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Iran Is Setting A Dress Code

The National Post reported that Iran is setting dress codes for Muslims & non-Muslims. It would require Iraq's 25,000 Jews to wear a yellow strip of cloth & Christians wear red badges, other minorities colour-coded identifiers. Muslims to wear "standard Islamic garments."

Moderator - If they truly proceed with the dress code, it sounds like Hitler is back.

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 ---A_Catholic on 5/20/06
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These kind of rulings expose the satanic nature of the country of Iran. Rest assured the state of Israel is taking note of this situation. And the state of Israel has a warrior fighting for them who can never fail.
---mima on 1/5/08

hmm... retraction.....or so the media wants you to believe... why do we have to control people through religion? It seems as though we have to wage the same battles over and over, never learning anything; just more bloodshed.
---Grace on 5/25/06

This has since been cleared up a retraction was printed in the paper As it was a fault of the media,No such thing is happening in Iran
---MC on 5/25/06

I remember in history another time when some people of a different religion were supposed to wear identifing cloths. This Iran problem is going to be a major crises in a short time, while the rest of the world ponders what to do, they will toss a few megatons toward Israel or Europe to please Allah. That president of Iran is a madman, has anyone taken note of that fact?
---MikeMills on 5/22/06

a catholic: you are so correct. When I saw that, I saw "iraq".......sorry. I saw that as soon as I hit my key, but it was too late.
---shira on 5/21/06

For those who know anything about Eastern Church history (a precious few in this corner of cyberspace), this is nothing new.

With the Turkokratia came edicts regulating the dress and other behavior of the RAYA ("cattle," as Christians were called).
---Jack on 5/21/06

And when President Bush takes a hardline stand on Iran he is called a warmonger.Unfortunately some people want to witness a few execution live on CNN and a mushroom cloud of nukes over their hands in order to realise what that rogue regime in Iran is up to.
---pkay on 5/20/06

But Shira, the US is in Iraq and not Iran ;-(
---A_Catholic on 5/20/06

as soon as the americans are out of iran, you will see the jews and christians beheaded just like the extreme muslims are doing at this moment.
---shira on 5/20/06

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