9/23/06

This is almost like Divine inspiration:
For whom is there no salvation outside the Church.There is no salvation for those who,though incorporated in the church by Baptism,fail to persevere in sanctifying grace& die in the state of mortal sin. Those also are not saved who realise what they are doing, but refuse to be Baptised & accept the Church'smeans of Salvation.Mark16:16 Those non catholics baptised by water in the name of the trinity is a member of the catholic Church.
---Emcee on 9/23/06

JESUS said, I WILL BUILD MY CHURCH, Matt 16:18. No matter ho men interpret it, this passage speaks of a SINGLE CHURCH! CHRIST continued, and the gates of hell (the grave) shall not prevail against it. So many professing christian churches have been built by men, another is started every three days. They can,t all be wrong, they can,t all be right.GOD is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints of God,s true church, not all organizations of men.1Thes5,
---winna on 9/23/06

the question should be about the condition of the Church in the U.S.
---r.w. on 9/22/06

Your copying of my metaphors indicates that we have substantial agreement.

I was trying to clarify a point, not to create smoke, or light a fire.
---John_T on 5/15/06

John T- Your 1st sentence sounded as if you thought I was sitting on my spiritual high horse judging the rest of the church- NOT the case at all. I was asking the most simple question- "Take a look at US as a whole, as a church body- are WE pleasing to the Lord, or should we quit playing country club and fall on our faces to first repent for our apathy, THEN weep and mourn for the millions of lost souls we've been too busy to reach?" I'm not throwing stones OR toasting marshmallows!
---T.S. on 5/12/06

Thats what my pastor preached on last night we have lost our first love
---Betty on 5/12/06

If you reread my first sentence, you will find that I AGREE with you. The rest of the response was based on that theme.

Your Qseems to ask people to look at the church next door (in my case, it is apostate, it is gay!) instead of looking at MY OWN church--which I believe was your intent.

It is so easy to gather around our own "holy campfire" toasting marshmallows than it is to seek God's face, doing as he expects.
---John_T on 5/11/06

5. Again, I asked should WE be doing these things- I'm not pointing fingers or judging anybody. I'll be the first to admit I have not been committed to HIS cause as I should be, and my heart is grieved today, because I've grieved him. But sadly, so many others are grieving him in this way, but have no clue or don't even care. THAT was the point of my question.
---T.S. on 5/11/06

4. Bottom line is, the church has left it's first love for the most part, and has centralized it's focus on earthly things- pursuit of riches, keeping their kids entertained, self help classes, social events, etc...... We should ALL be fasting, weeping, and mourning for the body of Christ, that she find her first love again, and fix her eyes on eternal things, and be about the masters business......
---T.S. on 5/11/06

3. Not everybody who attends a huge church is like that, mind you. It takes a core group of dedicated members to keep them going as well, but I'd dare say that more than half of those congregations attend an average of once or twice a month, never give a dime, never help in fund raisers or work days, never show up and contribute to activities.....
---T.S. on 5/11/06

2. We would see a bigger reaping of the harvest of LOST SOULS. The only harvest being reaped today are enormous ear tickling social clubs reaping the harvest of self centered church people from the smaller churches where they cant live like the devil and not be noticed..... They can just blend in with the masses and scratch their religious itch on occasion without having to roll up their sleeves and sacrificially give of their money and their time to help reap the REAL harvest.....
---T.S. on 5/11/06

I think maybe my question, as well as the moderators response, was misunderstood especially by John T. If you'll carefully read my question again, you'll notice I asked "should WE be...." not "should THEY be".... Revival starts in ones own heart. There's obviously not much personal heart examining and repentance going on in the church today, or things would be a lot different....
---T.S. on 5/11/06

I wonder if part of the "falling away" from Baptist and so called main stream churches ,is because they have found something in another denomination they didn't have before. Consider the fact of 1/2 billion Pentecostals now,second largest denomination in the world,those people are coming from somewhere and many may well be from other churches. True, some chuches have left the Word of God and therefore are subject to the wrath of God, but that doesn't explain all of them who are losing people.
---Darlene_1 on 5/11/06

Sadly, I think that too many people are letting their Bibles gather dust on a shelf. They listen to whatever is being taught in their pulpit (or not listening) rather than studying for themselves. Too many pulpits focus on prosperity and lead people to believe that they are safe. I agree, the church is falling away and becoming too worldly, following traditions and words of men.
---chris on 5/11/06

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Pastors, Deacons and lay people ask me this question all the time. I truly believe we're in the time of the apostate church. The time of a great falling away. Perhaps the problem is peoples acceptance of what the apostate church preaches and teaches. Such as the acceptance of gay marriage or gay pastors. What is shameful and disgraceful some are now being giving acceptance too. Biblically speaking the hour grows late.
---mima on 5/11/06

This grieves me; it is easier to cast stones than to look at our own hearts.

IFCA Baptists, (I Fight Christian Authority), Orthodox Presbyterian Church (Only Perfect Church) --sadly, there's a grain of truth in the jokes-- and others are too willing to throw stones at churches that are "different"; they are "apostate". Surely that grieves Jesus also.

If we keep sinning in our hearts, God does not hear our prayers. What a terrible price to maintain baseless prejudices!
---John_T on 5/11/06

The bible says in the last days there will be a falling away. Churches are fullfilling the bible.
---Rev_Herb on 5/11/06

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