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False Teachers And Prophets

As concerns false prophets; would a man, for example like myself, be considered a false prophet if he held a teaching which could be proven wrong?

Moderator - No, the person would instead be a False Teacher. However, Christians can make a mistake which is different then planning to mislead people as we are all still learning.

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 ---mima on 5/18/06
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Almost all preachers make errors at at one time or another, but the seriousness of an error is important. If errors are too many, or any single error is too serious, and it is advocated actively by the teacher, the teacher is a false teacher, even if such teachings are done in ignorance. Moderator don't you agree?

Moderator - Yes.
---Okebaram on 4/29/07

What the moderator is trying to say is simply this. As a teacher if you know the truth and teach a lie you are a false prophet.but if you teach a lie and don,t know the truth then your just ignorant. it A matter of the heart. but we are to continually discern what all men say about scripture not only to ourselves but with other believers.
---tom2 on 6/9/06

Donna, do you believe Benny Hinn is a man of God?
---Okebaram on 5/22/06

I wonder why God's people get caught up in looking for false prophets or prophets at all. When persons give something from God, if we stay prayed up,full of Holy Ghost,in tune with God,then our spirit/HG in us,should bear witness immediately, if what that person gave is from God or himself. This also applies to anything we teach/preach,it should line up with the Word of God, "fit" in the Spirit/spirit. Seeking/listening to God's leading,prayerful preparation,eliminates self and elevates God.
---Darlene_1 on 5/21/06

St. Paul says, "Let the prophets speak, two or three, and then let the others judge."

So I'm going out on a limb on this one.

I prophecy that by the end of the year someone in the Executive department will say or do something that will cause an unpopular reaction and a lot of adverse criticism from the media.

There. You see how I've gone out on a limb and even put a time limit on it!
---Jack on 5/21/06

While I was asking a general question and speaking of a principle, I will say that I have heard Pat Robertson utter bogus prophecies and false statements, and then try to lie his way out of them.
---Jack on 5/20/06

Jack--I don't believe Pat Robertson is a prophet at all.
---Donna2277 on 5/20/06

Like I said, if the Holy Spirit hasn't revealed to you that a prophecy is bogus, and you don't have any other valid proof as such, then your idea that it is bogus is a potentially dangerous self-opinion. you could be very wrong... and even if you aren't, do you wonder why God was angry at job's friends? They weren't wrong afterall.
---okebaram on 5/20/06

How many bogus prophecies and lies told in the name of the Lord can a person utter before he becomes a false prophet?

Comparing such a person with King Saul (or David's forebearance towards him) is not making a good analogy.
---Jack on 5/20/06

I WILL SAY THIS TO ANY MAN, WOMAN OF GOD OR BELIEVER; LEAVE MEN OF GOD ALONE. If you think a prophecy from a man of God might be bogus, unless directed by the Spirit, keep your opinion to yourself or you could offend the Holy Spirit. remember how David Saul's life?
---Okebaram on 5/19/06

On 8 May 2006 Pat Robertson announced that God told him that the US coasts would be wracked by storms.

Well, DOH!

He also said that God said there will "probably" be a tsunami on the West Coast this year.

Aside when God says something will happen there is no "probably" attached, geologists have been telling us for years of the probability (note the word) of a seaquake near the Pacific NW US.

Does Robertson sound like a false prophet to you?
---Jack on 5/19/06

If your teaching(s) involved "thus sayth the Lord" announcements of upcoming things that then did not come true. Yes. One who prophesys things that do not happen would be a false prophet. But, one who teaches what he knows to be a lie is a liar. One who teaches what he truely believes the truth but is found wrong is mislead. (He should thank the one(s)who studied to prove him and then he should correct his teachings... just my opinion
---mikefl on 5/18/06

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