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Who Watched Da Vinci Code

Who watched Da Vinci Code? Do you feel good now that you have funded the next movie to slam Christ?

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 ---Sally on 5/22/06
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Blessings to you Becca, I did not have to see it, I heard enough about it, believe me. I do not agree with you about Christian's being self-righteous and arrogant because some choose not to see the movie, or read the book. It is a Christian's choice, and as I stated, I do not put down anyone who chose to see the movie. But I believe that we as God's people have to be careful what we watch as far as movies, and this one is an attack against Christianity. God Bless!
---Cynthia on 12/5/07

Isn't it funny how people protest things of which they are completely ignorant? How can you protest something you haven't seen, read or bothered to seriously investigate? These kind of Christians are the very ones that turn people away from Christianity. They sound self righteous and arrogant - who wants a friend like that? I liked this movie, it is thought provoking and certainly doesn't slam Jesus Christ. Why do Christians insist they know everything about Jesus? We DON'T.
---Becca on 12/4/07

The Lord Jesus would not be at all entertained by the Da Vinci Code.
Why would you?
---lisa on 11/24/07

Blessings to all, the Da Vinci code movie, as well as the book is one of many attacks against Christianity, carried out by---you guessed it, satan working through Dan Brown. No I never saw the movie or read the book, nor do I ever desire to. I am not putting down anyone who saw this movie, its your choice. Personally, I choose not to see it. God Bless friends!
---Cynthia on 11/22/07

"Do you feel good now that you have funded the next movie to slam Christ?"

Does anyone shop at any public grocery or department store? Because if you do then there's a pretty big chance you are funding something sinful also. Puh-leese, get real.

God causes the sun to shine on the wicked as well as the righteous.
---Adam on 11/20/07

This movie in no way slammed Christ! It is a ficticious murder mystery which has some historical fact included - like the Titanic. Have any of you watched the history channel? The Templar Knights did exist, there is no definitive "proof" as to what the holy grail is - only conjecture. There are twenty years missing in the Bible in regard to the life of Jesus Christ - SOMETHING must have happened during those years. Am I wrong here?
---val on 11/20/07

I protested! Along with 1000 other individual protests across America! The TFP Tradition , Family and Poperty organization promoted the protest. I was a leader....right next to Sony Pictures entertainment that distributed the movie! What an experience!
WE Love you Jesus! Thank you Lord!
---lisa on 11/20/07

Didn't watch it, aint going to. If you are a Christian and watched it you sinned. Why give money to something ungodly when it could go to God's Work. How much money would there be if all Christians donated what they spent to feed the hungry of donated to a missionary. Think about it.
---Rev_Herb on 11/20/07

Grace, I will pray for you to see the truth. For Jesus already said that He was the way, the truth, and the life. That NO ONE comes to the Father but through Him. Putting Labels on others is not Christ like. Ask for forgiveness and repent, God will forgive you.
---Dottie on 5/25/06

part 2) The Hoax started in the 1950's and was found out that the documents used to authenticate it were forged and made to look very old. He almost got away with it, but he was discovered and he admitted it was all a Hoax. Emotional, yes when I see intelligent people sucked into lies.
---Dottie on 5/25/06

part 1)Mike M You alone with others are doing exactly what the makers of this movie want you to do, spend your money and make it a blockbuster film. I knew about these false accusations before the movie ever came out, in fact before Dan Brown's book was written.
---Dottie on 5/25/06

I have both seen the movie and read the book.

Neither book nor movie "slams Christ"; both do a number on the church (no matter how one defines church).

But the sins that WE believers commit put another thorn in His crown.

The spiritual pride and superiority Christians frequently show DO "slam Christ".
---Jack on 5/25/06 what denomination did Jesus belong to? I'll join that one.
---Grace on 5/24/06

"I... do not assign myself to any denomination or sect of Christianity; nor did Jesus!"

Sounds like you best fit into the Lone Ranger church. Problem is you probably have no Tonto to account for anything.
---lee on 5/24/06

Moderator: I understand, and I am glad you asked the questions!
---Grace on 5/24/06

Moderator: As I said, I assign myself no titles; I cannot be any more honest than this. I am strong in my spirituality and faith, and do not assign myself to any denomination or sect of Christianity; nor did Jesus! Jesus did not create denominations of Christianity; man did.

Moderator - Some of your answers are very non-biblical which is why the question is being asked.
---Grace on 5/24/06

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Moderator: I would never give myself the title of "new ager". I find that titles have connotations connected to them, and they lead to assumptions and judgements that are often incorrect and unfair.

Moderator - Mormon? Or just be forthright?
---Grace on 5/24/06

Moderator.....the second part of your question was 'what denomination or group do my beliefs align with'?
Again, my answer is that I follow what God teaches me; even if contradictory to religious doctrine. I have discovered that what God (Spirituality) sees as a sin, may not be the same as what man (Religion) has defined as sin.

Moderator - New Ager?
---Grace on 5/24/06

Dear Moderator: I believe in the teachings of Jesus; I try to walk, live and talk everyday in his example. I have studied the political, cultural and religious aspects of the development of Christianity. When I don't understand something, I ask God. I do not take everything the Bible says in a literal way; I think, I question, I ask and I listen to God's answer with an open heart/mind. What I have understood has been full of compassion, grace and unconditional love. I hope this is a sufficient answer.

Moderator - Please answer the question that I asked directly as there are cults and New Agers that could answer questions the way you do.
---Grace on 5/24/06

MikeM, I think that is an excellent attitude. The movie/book is a historical novel, which takes historical figures, and some facts, and interlaces them with a fictional story; just like the movie "Titanic" did. However, with the "DaVinci Code", the historical characters are Jesus and Mary Magdalene. I've seen the movie, and I did not find that it 'slammed' Jesus, or his message in any way. It just presented an idea or theory regarding his martial status and family linage.
---Grace on 5/24/06

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I was not interested in the film, but with so much being said maybe I will see it. I know the material well. I read ther nag hammadi, the other gnostic gospels, etc. From what I hear it is a hodgepodge of half-truths put into an adventure film. Dottie; People get so emotional about something they have not seen or read. All the fuss is advertising. I will see/take it with a grain of salt.
---MikeM on 5/24/06

The movie challenges interpretation and assumptions that have been made regarding Jesus' marital status. The Bible is not definitive with this, which would in turn lead me to think that perhaps it doesn't really matter. Whether Jesus was or was not married, the end result, is that he brought us a new way to live, and understand God.

Moderator - Grace are you a Christian? If so, what group of Christians or denomination to your beliefs aline with?
---Grace on 5/24/06

No, I would not waste my money on such garbage. All elaborate lies are laced with the smallest traces of truth so they can point at the trace of truth and say; "see I can prove this" Remember who the great deceiver is, and how he manipulated the truth with Jesus, but FAILED.
---Dottie on 5/24/06

yes, Lee, I agree. And, also the information in the movie regarding religious symbology is correct. It is important to understand the ancient meanings of symbols and religions, and it is fascinating. This does not in any way undermine the gift that Jesus gave to us.
---Grace on 5/24/06

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Opus Dei does exist and is viewed by many as a secret organization designed to further the secular aims of the Roman Church. The is the way the Da Vinci code views it but there is other literature that expounds on that viewpoint. Despite the fact that the Da Vinci code is fiction, some of the story is rooted in facts.
---lee on 5/24/06

Mod "And all along I thought Tom & Jerry was real. My bubble has been popped :)" So sorry Mod to bring you into the real world!
---alan8869_of_UK on 5/24/06

Moderator, # 3 You refer to James Bond focussing on lust and violence ... I'm not sure I agree in full, but again there may be a difference between American and British cultures. Americans seem to take things much more literally, whereas the British, I think, will watch such a film and realise that it is not real. We know tha JB could not physically have such remarkable powers, either for fighting or for sex. A bit like Tom & Jerry, we know it is not for real!

Moderator - And all along I thought Tom & Jerry was real. My bubble has been popped :)
---alan8869_of_UK on 5/23/06

Moderator, # 2 I do not relish the idea of seeing my faith being misinterpreted. It would be OK if it pretended to be fact, because that would help me know the enemy, but as fiction, it is seems a bit of an obsenity.
---alan8869_of_UK on 5/23/06

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Moderator, # 1 you ask "Are you promoting direct attacks on Christ, lust and violence as Christian themes for the Body of Christ? I hope no"
Certainly not ... I was just asking Carla what she thought of the aspect of both James Bond and the da Vinci Code having a heresy. Your introduction of the lust and violence is a red herring from my question. I was not trying to make any judgment about the film.

Moderator - I know you were not, I just want to clarify so others whom don't know you are not confused :) These blogs are viewed by around 100,000 people per month and less than 1% actually write anything.
---alan8869_of_UK on 5/23/06

Herb?? Claudia??? You haven't answered the question.

You both said that it was a sin to watch this movie... Back it up, please.
---NurseRobert on 5/23/06

Carla # 2 I have not seen the Da Vinci Code, but have spoken to some who have, and they say it is a rather boring film. Someone here says it exposes the evils of the Roman Catholic society, Opus Dei, so to that extent, at least one Christian has chosen to regard it truth (at least, part of it) rather than the work of fiction that the author claims it to be.
---alan8869_of_UK on 5/23/06

Carla # 1 In the UK we make the James Bond films ... I am not sure whether they are watched in the US, but in them James Bond "saves the world" from all sorts of wicked men.
Now that is if you delve into it, is a "heresy" saying that man can solve his own problems. But they are jolly good fun, and I have never thought of them as something I should not watch, because JB does not pray to God for help. What is your view of that?

Moderator - The Da Vinci Code is a direct attack on Christianity with false lies attacking Christ. At last count, thats not the theme of James Bond movies. James Bond movies should be avoided for their focus on lust and violence. Are you promoting direct attacks on Christ, lust and violence as Christian themes for the Body of Christ? I hope not.
---alan8869_of_UK on 5/23/06

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Anyone called by Christ Name that watches such heracy as this movie is are either unwise themselves or innocent to the knowledge that they have just paid into the success of the LIES and SLANDER about not just a man but!!!!!!!!!

What pleasure could ANYone possibly have in watching utter Garbage/FILTH and then sit in wait for christ return!,

It's Hypocracy
---Carla5754 on 5/23/06

Satan doesn't care what you believe as long as its not the truth. He can have you believe anything he wants. Satan has always wanted to destroy Christ and the truth that He taught. He used King Herod to try to kill (Mt. 2:1-18). He tried to tempt Him to sin (Mt. 4:1-11). He finally succeeded with a Roman crucifixion. But Christ arose from the dead after three days, and know He rules at the right hand of God (1 P. 3:21-22). But Satan will never stop trying to "suppress the truth" (Ro. 1:18).
---Blessed on 5/23/06

Lee ... the book is work if FICTION. Why do you believe that anything it says about Opus Dei is anything but fiction. I could write a book containing utter lies about ... say the Southern Baptist Church, or a secular organisation like the Beekeepers' Association, and call it an expose. Would you say it exposed those organistions?
---alan8869_of_UK on 5/23/06

I believe that even a book of fiction may be the seed that will bring someone to focus on their spiritual life. We don't know how God will use this movie......but I have no doubt that something positive will result. In this belief, I can say, fear not.
---Grace on 5/23/06

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God uses everything to his benefit......everything! If this movie causes people to think about their spiritual will be a blessing. God can take the most negative event and turn it into a positive one.
---Grace on 5/23/06

Grace, remember this movie was taken from a book of FICTION!
---NV_Barbara on 5/23/06

I went to see the movie, and I have read the book. I have read the "Gnostic Gospels", and have studied religious symbology on a small scale. I do not believe that the movie 'bashed' Jesus or the messages that he brought to us. I believe the movie will cause many people to start to talk and think openly about their spiritual relationship with God. I enjoyed the discussion about ancient religious symbols, and the clarification of the meaning of the pentagram. God uses everything......fear not.

Moderator - Spreading lies is good?
---Grace on 5/23/06

In viewing the Da Vinci film I can easily see why the Roman Catholic Church would have a problem with it as the film exposes Opus Dei - a secret organization within the Roman Church with secular aims similar to the Illuminati.
---lee on 5/23/06

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The biggest problem with both the book and the movie is the distraction from Christ that it provides. Look at how many preachers/teachers took a day off from proclaiming/explaining the gospel just to give this "distraction" credibility from the pulpit.
---Linda6563 on 5/23/06

I believe the film, 99% bologna is just entertainment. No one knows if Jesus was married, no evidence, inside or out of the scriptures points to it. I give people credit for intelligence, thus no film should be banned or down graded based on the notion that 'some people' might be confused, if one does that, everthing will be banned. The film might be good in that it stimulates questions, like who Jesus was, what was his mission, and what do his claims mean to me?
---MikeM on 5/23/06

Moderator--can you be specific about just HOW the DVC "slams Christ", please?

Moderator - Christ wasn't married. Yes, the movie is fiction, but many people are ignorant and get confused.
---Jack on 5/23/06

People in banks do indeed study counterfeit money!
Understanding that the Davinci Code is based on the gnostic gospels - which even unbelieving historians refute as total bunk - and understanding that Dan Brown states things as fact that are not, makes it very easy to make a compelling case for Christ. Like it or not, people ARE questioning the validity of the Bible and the church needs to supply answers!
Josh McDowell has a fantastic anti-Davinci book out btw that is selling for $1!
---aj on 5/23/06

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Well, this movie and book reaffirm my disbelief in humanity as "everyone loves a scandal." With that principle evidently shown by the dollars spent on the book and movie, mr. Brown has done very well for himself.The more he sells the more suckers there are every minute.When will we learn not to be duped this way? the vp
---vp on 5/23/06

"Eating beef doesn't make you a cow." Not because I watched the movie I've sinned. We know where our faith and hold on to it thats the most important. Use this movie as a tool for us to know God's word more, talk about it, discuss it why as a Christian we shouldn't believe it, just find a way where we can turn this for God's glory. Just be creative.
---nita on 5/22/06

I went with the young adult group to watch da vinci code, I don't believe just because I watch the movie I've sinned. For me this is an opportunity to reach out for non-believer. I invite my friends to watch the movie together and invite them to the church service where our pastor will teach about breaking da vinci code. This way they can know why Christianity and Catholic are against the da vinci code.
---nita on 5/22/06

I did see this movie, I do not believe that Jesus was married, but the movie will help some people question who Jesus really was, and that is a good thing. Dont judge the movie unless you have seen it. It really is not a bad movie I enjoyed it. I believe in the divinity of the savior and I know he is the son of god. This movie could be a great tool in bringing people to Christ.
---Enid on 5/22/06

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Dear Moderator - I neglected to say that my kids are in their late 20's and 30's. Is this happening mostly with this age group? My brother is a Christian Pastor and believes that my 28, 29 and 32 year old will, since they were taught the Truth when little, will come to the Truth. Please respond.

Moderator - Go to your local Christian bookstore and get a copy of one of the books that explains the movie from the Christian prospective. I think Lee Stobol wrote a book to counter the movie. Read it and then engage your kids. They will talk. Also spend time in prayer and fasting before lovingly engaging.
---Mary on 5/22/06

Any movie (or book) nowadays promotes the world system in one way or the other, and the ultimate goal is to make money - the measure of success for any enterprise.

All too often we get our inaccurate information from others that simply have their own agendas. So realizing this, go see the movie and build your own conclusions.

Colossins 2:21-22 Do not handle, Do not taste, Do not touch (referring to things that all perish as they are used)according to human precepts and teachings?
---lee on 5/22/06

I havent read or see Davinci's code. But i want to see. I think, it's not depend on that film but our faith, maybe just refreshing that we all tested.
---Marie on 5/22/06

I saw the movie and recognized it as just that, a movie. I did not go to the theatre seeking answers or defintion of my faith, but only for entertainment! I simply enjoyed the movie, My Christ is still without blemish.

Moderator - Thanks for financially supporting a movie that slams Christ.
---Rita on 5/22/06

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My Dad was a Christian preacher who baptized over 3,000 during a 55-year ministry. I read the book and enjoyed it as a fictional thriller. Always an avid reader, I also read Aesop's Fables and fairy tales as a child. I enjoy using my imagination but have never confused fiction with fact. I'll read the sequel, too, and it will have no effect whatsoever on my Biblical convictions, no more than the original "Code." In the meantime, I'll continue to read novels (fiction!) and my Bible (Fact!)
---Ron on 5/22/06

Betty, you have it backwards dear. If we only expose ourselves to light, then darkness will show itself to us quickly. People in banks never study counterfiet money, they study REAL money. That way if fake money comes through, they can spot it in a heartbeat!
---NVBarbara on 5/22/06

Although my children were baptized and raised in the Christian Church, they have both read and seen the De Vinci Code. They think both were great. As a Christian parent I find Satan has used this to make me very very sad and of course feeling guilty that I have not done a good job teaching my kids that they would fall for these lies. Is anyone else out there feeling the same? I know I must hand this over to Christ.

Moderator - I would have explained it to my kids as to why they don't need to watch it and they would listened. However, if they were older I would have seen the movie with them which probably would make most teens say no thanks.
---Mary on 5/22/06

I only believe in the word of God, I won't even waste my time on the Da Vinci Code.
---Reg on 5/22/06

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Yep, get ready the author is already working on the sequel. I haven't seen the movie, nor do I intend to. I know what the bible says about my Savior, that's good enough for me!
---NVBarbara on 5/22/06

Ok, an honest question for Herb and Claudia. How is it a "sin" if I watch this movie?
---NurseRobert on 5/22/06

I read the book and felt that it's blasphemy against the holiness of our God.
---may on 5/22/06

I haven't watched it yet but plan to do so. If we hide ourselves in darkness how will we find light? If we were not meant to have knowledge of things that were done against our Lord much of the Bible would not have been written. We need to be aware of even the negative so we might guide those who are swayed by it.

Moderator - Do you need to go to a nite club next to learn?
---Betty_Hanson on 5/22/06

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I have not read or seen this material. I try to be obedient to the great commandment of,Go yee unto the whole world and preach the gospel... I have no time to waste unless I am up on what I should be doing as a Christian. This book has been popular with non believers. Read your Bible first and if you have time left over after being obedient to Matthew 28:19, then read the extras.
---Elaine on 5/22/06

I have neither read the book nor seen the movie. But I did hear from some that the movie is long, slow and boring. Apparently even Tom Hanks wasn't all that convincing...(amazing!)
My view is that some people are ALWAYS looking for an excuse NOT to believe something in the Bible. If they can convince themselves that it's OK to dismiss the Truth of the Bible, then they feel free to ignore whatever it says that might bring conviction from the Holy Spirit.
---Donna2277 on 5/22/06

I watched the Da Vinci Code and my husband read the book. It is in the fiction section. We had read the Case For Christ that answers many of the falsehoods stated in the fiction movie.
---Dottie on 5/22/06

Christ will use all things for GOOD! we as Christians have nothing to worry about. Let us not underestimate our GLORIOUS Christ Jesus!~ the movie was a load of nonsense and although can be very dangerous Satan has already been crushed!
---anon on 5/22/06

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I don't watch or read, Falsehoods!
I am a true believing, in Crist,One in being grateful for my life given to me by Crist, his blessed mother Mary, and he our Saviour, should not have false accusations, he has already died for all of our sins.Lindy C.
---Lindy on 5/22/06

I didn't watch the movie, but I did read the book. People are watching the movie and reading the book and asking questions. Understanding the premise of the book and movie has made it very easy to argue intelligently against something that is chock full or errors and lies.
---aj on 5/22/06

I think that if you are a Christian and watched it you sinned. Everything that is opposite to the Holy Bible should not be watched, listened or approved by christian people. (sorry for my bad english, I am from Dominican Republic)
---Claudia on 5/22/06

I went and seen the movie does not down grade christ at all, do not judge the movie tell you have seen it I see it as another way to reach out to none christians and teach them about jesus it talked about Jesus all the way through....
I don't believe he was married will not believe he was married because of this movie but there is stuff in that movie that could make none believers believe in Jesus...
But once again it is just a movie....
---tricia2311 on 5/22/06

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When eve was decieved by satan these were the very same devices, to have knowledge above God and the movie can be counted as such. I would have no pleasure in watching a lie or at the least having to pay for that privillage. the money would be beat spent on campaning against it.
---Carla5754 on 5/22/06

Our entire church went to see the movie. We were also given "the davinci deception" so we could answer anyone who is seeking The Truth. The movie never denied the deity of Christ, the book was more difinitive regarding that. I agree with NBC's review whereas they said "Christianity has nothing to worry about".
---Bev on 5/22/06

I didn't watch the movie. I heard on the news that a Muslim from Europe funded a large portion of the movie. which doesn't surprise me. we can expect more of the same.
---wayne on 5/22/06

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