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What Is Witchcraft

When you hear of someone being described as 'being involved in witchcraft' what ideas come into your mind regarding what that person might actually be doing?

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 ---emg on 5/21/06
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Matthew_from_LA :

I never knew people considered witchcraft as good maybe this explain Harry Potter books. You make some good points and I agree that witchcraft could never be good.
---Marcia on 8/9/07

All witchcraft good or bad is evil. Power comes from either God or the Devil. There is no middle ground. There is no neutral or good magic outside of God's holy gits which he bestows on those who ran from all wickedness including any witchcraft "good" or bad.
---Matthew_from_LA on 8/9/07

Grace I was in the occult/unbeliever but one day I challenged God to reveal Himself to me. And I asked Him if He was real to come into my heart and be my Lord. He did. All my searching did not stop - many times I looked around at the church. I would never have come to God if it was thru the church - now I love Him and the church is just a bunch of people seeking God like me.
---Andrea on 8/8/07

Michle, are you R.Reiter, the green healing wicca follower?
---Leonardo on 8/8/07

Depends what they are doing.I so not support the Wicca religion at all, but there are honest hearted people not doing evil. They are more nature loving people(but if they did that ,they might as well follow the Native American path which I'm 1/8th of)
---candice on 8/8/07

PT2:Anyhow aside from that some witchcraft to me is Satanic & as stated before someo f them say they're "witches" whne in reality they're nature lovers defending the Earth.
---candice on 8/8/07

1Samuel15:23For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft..Proverbs17:11An evil man seeketh only rebellion,therefore a cruel messenger shall be sent against him.2Chron.33:6..also he observed omens-and used enchantments-and used witchcraft- & dealt with mediums-wizards.He wrought much evil in the sight of the LORD to provoke Him to anger.Jeremiah 28:16Therefore thus saith the LORD:'Behold-I will cast thee from off the face of the earth...Thou shalt die-because thou hast taught rebellion against the LORD.'
---Lisa on 8/8/07

How many of you have ever heard of carismatic witchcraft were you are manipulated by those in the church to control you and your will God gave us free will and if he dose not tamper with it who are we to do it
---Vernon on 8/8/07

What do you think the antichrist will be useing aganist people when he showes up on the scen lookin to Revalations and you will see in for your self and also Thess 1 & 2 Tim the word of God and the holy spirit will show you and teach you and find people that you trust to help you learn
---Vernon on 8/8/07

Many people practice witchcraft without knowing it. It is very common in many Churches today. Witchcraft is to use the supernatural to manipulate, intimadate, or dominate the brethren. Anytime we try to control another through trickery this is witchcraft.
---Marcia on 8/8/07

Deuteronomy 18:11, I Samuel 15:23, II Chronicles 33:6. There are many forms of witchcraft - it is anything that seeks to do anything supernaturally apart from God. It also has to do with rebellion against God.
---Debby on 8/8/07

Well brothers and sisters I agree with Leslie about witchcraft it is all of those and more. Drugs are the number one form of witchcraft today because you are induceing a ungodly spirit into your body witch intertwines with your human spirit and manipulates you
---Vernon on 8/8/07

It is important to realize that:
-The term "witchcraft" in the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) refers to (mostly) women who used spoken curses to injure other people or destroy their property.
-The term, "witchcraft" in the Christian Scriptures (New Testament) refers to murderers who use poisons to kill people.
---Michle on 8/7/07

It is important to realize that:
-In North America, "Witch" and "Witchcraft" most often refer to Wiccans and Wicca.
-Wiccans are modern-day Neopagans. They follow Wicca, a new religion that has been created, in part, from ancient Celtic beliefs, practices, Gods, Goddesses, holy days and symbols. They follow the Wiccan Rede, a rule of behavior, which prohibits Wiccans from performing any activity that dominates, manipulates, controls, or injures others.
---Michle on 8/7/07

Thus, in terms of behavior, Wicca is a benign and healing religion, the "witchcrafts" mentioned in the Bible are evil and destructive. The two are exact opposites.
---Michle on 8/7/07

That said it is important to remember that:
-The Bible contains many passages exhibiting intolerance towards other religions, and almost no passages, which actively promote inter-religious tolerance. Wicca is certainly a religion that is very different from Judaism and Christianity. Wicca, as well as Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Native Spirituality, Taoism, and hundreds of other religions are thus equally condemned by many verses in the Bible.
---Michle on 8/7/07

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What goes around comes around, what you give is what you get, and what you sow you will surely reap; therefore what they are doing is selfishness and self-destruction. For God whom made the eye, will he not see? and the ear he made, will he not hear? Therefore their own foolishness returns to them and they reap the whirlwind.
---Eloy on 1/5/07

The word witchcraft comes from the GREEK word pharmkeia meaning medication[Drug use].Our pharmacy [DRUG STORE]comes from this greek word.
---david on 1/5/07

Witchcraft = disobedience, manipulation, intimidation, domination, control, & rebelliousness.
---Leslie on 12/31/06

Witches honor the Earth and [should] honor their bodies just as much [but some don't]. Many witches are environmentalists. The operation base for a witch is at HOME or in NATURE.

Witches believe in a Fifth Element [also First Element] but they have enough respect not to label The Element with a gender or name; but some call the Element: Spirit. The only witches that I feel really sorry for and would never want to be anything like...are the followers of La Vaye.

---Reiter on 11/2/06

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good one helen good one. and this harry potter junk is being taught IN CHURCHES!! apostate nation standby for the outpouring of God's wrath
---r.w. on 8/5/06

Grace - If you believe that Jesus' teachings "save" you, then why on earth did Jesus take the time and trouble and suffer so very much on the Cross for the sins of the world? It is sin that we all need to be saved out of!! No teaching can remove sin, only the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ can.
---Helen_5378 on 6/20/06

Grace - Can you even attempt to back up what you are saying with Scripture? Also, we have gotten way off the subject alright. The original subject was Witchcraft which you will find in Galatians 5:20 where God says that anyone practicing Witchcraft (among other things there) WILL NOT INHERIT THE KINGDOM OF GOD.
---Helen_5378 on 6/20/06

Helen, we are way off the topic, however, I will be happy to answer you. I do believe that Jesus died on the Cross for us and for the new teachings and beliefs that he brought. However, I believe that it is the teachings of Jesus that actually 'save' us, by changing the way we live and think. Jesus' faith is best known by his behavior; his depth of faith was tested over and over by people who could not understand what he was talking about, and who were threatened by the truth that he was peaching.
---Grace on 6/20/06

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Witchcraft is subtle, in your face charming , mind manipulation. It's the cleaver & deceptive practice of graciously speaking spells geared towards mesmerizing & controlling captive audiences. It's direct, intentional rebellion against God's Word (1 Sam. 15:23) & it has infiltrated "church-houses" (not to be confused with the Church) across the land. "True" Christians on this blog would do well to put on the whole armour of God (Eph. 6:11-18)....
---Leon on 6/20/06

Grace - You say you believe that Jesus is the Son of God. Do you believe that Jesus died on the Cross for your sins?
---Helen_5378 on 6/20/06

Grace -- "PC" means "Politically Correct".
---Donna2277 on 6/19/06

John T: I understand what you are saying, and all I can say is that I have my beliefs based on what God has shown me, not myself. Jesus has saved me, and it was through the revelation of truth in the example of his life and teachings. I will be with God at the end of this earthly life, of that I am confident.
---Grace on 6/19/06

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Grace: I am glad that you can say, "I believe that Jesus is the Son of God." Scripture tells us that even demons can say that, but that does not mean that they have a SAVING RELATIONSHIP with Jesus. (I am NOT calling you a demon, OK?)

Whatever you believe is OK. But if you have the wrong beliefs, according to Jesus, it is IMPOSSIBLE to enter heaven.

Heaven is His house, with his rules, not ours.
---John_T on 6/19/06

Helen 5378... I believe that Jesus is the Son of God and I believe that you and I are Daughters of God. I believe that humans are the Children of God. I believe that Jesus shows us the way to reconnect to God for his life was focused on maintaining that relationship. Jesus indicates that we can do even greater things......we have the potential.
---Grace on 6/19/06

Donna227...what do you mean by 'PC'? :>))
---Grace on 6/19/06

Grace--most of the Christians on this site HAVE an internal, very personal relationship with God. It's my guess that none of them came to that relationship by reading extra-Biblical literature. Many of us gave up a lot for this relationship, too, since the idea of a personal relationship with God is NOT popular, the churches we belong to (for the most part) are ridiculed in mass media of every type. Your beliefs are not uncommon and are well accepted in the "world". YOU seem PC all the WAY!
---Donna2277 on 6/19/06

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Grace - I am very curious as to what you think of Jesus Christ. Who is Jesus Christ to you?
---Helen_5378 on 6/19/06

continued...Most scripture that refers to this internal relationship was left out of the compilation of the Bible by the Roman government. The compilation of the Bible was done from a political perspective, Roman needed a way to continue its hold and control over the people. I understand God based from a perspective of compassion and unconditional love. When I study scripture, I ask God you show me his perspective, instead of assuming I know because of a literal interpretation of scripture.
---Grace on 6/19/06

Donna 'the world' I am referring to most current organized religion. My concern is that people are focusing on an external religiosity rather than an internal relationship (spirituality) with God. Jesus taught that the Kingdom of Heaven is within us, and that we can have an internal, personal relationship with God. continued..
---Grace on 6/19/06

I believe that we are born as children of God. In order to do God's plan for us, we have to set aside our desires and ask God want he wants. Part of being on this planet is reconnecting with our Creator. He wants to reconnect, but we have to want the same. We have to want it so badly, that we can risk setting aside everything we know, and trust him to show us. I have had this experience, and it is amazing. This is why my faith is so strong; because I risked everything for my relationship with God.
---Grace on 6/18/06

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Grace--I'm just curious. What did you mean by "my relationship with him is more valuable than being in agreement with the world" If an Evangelical said this, I'd know what was meant, but you are obviously not that. What did you have in mind when you mentioned "the world"?
---Donna227 on 6/18/06

continued... You have to be willing to allow God to show you his way, not assume you know all the answers because of scipture, or because your pastor or parents said so, or because it is tradition. This means you have to be willing to set aside all blinders, whether they are societal, political, physical, or religious expectations. Only then will you be able to grow in your relationship with God; for you will be able to understand his perspective.
---Grace on 6/18/06

John T: I certainly do believe that people must be 'born again'. However, I believe that being born again starts by asking God to forgive your errors, and asking God to lead you, and have a relationship with you. God, through the teachings of Jesus (truth) will cleanse our minds and teach us new things as we are ready to see and understand. When you have a new way of thinking and behaving, that is born again. You are a new person, with a new perspective (or level of understanding)..continued...
---Grace on 6/18/06


Do you have any disagreement with Jesus saying, "You must born again" (literally born from above)?

Only he can have anyone born again.

He also said that the way to have a relationship with God the Father is to have a relationship with Jesus, the Son, FIRST.

Jesus is the entrance requirement into heaven. If anyone does not have that entrance requirement taken care of by Jesus, it is IMPOSSIBLE to enter heaven.
---John_T on 6/18/06

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John T; I have no argument with Jesus. I have stated that my concern stems from a literal interpretation of the Bible, not because I don't value the scripture, but I know the history of its compilation and translation. I love God as my Creator, and my relationship with him is more valuable than being in agreement with the world. I stand firm in my belief that it is truth that saves us and reconnects us to God, and it is truth that Jesus taught us. I appreciate everyone's messages. Thank you.
---Grace on 6/17/06

#2 Grace-At one time in my life, I thought I was being taught of God. But actually, I only "heard" what I WANTED to believe.If I agreed, then it must be from God. If not, I discarded it. And so many intelligent people agreed with me! I was sincere, and sincerely unaware of my own arrogance until God allowed me to see myself as HE saw me. It was not a pretty picture! I became ever so much more in awe of God's Love and what Jesus did (not just taught)on my behalf. It's all in the Bible.
---Donna2277 on 6/17/06

#1 Grace-- nobody questions your "right" to believe anything. It's a God given right and here you have the right to speak it. You have spoken at length and so have others. I hope you will honestly consider what has been said.
---Donna2277 on 6/17/06


I DONOT attack you, nor is it merely my opinion. That was not my position or purpose.

I am the Way and the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father except by (through) Me(Jn 14:6). He saved us, not because of any works of righteousness that we had done, but because of His own pity and mercy...(Tit 3:4).

Your argument is with Jesus, not me. Heaven is his home, he invites all, but turns away gate crashers who insist on their own way.
---John_T on 6/17/06

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Luke 17:20 (New International Version) "Once, having been asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, Jesus replied, "The kingdom of God does not come with your careful observation, nor will people say 'Here it is' or 'there it is' because the kingdom of God is within you."

Luke 6:36 "Be merciful, just as God is merciful."
---Grace on 6/17/06

Grace - I agree with John T -- You are focussing on your works, not the finished work of Christ on the Cross. Nothing any of us does could ever merit us getting into heaven. Our own righteousnesses are as filthy rags. Sin is so bad that Jesus had to pay the price for it with His own life on the Cross. We must be forgiven and cleansed with His Blood, and live by faith.
---Helen_5378 on 6/17/06

John T: Yes, my reply does focus on what I have done because that is what God expects of me; to be accountable for my behavior on this planet. So, I didn't pass YOUR test because I have a different spiritual perspective than you do. That doesn't mean that you have the right to pass judgement on my spiritual relationship with God. Your attitude shows everything; your self-righteous arrogance can NEVER shake my faith and belief in what God has shown to me.
---Grace on 6/17/06

Thank you, Helen. I have asked God to show me truth; he has chosen what to show me. It is apparent that I have a different spiritual perspective than you. I respect your right to believe as you wish.
---Grace on 6/17/06

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...but the unbelieving, ..and whoremongers,..and sorcerers,..and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone. Rev 21:8
---r.w. on 6/16/06

Your reply focuses on what YOU do, not what Christ has done.

Therefore, it does not pass the test of John 14:6 "I am the Way the Truth and the Life. NO ONE comes to the Father EXCEPT BY ME"

Only by asking Jesus for your sins, and to be your only savior can anyone get into heaven.

Has there been a time when you were sorry for sinning against a just and holy God, seeking forgiveness?
---John_T on 6/16/06

Grace - God's unconditional love is that of His Son Jesus Christ dying on the Cross. One can only become a child of God by being IN CHRIST by faith in His sacrifice of Himself on the Cross. Every human being is born in Adam i.e. in sin, then those who believe become born-again into Christ. Believers in Jesus Christ are adopted into God's family and become God's children by faith in Christ. I would suggest that you ask God to show you this truth.
---Helen_5378 on 6/16/06

God DOES love us unconditionally, even when we fail. That doesn't mean He asks nothing from us... Doesn't mean we won't suffer the consequences our bad choices.
---Donna2277 on 6/16/06

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Bruce5656, I'm looking for it. Let you know when I find it.
---Thomas_D. on 6/16/06

If God should ask me "Why should I let you into heaven"?, my answer would be that my mission on earth was to know You and your will for my life, and in truth I sought your vision and guidance, and in compassion I walked through this life.
---Grace on 6/16/06

What scripture are you refering to please?
---Bruce5656 on 6/16/06

Scripture says to pray always that your worthy to enter therein.
---Thomas_D. on 6/16/06

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Thanks for answering the first Q.

Here's the second:

If you were to die tonight, and stand before God, what is your answer if He were to ask you, "Why should I let you into my heaven?"
---John_T on 6/16/06

Helen...your response is full of conditions. God operates on unconditional love. We are born from God, and we are Children of God already. As children, we have to learn how to behave properly, as Jesus was trying to teach us. When I make mistakes, I ask God to forgive me. I try to behave and speak as Jesus taught us, with compassion, truth and understanding. I am already a Child of God, with direct access because he is my Creator and I have asked to know him; and he has answered me with truth.
---Grace on 6/16/06

John T...I did not mean God IS a tree; I meant that I can see his creative energy within the tree, within people and within the entire planet.
As for your question, "if I were to die tonight, am I sure that I would go to heaven?" YES! I could die NOW and know that God is welcoming me; without fear, guilt or shame. But more than that, I know that God is walking with me now, and I don't have to wait to get to heaven to know him!
---Grace on 6/16/06

John T.....please go back and reread what I wrote. I said " It is the truth that reconnects us to God; without truth we continue to see God from OUR perspective, instead of from God's perspective" ....I am well aware that we must seek God's perspective, and I do that. In order to see God we must free our minds of worldly limitations of culture, religion, societal expectations, etc, which are man-created. In removing these blinders, we are able to understand more about God.
---Grace on 6/16/06

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It is good you seek God, but your concept about God and his works err.

Just as you are not the same as your crafts, God's works are not the same as Him. Simply, it is NOT He, He is not it. He made the tree, but the tree is not him.

To know Grace, it is necessary to go beyond what she created, being relational.

Likewise with God. To know Him, you have to meet him on his terms, not yours.

If you were to die tonight, are you certain that you would be in heaven?
---John_T on 6/16/06

Grace -- There is only way (you said method which is incorrect) to connect to God and that is by believing that His Son Jesus Christ came into this world, became a Man and died on the Cross as the Sacrifice for your sins. Once you believe that, confess you are a sinner, and ask Jesus to forgive you, you are then a child of God with direct access to God the Father all the time because you are then IN CHRIST.
---Helen_5378 on 6/16/06

Grace - ("every person on this planet is a child of God"). There is only one way to become a child of God and that is by believing that Jesus Christ became a Man and died on the Cross for your sins. It is a lie to say that EVERYONE is a child of God ---- there are billions who do not believe this.
---Helen_5378 on 6/16/06

(continued) verbatim from the Church and School of Wicca website. If you Google 'five supports of Wicca' it will bring it up close to the top. Perhaps the Wiccans took it directly from your book instead.
---Grace on 6/15/06

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One further comment to John T: the quote you use " Wiccanism is the belief based not on one tradition but on a composite system of spiritual and magical beliefs that rests firmly on five supports." sounds amazingly close to the one on the Church and School of Wicca's website " The belief system of the Church and School is based not on one tradition but on a composite system of spiritual and magical beliefs that rests firmly on five supports." which is taken (continued)
---Grace on 6/15/06

continued..I see God everywhere on this planet, and I know that every person on this planet is a Child of God. The Kingdom of God is within us, we just have to ask for truth in sincerity and with an open mind. And, God will show us his face; he wants to, he is our Creator. And, my love for him is greater than any fear, greater than worldly visions, greater than the lonely road one must walk to see God. I know I have been given a great gift, and I want to share it with those that are ready.
---Grace on 6/15/06

Melissa, thank you for your words. I do think that I need prayer, as we all do, for it is one method through which we connect with God. I will never stop needing it! And, I have accepted the truth of Jesus, and have opened my mind so that God can show me his laws, instead of man showing me God's laws. I spoke directly to God and requested to know the truth. And, he has answered me.
---Grace on 6/15/06 is through this transformation that we can begin to live a life of compassion, and to learn more about God and our Universe. I have absolutely no argument with Jesus! It brings me to tears to think of the difference there would be in the world had the teachings survived unaltered; and Rome had chosen another sect to become its state religion. It is the most unjust occurence in this world when God is used for political and financial power.
---Grace on 6/15/06

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My concern is with man-made religion. And, I will be very direct. It distorts the truth which allows us to know God; it is based on the configuration and manipulation of texts to remove the true essence of salvation, which has NOTHING to do with organic blood, but has everything to do with the elevation and cleansing of the way we think and behave. It is like a resurrection....leaving the world behind, and coming into a new perspective, a new level of awareness. continued...
---Grace on 6/15/06

continued...."Jesus is the truth". No one can enter the Kingdom of God (the perspective of God) but by acceptance and understanding of the truths which Jesus taught us. It is the truth that reconnects us to God; without truth we continue to see God from OUR perspective, instead of from God's perspective.
---Grace on 6/15/06

continued..I wanted to know the truth, even if I had to set aside everything that the world had taught me. I wanted to hear God's voice and see God's perspective. The verse quoted is the very verse that God used to show me who Jesus is. Most peope focus on the 'but by ME' segment. Instead, we must focus on "I am the way, the TRUTH... continued...
---Grace on 6/15/06

First, I will address the scripture both of the most recent blogs have quoted 'He said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to the Father[Heaven} but by me." I would prefer to say 'comes to the Kingdom of God' than 'heaven'. I spent many months in prayer of the question of 'who is Jesus?'. Every night I asked God 'who is Jesus?', every night I prayed for guidance, understanding, and truth. continued...
---Grace on 6/15/06

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grace - if you have not accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior and repented of your sins, then you still need prayer. all the study of religion that any human does will not get them to Heavan. Only Jesus can do that - He is the way, the truth and the life!!! Amen! Praise the Lord!!!
---melissa on 6/15/06


The quotes were mine, from a book I am trying to publish.

BTW your true argument is not with "man-made religions" rather, it is with Jesus.

He said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to the Father[Heaven} but by me."

Now, I have two questions: "If you were to die tonight, are you certain that you would be in heaven? Second will be later-- dinner time
---John_T on 6/15/06

There is the answer to the question regarding the religion of Wicca. I'm sure someone will want to know if I am Wiccan. And, as I have said before, I do not apply titles to myself, or join any type of organized religion. I do study religions and I feel that it has contributed to my own spiritual development.
---Grace on 6/15/06

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