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Do Catholics Read Their Bible

Do Catholics read their Bible? If so, why do they bother since their tradition supercedes the scriptures?

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 ---Mike on 5/17/06
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This is like asking a man does he still beat his wife. Even if he's never touched her a "no" answer incriminates him by the way the question is asked. I just converted to Catholicism after 31 years as a Protestant. Catholic tradition does not supersede scripture, but obviously the person asking this question has taken no time gain a real understanding of the difference between the Protestant and Catholic mind. Questions like this only foster an arrogance that I feel safe in saying is contrary to a true Christian spirit.
---Bruce on 1/5/10

Katavasia:-Are you saying that they have made a change in the Holy book,AGAIN?Guess this must be the new world.calling for new editions and additions.Looks alike but needs closer examination.Thank you But I dont own one.
---MIC on 9/16/08

"" Since this transalation was made in about 1611Why does it retain the name KJV in all christendom,England included,""

Actually, in the UK it's generally called the Authorized Version, not KJV.
---katavasia on 9/15/08

MIC ...
It was called the "Holy Bible" because it was a translation of the original holy scriptures, and I expect it drew on the already existing Latin translations as well.

It was therefore a translation of the inspired originals, and so was properly called the Holy Bible in English, but did not claim to be an inspired translation (that is an invention of the KJV onlyers) ,

"Why does it retain the name KJV?" It does not RETAIN that name ... It never had it to start with. That title is a modern one, used mainly by those who claim it is the only valid "version" or those who want to disparage it.

My own church does not call it the KJV.

Here, we swear by the Bible, not by the KJV
---alan_of_UK on 9/15/08

Since this transalation was made in about 1611Why does it retain the name KJV in all christendom,England included, even after 5 centuries and called The holy Bible if it was a transalation by "man" The Holy Bible was I believe inspired by the H/Sand hence called Holy.Version automatically suggests a transalation.The name preceeding it would also suggest,its appproval, on publication based on the source from which it was coming,to impress the people of that and succeding eras, that this is OK.The Kings word was law and beyond reproach. People swear by it to this day even on this forum.
---MIC on 9/15/08

MIC ... If you will PLEASE read the Preface to the Holy Bible as translated for King James (and then known as the Authorised Version), you will see the following:
1 The translators addressed King James, & basically said, "As you asked us to do, we have translated the Bible into English
2 There is not a word in the AV from or by KIng James.
3 Whilst you say "Yes and it became His version as he agreed" that is not rtue. It was known just as the Holy Bible during his lifetime.
"King James Version" is a very modern title given to it, probably by 20th Century Americans.
---alan_of_UK on 9/14/08

There are 2 sides to every story.some make it some don't.Did King J want it made known,since it was for him,as a transalation.Yes and it became His version as he agreed.A king never went back on his word, as an English Gentleman.
---MIC on 9/13/08


While the KJV is a good translation, and it is a very useful tool, it is also imperfect (like all other translations). We err if we worship it like some kind of golden calf (and some do - KJV-only people who believe the KJV is divinely inspired and that every other translation on the planet is a work of Satan (How about Bibles in non-English-speaking countries?)).

If another translation can word something differently in a way that more clearly elucidades something that the KJV has made unclear (or worse yet, that the KJV has translated incorrectly), more power to it.

The ultimate test isn't "what does the KJV say" but rather "what do the original sources say", and go by that.
---StrongAxe on 9/12/08

AlanofUk, thanks for answering Nicole's question so well.

Nicole, the Authorized Version is the most accurate one we have, even Catholics who know these things, like they study Greek etc. say so.

Whilst later translations in some passages enlighten us more fully (and may add stuff that is not intended in the original), they do at other times intentionally or unintentionally completely change the MEANING of the King James so that we are not reading the same doctrines AT ALL. This causes divisions.

Surely, you would like to see the one true Church of Jesus Christ united? Why should we unite around changed Bibles? Revelation speaks strongly in condemnation of such practices.
---frances008 on 9/12/08

Nicole,Alan's right. King James Bible is a translation,here is how it was done. New Testament was translated from Textus Receptus series of the Greek Texts. Old Testament was translated from the Masoretic Hebrew Text,Apocrypha were translated from the Greek Septuagint except for 2 Esdras were translated from the Latin Vulgate. King James was translated mostly from Greek,Hebrew,and Aramaic Texts as were Tyndale's and Geneva Bible. In doing the Translation they also compared the translations of several previous Bibles including Tyndale,Bishops Bible,and Geneva. Translators,47 Scholars based in six committees,Universities of Oxford-2 and Cambridge-2,and 2-Westminister. They included Scholars of Puritan Sympathies,and High Churchmen.
---Darlene_1 on 9/12/08

Nicole ..."King James is telling you it isn't an translation, but his version of the Bible"


Your whole post misunderstands the "KJV"

In fact there is nothing in what is properly known as the Authorised Version that was written by King James, and he did not call it his version.

Read the preface ... Clearly stated to be a translation for King James, and it was intended to be the most accurate possible at the time.
---alan_of_UK on 9/11/08

Please turn to God's Word for enlightenment. (King James Authorized Version - not one of the modern translations).
---frances008 on 9/10/08

Note you are speaking about a version instead of a translation.

Why are suggestion a version instead of a true translation?

I only want someone to translate to me.
Not give me their version of the Bible.

Why isn't it just called the English translation?

Pay attention to the little details.

King James is telling you it isn't an translation, but his version of the Bible.

As for me, I will follow the TRUE KING's Words. Not some man who is king for a period of time.
---Nicole on 9/11/08

Just as students go to school to learn.Catholics go to church to recieve HIM who said "I live in those who live in Me"AND to have the word of God Preached to them Through the Power of the Holy spirit who is the sole and authorative preacher as Jesus said .You may indulge in the interpretation of your own self schooling which gives rise to misenterpretations of varied colours but Jesus chose a universal method for His sheep.'Tis apity people do not follow Jesus, but want His benifits.
---MIC on 9/11/08

Just today I was reminded of Romans 14 that points out that we should all respect each other despite our differences of opinions over theological matters. In this case, it is talking about meat and drink and holy days, but the principle can be applied to all things.

Rather than constant bickering about whether certain things are right or not, people who believe one way should do so for the glory of God, but also respect those who believe otherwise.
---StrongAxe on 9/11/08

They need to read King James standard Bible. God's Plan of Salvation Acts 2 v's 37-40 Fulfills Matt 28 v's 19-20.
God gave NO man authority,charge to be called father in a type of spiritual leadership. There's Only ONE mediator between God & man,that's Jesus Christ. Jesus & He ALone can forgive sins (No man). For the catholic cathedrals are full of graven images,idols,encluding the worship Mary the mother of Jesus,prayer beads,so called holy-water,the such like & Is an Abomination to Almighty God. When this man constantine devised catholocism the first trinity church,the light that came to him to do such,2nd Cori 11 v's 14-15,Matt 15 v 9. So Many good people,so spiritualy blind. Matt 15 v 14. Rev 17 v's 4-6 & other scriptures.
---Lawrence on 9/11/08

Catholics do not read their bibles. They get their answers from the Catholic website and use the passages they want the members to believe. If they took the time to read the Bible themselves, and prayed and ask God to bring light to His Word, they would know the real Truth and it would set them free. Only God's Word reveals God's will for His people. Scripture cannot be broken" are the words of Jesus, John 10:35. All that we believe and practice is to be based upon the Bible alone. The RCC claims that she is the infallible interpreter of Scripture thereby placing the Church above the Word of God. But the Bible teaches and encourages believers to be "a workman" who correctly handles the Word of Truth" (2 Tim. 2:15).
---Mark_V. on 9/11/08

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People "led by the spirit" are not mindless automatons, but have free will and opionions, some right, some wrong. There are cases in the New Testament where apostles had strong disagreements.

People can differ about doctrines that WE consider "vital" but aren't really, and God doesn't think of them as important enough gnats that we should strangle on them. The Holy Spirit isn't leading people into different views - he's just allowing them.

(For example, "triple immersion" - Is there REALLY a major difference between dipping twice, or thrice, or 4 times? I can't see it, it's not in the Bible, I have never heard about it, no was it ever something that I was taught in Sunday school).
---StrongAxe on 9/10/08

Frances :-It is indeed very touching for you to look after my spiritual welfare which I have been doing since I was knee high to a grasshopper,and I can safely add it has ben successfull.But I wish to point out Your version of his word in your nkjv is rampant with mistakes (another story like Yours)Mine goes back to ancient times. you are too young to comprehend.That I have given up everything and I now live in Him as He lives in Me, its a wonderful feeling.How about You?Are you satisfied with your state in life?will talk later have to take a power nap.
---MIC on 9/10/08

MIC, you have to give up everything and follow Jesus. All those statues, and rules, and superstitions. They are pagan. Idolatrous. Self destructive. Please turn to God's Word for enlightenment. (King James Authorized Version - not one of the modern translations).
---frances008 on 9/10/08

Frances :-"Is it any clearer"?As clear as explain without adding frills and thrills.
---MIC on 9/8/08

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I can tell you about going home. Sure, there are things I miss, but 'home' has changed and is now almost unrecognizable to me, and I have changed and do not fit in any more.

Jesus told his disciples leave everything and follow me.

God told Lot's wife to leave and not look back. Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed but she looked back, and was turned into a pillar of salt, where she still stands looking back.

The O.T. is full of God pleading with the Israelites to stop continually going back to the faith of their fathers who worshipped idols.

The N.T. tells the Christians to separate themselves from the world. For God has called them out of darkness into His Wonderful Light.

Could it be any clearer?
---frances008 on 9/8/08

Nicole, I never want to ever enter your Home again for it worships Idols. It is a place of Idol worship who have moved away from Christ.
Justification by faith and works is in your catechisms. You have read them and I listed them.
---Mark_V. on 9/8/08

See how you lie so easily.
I worship Jesus. Unless you are calling Him a Idol.
My home is Jesus' Church.
You do not have to come to His house.
You have free will.

I never listed or stated Justification by works.

Talk is cheap.
Give Quotations from the RCC's Catechism.

Can't find the quote to prove your lies you state we believe about?
Then move on!

Time is running out.
Lets debate on Facts not fiction.
---Nicole on 9/8/08

Nicole, that isn't true. I didn't understand it when I read it. The natural mind doesn't understand the things of the Spirit of God...LAZYNESS HAD NOTNING TO DO WITH IT.---donna8365 9/3/08

I think you got off track. The subject is about do Catholic read their Bible?
Not do Catholic understand their Bible.

So, you wrote this:

No, I don't think Catholics read their bible...Why don't they read their bible?
---donna8365 9/2/08

So, I answered your 'why'!

They don't read the Bible, for the same reason you didn't read the Bible sitting on your night stand.
LAZY. It's that simple.
Why didn't you read it?
Because you didn't want to do so.---Nicole 9/2/08

I am only going by your post.
---Nicole on 9/8/08

Nicole, I never want to ever enter your Home again for it worships Idols. It is a place of Idol worship who have moved away from Christ.
Justification by faith and works is in your catechisms. You have read them and I listed them. The sufficiency of Christ death is never enough for any of you. "That if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus Christ and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation."
You have shown to whom you place your love for. Anyone who denies the diety of Christ has no love with Christ.
---Mark_V. on 9/8/08

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MarkV, if the Words of God is God speaking, why add words to His Words?
Why can't you leave them alone.

When Jesus states "My Body is True Food and My Blood is True Drink."
Why do you reject these Words of His?
Why change them?
Why mold them into yours thinking?
Why do you add to the words of the RCC.
You keep saying "justification by works"
No Catholic ever said this. This isn't in the RCC's Catechism. So why are you constantly trying to make others believe we say this?
What are your motives?

You put too much energy on lies.
Study Jesus.
Not the 'the guide to Catholic's beliefs for the Protestant.'
Why are you so interested?
Do you want to come home?
---Nicole on 9/8/08

The word of God is God speaking not man speaking. It is sufficient for salvation, living, conduct, etc. No other word is authentic but God's. Any gospel preached which contradicts the word of God should be condemned.
Jesus is sufficient for our salvation.
No salvation is given on the basis of self-works, prayers, baptisms, or actions of man, for salvation comes by the Grace of God through faith.
Any religion that moves you away from Christ should be condemned.
Idol's move you away
purgatory moves you away
justification by works moves you away
bowing down and praying to saints move you away
Indulgences move you away
any interpretation that belongs to Christ and is given to someone else moves you away from Christ.
---Mark_V. on 9/6/08

the pope thing is man's choice...God never instituted it. Only Jesus is worthy of our worship and bowing down to. No human is worthy of this.

How true one only need to look to emperor Constantine to understand how rcc came about and all the fables created by him and adopted by rcc

popish worship is idolatrous

true Christians understand Gods Holy Word is divine and know to serve no other man and their man made doctrines can't serve God and mammon ...Christ church is a spiritual church not a powerful WEALTHY politically corrupt system like the rcc
---Rhonda on 9/5/08

No Mic/MC...the pope thing is man's choice...God never instituted it. Only Jesus is worthy of our worship and bowing down to. No human is worthy of this.
---Holly4jc on 9/5/08

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Miss Holly:-This is not about bowing its about Gods Choice as is evident from scripture.If you cannot see this,You also are bow-wowing in the wrong direction:-)
---MIC on 9/4/08

Mic, When I read a passages I use what methods I know in interpreting Scripture. Scripture is so clear that people come to Christ through His Word, The Bible. It might be hard to understand in some places but if we do some research with an open heart we do find the correct meaning. After reading the passages you and many others given in Matthew, give clear evidience that Peter was never mentioned as the Rock, for one, God is always refered in at least 10 passages as the Rock, and God never changes. When God sent the apostles to make disciples of all nations, He send all of them. Christ never said to the others that Peter was in charge of all of them. And they were to follow Peter. All were to follow Christ and what He taught them.
---Mark_V. on 9/4/08

Frances, I really don't know what it is that you are arguing about. I do believe that when God saves you, you always remain His child. The Bible never speaks about someone losing the Holy Spirit, or that Christ will abandon you, it speaks that the Spirit seals you, and that Christ will sustain you to the Day of our Lord. Christ never rejects anyone who come to Him. Faith comes from hearing the word of God and the reason we should preach the gospel of Christ. Seek and you will find is written to the believers, for the lost are running from God.
If you have studied the five points of Arminianism you will see that it is base on man centered theology and not God. It is the teachings of the RCC and now many others.
---Mark_V. on 9/4/08

Thanks for your reply, MarkV, I searched it out. So the Calvinists have infected you. I too was infected but I then went to a few of my favourite Christian sites to see what they said. I was open-minded I believe. I kept see-sawing on the issue. Some of my favourites thought like you, but God, I believe, guided me through one guy to another and eventually, based on God's Scripture (KJV) I became convinced that Once Saved Always Saved, and the Predestination of all of us, but the rejection of Christ by some. Christ never rejects. What convinced me was the good character of those who spoke out for OSAS. I think you too have a good character, and I am sure you will change your opinion eventually.
---frances008 on 9/4/08

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I'm sure when we meet Peter in heaven...he will say..."do not bow down to me or worship me, for I am a mere man, a humble servant of the Lord, but bow down and worship ONLY the Lord, thy God."

You'll never hear a pope say that..."don't bow down to me"...yeah, right....when pigs fly!
---Holly4jc on 9/4/08

Mark V, I am not letting you get away with it. The Bible says that Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. (And) Knock and door will be opened to you, Seek and you will find. Then there is the parable of the Prodigal Son. God will indeed bring everyone to a position in which they can repent, at some point in their lives. It is whether they have the spirit to humble themselves and return to their father. Either Jesus died for everyone and anyone, or He didn't. I say He did. The Prodigal Son tried to run away from God, as did Jonah. You can only run for so long. At some point in your life you will meet a wall (or a Christian) and you will be convicted.
---frances008 on 9/4/08

Mark:-In your post to Frances you quote JN6:44and 2 Tim 2 25-26.So applying 2 Tim. 2 may I ask why 2 different applications of reasoning for the same God by You.You choose to believe Him in Jn but refute Him in Matt16:13-19.The Pope or Pontiff known as Simon 'Bar' Jonah,The same Simon Peter described and nominated as "The ROCK"BY Jesus?IS was and will always be as God says HIS FIRST CHOICE to carry on his work of Redemption.any further disclaimers may be taken up by you in the Court of the Almighty God whom you choose to deny according to your whims or the changing weather .If you do not repent you will be waiting a long time for convictionby your words.
---MIC on 9/4/08

Mic "Oneness" is in Acts 2:38 Then Peter said unto them,Repent,and be baptised,every one of you,in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins,and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Oneness name was given to define the difference in Trinity baptism Father,Son,and Holy Ghost and Jesus Name Baptism,see it is in the Bible. The Apostles themselves including Peter said that is the way the people were to do it. I do disagree,but I say in the Love of Christ the whole of Christiandom doesn't attest to that. Its recorded by the RCC isn't proof. Non RC Christians don't believe Jesus said Peter founded RCC and its true church,Jesus was saying Rock is God and believing Jesus is His son,not Peter. God called "Rock" in OT.
---Darlene_1 on 9/4/08

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Most Catholics do not read the Bible and probably even less read their Catachism.

But most Protestants do not read their Bible either. More read it then Catholics but that is nothing to brag about.

Most people who claim to be Christian cannot name 3 of the Ten Commandments. Many cannot find books in the Bible without help. This is made worse today by those flasing verses on the screen so that people in church do not need to bring their Bible or find a verse.

Many people of all denominations are Biblical ignorant. My question is do those of you reading this. How many of you have ever read the whole Bible?
---Samuel on 9/4/08

Frances, you asked me if I was a Calvinist, my reply is that I lean towards Calvinism or reform since I don't believe in the five articles of faith contained in the Remonstrance of Arminianism brought forward by the Arminians followers that was rejected by the Synod of Dort in 1619 after 154 sessions.
I belong now to a Reform Baptist church, and member of the "Alliance of confessing Evangelicals" which consist of all denominations who are reform in nature. I believe all glory goes to God on every issue and never to man. That from beginning to end it is all of God. If that makes me an enemy of many I stand on the side of our Lord who is Sovereign always. He never was or is anyone's "wiping boy." He is Ruler of all.
---Mark_V. on 9/4/08

Frances, anyone that turns and repents will be forgiven, but they will not turn and repent unless God grants them that ability. While lost they cannot repent of something they don't feel like doing. They won't repent until the Holy Spirit convicts them and if the Spirit will not convict so that they will repent, they will never turn and repent to God. "No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent me draws him, and I will raise him up at the last day" John 6:44. and if you read 2 Tim. 2:25,26, "...God may perhaps grant that they will repent and come to know the truth, and they may escape from the snare of the devil, after been captured by him to do his will." God has to grant that ability to the lost.
---Mark_V. on 9/4/08

Obama said he was going to repeal the Bush tax plan, That "WILL" raise taxes on most of Americans that pay taxes!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 9/3/08

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Mic, do you not know that Peter was never a pope? Do you not know that he was proclaim a pope by the RCC 300 years after he died? Do you not know Peter was never a bishop? Where do you get all that stuff you say?
Have you studied the early church from outside sources? You believe what the RCC writes which they kept changing all through the years. Did you not know that molesters don't go to heaven? That the Church of Christ is the body of true believers who are born of the Spirit? You see Greyrider was right, 80% of all American Catholics don't follow tradition or the rules of the Church. Do you not see why?
---Mark_V. on 9/3/08

Well Darlene :-The whole of christendom including the Vatican attest to this RECORDED truth Plus Matt16 who Jesus the Lord made Simon PETER son of Jonah His Keeper or Vicar giving to him His sign of authority The key .As a ONENESS Pentacostal, which I find no evidence of in the Bible,by JESUS you are free to protest,exhume and I shall not contest but by Gods Choice you are free to disagree.Peters Bones will bring neither of us salvation.So let us not lose sleep but Keep Jesus's law of Love alive. Peace.I am sure ST Peter knows where His Bones are laid.He will clear up this misgiving if you ever meet Him.
---MIC on 9/3/08

Question: Do Catholic's Read their Bible?

Answer from the Nicola Gallery: YEP!
And I'll be doing more of it Looking for things to teach 10th graders this year for CCD class. As there are no text books for this grade and I wouldn't know where else to turn to for lesson plans. mmmmmmmmmmmm parables! Love'm!

My favorite has to be the Good Samaritan. No matter what or where this person came from that got the crap beaten out of him, The Samaritan guy was the true neighbor and helped him out showing GOD'S LOVE.

Isn't it pathetic that we have to resort to trite comments and petty one liners.

Feel free to bash this post. At least you'll be leaving some other poor sucker-mackarel-snapper alone. PEACE!!!
---Nicola on 9/3/08

Mark V, anyone who turns to Jesus and repents will be forgiven. They will be forgiven past, present and future sins, because they are no longer the same person but have been sealed by the Holy Spirit. What does a seal do? It closes an envelope until the receiver gets the letter. Nobody can interfere with that letter before the addressee gets it. Our souls are in the envelope and sealed by the Holy Spirit. What happens to sinning Christians? They go through punishment on this earth and their soul goes on to be with God.
---frances008 on 9/3/08

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Mic with respect to you. I'm a Oneness Pentecostal who believes Jesus when he said I and my Father are one,and 1 John 5:7 There are three that bear record in heaven,the Father,the Word(Jesus),and the Holy Ghost:And these three are one.,so you were wrong when you brought up "disputed interest" question. No Peter isn't in the Basiiica,there is no concrete proof to afirm he is. Pope Pias Vll in 1950 declared the many bones found in Basilica could not be confirmed to be Peter's with any certainty. 1968,some bones tested showed to be 68 years old man and Pope Vl anounced relics of Peter had been found,still no proof. 1953 2 Monks found Ossuary in Jerusalem cave marked Shimon Bar Yonah,Simon the son of Jonah,Peter's real name.
---Darlene_1 on 9/3/08

Nicole, that isn't true. I didn't understand it when I read it. The natural mind doesn't understand the things of the Spirit of God. My mind was carnal back then, and even though I have scriptures highlighted, back then I had no clue what they meant. Like, you must be born again and You shall receive Power when the Holy Ghost comes upon you.
So I went to a Catholic Charasmatic meeting and asked what that meant, they did NOT explain it well and didn't offer to Baptize me in the HS. Yet when I arrived at a Pentecosal Church, I asked about it and they said, Praise the Lord Sister, you want to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit? I said "yes, whatever that is, I want it."
---donna8365 on 9/3/08

Mic, Jesus does know His sheep, and they hear His voice and they are all over the world some in your church and some in others. Mic, I know my Shepherd, Jesus Christ, while your shepherd is Peter and the Popes who you said followed him.
Second: God's church is not an Idolatrous church. It is pure. All born again believers who are born of the Spirit are members of that Spiritual Church of Christ which is Headed by Jesus Christ and not Peter. No molesters or murderers, or liars, fornicaters, self-righteous will enter the kingdom of Heaven so are not a part of Jesus Church. You are right, those who are against Him are not His children. Greyrider said 80% American Catholics don't follow Catholic tradition or rules. What does that tell you?
---Mark_V. on 9/3/08

Mark:-You make a mockery out of your own word.Who recanted, the same prideful saved people, were Guided out of the what was the value of Jesus's words "I know my sheep and my sheep know me"Yet His Flock Flourishes while those led by SOME spirit, Languish arguementatively, seeking Peace and are Sheep without a shepherd. No Mark "Those who are not with HIM are against Him.Please don't delude yourself and others by falsities.To pull yourself out of sinking sand you need Help.God's Help.
---MIC on 9/2/08

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I was raised Catholic, had a bible sitting on my night table and never read it. Is it because they think they already know the truth?/because they think the Priest will tell them what they need to know? Why don't they read their bible?--donna8365

They don't read the Bible, for the same reason you didn't read the Bible sitting on your night stand.

LAZY. It's that simple.

Don't make any excuses.
Don't make it hard.
Don't blame the Priest or the RCC.
Blame the lazy person. Lets take responsibility for our own actions.

If the Bible was that close to you. Why didn't you read it?
Because you didn't want to do so.

Don't think every Protestants reads their Bible as well. You have lazy members as well.
---Nicole on 9/2/08

Mic, you said, "if we should be in one accord why is there so many denominations with so many believes as oppose to the RCC? Here is the reason. "Because the RCC corrupted the Word of God, and never recanted." They became prideful. People who were saved, were guided out of the RCC and begin to build denominations holding to some of the doctrines they once had and installing back the one's the RCC removed. Through the years many other Churches came to be. It is not about the denominations that matter but about the True Word of God that matters. When the wrong gospel is given, no one is save. Only through the Truth of Scripture, the Word of God, can anyone be save. All false gospels can do nothing.
---Mark_V. on 9/2/08

Darlene:-You do have an adroit way of Pushing your point."its the people of all denominations who are the church".Peter was never in Rome?"I do things by the bible and the Holy Spirit".Does not the Bible declare Jesus church as "MY Church"in matt16:13-19 as the H/Sand God and Jesus are one are you saying there is a disputed interest through you in this statement?Are not St Peters Remains still not interred in the Bascillica in Rome?If all people were of ONE ACCORD why have they got so many denominations with so many beliefs as opposed to the RCC which is declared as ONE Holy Catholic(Universal)under the Apostolic succession which others are NOT.under these facts would your statement be true or Misleading.
---MIC on 9/2/08

** I do try things by the Bible,Holy Ghost does teach and lead me into all truth. I don't think I'm the only one led by the Spirit. **

Darlene, do you believe in infant baptism by triple immersion, baptismal regeneration, hierarchical church polity, and the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist?

If not, then some people would say that the Holy Spirit does NOT lead you into all truth.

Is it possible for people who hold opposing views on these issues to ALL be led by the Holy Spirit?

Does the same Holy Spirit lead some to affirm and others to deny these teachings?
---katavasia on 9/2/08

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I have a few Catholic Friends. Brought one to a Pentecostal Meeting. She turned to me at the beginning of the meeting and said, "help me find the book she's talking about." It was Ephesians in the NT.

So No, I don't think Catholics read their bible. I was raised Catholic, had a bible sitting on my night table and never read it.

I wonder why they don't? Is it because they think they already know the truth? or because they think the Priest will tell them what they need to know? Or because they follow the rules and regulations of the church and believe they are saved that way. Why don't they read their bible?
---donna8365 on 9/2/08

Nicole,with due respect to you,I wasn't talking like secular people but like a Christian who realizes impact Churches Doctrine has on people. Not just your's but all Christians too. I do try things by the Bible,Holy Ghost does teach and lead me into all truth. I don't think I'm the only one led by the Spirit. You're insulted I didn't show I knew you were. I'm not a mind reader. Your answer about RCC being Christs Church proves my point about Churches influnce. RCC wasn't even in existance,I've done my reasearch,when Church began. Peter was never in Rome. Both those doctrines are Traditions of RCC taught for doctrine. All of evidence for Peter was written by RC and taught by RCC. It's the people of all Denominations who are the Church.
---Darlene_1 on 9/2/08

Darlene1, do you realize you are speaking like Secular people?
They claim Christians are brainwashed, robots and can't think for themselves. Blind or Looking through colored glasses.

Can you determine for yourself if something is false?
Do you ask the Holy Spirit to guide you always?
Ask Jesus to open your heart to His Will alone?
Do you read your Bible, and mediate?

If you answer yes to all these questions, please do not assume you are alone.

I never defend any true offenses of the RCC. Only lies do I defend.
She has HUMANS. Evident of plenty of sin over the centuries.
I would be a fool to assume the RCC is totally innocent.

But, leave Jesus' Church? RCC

That would make me a BIGGER FOOL!
---Nicole on 8/30/08

Nicole,I had already figured out you were a Nun at one time. I just thought that was an interesting bit of information and I didn't see it on the History Channel. I did reference on the internet and even though RCC may deny there were women Priests how can they deny the Tombstone honoring a dead wife by adding she was a priest and also in various papers (not news),records in churchs,it showed women Priests. I am not surprised you don't believe it because you have to be deeply ingrained with RCC's teaching,not meaning that to demean you,but as an obvious truth from reading your posts. Believe what you must but please try to have an open mind and use your own sight and not sight filtered through official RCC beliefs. God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 8/29/08

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Darlene1, did you know that our wedding vows are different from Protestants.
RCC does not have the words 'obey your husband'.
Protestants have these words not us.

I think you missed my point. The Rcc isn't against women. They are putting fault on the one who is at fault as God did. Adam.

God gave Adam a command before He made Eve.
Adam was made from the dirt. Eve from Adam.
We are not the same. Genesis 2:15-17

You can not disconnect Jesus from Adam.
That's why it is called Original Sin. Not sins. Singular.
Jesus came to obey the will of His Father.
Gen 3:9 The Lord God then called to the man and asked HIM, "Where are you?"

God knew who grabbed the fruit first.
He questioned Adam only.
---Nicole on 8/28/08

Darlene1, there were never women priest.
These are upset women who think they can lie about the past to change the present.
Most of their lies are on the History Channel.
Women think it is a power struggle. It isn't. They think because only men can be Priest then only men have the power.

I was a Nun. Ask any Priest who has the true power. It's the Sisters.

Have you heard of: 'If momma isn't happy, then no one is happy.'
It is true in any household, even in God's house.
Mother Theresa blast out the UN. They gave her a standing ovation! Let any Bishop try to do the same.

I am a strong opinionated lady.
I would never stay in a Religion that is against women.
Because God isn't.
---Nicole on 8/28/08

On second thoughts both of those verses I gave below can refer to the opposite viewpoint - that it is impossible to change what will happen after death. A lot more verses point to the ineffectuality of praying for the dead. Perhaps the only good that can come of it is that it gives us a comfort, but if it deceives people into belief in a second chance after death, then it is to be thrown out immediately. Maybe I have some remnants of RCC teaching that need purging in my brain.
---frances008 on 8/28/08

Where is it located where the hand is no greater than the foot? Can anyone tell me?
I'd greatly appreciate it. peace
---Nicola on 8/28/08

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Nicole, you may have found the Holy Spirit despite, not because of, the RCC. I certainly did. In fact it was not me who found Him, but Him who sought me out in my room when I thought I already knew all about God. I knew nothing. I had been blinded by the god of this world, and religion. When I had discovered the RCC to be hypocritical in its actions at church, I saw a red warning light and started to question all its ideas and dogmas. I found them based on mind control, not the Bible. I am delighted Nicole that you have the Holy Spirit in you, but I question whether you are really listening to Him because you would then soon discover all about the RCC and its wicked deeds throughout history.
---frances008 on 8/28/08

Shalendar:-While what you say maybe true the reason is because Majority of H.S. students are more taken up on worldly, pursuits in their near hereafter.The readings Gospel at each sunday are interrelated to bring out a point said by Jesus and recalled, The inference drawn depends on the attentativeness of the listeners.I understand what you say One excellent way is to have a Examination based on the knowledge the student has absorbed in the course of His/her scholostic years attaching it to the curriculum and award a gold cross & or silver medal in each Diocese. I have known this to be effective I am such a student of a forgotten era. IS Christian Doctrine being Taught in Schools as a serious subject is the question.?
---MIC on 8/28/08

I think Catholics are not good at reading their bibles. I teach high school kids who don't know thier way around one. They are fascinated when we teach them. The reason, I believe, is because we are used to having it read to us. Every 3 years we hear the entire bible during the Mass. We are used to having priests and nuns do this for us. It isn't that we don't read the bible at all, we just read it differently. Broken up into the readings in the mass, one OT, one NT, and one Gospel. We have become lazy. We teach, and read, the bible to learn a lesson, not to be able to spout a chapter and verse.
---Shalendar on 8/28/08

Nicole you probably already know but I found it interesting in the early Centuries of the RCC there were women Priests and Nuns would take the place in a Church without one and do all the Priest did. Interestingly there was at least one woman who had her postion as a Priest inscribed on her headstone when she died. Men Priests didn't like it because the women weren't ordained by RCC to serve and came against them to stop it. God anointed women couldn't serve how God led them because man thought he knew more than God. Read the curse put on Adam and Eve you'll see only a husband is given power to rule over wife. That concerns only marriage relationship. Not all men over all women. Judge/Prophetess Deborah was married.
---Darlene_1 on 8/28/08

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Nicole:-The arms of a loving woman is in Her Embrace.God does not look at a womans Size, man does. GOD looks to see how big is her Loving Heart.Blessings.
---MIC on 8/27/08

Frances :- It is what you teach your innocent child from the cradle of your arms that count in Its upbringing.A well developed Mature parent provides this aura.Parents who play Drakes and Ducks shifting their attention are 'not' mature and are responsible for False teaching.Would it not be fair to say that the children and their next generations will followtheir same path? .Baptism does not give you the assurance of Salvation although it is one of the requisites.RCC teaches HOPE. God grants assurance based on HIS word By your actions."As you have lived so shall you reap"If you Desert your God How can you say you love Him, His way.
---MIC on 8/27/08

But an 11 month old baby does not have the wit to believe or not believe and so the baptism is based on what? The parents faith and promise to bring up the child Christian. If the parents believe at the time and then quit Christianity before teaching the child anything, the baptism has little meaning.
---frances008 on 8/27/08

Based on God, not by Parents.
They promised to raise me in the Catholic Faith.
They broke their promise to God, because they didn't raise me in the faith.

But, my God didn't break His promise to me.
The Holy Spirit lead me to Jesus.

Baptism is Salvation, a free gift.
No condition needed on or from anyone, including myself.

Why do this upset so many of you?
---Nicole on 8/27/08

The RCC blames the fall of man on Adam.
We have a saying 'O happy fault of Adam'

I can preach, lead Bible studies, point others to Jesus.

You have to look at our's roles from the Garden of Eden.
We are not made the same. Adam, from dirt. Eve from Adam.
Our punishment are different.
God put Adam is charged.
After the fruit was eaten, God was calling who? Adam.
Adam passed his responsibility to Eve and she to satan.

Jesus had to be a Man to undo the Original Sin.
Jesus is going to do what Adam didn't. Obey

Holy Orders are only for men, because Jesus is the new Man.
PRIESTHOOD BURDEN are on MEN not women.
Our BURDEN is bring life into this world by pain, because Eve introduced death to Adam.
---Nicole on 8/27/08

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Samuel said : Mar 2:7 Why doth this [man] thus speak blasphemies? who can forgive sins but God only? Only GOD forgives sin.

But did God give authorithy to men to forgive sins, Yes :But when the multitudes saw it, they marvelled, and glorified God, which had given such power unto men.( Matthew 9:8) Which men "Then said Jesus to them again, Whose soever sins ye remit, they are remitted unto them, and whose soever sins ye retain, they are retained."

Paul preaches the Gospel so can you.
See Act 2:17

But here does Paul say that they will be so many interpretation of the Gospel and all of them are correct!
---Ruben on 8/27/08

Believing in one takes LOVE TRUST KNOWLEDGE,Reverence Respect,OBEDIENCE Willingness to Follow Blindly like a child.This engenders Faith Not the word by itself,which is just a word but without action.
---MIC on 8/27/08


I have all the faith in the world that I will lose 20 lbs this summer.

But, faith isn't going to make the weight go away. I must be active in losing my weight.
---Nicole on 8/27/08

Nicole: "MarkV, the warning is against you Sir, not the RCC."

Your warnings do not carry any weight. RCC and all denomiantional churches are nothing more than the product of Satan - having their own tradtions, ways of living, and Biblical interpretations. All denominations believe that they are better than the next. Is this harmony among Christians? No! They bicker like children who argue about whose father is better. If the RCC didn't exist, what other denominational church would you join?

Christ's church is not a denominational church, but are Christians who belong to the Kingdom of God and meet in their homes and will be part of the underground church movement during the end times.
---Steveng on 8/27/08

Nicole, whoever BELIEVES and is BAPTISED is saved according to Mark 16.16. But an 11 month old baby does not have the wit to believe or not believe and so the baptism is based on what? The parents faith and promise to bring up the child Christian. If the parents believe at the time and then quit Christianity before teaching the child anything, the baptism has little meaning. Likewise a baptised Catholic may have parents who later realize Catholicism is a false religion. Children are in some cases better unbaptised until they can decide for themselves. (Ie when the church is the Catholic one.)
---frances008 on 8/27/08

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It does not say believe and go and get someone else baptized. Also, Mark 1.8 specifies that when Jesus comes He will baptize with the Holy Spirit (implying NOT water). So, Nicole, you need to go away and really study the word of God. Finally, it says in Mark 16.16 that those who believe and are baptised will be saved, but not that those who are not baptized (in church) will be condemned, just those who do not believe. Why? Because when we come to believe, we are baptized by the Holy Spirit. Water baptism is a traditional sign for others of our committment to Christianity but it should not be over emphasized.
---frances008 on 8/27/08

MarkV, the warning is against you Sir, not the RCC.

Where does Faith come from?
Holy Spirit? Your way sounds like 'Amazing Grace':'How sweet that Grace was the moment I believed.'


Believe and be Baptized is not separate.
You get the Gifts of the Holy Spirit through Baptism.

He made us for Himself.
He knew me before I was in my mother's womb.

The RCC isn't wrong in giving my soul to Him at 11 months.
They gave my soul to Jesus not satan.
Why are you mad at the RCC?
Is it because they gave me to Jesus, before your Church could?

This isn't a game in which we are keeping scores on 'who gave the most souls to Jesus'.

Mark 9:38-41
---Nicole on 8/27/08

The passage in Colossians 2, is talking about a spiritual circumcision.
---Mark_V. on 8/27/08

Yes, you are right. Spiritual is what?
Of the Holy Spirit right?

Stay with the Bible now.
Read all of Chapter 2 in Colossians.

V 11-12 In Him you were also cirumcised with a circumcision not administered by hand, by stripping off the carnal body, with the circumcision of Christ. You were buried with Him IN BAPTISM, in which you were also raised with Him from the dead.

What is the center of this new birth?
By what actions?

Paul is saying the same thing that Jesus said. Mark 16:16 Whoever believes and is baptized well be saved.

Read the whole letter not parts of it.
---Nicole on 8/27/08

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