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I Am A Little Freaked Out

Last night my wife told me that my 3 year old daughter has been making statements like "I am going to be with Jesus soon" and "I want to stay 3 because when I am 4, I am going to die". I am a little freaked out, how should I take this?

Moderator - Ask her why she is making the statements.

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 ---chris on 5/11/06
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Please. Don't be freaked out. Since our 12 yr. old was a toddler she has told us Angels live in her room. When she was an infant we would watch her small face as she slept making the most heavenly little smiles a parent could see. My husband was also freaked out as she would not do it awake. He asked me about it. I simply explained that babies are closer to Angels having just come from heaven (or the Guff) and they were talking to her. This make her happy thus, she smiled. Our other child did not do this. Little children have very untainted human characteristics therefore Angels are drawn toward them easily.
---Pamela on 9/13/08

At family gatherings I normally was asked to pray, as my grandson learn to speak I ask him to repeat after me, he used to do so. Today I'm no longer ask to say the blessing or pray at family gatherings. The grandson is now seven years old and it is he who handles saying the blessing over meals and offering of prayers to Lord Jesus Christ. Most recently with something like 27 people gathered(and not all family) at his father's birthday party the grandson said, and Lord speak to our hearts that we may all be in heaven together.
---mima on 9/13/08

mi ma, did you teach him to pray? Praise the Lord for "out of the mouth of babes." Thank you Father God.
---Donna9759 on 9/12/08

Moderator is right, ask her WHY she is making these statements. I would assume she is having dreams. If that is the case, ask her to describe the dream. Decifer if it is from God or from satan. Plead the blood of Jesus over her mind by laying your hands on her head and saying I plead the blood of Jesus over my daughter's mind. Do that every night before she goes to bed. Satan can't get passed the blood, amen?
---Donna9759 on 10/14/07

This an example of"out of the mouths of babes". Recently violent storms passed through. My five-year-old grandsom and his preschool classmates were gathered together in a special location, some began to cry, my grandson took the hand of his teacher, and said, I will pray and he began to pray. This teacher says, never have I ever heard a child pray like that. Another sign of our times.
---mima on 3/12/07

Hi,I was wondering if you got a chance to talk to your child yet about this. What did she say?
luv, sue
---sue on 6/25/06

As a mother of three, I know that satan will use our children to instill feelings of fear and anxiety in us. Pray for her and with her and ask her where she was given that information. You might be suprised at her answer.
---Cana on 5/13/06

Christ told us to believe like the little children. Children are able to believe pretty much anything with no evidence at all. we as adults should believe in him like that.
---chris on 5/12/06

I said we didn't know yet, but she would figure it out as she got older. I haven't heard anymore about any of this, but I know that it is important to always be honest with her and try to answer her in a way that she will understand.
---Ethna on 5/12/06

My daughter is now 3 1/2. When she turned 3, she stated she didn't want to be 3, she wanted to remain 2 because she didn't like 3. I also remember her making a statement that she wanted to go live with Jesus as well. I explained that Jesus had a job for her to do before going to live with him. When she asked "what job".
---Ethna on 5/12/06

My daughter accepted Christ at 2 1/2. She pointedly told me she wanted to have Christ within her and asked to say the sinner's prayer. I was shocked it happened at such an early age. But we most certainly did it!
---Ethna on 5/12/06

Where did you get the idea that a three year old cannot be saved?

Faith is a relationship in which God takes the initiative, and it's a relationship that can begin in infancy, as the Scripture points out.

To say that one has to "understand" is basically gnosticism--as if ANY of us fully understands how God works in our lives.
---Jack on 5/12/06

A three year old child can not be saved but she is in the hands of god she may have heard something on the tv if you have one about some one dying .or she could have heard someone talking about dying.

Moderator - A three year old child can be saved as my son was saved at the age of three.
---Betty on 5/12/06

Well, I talked with her and she told me "The chair makes me die" then "That ball makes me die". I guess I heard die and freaked out when she didnt even know what she was saying. I am not real sure what she is trying to say, but I think it is just miscommunication. Thanks to all of you for your responses. They helped a bunch. I will just keep an eye on her and make sure she is protected.
---chris on 5/11/06


This MAY be a sign of depression, or abuse or suicadal ideations. Think I am overreacting? Perhaps. However, it is ALWAYS better to be safe than sorry.

If any of these are true, you will NEVER forgive yourself if you ignore those things, and your marriage will have a serious crisis as a result.

In this case, $spent in counseling is not a huge expense, rather it is an INVESTMENT in her future.
---John_T on 5/11/06

Thanks for the suggestions!

T.S. that is why I wanted to post the question. I was concerned that maybe the Devil was whispering in her ear. Of course the thought also entered my mind that maybe God told her that too. Scares me either way. I hope that it is just a 3 year old saying silly things. I will talk to her tonight.
---chris on 5/11/06

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Chris, you might also want to see if there is any way that satanic forces may have been innocently allowed an open door in your home, or other places she might have visited or stayed (day care, a relative or friends house...) I'm not by any means implying anything about you or other adults in her life, you sound like a very loving father. BUT, sometimes, we can unknowingly open doors, through television, or games, books, toys.... just a suggestion to think about. She may be really hearing that
---T.S. on 5/11/06

chris, that's why I said it sounds like she could be having dreams and you, as the parent, will have to discern whether they are from God or from satan. Is it peaceable? If you are in fear, it isn't from God, and neither is the dream. But talk to her and let her tell you about it. You're smart enough to discern who it's from. Plead the blood over her head/mind every single night before bedtime.
---Donna9759 on 5/11/06

I havent had a chance to talk to her about it yet. My wife told me about it last night after the kids went to bed. Hopefully I will get a chance to ask her about it tonight. It definately has me spooked, should she really even know about death at 3? Seems like she should know crayons and coloring books, but not death. I cant even imagine how this got in her head.

Moderator - If she is a Christian, it isn't strange she would know about life-death and heaven-hell. When my son was three he understood.
---chris on 5/11/06

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