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Won To Christ Due To Da Vinci Code

Many in the church think that the Da Vinci Code should be watched and then used as a tool to win people to Christ? How many people have you won to Christ by watching the movie?

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 ---Mike on 5/22/06
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In my opinion it is absolutely wrong to see the movie just to win the person for Lord,no ways,we should not encourage watching this movie,or wasting our presious time seeing it,cause it is not the tool to win a person for christ,but we shoukd kneel down and pray with humbleness that the people of this planet may know the truth and have faith in Lord Jesus Christ,
---arupa on 10/5/08

Won to Christ after watching the Passion of the Christ!
That is more like it.
Actually I was brought back to my faith through this movie! Praise God. He is the star of my movie! My hero!
I was a lukewarm Christian...fell away...then this movie turned me completely around...and made me relies how much God loves me!
How real can you get without really being there! This movie did it for me!
---Lisa on 10/1/07

In a sense, it can because by us watching it we can tell them the truth through the word. By us doing so, a person couldn't use the movie as an excuse to deny Christ.
---Rickey on 10/1/07

First of all, I would tell people not to watch it because it is full of lies. Even though I like Tom Hanks, that movie was nothing but lies. Jesus married to Mary Magadelene, they had a son named Judah. Oh please, come on. If some people had sence about the word of God, like they do money, we'll all be in better shape.
---Rebecca_D on 3/18/07

I don't think we have to support the films of the Godless to be informed about them.

There's alot of good books published concerning the core issues of the davinci garbage.

Let's put our money as Christians there.
---Pharisee_z-pha3394 on 3/18/07

I've already panned this movie, I just want to say WELCOME BACK Pharisee! You have been missed! Love u bro!
---NVBarbara on 5/25/06

Who organized the organized religion Christianity? Jesus taught us that we are the church. The kingdom is within us. The organized institution of Christianity was formed by the Roman government because Rome's power was decaying. In uniting Rome under one religion, they hoped to salvage their power. Christianity as we know it today was created for political purposes; to control people through shame, guilt and fear. I fear that Jesus would be saddened by this gross misinterpretation of His words.
---Grace on 5/23/06

Pastor James Kennedy of Coral Ridge Ministries also has some great information that exposes the bibilical, historical, and social errors in the book and movie. I caught a bit of it on TV the other night. One thing is that Da Vinci is not referred to that way in the art world. He is always referenced by Leonardo. If the author couldn't get even that right, how credible is anything in the book.....
---daphn8897 on 5/23/06

the Wayne who said it might be useful to watch the DC movie is not the wayne5363.
---wayne on 5/23/06

There is nothing anti - christ about the film - book. There may be anti organised religion messages but not anti christ
---chris on 5/23/06

Chris, this movie portrays Jesus as a man married to Mary Magdalene; a direct attack on the Jesus that the apostles wrote about and died for.

Who organized the organized religion Christianity? Christ himself.

For in the scriptures Jesus said "I will build my church and the gates of HELL shall not prevail against it." Mat 16:18
---Pharisee_z-pha3394 on 5/23/06

To all who want real answers to the fiction in The Da Vinci Code; you should check out A Quest For Answers the DAVINCI Code; by Josh McDowell. It will stir your heart and give you truth, not fiction.
---Rose on 5/23/06

It might be useful to watch the movie or read the book in order to intelligently answer people's questions or to counter points the book/movie makes.
---Wayne on 5/23/06

Moderator, can you give me the exact number of people whom you personally know were won for Christ as a result of ChristiaNet blogs? Do you know the real names of any of them? (I'm not asking you to post them here.)

Moderator - We don't know which part of our ministry won them as this is a large website and we have outreaches outside of the website also. Yes, we have names, numbers and addresses. Yes, the Word of God doesn't come back void. In addition to the salvations, this website reaches 1 million people per month and is the largest Christian website on the Net.
---Jack on 5/23/06

its not necessary watching the Da Vinci code, we have the Bible as our guide to win many to Christ.
---flow4565 on 5/23/06

There is nothing anti - christ about the film - book. There may be anti organised religion messages but not anti christ
---chris on 5/23/06

I don't think one should watch the Da Vinci Code in order to us it as an evangelism tool. How many movies are we going to watch in order to seize gospel opportunities? It is enough to know the synopsis of the movie. Certainly we need to take advantage of the myths that the movie teaches to proclaim the true gospel of Christ.
---Gabriel on 5/23/06

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I wonder how many people have been "won to Christ" as a result of reading these blogs?

Moderator - Thousands have been won to Christ through ChristiaNet over the years. Yes, sharing the Gospel brings people to Christ and sharing paganism brings people to Hell.
---Jack on 5/23/06

None - the people I took feel asleep during the movie. They saw it as just another long Hollywood blockbuster
---Sue5853 on 5/23/06

I think we should see the film to as someone said to "get to know our enemy", only for that, nothing else. I have red the book, so I know something about subject this film is speaking about and I know some people who red the book, and believe in statements that book brings out. My question is: how to explain them the real truth? How to undone what book already done? How to present a real Christ?
---Ana on 5/23/06

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