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Enjoy A Religious Education

My youngest grandson has only recently started school (a church school) and really enjoys his religious education lessons. Can you recall yours and whether they were boring, enlightening, enjoyable or whatever?

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 ---emg on 5/21/06
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I never attending a religious school, but I can say that the things I heard and saw from kids in public school were really really bad. Could be the same way in Christian schools for all I know.
---Todd1 on 5/24/08

I attended a church school until I left for Grammar School. R.E. in infants consisted just of a Christian assembly. In juniors we had assembly and a twice weekly lesson with the vicar as teacher. In Grammar School we had one weekly lesson which consisted of just reading the bible out aloud, going around the class. I found none of this helpful at all but the bible reading ones were the worst because we never had any discussion AT ALL.
---RitaH on 5/23/08

They were totally boring and all I thought about was: What was I having for lunch? There was no Spirit and life in the teachings, only deadness.
---Donna9759 on 5/23/08

Oh for goodness sakes, Anything people can find to put God down they will find it. and they will use it. Do you know what: One day, God will be putting you down, WAY, WAY DOWN.
---catherine on 6/16/07

There is something to be said about religious education. I was compelled to attend religious school- expelled at 16. Others were suspended for drugs, sexual immorality, etc. In my case bad attitude,' meaning papers I wrote. I laugh about it now. There was good to come through it their rabid anti-intellectualism inspired me to higher education. They had list of books not to read, I read every book, books I would have never heard of other wise! Yes, there is something to be said about religious education.
---MikeM on 6/15/07

I received my schooling in theology from the Holy Ghost. Just like John the baptist, the prophets and Jesus. Even though I am not worthy to be compared to the least of saints, let alone them. No seminary to defile the teachings of the Spirit of God and glad of it.
---Frank on 6/14/07

I received my religious education from my parents. By the age of 10 I was reading Ridpath's History of the World. I studied old and New Testament in college as well as majoring in education. I was saved at the age of 21. After my salvation, during prayer to the Lord, the Lord gave me insight, and I have never been the same.
---mima on 6/14/07

The key to religious ed. is that as parents we must realize that we are the first and foremost teachers for our children. If one doesn't understand what they are taught one must take the responsibility to check it out and become more educated oneself. WE can make it as interesting and exciting as we want-just don't leave it ALL up to someone else. Be open and pray and keep learning.
---eleanor on 6/12/06

My religous ed was in school and at home. In the curriculum and the way the people around us lived. It seems that it was always taught with and without my knowing it.The Sisters and the Priests were loving, resptectful and funny and reverent and always showing us how to treat others as Jesus taught. I am so greateful to them and to my family.
---eleanor on 6/12/06

I attended RC schools MikeM, NEVER were we taught an 'adult class!'
I must say I did get a laugh from your blog,
I guess my husband and I would NOT be considered 'decent' according to your school. Thanks for the giggle. :)
---NVBarbara on 6/6/06

Thanks for all those interesting answers. I cannot say that I enjoyed my R.E. classes at all. They were just so boring. I attended C. of E. school until aged 11 and C. of E. church until aged 18 when I was saved (at an evangelistic meeting). I don't think any of my teachers in church, Sunday school or day school understood what they were teaching or why they were doing so.
---emg on 5/31/06

Did they teach spelling at that school? :)
---Bruce5656 on 5/23/06

As a teen in a pentacostal high school we were given a list of books NOT to read. I am thankful for that list, I read everybook on the list. I would never have heasrd of the books without that list! In what they called adult class(sex education) they taught decent married people only engaged in things 'missionary,' its something we laughed at publically then, and I now laugh at it in private, with my spouse.
---MikeM on 5/22/06

f.f. mentions having to recite the catechism. I too had to do this and could never understand the first bit. What is your name? Answer N. or M.!!!!! No-one ever told us that it was at this point we were supposed to put in our own name - I don't think the teacher knew. Once I reached Grammar School we had to read a certain amount of the bible every term and that is all we did, one verse each, up and down the aisles until the bell rang for end of lesson. No explanation, no discussion.
---M.P. on 5/22/06

I had religious classes three times a week during elementary and high school.I honestly loved them and found church history in OT & NT fascinating. I was saved at age 13 and used God's power available through the scriptures as a guiding force in my life. Now that my three children are adults I joined the mission field as a missionary. I have never been happier my life.
---Elaine on 5/22/06

I absolutely hated religious education. I was brought up in a very strict Roman Catholic household and of course attended Roman Catholic church and school. What I hated most was when I would get asked on the Monday what the "sermon" was about on Sunday and I just didn't have a clue -- never made any sense to me ---- now I know why. Jesus saved me almost 8 years ago and my eyes are now completely open to the truth.
---Helen_5378 on 5/22/06

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I attended a C.of E. school from age 5 to 11. We had religious education once a week with the local vicar and a short lesson every day with our class teacher during which we had to learn many things off by heart. There was no explanation of the meaning of anything, Catechism, Beatitudes, Ten Commandments etc. It was just that we had to be able to recite them. Not very enlightening really.
---f.f. on 5/22/06

Some of my family went to a Baptist school, some went to a SdA school. As a rule, religious education is better by far that state schools, no matter the religion. I was compelled to go to a pentacostal school in So. Cal. where I was thrown out for thinking; at age 16, but looking at most schools that is the exception.
---MikeM on 5/22/06

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