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Is The Mark Physical Or Spiritual

Do you think the mark of the beast will be a physical or spiritial mark? I have a Latin to english dictionary, does anyone know what the Latin or greek word was before translated to the word "mark"?

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 ---eliza4969 on 5/21/06
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"Mark" in the greek is charagma. It means a stamp, or imprinted mark. Like a brand you would use on a horse. The mark means, it isn't going to be under the skin like a microchip, or a barcode, or something outlandish like that. People will be literally branded with a mark showing they follow the antichrist. BRANDED. Rev. 16:2 speaks of those having the mark getting a nasty soar upon them. Likely due to the branding of the mark, the area gets infected.
---Tammy on 5/31/08

From what I've read in the book of Revelation and books about Revelation, it's seems to be physical and needed in order to do certain things. It may not be a mark that is visable to the eye. For example, it could be a micro-chip planted under the skin. By-the-way, they are experimentating with such a chip. On it will be all your account numbers, other data as needed and your SS number. This doesn't mean it's the "Mark of the Beast", but it could be a forerunner.
---wivv on 1/19/08

It will be physical of course. Maybe not seeable by the naked eye but something in the flesh detectable by scanner? I'm just guessing here about how it will be seen.
---mima on 4/15/07

It is not a physical or literal mark. It is "in" your forehead not on your forehead. Your mind is in your forehead and the right hand is symbolic of working or power. You will give your mind over to the devil and do his work. All the while you will be thinking you are doing the right thing. God's people are also marked with the circumcision of the heart. Not seen by man only to God. We war against principalities not seen with our fleshy eyes. Read God's Word don't let anyone deceive you.
---Kevin on 8/18/06

It is a physical and literal type of branding that can be physically seen. According to Revelation 13:16-18, a person will receive one of three things in their right hand or in their forehead: either a mark that refers to the AntiChrist; or his name, as in Nebuchadnezzar; or his number, which is 666.
---Eloy on 6/14/06

an interesting bit of info on this topic. inside of the barcodes that are used on all the merchandise that you buy the number 666 can be found. the bars and distance between them is aligned in such a way so the scanner can count.
---earl on 6/13/06

Flm the man--I hope you don't actually think the KJV was the first English version, or has never been changed.
---Jack on 6/13/06

Eliza,Sally is right,the in the forehead or right hand.You need to get away from all other bibles except the king james blble.All other bibles were writtin because most people could not understand the king james bible. So by breaking down the king james bible so people could understand it,they actualy created a mess.They have changed the meaning of the word of God.James 1:5 If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God,that giveth to all men liberally,and upbraidethnot,and it shall be given him.
---Flm_the_man on 5/25/06

Part 2. Those receiving the mark are identified by their affiliation with this religious system that adheres to and advocate a legalistic and moralistic conformity to its precepts and deceptions inspired of the adversary. Deceptions that makes the truth and principles of God ineffectual in the lives of its followers through its altering of the Fathers Word.
---josef on 5/24/06

Part 1. The mark of the beast is that which distinguishes a mind and means that shows itself in support of and under servitude to the religious precepts of the then existing governing body of denominational religion, and its leader. (MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT). Marked by confusion and controversy that makes a deception fair seeming, by intermingling the Father truths with the traditions of man.
---josef on 5/24/06

Sally some bibles say "on" and some "in"
they both could mean either way physical mark or spiritual mark. noone really knows what it is yet, do you sally?
---eliza4969 on 5/23/06

The mark is IN the forehead or IN the right hand. Where is the confusion?
---Sally on 5/23/06

I believe it would match scripture more to be in the line of spiritual evidence. i.e. the right hand of fellowship. The mark of friendship to the beast. The "mark" in Revelation is IN the head, as false doctrine. Also in line with following the "woman" of Rev.17:5. Also note that Cain was marked in Genesis...
---mikefl on 5/22/06

Wivv, one point you made seems inevitable: the use of SSN and ID, licence, etc to control the world during the tribulation, and probably register those who have the mark of the beast...but then, on the other hand, the climax of the tribulation may deviate the societies from the technologically advanced global village we are to an era of the oppression by the unleashed evil supernatural (Satan would rather show off his power with all kinds of supernatural wonders and monsters). What do you think Wivv?
---Okebaram on 5/22/06

It will be spiritual: like submission to witchcraft or demon worship, that some people would portray with physical signs (like chains, tattoos that say 'hey, I'm a member of so and so'). if it wasn't a very inportant, spiritual change, Satan would forgo it to prove the bible wrong.
---Okebaram on 5/22/06

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