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Can We Get New Revelations

Do disciples of the Bible receive new revelations today? Or do they receive revealing insights into revelations already stated in the Bible?

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 ---mima on 5/18/06
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I prophecied one time since I have been a Christian. I was witnesing to my Aunt and when I went outside to pray afterwards the Spirit moved on me to prophesy and the Spirit said four times, "She will be saved." People who speak prophecies and revelations that add to the Gospel aren't by God. Prophecies don't have to be "extra" Gospel information and since the Bible is complete their never will be. Prophecies nowadays are future insight that edify our faith or repeating of God's word.
---Matthew on 3/21/07

If there is no new revelations given today, then how come so many believe in prophesying in tongues today. What is the purpose if not to get a new revelation from God? And if we are getting new revelations from God, then why arent we writing them down and adding them to the bible? Or maybe there is no such thing as prophesying in tongues today and all that do are wrong. Something to think about.
---Rev_Herb on 3/19/07

They recieve both. We know that in Acts God promises that in the'latst days I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh and your sons and dautheters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams and in those days ...I will pour out my Spirit on your hand maidens..' This scripture is evidence that revelations and prophesies are not a thing of the past but also the present as are the miracles and signs and wonders as Jesus explained. You can look all of this up as it is all in the Bible.Hope it helps..Jody
---Jody on 3/19/07

greetings.It is self evident that when jesus lived as a man on earth ,all said there is nothing new to be revealed by God.Jesus' death is uncontested truth of such in what new truth offered in Jesus' day.Yet truth continues to pour out into the mainstream of life.Today,Christianity has reached the crossroads as did the apostles,who had to decide,accept or ignore the new living truth.Todays intelligent searching for new revelation has its rewards.Man will not be dissapointed.
---earl on 3/19/07

It is written God is the same, yesterday, today and forever. Is He not the God of all His children forever? Did He not speak to all His prophets from the dawn of time? Did Jesus not come to redeem all mankind? He has spoken to us since the world was created. Why would He suddenly stop after the resurrection. Do we not need Him anymore? Is not the spirit of revelation Jesus told Peter that is His rock not valid anymore. To deny new revelation from God himself, denies Jesus Christ and all He stood for.
---Dave on 3/18/07

According to my church, Public Revelation ended in the first century. And one of the tests by which we judge spirits or apparitions (which 1 John 4:1 says will come) is that they may not add anything new and must conform to what was already written.

If someone were to claim that an angel or Mary told him that another book of the bible on gold pages needed to be dug up, or that they wanted to dictate a new book - my church would declare it not worthy of belief and forbid us from following it.
---lorra8574 on 3/17/07

There is no "new" revelation...only truth that has not been seen yet. There are three ways to "see" the Bible. The first way is with natural light (Outer Court). When the su goes down, that light is not there anymore. The next way is with the light of the Golden Candlestick (Inner Court). The last and most glorious way is the Light of the Lamb (Most Holy Place). All three of those ways is already in Scripture, hidden just beneath the "surface".
---Linda6563 on 3/17/07

There are no new revelations -- God's Word is complete and He warns in Proberbs 30:6 to not "add to His words lest He rebuke you and you be found a liar". I receive insight into God's Word when I ask Him to reveal the truth to me.
---Helen_5378 on 6/11/06

A new revelation is usually just new to us,Because information is sometimes suppressed by people who don't want to believe it, and it is revealed to someone who is hungry for God.
---exzucuh on 6/10/06

nothing new can be added, however Jehovah can shine his light brighter by brightning up what is already there. the bible said many things were written about Jesus ,but cannot be contained in the world itself. I belive the revelation is there & God will let us see it over time.
---candice on 6/10/06

personal revelation for your life.what gods word says, seek ye first the kingdom of god and all these things will be added to you.what is gods kingdom?spiritual truth. what is truth?love. what is love, everthing.revelation comes from a close personal relationship with our lord submittted to him in all things, that means everything.
---tom on 5/21/06

This question doesn't seem to make any sense.
---Okebaram on 5/19/06

I believe that the bible contains all the revelation that we need. It is there to find (to be revealed to us) but some of us take a lot longer than others to study God's word and, therefore, take longer to find what He wants us to know. The new thing I find today will be something someone else found 50 years ago and someone else will find the same thing next year or tomorrow.
---f.f. on 5/19/06

It's called "meat in due season". Few if any of us could take all of God's glory at once. It is for this reason He gives milk to babes, mix to youth, and meat to mature believers. He adds daily to those who seek His word, not only more believers but more shakina(sp) glory. Like the purification of gold or silver.
---mikefl on 5/18/06

The revelations are not new but they ARE new to those who receive them. They are like nuggets of gold buried beneath the surface of the Word. When you go digging for gold, each nugget you find is all yours, free of charge. Nothing is owed on it, it is a gift from God. These nuggets were hid in the Word from the foundation of the world. There is nothing new under the sun. They are there for all to find and forever take with them. Dig and be blessed.
---Debbie on 5/18/06

A person may get enlightenment about some point in the Bible which they don't understand. It is like a new revelation, but only to them. Whatever it may be it must line up with the written Word of God and will teach and confirm what has already been given in the Bible. There is no need for new revelation,we have been given all we need to live a life for Christ,and share His plan of salvation to win the lost.
---Darlene_1 on 5/18/06

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It is like an onion. You get all the layers peeled away and you get to the heart of it all. It is the glory of God to conceal a matter and the honor of kings (we have been made kings and priests) to search a matter out. This is exactly what Jesus was talking about when He said, "Search the Scriptures, for in them you think you have eternal life; but they are they which testify of Me." It is awesome to read the Word of the Lord. It is glorious to have revealed to you the Lord of the Word.
---Linda6563 on 5/18/06

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