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No Tongues Then No Salvation

I have never spoken in tongues, does this mean I am not Spirit filled, not saved?

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 ---judit4846 on 5/19/06
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I did not write the blog entry dated 12/27. Somehow someone else used my ID. God Bless:)
---jody on 1/9/08

No, the account in Acts details that the gift of tongues was given and people of different nations all heard the Gospel in their own language. Many people never get the gift of tongues, but they are saved. A gift is given to edify God, not the receiver.
---Margaret on 12/31/07

Jesus is all about love. Your entirely to smug. Their tounges are between them and God. It's his to deal with is the least of our worries. So smill, lighten up. Pray for them.
---Chuck on 12/29/07

I don't remember hearing the thief that Jesus took to heaven with him speak in tongues. I am anxiously awaiting the moment I experience the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
But if my spirit is jerked from this existence before that happens. I think I'll be judged on my hearts content rahter than the gifts I missed recieving.
---Mel_Decker on 12/28/07

good for you, God is not pleased with those that speak in tongues. those that do are usually professing to be a christian just for their own personal gradification. look at me, listen to me, hear what i can do. hog wash. they are so full of themselves that they've not left any room for God. as far as you being Spirit filled and Saved, only you and Jesus can answer that.
---phillip on 12/28/07

Well, it seems to me that you are makeing fun of God's gifts. When the Holy Spirit spirit comes upon you then you shall be my witness. Spiritual gifts are a favour in which only true believers has the priviledge. Good morning everyone. I missed you. I Hope that you had a great Christmas.
---catherine on 12/28/07

The so called 'fruits of the Spirit' that Paul talked about are bogus. The real fruit of the Spirit is TRUTH. We do NOT need anyone speaking in tounges or prophets since the truth can be found in what Jesus taught and written down by His eyewitnesses. It is clear that Jesus said that the Holy Spirit will lead true believers into ALL truth.
---Dr._Rich on 12/28/07

tounges is not some werid funny sounding stuff. its actually just a speaking language not wat these churches preach. every one speakes tounges wheter it be english or spainsh ect. check out church of christ rom. 16:16
---rona on 12/28/07

I go to a Spirit Filled church. I do not speak in tongues. Not a gift that was given to me. I have other gifts I use to encourage the body. Not every one speaks in tongues. I am spirit filled, all who accept Christ as Savior are spirit filled. I hope this helps. Scripture is my plumb line.
---Terry_Grondahl on 12/27/07

Did you every stop and think when a person is praying in english the devil also hears you when you are speaking in the langues you recived when Jesus filled you with his the spitit the devil can not understand it and you can not understand it either But Jesus understands it and he is the one we are praying to i would hate to be a person that stands before jesus on judgement day and tell him this was all blabbleing and gibbish
---Betty on 12/27/07

Did you every stop and think when a person is praying in english the devil also hears you when you are speaking in the langues you recived when Jesus filled you with his the spitit the devil can not understand it and you can not understand it either But Jesus understands it and he is the one we are praying to i would hate to be a person that stands before jesus on judgement day and tell him this was all blabbleing and gibbish
---Betty on 12/27/07

No that does not mean that you are not Spirit filled. John the Baptis never performed a miricle, does that mean he was not full of the HOLY GHOST.
---jody on 12/27/07

Tongues?..There is only ONE thing we must do....Believe on Him who HE has sent.
---duane on 12/27/07

I can not believe this attack on fellow Christians.Only 1 pentacostal denomination believes that speaking in tongues is proof of salvation.That is the Apostolics.They also believe they are the only church going to heaven.Anyone who believes they alone are it has the spirit of pride and we all know who fell because of that.
---shirley on 12/27/07

I had to post to this twice as only so many words are allowed.When I was on a medical mission trip to Ecuador i was praying in tongues with a distressed young woman .The son of a missionary was listening in amazement.He told me afterword that I was praying in Spanish and not only in Spanish but with the same accent the natives in that mountain village use.He had been about to backslide but that incident turned his life around so it does happen when GOD wills it.I don't speak Spanish.
---shirley on 12/27/07

One little overlooked fact. In scripture pertaining to Pentecost, every one heard in their own tongue, not that the disciples spoke in other languages. If the tongue cannot be interepted it is not of God.
---dan on 12/27/07

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ShaunT, you are showing your lack of undestanding concerning tongues. A person can not choose a Country to go to and speak that Countrys language in tongues and minister. Tongues don't come from the person, other than they are no more than a yielded vessel,they act like a PA System over which the Holy Ghost Broadcasts in the tongues He chooses. You better watch your tongue you are very near blasphemey calling the words of the Holy Ghost gibberish.
---Darlene_1 on 12/27/07

So to all those who believe they have the gift of tongues, have you gone forth unto other nations to declare the glories of God in these new languages? Or are you speaking in the mumbo jumbo gibberish that the likes of Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn and the rest of the word faith/charismatic crew speak in?
---ShaunT on 12/26/07

There's mistaken belief speaking in tongues when Baptised with the Holy Ghost and the Gift of Tongues are the same thing. They aren't! Tongues one speaks with Baptism of HG is for everyone who has faith to ask for them,the Baptism of HG is the gift,tongues the evidence. The Gift of Tongues is a body Ministry Gift to be used in church/group,tongues is the gift. I had Gift of Baptism of HG with tongues about 20 years before I received Gift of Tongues and Interpretation. Its a whole different experience.
---Darlene_1 on 12/23/07

An these signs shall follow them that believe. In my Name thats shall cast out devils and speak with NEW tounges. Out of the belly shall flow rivers of living water. I received the baptism of the Hloy Spirit last year and I was a bad person and was transformed in an instant with speaking in tounges when I decided I was through with the life I was living. So I do not know what else to say. I am shocked how people can not beelive in tounges. I speak in tounges and part English.
---Anonymous on 12/9/07

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Which came first the chicken or the egg,could not be answered by man.

Which came first SALVATION or tongues,can be answered by God's word.

When one has receive Jesus as savior,the HOLY SPIRIT instantly dwells in the believer,until the day the believer is redeemed by Jesus.

The believer is saved and not one word in tongues has been spoken.
The beliver is filled with the spirit for a specific service for God.
---lionel on 11/29/07

Andrea,not replying to this blog,I just wanted to say sorry, they're compiling my answers with yours cause we had the same name.I've changed mine to Andrea2222.Thanks
---Andrea2222 on 11/28/07

no where no where does it say ALL will speak in tongues. It does say the gifts are given dividedly as the Spirit wills.

If you tell people they must speak in tongues you are speaking from your flesh not the word of God.
---Andrea on 11/28/07

Do you have the gift of prophecy? Are you not saved if you do not have the gift of prophecy? God gives out these gifts as He sees fit. Are you saved by the Blood of Christ. Can you remember your experience with the living God? If the answer is no, you have never been saved. If you can remember that moment God saved you then you are saved. Gifts has nothing to do with the Blood.
---catherine on 11/28/07

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judit4846 - No, it doesn't mean that at all. Tongues is the 9th gift of the Holy Spirit and only some get that gift. You shall know them by their fruit, not by their gifts. The fruit of the Spirit is love, peace, joy, kindness, patience, long-suffering, self-control, etc.
---Donna9759 on 11/28/07

This is a frivolous debate. There are only two commandments; to love God with all your mind, body, heart and soul and to love everyone else. That's it. God doesn't ask for anything else. But a person, once saved, will be moved to feed the poor, quench their thirst, clothe them, comfort them as they are capable. As for the gifts, God will give in His time, not yours.
---Steveng on 1/3/07

John_T , The Holy Spirit is able to wonderfully "use" born-again Christians who haven't actually been baptized in Him, my saved brother is one of them. This is a topic that Christians just won't agree on. God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 1/3/07

"Morgan my comments: You first deny, then affirm the same thing:. a person filled with HS MUST speak in tongues. Can you not see how judgmental that is?" --No, John T, it's not being judgmental. At times there is dissention to some extent, between tongue speakers and non-tongue speakers in the Church, I want NO PART OF THAT, That isn't of God. I just go by the Word, the Scriptures I gave are sufficient. God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 1/3/07

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"Wife & I asked for tongues, neither got it." ---John T, If you want, please penpal me about yours and the wife's experience in "seeking the Holy Ghost Baptism". My Penpal is "mra7493". God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 1/3/07

First of all the baptism in the Holy Ghost is not the infilling when you were being baptized in water if you wanted to be filled you had to open your mouth, it is The holy Spirit coming upon you empowering you for ministry giving you signs , the gifts of the Holy Ghost, all born again Christians have a measure of the Holy Spirit how else could the Father and the Son be in them or bear witness to their spirit they are saved.
---exzucuh on 1/3/07

Morgan: My experience. Wife & I asked for tongues, neither got it. Are filled with HS? You betcha! Too many things happened using our gifts for HS not to be using us.

You wrote First Salvation,then seek and receive the Holy Ghost Baptism (with the initial evidence of speaking in Tongues)... One must be TRULY be born-new FIRST, or else it's impossible to have the REAL Holy Ghost Baptism...
---John_T on 1/3/07

Morgan my comments: You first deny, then affirm the same thing:. a person filled with HS MUST speak in tongues. Can you not see how judgmental that is?

You see, there is NO Scripture that says You must speak in tongues. but being filled with HS is not an option, likewise You must be born from above

Overemphasis on Glossalia has caused MORE problems in many churches than any other issue. Nor is tongues is neither a gateway gift.

See my point?
---John_T on 1/3/07

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There are many spiritually filled Christians who don't speak in tongues. Tongue speaking is at the absolute bottom of the list of spiritual gifts. Why all this foolish hoopla about Glossolalia when the are so many more desirable spiritual gifts that are actually beneficial to the Church.
---notlaw99 on 1/3/07

(II.)John T, I know that you are aware that the enemy has counterfeits in regard to the Things of God, because you stated that some months ago. By saying that,You show that you don't foolishly attempt to put ALL manifestations in one category(like there isnt a difference!),I think I can talk to someone like you about this, Some others its impossible,Because they CHOOSE to call Gods manifestations "of the devil", Really dangerous,they are not following the lead of the Holy Spirit at all.
---Mrs._Morgan on 1/3/07

(A.)John T, You forgot to mention how you interpret (Acts 19:2-6)?That Scripture shows the path that Christian's should take, First Salvation,then seek and receive the Holy Ghost Baptism(with the initial evidence of speaking in Tongues). The Word tells us that Jesus COMMANDED His disciples to linger in the city(Don't leave) until you are endued with power from on High,the promise of the Father(The Baptism of the Holy Ghost[The Baptism of Fire],that John the Baptist spoke of)...
---Mrs._Morgan on 1/3/07

(B.)John T, Most Christian's look over that COMMAND of Christ(and many other commands too) and misinterpret the Holy Scriptures in regard to The Holy Ghost Baptism. I hope this helps. (Isaiah 28:11) (Mark 16:17).
---Mrs._Morgan on 1/3/07

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"You seen to say that while tongues is not the evidence of salvation, only the truly saved speak in tongues. Right?" ---You said "truly saved", saved is saved, John T. Many saved Christians have not received the real Baptism of the Holy Ghost, Is this God's will, No.
---Mrs._Morgan on 1/3/07

"Morgan: messing up your name was unintentional..." ---That's okay John T. I must say that it's good that you(unlike some other's)don't go against God's holy miracles and manifestations. At one time I wondered about certain Things concerning God(before I had experienced It), But I didn't dare to speak such harsh words about It, that isn't wise at all! Any way, It helps your understanding better, when you EXPERIENCE the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, being slain in the Spirit, etc.
---Mrs._Morgan on 1/3/07

."You seen to say... is simply asking for clarification of your words.

Please do it. Thanks
---John_T on 1/3/07

1 Corinthians 12:29-30 Are all apostles? are all prophets? are all teachers? are all workers of miracles? Have all the gifts of healing? do all speak with tongues? do all interpret?

If all had spoke in tongues there would be no reason for Paul to teach about them.Or explain gifts people have rather than tongues. To much false doctrine has been taught about tongues, on the day of Pentecost they prophesied in known languages not in an unknown tongue, Paul said it is more important to prophesy.
---exzucuh on 1/2/07

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John T, You said :"You seen to say that while tongues is not the evidence of salvation, only the truly saved speak in tongues. Right?" ---No, that's not what I said. How do you interpret this Scripture: (Acts 19:2-6)?
---Mrs._Morgan on 1/2/07

Morgan: messing up your name was unintentional.

Sometimesicant tupe two gud
---John_T on 1/2/07

Mrs. Morgan, You said *Godly discernment separates Truth from Lie(False)*.

Exactly how does YOUR Godly discernment work? Are you your own witness, or does the Word of God have to Witness truth from lies?
---kathr4453 on 1/2/07

Momrgan: But in order to receive the TRUE Baptism of the Holy Spirit, One must be TRULY be born-new FIRST, or else it's impossible to have the REAL Holy Ghost Baptism, impossible

You seen to say that while tongues is not the evidence of salvation, only the truly saved speak in tongues. Right?

Seems like you contradict yourself there, and BTW, I can find NO Scripture for that position.

Sometimes Holy Spirit simply does not give tongues; He gives other gifts, instead.
---John_T on 1/2/07

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As Believers,we ARE equipped with certain Gifts of the Spirit which God manifests in a Son or Daughter;But,we read in Acts 2:4 "they were ALL filled with the Holy Spirit, and spoke with other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance". Our Salvation is NOT dependant on whether we Speak in tongues, or Prophecy.It depends on whether we accept God's Redemption through the Lord's crucifixion at Calvary.First comes Reconciliation to God through Jesus, then all Blessings in Us, are manifested.
---Rose4839 on 1/2/07

"...people at First Methobapteriostal Church of Corinth who didn't believe in the Resurrection of Jesus, but could talk in tongues till the cows came home." --Many Christians are aware that the enemy works with "counterfeits", And they know that God has His "TRUE" Holy Tongues(the baptism in the Holy Ghost) AND "Diver's kind of Tongues"(One of the 9 Gifts of the Spirit). Godly discernment separates Truth from Lie(False).
---Mrs._Morgan on 1/2/07

In regard to the blog question, speaking in tongues(the Baptism of the Holy Spirit), is NOT required in order to be born-new(saved through Christ Jesus). But in order to receive the TRUE Baptism of the Holy Spirit, One must be TRULY be born-new FIRST, or else it's impossible to have the REAL Holy Ghost Baptism, impossible. I hope this helps. (Acts 19:2-6)God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 1/2/07

Lets go to the Bible for the answers: Romans 4:14-16. When there is no law there is no sin. When there is law, there is sin. Is there sin in todays world?
---Connor on 1/2/07

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We don't "have to" use any Spiritual gifts, we "get to" use them.
There is no Scriptural teaching that tells us we are not saved or filled if we are not using certain gifts. It is simply our choice and great priveledge to the Kingdom Of God to use them.
---john on 1/2/07

lets go to the Bible for answers. Ephesians 4:11 (New King James Version)11 And He Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers,
Another-take note: Corinthians 12:27-29 (New King James Version)27and 30. After reading them, you see that God gives gifts to each person. Being Spirit filled does not always have to be the gift of tongues, this is one of several.
---Connor on 1/2/07

"What does this suggest to you about tongues?"
Paul sought to bring balance and correct various problems in the church but never never spoke against or tried to correct some sort of false tongues speaking.
---Bruce5656 on 1/2/07

Debbie, in principle I agree with you, but not as a doctrine. Saul only spoke in a new language [regarding Messias/Christ & His followers], but no tongues as they are known at that point.

He did receive his sight again. Kathryn K. never spoke in 'tongues', but look how many did & were healed under her ministry. She walked around backstage before her services, begging G_d not to take His Holy Spirit from her!

God's ways are not man's ways!

Romans 11:33 I hope, no bible with me.
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 1/2/07

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You can be saved without being filled, but you can't be filled without being saved. When there is an infilling of the Spirit there will be at least once, the eveidence of speaking in tongues. It is Scriptural.
---Debbie on 1/2/07

There were people at First Methobapteriostal Church of Corinth who didn't believe in the Resurrection of Jesus, but could talk in tongues till the cows came home. (1 Cor 15)

What does this suggest to you about tongues?
---Jack on 1/2/07

Tongues is NOT The Holy Ghost, just another gift, sign [leaf/remember the barren fig tree?]. Read I Cor.12:27-31 [where is tongues listed in v.28?], Eph.4:1-11, Gal.5:22-26.

A great gift of The Spirit. Follow the gift Giver "all things will be added to you".

Judas Iscariot did everything the other's did up to his end. Tongues have different meanings/names. Different tongues [Matt.26:59-75], heavenly, new, other, unknown, etc.

---bob6749_[Elishama] on 1/1/07

You CAN be saved and Spirit filled and NOT speak in tongues.
---Leslie on 1/1/07

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Balaam's donkey spoke in a language she had never spoken in before, and she was the same donkey after she got through as she was before.

Was she saved?
---Jack on 5/27/06

halelujah...I agree with you brother that in Acts 13:39,"and by Him all that believe are justified from all things, from which ye could not be justified by the law of Moses." Tongue speaking is not a requirement to get to heaven, only through Jesus Christ. Keep the fire burning (Holy Spirit indwelling) and by their fruits you shall know their hearts.
---walter on 5/23/06

If you are not baptised by the Spirit of God your not saved. Its the baptism of the spirit that saves. That dont mean tongues.
Romans 8:9 But ye are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you. Now if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his.
As far as tongues? That ceased 1800 yrs ago.
---BoDilly on 5/21/06

My first cousin once told me she didn't believe in it because she prayed and it never happened to her. After a brief sharing she blushed and said oh. On my inquiry what she meant she said it did after all happen to her when she was driving down the road just a few syllables she pulled over shut her mouth and wondered what happened to her. The fact is many have received this gift without knowing it because God doesn't force your mouth open.
---Sharon on 5/20/06

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I went to an old fashioned altar at 11 years old,repented of my sins, and was saved. I sought the Baptism of the Holy Ghost that night but God didn't choose to allow me to receive HG untill 11 years later,but I was just as saved at 11 as I was at 22. NVBarbara I agree with you because I lived it. Baptism of Holy Ghost with tongues is for empowerment to work for God,not salvation.
---Darlene_1 on 5/20/06

Some don't believe in this and miss out on a gift from God.
However, if you have confessed your sins and received Jesus as your Savior and live in holiness, then you are as saved as anyone.
---NVBarbara on 5/20/06

I once was blind but now i see .The church in the book of acts is the one Jesus died for We are to follow this teaching. And the end of acts on is Jesus love letter to his people. And how to live for him And we are reciveing that same spirte they received on the day of Pentecost And if we don't belive it's for us we will never recive his spirit
---Betty on 5/20/06

Lu 1:67And his father Zacharias was filled with the Holy Ghost (filled but never spoke in tongues)
Lu 1:41 and Elisabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost: (never spoke in tongues)
Lu 1:15 and he shall be filled
with the Holy Ghost, even from his mother's womb. (John wanted the baptism never Got it never spoke in tongues but was Spirit filled.)
---Exzucuh on 5/19/06

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The only thing that saves is faith in the blood of Jesus, the blood sanctifies and justifies the believer but God requires faith by works which is obedience to the commandments of his Son, Repent and be baptized is all we can do nothing else is under our power, all else is by the Spirit of God, being born again is by Gods Spirit,being filled with his Spirit also, and Baptized in His Spirit, what we can do is all God requires of us he will do his part he will not break covenant with Jesus.
---Exzucuh on 5/19/06

You have to rightly devide the Bible...specially Acts. Acts chap 2..whole chap was to the Jews...Jews recieved Holy Spirit after believing and baptised..Acts chap 8...after believing, baptised and laying on of hands by the Apostals only...Acts chap 10 mearly believeing which was to the gentiles. From acts 10 + is the guideline we should be following. Eph 1 13 says(paraphrase do to space) sealed with the Holy Ghost upon to acts 10 43-44
---BoDilly on 5/19/06

Jack, type in the History of Tongues,then don't just look at Pentecostals look at the writing of Tertullian and others,especially Catholics, writing against them. I do have the rundown on a list but misplaced it ,and can't look for it now. No one can know if they are exactly the same as of old but they are real and although the person speaks it's the Holy Ghost who gives them utterance.
---Darlene_1 on 5/19/06

Please study what languages was spoken on the day of Pentecost,pray about this and the lord will show you.There is much difference in tongues and unknown tongues.
You do not have to agree with me but you should agree with the word.
---Max on 5/19/06

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Can someone show a continuous chain of practice throughout the centuries linking the present practice of "speaking in tongues" with the Biblical gift of tongues, clearly demonstrating that they are the identical phenomenon?
---Jack on 5/19/06

#2 I beg to differ, The infilling of the Spirit doesn't happen at the same time we are saved. It is a totally separate experience, although many are filled minutes after being saved, it does not come automatically with salvation.
---Debbie on 5/19/06

#1 Ac 8:14-17 Now when the apostles which were at Jerusalem heard that Samaria had received the word of God, they sent unto them Peter and John: 15 Who, when they were come down, prayed for them, that they might receive the Holy Ghost: 16 (For as yet he was fallen upon none of them: only they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus.) 17 Then laid they their hands on them, and they received the Holy Ghost.
---Debbie on 5/19/06

Once again, the Gift of Tongues isn't the same as the Gift of the Baptism of the Holy Ghost with Tongues. They are two different experiences. I had the the Gift of the Baptism of HG with tongues about 20 years,before I received the Gift of Tongues and Interpretation. The Bible says Jesus and the Father come into the heart when we are saved, HS is with us,but we aren't "filled" with HG until follow God's pattern as in Acts. Studied-searched "HG filled",found no verses to say otherwise.
---Darlene_1 on 5/19/06

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Correction: What not speaking in tongues means is that you haven't recieved the infilling of the Holy Ghost- Totally seperate form salvation, and NOT the same as the fruits of the Spirit. BTW, the "speaking in tongues" is NOT what we should seek after, for it is only the OUTWARD EVIDENCE of the POWER of the Holy Ghost that has filled us. Some people make tongues a "finish line" so to speak, when it's not- the race has just begun!
---T.S. on 5/19/06

What not speaking in tongues means is you have not received the gift of tongues. If you are saved you are spirit filled. The spirit comes and takes up residence in you and seals you the moment you accept the Lord Jesus Christ. The Scriptures asked this question," Do all speak with tongues" and of course the answer to this question is no everyone who is saved does not speak in tongues.
---mima on 5/19/06

Judith, calm down.
it doesn't mean you aren't saved, but it means you aren't Spirit-filled all the way. Now people who speak in tongues, like myself, didn't receive the baptism because thwy were good. If you'd like my advice on praying for this enfillment, and/or my prayers, ask me: I'll try to help.
---Okebaram on 5/19/06

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