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Are You A Person Of Faith

Do you consider yourself a person of strong faith, a little faith or a person lacking in faith? What are your reasons for believing what you believe?

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 ---mima on 5/18/06
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As I look back on my life, I see the step by step progression of spiritual growth. I remember my mother asking me questions, which I couldn't anwer. All I could say was that it will all work out. And now I can see that it has. My spirituality is a natural part of my humanity, and I try to treat people as Jesus taught us to do. I try to steer clear of judgements, doctrine, self-righteouness, close-mindedness and hate, for these are not of the spirit and they hurt others.
---Grace on 6/4/08

My faith didn't become strong faith until Father asked me to lay down the deepest desire of my heart, which was being a mother. Once I did that, the Lord brought me to his banqueting table and we have such a love relationship that I can ask Him things and He answers me either way. Faith grows through trials and testings. Our reaction to those trials and testings is what builds faith. Faith also comes by hearing, but I've experienced it by learning to TRUST Him fully.
---Donna9759 on 7/28/07

Sometimes during our tests and trials, it seems that God is nowhere to be found; it then becomes a real test of our faith. In school, when you were being tested, where was the teacher? He or she was sitting at her desk watching, not saying anything, just watching. During our testing, God has not left the room, He is just sitting at His desk, watching. He never leaves or forsakes us.
---Debbie on 5/20/06

Anne, my heart TRULY goes out to you (((huggs))). You need a friend. God brought me through some of the things you've been through. The death of a one child alone can be devastating to the point where you become so numb inside, you don't want to live. Our bodies aren't made to bear that kind of pain.
---Donna9759 on 5/19/06

Anne, please don't feel that you are alone in your struggle! Many have days when they wonder if God has left them, even Jesus did in his last moments on earth. We as humans, must be constantly aware of 'our will' vs 'God's guidance'. Especially when God's will is a difficult road. Remember God will give us no more then we can bear. Our trials make us stronger or not, it is our choice in how we use the opportunity! I know it is so hard to remember this when we are in the most painful situations.
---Grace on 5/19/06

Today, my faith is low. I'm in severe pain, continue to ask God for healing, but progress is so slow. At times in my life, it's been easier to have faith when things go my way! However, God has brought me through abuse, death of 2 children, alcoholism, and yet, I tend to still want things my way. I must look at this. Thanks for your posting...made me think.
---Anne on 5/19/06

Strong faith. When all is dark, and there is no help, there is Jesus. I bow my head and close my eyes, and cry in prayer, Jesus, please, I need you now; and he always comes through every time. He is my Lord and my Salvation in whom I trust. He visited me and made me born-again twice. He has healed me of many fatal diseases. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you Jesus, my Lord and my Rock, my Salvation, the lover of my soul. His praise will continually be upon my lips. In Jesus. Amen.
---Eloy on 5/19/06

I have a strong desire to be a full-overcomer. That requires strong faith all the time. Do I have that strong faith 24/7? No, but it is increasing, and I am getting there. To be an overcomer, you have to have things to overcome and I am not lacking in trials and temptations. Praise God, I am growing everyday in faith and love for my Savior and Bridegroom.
---Debbie on 5/18/06

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