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Is Javier Solana The Anti-Christ

Moderator, have you read any of the information on Javier Solana? If so, what are your conclusions?

Moderator - Yes, I read on the topic after various posts. Yes, he is in a very powerful position that could be used to usher in the Anti-Christ. Is he the Anti-Christ - that would be anybody's guess at this point in time.

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 ---Nellah on 5/14/06
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What is to be thought about his announcement yesterday, Tuesday, June 5, 2012, as reported in the New York Times, that he is retiring?
---David_Menefee on 6/6/12

The antichrist is a political/religious figure. He comes from a dynasty. He will be someone extremely well known. Like the Pope. When we learn he is the Antichrist it will cause us to gasp in horror and disbelief. Such is the deception of the antichrist. We will have thought he was the number one Christian. The devil is a deceiver.
---frances008 on 3/11/09

the antichrist is not a man it is a kingdom if u would just understand that u read the bible not interpret it with man's theology the bible has already done the interpretation u would see the whole world is deceived already. take a little time and find out who Israel and the jews are read kings. when u understand that and who u are u will see the light. hint lost tribes are the ,Israelites try to find where the descendants of the tribe of joseph is today and u will find most of the prophecies have already been fulfilled in a group of countries that exist today if u are english u probably are living in one of them.
---john on 3/10/09

Soiana cant be the antichrist, his name does not add up to 666...well over 700
---cheryl on 5/30/08

HE IS IT. sure there are similarities but think about it, America is the last powerhouse of the world, after us whos it going ot be?
He is the antichrist.
---Mike on 5/4/08

Hopfully you won't have to find out who he is!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 3/31/08

Solana is Not a jewish person, can,t be the antichrist for that alone.
---June on 3/30/08

I've been watching Solana for a while. Am glad others are taking notice of this powerful man ... too powerful for one person!
---Nellah on 3/4/08

Today it's Javier Solana, twenty years ago it was Mikhail Gorbachev.
There's always SOMEONE that seems to best fit the profile of Antichrist in every generation.

And math mumbo jumbo about 666: 66 years and 6 months is unrelated to the number 666, other than in our current numbering system (unlike the Greek system ACTUALLY used in Revelation), the digits are coincidentally the same. One can find such similarties with almost anyone with very little effort, making such efforts mostly meaningless.
---StrongAxe on 3/4/08

"He also turns 66 and 6 months when he probably will recieve his new seat in office"
That sounds a bit like paranoia.
---a on 3/3/08

Jaun Carlos, King of Spain fits the Profile too.(Google his Name)
He claims the title "The King of Jerusalem."
And his family can be traced back to the Romans.
I've been waiting for his Son,J.C(Jr.).
15yrs. ago WHEN I 1st heard of his Son, he was being hidden in a "Secret Chamber".

Rising after his Deadly head wound will have Millions Believing he is God, However, Millions will not except his rule And will be Beheaded for not excepting him.
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 3/3/08

A wb page says of Javier Solana: ... "He is consolidating power in the EU right now and is working on the goal of bringing peace to the Middle East
Oh, my, how sinful!
---alan_of_UK on 3/3/08

He looks like it. He also turns 66 and 6 months when he probably will recieve his new seat in office.

Javier Solana is giving speaches now in america. He gave one at Oxford. If you read it, he sounds like the antichrist as well.

He has all of Europe under his thumb.
---Joe on 3/3/08

"Well Javier could be. Im not a christian but i still think its Jimmy carter. I like him trying to work my way to heaven and blame everyone else that i have no or lost my salvation
---joseph on 7/17/06"

P.S. Neither is this post mine. Thanks, just FYI.
---joseph on 10/6/07

I see that another joseph has come on line, as the last two responses are not mine. Perhaps the man named Joseph that usually capitalizes his name just neglected to do so. However I do want to clear this up, I do not see Javier Solana or any other man as 'The' antichrist. I ask Joseph to please capitalize his name to avoid confusion. Thanks
---joseph on 10/6/07

I have seen the 2 articles, Recommendation 666 and Article 666. Javier Solana looks very likely to be the Antichrist. His age could be an excellent cover for people not to suspect him. I have never seen someone get all of what they want in politics. Europe would hand him the keys to their country if he asked.
---joseph on 10/6/07

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Very very likely.
---joseph on 10/6/07

It could be the Anti Christ. Or it could be a deception. To get us all worked up about the 7 year peach treaty, and the 3.5 year check up in the middle.

But I doubt it!
---Verlch on 6/15/07

They are going to mark all the livestock with a chip next year. Then they want to put it in all humans! I'm not planning on getting anything they plan on putting in, or on us, just in case its the mark. No matter how much they say its for out benefit!

The bible says that the Anti Christ will cause all who do not receive the mark, to be killed!

God says that if you get the mark, you are damned.

Good thing God and Christ warned us!
---Verlch on 6/15/07

2007 began Daniels 70th week,
Gtribulation lasts 1260 days ending the 7 years. Go 1260 days from 12/31/13 is 7/20/10.

7/20/10 is Tishbav, when Temples were destroyed, Abomination Desolation could happen in 3rd Temple.
7/20/10 to 12/31/13 (ending ENP week) is 1260 days
7/20/10 to 3/16/14 is 1335 days.
Dan 12:12 concerns Purim, Jewish observance about rescue, survival from intended slaughter, elimination of Jewish race.
From 8/14/07 Rosh Hashanna to 12/31/13 is 2300 days.
---Steve on 3/23/07

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Each of the four instances of the term anti-Christ appear to be plural in usage meaning there is more than one and even a considerable number of all those that deny the Father and the Son.
---JW on 12/22/06

I do think that Javier Solana is too old. Would not the Antichrist by logic have to be around the age Jesus was on earth for him to be accepted. By that I mean no more than 33 years old.
---Helen_5378 on 8/24/06

Javier is a Socialist. So, pretty much by definition, he is an atheist.
Plus there's that seat #666 in EU Parliament that is open. Solana is the High Representative, is that seat reserved for him ? Or for his successor ?
Plus the EU Parliament building was modeled after the Tower of Babylon. And on the EU coin is a lady riding atop a beast.
---Steve on 8/24/06

Yes, after a lot of research, I do feel that Javier Solana is the most likely fulfiller of the Anti-Christ... Too many things line up, and he is in the thick of everything right now.
---Brian on 8/15/06

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Yes, Article 666 of EU created a SecGen of the EU Council and High Representative. Recommendation 666 called for special military powers given to the WEU SecGen that would be granted after 3.5 years in the event of emergency.
---Steve_Sherman on 8/15/06

I believe he could be with the number 666 being his office thing that just really bugs me.Plus he gets a little more accomplished than other leaders he could also just be a forerunner. for the antichrist.
---debra on 8/3/06

I think it's possible that he could be the antichrist or ab fore runner. He is just a little to cable for my thoughts plus the 666 thing really bothers me . If you see his pic he is with almost all the world leaders in something kind of in the back ground for now.
---debra on 8/3/06

Well Javier could be. Im not a christian but i still think its Jimmy carter. I like him trying to work my way to heaven and blame everyone else that i have no or lost my salvation
---joseph on 7/17/06

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According to the Bible, the rapture is concurrent with the second coming of Jesus (1 Thes 4:16, 17). I have no fear of any tribulation once I am with Jesus.
---jerry6593 on 5/20/06

Jesus doesn't even know when the gathering will occur. I know I don't. Moderator, thanks for reading about Solana. I also read where he doesn't think a lot of Jesus. Unraveling of Javier Solana is the site name.
---Nellah on 5/20/06


Exactly where did Jesus say the Rapture comes AFTER the Tribulation, as you contributed?
---John_T on 5/19/06

Jack maybe you could get Ron Popeill(sp?) to market that as a party game! Much better than pinning the tail on the donkey!
---NVBarbara on 5/15/06

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Christina read 2 Thess. chapter 2
---eliza4969 on 5/15/06

Christina, according to Jesus the Rapture comes AFTER the Tribulation.
---Jack on 5/15/06

Jack, that was funny. I haven't heard that one before. :-) My curiosity got the best of me on this one and there's lots of other people researching this guy. He's definitely on payroll.
---Nellah on 5/15/06

Bon Mot, Jack!

Another corollary is that too often "number spinners" try to put all ten toes on the same foot of the statue in the vision.
---John_T on 5/15/06

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Anyone who is in line by God to be Raptured will not know the identity of the antichrist
---Christina_Douglas on 5/15/06

LOL heehaaheehaa LOL Jack you got me what you said was sooooooooooooo funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnyy!!!
---eliza4969 on 5/15/06

Hahahahaha.I just love this blog.
---pkay on 5/15/06

Hmm, maybe its Herb!
---NVBarbara on 5/14/06

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I believe Harry Potter is the antichrist. But again many Donald Duck. Who knows maybe it could be Goffie.
---Rev_Herb on 5/14/06

Here we go playing Pin the Horn on the Beast again.
---Jack on 5/14/06

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