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Find Yourself As A Dead Corpse

In Isaiah 37:36 is the implication made that the dead awoke to find themselves dead corpse.

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 ---mima on 5/11/06
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No. What is implied is that the majority of the assyrians camp were slain in their sleep, at least sufficient to render "the great army" of 36:2 insufficient for the planed attack. Also implied is that not all were slain given that a specific number is stated and the king survived. Therefore the first "they" has to represent the survivors, while the second "they" represents 'all' the slain that were checked or examined for signs of life.
---joseph on 10/7/07

I think the writer was making a little joke.
---Jack on 10/1/07

mikefl: Your reply is incorrect. There were still some Assyrians who awoke in the morning! Yes there were Jews who survived their attacks (as vv.31,32 show), but not all of the Assyrians died, or else the next verse couldn't be true: (v.37) "So Sennacherib king of Assyria departed..." [If he was alive, why not others?] There had to be others besides just the king who lived, or else Israel would have chased him down to kill or capture him!
---Daniel on 5/15/06

Good Daniel, I checked it after you and that fits perfectly. Vs.31,32 shows a remnant that escape. Then in vs 33 God speaks against Assyria and in 35 says He will defend the city. In 36, The angel of the Lord killed 185k Assyrians and when the "remnant" awoke they saw the bodies.
Proving once again that while our Lord is Love to His people, He will do whatever it takes to protect those who love Him...
---mikefl on 5/13/06

(2) The simple fact is that the "all of them" refers to the 185,000 that died in the night, but the "they" (who woke) were the few who were still alive to see them! _So_ no idiom here (as I'd first thought); but some soldiers or policemen or others (after reading the Bible) have probably used this phrase (like an idiom) about their dead enemies or an evil person; like: 'Oh, look, he woke up dead today!'
But this Bible passage really isn't one of them!
---Daniel on 5/13/06

(1) OK. I couldn't sleep without looking it up!
This isn't so much an idiom (in either Hebrew _or_ English!) as much as a misunderstanding of the English translation; unfortunately many preachers have a tendency to joke about this without making sure their flocks understand the details! The Hebrew is fairly literal as: "and when _they_ arose early in the morning, Behold, *all of them* were dead corpses!" [my translation of last half of Isaiah 37:36]. [Cont.]
---Daniel on 5/13/06

While I'm thinking of it, I can't help but add a few other idioms here: "Beating a dead horse" may be used of someone who's going on and on (like I am?) about one topic when it's no longer necessary for all involved. Engish Bible versions often use "know" the same way Hebrews did when speaking of sex; e.g., the phrase 'he never knew her.' I'll study the passage in question tomorrow.
---Daniel on 5/13/06

I'm going to do a study on this some time this weekend, but people everywhere use idioms all the time! If a person is "cold" does that mean your food will stay fresher if they hold it? Of course not! In NT times, Greeks talked about "bowels" the same way people in the US say "heart" when they mean their 'emotions'. Ever heard someone say "he stabbed me in the back!"? Was it literal? Just Google 'idiom(s)' for many examples.
---Daniel on 5/13/06

Mima: That's what we call an "idiom" -- I don't have access to my Hebrew text right now, so I can't say if that's in the original or just something that's been repeated in many English Bibles for centuries. Either way, YOU ARE NOT TO TAKE "IDIOMS" as literal expressions in most cases. Many languages have idioms that are unique; a few are used in more than one language though, often due to adopting them from their original tongue.
---danie9374 on 5/13/06

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