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Tough Theological Questions

I would like a thread where anyone can ask any and all tough theological questions.

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 ---MikeM on 5/23/06
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The Bible does tell us the direct ancestory of Jesus. Matthew felt that this is so important to have the first chapter linking Jesus to Abraham to Adam.
Jesus must be the 'Son of Man' to save us from our sins.
---Nicole on 6/9/08

Well Mike there is no test that can be used to confirm or show your suppostion is wrong. The Bible does not say it is so. But that by faith we are children of Abraham.

Gal 3:7 Know ye therefore that they which are of faith, the same are the children of Abraham.

So our faith is what matters not ancestory.
---Samuel on 6/9/08

Mike, I disagree. God changes peoples names when they have to perform a special. Jesus changed Peter's name.
But,I really disagree with the notion of a new DNA,"a type and cast of our supernatural adoption into Gods family through Jesus Christ."
The Bible pains us to understand that Jesus'genes came from Adam. He is called SON OF MAN. Gen:God formed Man. To suggest a'new DNA',we have no need of Jesus dying for Adam. Jesus came into the world to save mankind from his natural state Sin.
---Nicole on 6/9/08

God will personally answer our questions > "But the anointing which you have received from Him abides in you, and you do not need that anyone teach you, but as the same anointing

teaches you concerning all things,

and is true, and is not a lie, and just as it has taught you, you will abide in Him." (1 John 2:27) In His love we have His "knowledge and all discernment" (Philippians 1:9).
---Bill_bila5659 on 6/8/08

Duane_Dudley_Martin. I have to agree that the book of Enoch is interesting, but keep it mind that is not a Canonical Book of the Old Testament, and should never be read as "Scripture". Although, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church (not part of the Eastern Orthodox Church) have the Book of Enoch in there Old Testament, the rest (Western Christianity and Eastern Christianity) does not include it.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.
---Ramon on 6/8/08

Ask and answer. me too. Would be fun!
---catherine on 6/6/08

Samuel: I contend that when Abram was converted to Abraham, the Jewish DNA was born. It was a supernatural phnomenon. This theory aligns scripturally, it would be like God to do so, and it answers every question there is. All other humans are the "natural" decendants of Adam. Yet the Jews were sanctified, even genetically, "adopted" by God through a "super" naturally transformed Abraham. Its a type and cast of our supernatural adoption into Gods family through Jesus Christ.
---mike on 6/6/08

I love the Book of Enoch!
I've read the whole thing more than once.
Theirs NOTHING in it thats contrary to the Word of God that we read and know.
By FAITH Enoch was translated that he should not see death, and was not found, because God had translated him: for BEFORE his translation HE had this testimony, that he pleased God.
And Enoch also, the seventh from Adam, PROPHESIED of these, saying, Behold, THE LORD cometh with ten thousands of HIS saints,
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 6/6/08

Your question is most accessible when reversed.
Why do the Hebrew people not carry the same dna as the red man?
The red man is most aboriginal in comparrison to the Hebrew people. earl

Dictionary definition wiktionary
First, original, indigenous, primitive, native, as, the Aboriginal tribes of America. Also aboriginal, especially when not referring to people

The red men are more aboriginal then all of the people from Europe. The orignally came from Siberia of Mongolian ancestory.
---Samuel on 6/6/08

Your question is most accessible when reversed.
Why do the Hebrew people not carry the same dna as the red man?
The red man is most aboriginal in comparrison to the Hebrew people.
---earl on 6/4/08

Most Protestants agree that after the apostles many fell away and false doctrine entered. But the LDS teaches all fell away and the true doctrines were lost. But these true doctrines of the LDS are not found in the Bible or in the Book of Mormon. You have like I have done to read the other Mormon Bibles.

If you are a bioligist Mike then tell why the DNA of americans Indians is not from Hebrew people. There is a former LDS Biology Professor who wrote a book about this.
---Samuel on 6/4/08

I still do not know what 'interlocking principles' are. Doctrines were developed over the centuries by protestants in an effort to bring cohesion to their diverse individual religious views. If say the 'Book of Enoch' had been included in the canon, the structure of protestantism would be somewhat different. Again, I believe from the times soon after the apostles there was an apostasy.
---MikeM on 6/3/08

Andea, the same DNA confirms evolution. You cant accept science when it suits your purpose, then deny it when it does not. This is yet another example of fundamentalist showing no concern for credibility. As to my cloths, I wear some tee-shirts on the weekend when cleaning up my yard. They have several holes and gaping tears in them, the wife threatens to make oil rags of them. Maybe in their condition, lots of holes- I can call them holy cloths.
---MikeM on 9/14/07

Andrea,You must be talking about Mr. Murphy. Experts can be found to support anything. There are scientists, religious, secular etc in the mainstream, and the fringe. You have one fundamentalist are ogling over. As to haploids types 90% of the natives died after the Europeans landed, and most of the 10% seemed to be Asiatic-specifically Siberia. There is ample evidence of other races at several archeological sites, as well as non-Asian remains. Pick and choose
---MikeM on 9/14/07

MikeM - while you were on youtube did you catch the one about the magic mormon underwear, or the scientist (LDS bishop) who explains the problem with Joseph Smith's story about the lost tribes - their DNA doesn't match the Israelites?

Do you wear magic underwear?
---Andrea on 9/13/07

Bob, I believe in the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as expressed in the LDS Gospel. My degree is in biology, and on scout events campouts I lead semi-lectures through our western deserts. Some boys are interested, others yawn. Science is my forte, and such knowledge not diffused for the lifting up of others is narcissem.
---MikeM on 9/13/07

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Bob, Its a scary though when I see the children of fundamentalist taken to a 'creation musium' and told the earth is only 10,000 years old, and then told its science. I heard one of their lectures on utube, I would have laughed if it were not for the children in the audience. It borders abuse.
---MikeM on 9/13/07

This blog is a request for any and all questions.
Why have you, MikeM., used the name, Jack and others? I know that you are a scout master, and "Frankly", I find that a scary thought when I think of the children.
---Bob on 9/13/07

MikeM., here's a question.
Why did you decide not to join the mormon church?
---Bob on 9/13/07

Bob, You do not respond to the isssues themselves, but like most fundamentalist, you offer ONLY ad hominum attacks.

I am a scoutmaster, and invloved very much in the lives of a few family members. I have concluded fundamentalist are not able to deal with real issues.
---MikeM on 9/12/07

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MikeM., did you write the ETH expose? Straw man arguments and all? Yep, I think so.
God Bless.
---Kelly on 9/11/07

I haven't seen a question asked, either. But, sometimes the answer is, "I don't know." God is from eternity, we are from time. Sometimes we just have no frame of reference to understand. That is why Christianity is a FAITH medium. We simply trust God. What I might not understand I can accept if the Bible says it is so. My 5 yr old granddaughter doesn't understand calculus. That doesn't negate the truth of mathematics.
---ed_the_other_one on 9/11/07

what is the tough question Christ is simple
man has complicated it. They want to mix there stuff with Gods stuff. The Bible has to be Read in the Spirit. instead of Asking everybody eles. Start reading The bible all over again but first ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you what it means and how to apply it to you live. What does God say not man.
---denise on 9/11/07

MikeM., I know when you use other names, and I've heard all of your pitiful stories.
It's all about you. Everything in your life and the lives of others revolves around you.
Stories may be your claim to fame, as a testimony, you teach a self centered gospel. In two years' time, I've not seen a reflection of Jesus Christ anywhere in your posts.
---Bob on 9/11/07

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......Stop your whining and ask the dang question.
---Andrea on 9/10/07

Old thread? As a teen when I asked a question it was considered a felony, it was not done. In pentacostal meetings we,with a hidden recorder taped their yabba-dabba-do antics, making up stuf along the way to 'test the spirits.' In the end it was all too human, a bio-chemical process. The tough theological facts stared us boys in the face. About 5 teen boys were tossed out for that, the leaders wanted them tapes bad, I still have them.
---MikeM on 9/9/07

The best source is God . Knowledge and Wisdom are from above and He gives it freely if you ask Him.:)
---jody_martin on 9/9/07

the apostles didnt participate because they were dead. The bishops from the empire gathered to determine the canon because Constantine requested a canon be agreed upon, he did not control anything about what went in.
---alexia on 9/9/07

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The early church fathers (controlled by the Roman government many years after Jesus' death), not the apostles, argued and debated for decades regarding what scrolls would be included in the Bible. In order to understand further, you have to separate what Jesus taught, and what has been developed over time as organized Christianity. Often I wonder what Jesus would think of our churches today, with their arguments and divisions of doctrine.
---Grace on 9/9/07


I believe that Adam did have a belly button. I think it's where God opened Adam to remove the rib that He used to make Eve.... "And the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and CLOSED UP THE FLESH instead thereof" (Genesis 2:21)
---Tbabe on 8/1/06

Unlike the many denominations that exist on the earth today with many doctrines and answers to ALL the tough questions theres only one truth.Many christians today have been through many different churches searching for the answers within these churches that align with their thoughts.when we die and see our lord and are judged for the works done in the body it,s not a multiple choice question and answer session.
---tom2 on 6/18/06

To all, here is the answer to all your tough questions.JESUS. remember the old testament? Our God knew from the begining that the flesh could not be trusted to perceive the correct answer to all the questions of life. so jesus came that we might crucify the flesh and live spiritually througfh his strength and not our own.thats the answer to all your tough questions.I have had them taken me a liftime to admit to myself that answers come from above,not from within the flesh.
---tom2 on 6/18/06

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The only thing listing all the men like job,jonah,moses, whoever who questioned God proves my point .they questioned as we do eventually they learned the true spiritual answer.question are within men not God.tough for men I would agree but the truth and the correct answer for their questions is and always has been availiable
---tom2 on 6/18/06

Donna, I propose that their are no tough questions.none.the problem as I have been trying to tell everyone is that answers have to be learned. Now I,am talking about the spiritual answer to any question about anything or,s the correct spirtual answer which people have problems with not the question.what you or me or anyone perceives as the correct answer doesn,t change the actual truth about any question. We may be correct, but if we are wrong and don,t know it that don,t change the truth.
---tom2 on 6/18/06

There are some questions that can't be adequately answered in the 85 word limit that applies here.
---Jack on 6/18/06

Donna, i agree but read the question and my posts. there is nothing wrong with questions or questioning. as I have stated but just as you said job,jonah,moses,fred,ralph,bob,joe, whoever. at the time they ask they believe the questions to be tough, when in fact they aren,t. they athe time just don,t know the answer.thats my point there is no tough theological questions only truth .the truth of God and his word.
---tom2 on 6/15/06

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Mike, just one more thing.the mind is the battlefield. as a mature christian I would propose to you that one thing you don,t want is to flood anyones mind with questions about God.God has revealed himself in his word.the human mind is full of enough doubt and junk.I,ts taken me a liftime to realize not to question the truth.It needs no refining.just faith.The questions I see here are something,most don,t reflect any spiritual truth, or gods word.
---tom2 on 6/15/06

My point was in agreement with Mike. There is nothing wrong with asking honest questions..nothing wrong with doubting God, even. It doesn't get GOD upset! Job, Jonah and Moses undoubtedly learned more about God because of their questioning. None of them got the answers they expected or wanted. But all came to see God's point of view. God, who has NO OBLIGATION to explain Himself to mere man (see the last few chapters of Job) reveals Himself to us according to what we can understand.
---Donna2277 on 6/15/06

Mike, .when christ was on earth men questioned him, It was the answers they didn,t like, truth never changes that jesus spoke,but just as today question don,t line up with mens thinking, but truth is still truth.questions aren,t in themselves wrong but acceptance of a false teaching,or lie is not correct.look at the questions here.there ain,t much spiritual truth in them.think,question,and meditate on Gods word.but actually brother the tough part is you knowing what the truth is, not the question.
---tom2 on 6/15/06

So what was the profit in questioning GOD? none.did they think GOD didn,t know what he was doing?that he needed their help.that they wanted a sovereign God to explain to them why they had to do it his way?question all you want ,but as I said it don,t change the truth.
---tom2 on 6/15/06

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Tom' Your logic and intellect go far beyond my limited understand. I am just a counrty boy.

Paul said "Come let us renew out mind."
---MikeM on 6/15/06

bottom line is there are no tough questions.the answers which have been there is the foundations of the earth are whats tough for people to accept.the only truth is we are sinners,unrighteous,dark hearted,the only truth is God is not and he sent his son to save what in the world is so tough???NOT A THING just your thoughts.
---tom2 on 6/15/06

Mike, do you get it??? job,jonah,moses, they all questioned God.what good came of it???job still went through,jonah ended up in a whale,moses wasn,t allowed into the promised land.brotherask questions about spiritual truth, the only truth that counts,anything else is idle use of your time .
---tom2 on 6/15/06

If you obey the word and take every thought captive, then the questions will disappear.not the whining and complaining that is so fleshly engrained in us.There are no tough questions the answers are what we don,t nature we rebel against God and his word we are pitiful creatures, bound by our minds to offend God,but thanks to our lord we can repent and come to God through jesus,questions and all.
---tom2 on 6/15/06

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When disaster strikes maybe we should ask, what is God trying to teach me, or tell me. Or GOD forbid, maybe we should ask with anticipation and excitement , man what will God teach me through this crisis?paul said I take all sufferings as a priviledge, more or lesshe meant he would learn a spiritual truth. Thats what our lord taught ,spirityual truth in the form of parables.he who has ears let him hear.
---tom2 on 6/15/06

Mike, SO WHATS THE ANSWER?qUESTION EVERYTHING AND IF THE ANSWER YOU GET DOESN,T PLEASE YOU GOD MUST BE WRONG??I think maybe questions are to lead you to spiritual truth,towards growth, not away from God.These men questioned a sovereign God, who uses all things for the good of those who loves him.people thoughts are fickled, and most of their questions.God don,t want you to not ask questions ,he does however expect you to become refined and grow spiritually.I don,t see much of that today or here.
---tom2 on 6/15/06

Mike, and I thank you for making my point. DO you get it???they questioned God and found out they were wrong so was their questions spiritual truth?? NO just human doubt in God and his word. my point is question all you want if the answer your mind seeks is not spiritual truth it profits you nothing.
---tom2 on 6/15/06

Tom 2-- As I remember, after disaster struck, Job spent MOST of his time questioning God. Jonah, not only questioned God, but set out to do the opposite of what God commanded. Moses tried very hard to convince God that He should choose someone else to speak to Pharaoh and the Hebrews in Egypt. They all questioned, as do we... very tough questions. NONE of them got the answers they WANTED. Job DID get it right when he said "tho He slay me, yet will I trust Him"
---Donna2277 on 6/15/06

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crucify the flesh,obey God,believe God,submitt to GOD, renew your mind taking every thought captive.maybe tough questions won,t be so tough.the implication from your posts propose that there are multiple answers to questions about God and his word. thats what created all the denominations that exist today. people didn,t like the answers. they just moved on until the answers meet their thoughts.thank God for judgement day gonna be a few surprisees, but I,ll just bet very few questions , thank God.
---tom2 on 6/15/06

That the problem with the church today. People think there is a managery of answers that apply to there questions about Gods word.well this is wrong and this is right and this is right when you do this or thator don,t do this or that. Jesus told pilate on the morning of his death I,ve have come to be a witness of the truth.Pilate asked what is truth?Ah a question.pilate evidently didn,t understand our lord.
---tom2 on 6/15/06

As a christian I don,t question God.I question what men say, what men do.Look at scriptur, did job question God?did jonah?did moses?questiong spiritual truth will get you nowhere.and most questions here have no spiritual truth in them at all.
---tom2 on 6/15/06

Mike, jesus asked peter, who do men say that Iam? 11 disciples didn,t answer. Only peter. You are the christ the son of the living God.blessed are you for man has not revealed this but my father in heaven. A tough question for 11 but not for peter. Why???spiritual revelation, spiritual truth.thats how it works brother. the questions are tough in our minds but as you see from this site most aren,t of God at all
---tom2 on 6/15/06

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Mike read the questions here on this site,confused comes to mind.Do you think confusion might raise questions??and maybe those questions might seem tough to those raising them??but that don,t change the truth of God.they are only tough in the minds of those who don,t know the truth,who walk in darkness outside the light.ask all the question you want,even consider them tough if you desire, but that don,t change the truth or even make them tough .my people perish for lack of knowlege.SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE.
---tom2 on 6/15/06

Mike, the saducees, and pharisee questioned our lord. They tried their best to trick ,and trap him. And they finally succeeded in crucifying him.were their question tough theology??in their minds absolutely.But was it really tough?? absolutely for them and their minds but it was still the truth.there are no tough questions when you truly apply jesus and spiritual thinking to questions{God}to everything.tough theological questions arise from those who don,t or won,t believe.God makes no sense to them.
---tom2 on 6/15/06

mike ,Gods not asking you that ,we question evrything that goes on around us, in the natural it allows us to survive.we are to discern not question God.Think MIKE, THEIR NO DOUBT ABOUT god, no tough questions , only doubt ,andmisunderstanding here on earth in the flesh.for now I know in part.we just don,t know the answers yet. one day we will.
---tom2 on 6/15/06

Tom, why did God in his infinite wisdom endow us with the ability to think, reason, -and then ask us to forever suspend the use of our God given minds?
---MikeM on 6/14/06

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Brother John T. do you think you could write me to my address? It would be nice if you could. I wanted to ask you something. Thanks
---Lupe2618 on 6/14/06

Yep thats the problem. tough questions. are lord experienced them and he answered them all .the problem is not the question, the problem is men won,t accept Gods answers. Just like they did then we do now and we call it tough theological questions. again I say there ain,t one not even one.just a bunch a PEOPLE WHO WON,T ACCEPT SPIRITUAL TRUTH they crucified our lord for telling the truth. men haven,t changed and never will.
---tom2 on 6/14/06

There are none, only in mens minds. The answers have been there is before the foundation of the world and before time. theres only one truth and It,s God.Men lie, men question,men contemplate, instead of meditateting on God and his word.
---tom2 on 6/14/06

The only truth is spiritual, God, the son and the holy spirit.when men realize this truly in their hearts and minds there are no tough questions. questions come from doubt, and the inability to comprehend scripture.we are to discern , not ask all the foolish things I see here.tough theological question. question by definition means lack of understanding it does in no way change what truth is it only reveals someone don,t know the truth.
---tom2 on 6/14/06

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Jack, Ill say it again there are no tough questions, only people who either don,t know the truth or won,t acceopt the truth.The only real truth is Gods word gods nature, Gods love. when are LORD said I,am the way the TRUTH the life what do you think he mean,t ?? spiritual truth jack.everything is just opinions and interuptations of men.lots of goats gonna be told depart from me ye workers in iniquity I never knew you.
---tom2 on 6/14/06

Spritual growth is similar to mental education. We start with kindergarten, and continue through each grade. This doesn't mean that the Christian at grade 12 is better than the Christian at grade 1. It means that there is more understanding, the concepts are deeper. It has been my experience that as we grow spiritually we must set aside worldly conditions, whether they are societal, cultural, religious, or physical, and be open to allow God to show us more. If we want to see more, he will show us.
---Grace on 6/14/06

To say there are no tough questions or answers is to say that all math stops with 2 + 2 = 4.

Truth is not always simple, and it's NEVER simplistic.
---Jack on 6/14/06

MikeM - Jesus loves you so much that He died on the Cross then rose from the dead just for you. Jesus alone is worthy of all glory and honor and praise.
---Helen_5378 on 6/14/06

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mikem...the only hard theological questions are those that arose from teachings made hard by man. men are so stiffnecked in his ways that he look away from what God intended for man..he only choose what he want to believe and suit..
---jana on 6/14/06

mike m, friend there are no tough theological questions.only truth.Men cloud the truth within their own,?they don,t know or won,t accept the word.What in the world makes jesus tough??mens mind and inability to walk in spirit with God in charge.from the questions I see here seems a good portion have checked everything at the front door, and left out repentence,and acceptance of jesus and obidience as a part of their daily life.
---tom2 on 6/13/06

Your posts indicate a closed mind. "The Calvinist I know are... North, Roshdooney..."
I explained before, they do not represent Reformed theology. However you continue to dredge them up.

When I try to explain something rationally, you dismiss it out-of-hand, not understanding it, nor attempting to do so, calling it names.
---John_T on 6/3/06

Exzucuh;"What God meant by the World or earth not moving was refering to the laws he has established:- well then you intrepret, and thats opinion. People pick and choose what to take literal, and as metaphor. You choose that as metaphor, Therefore allow me the same privilage in saying much of the Genesis story is metaphor.
---MikeM on 6/2/06

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The Bible is written so as it can be believed by faith, it is revealed, not understood by scientific reasoning. What God meant by the World or earth not moving was refering to the laws he has established, that they cannot be changed by anything that man does.The works and plans of God are established,Christ was crucified before the foundation of the world, you might say that it's not true but by faith I believe it because God said it.
---Exzucuh on 6/2/06

Yes, they were from the wisdom quotes, except the one from Joshua. Literalism is most often used when it supports a view, dropped when it does not. I think literalism is a reactionary fear that if the Bible sinks to metaphor, then the next step is mythos. Everyone claims 'the spirit' directs their views on scripture, and they all disagree with each other, sectarianism.

My other points remain.
---MikeM on 6/1/06

You still have not addressed this part of your statement: "may be a possiblity of hidden agendas in those that translated and compiled the Bible"
---John_T on 6/1/06

"'Interlocking principles' are an idiosyncratic presupposition, unique to your personal sectarian.."

Sorry, but you are WAAAY off on that. Interlocking principles are part of a larger, consistent hermeneutic approach that compares Scripture to Scripture to determine truth.

Otherwise, you have interpertation by willy nilly
---John_T on 6/1/06

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All quotes are in the Wisdom section, and the psalms are poetry. They are patterns of repitions of thought; some are not to be taken literally, but figuratively.

Yours seem to support a geocentric solar system, but the actual is heliocentric. When Jesus said, "Herod is a fox." it is hard to imagine that Herod actually had a bushy tail and ran on all fours. The context demonstrates if a verse is literal or figurative.

One psalm verse says the earth moves around the sun.
---John_T on 6/1/06

'Interlocking principles' are an idiosyncratic presupposition, unique to your personal sectarian point of view, a sectarian view with Jargon I am unfamilier with. I am told 'reformed' means something like neo-Calvinist, also something I am unfamilier with. The Calvinist I know are hard-core reconstructionist, Gary North, Roshdooney, etc. Just when I think I know something about religion, something new is thrown at me.
---MikeM on 6/1/06

My response to the post by John T: I have stated exactly what I DO believe, and it has nothing to do with 'new age' ideas. I find discrepancys between Biblical doctrine (literal interpretation) and what Jesus taught. When I find a discrepancy, I ask God about it. I'm not afraid to ask questions, and I welcome them. It is through asking questions that we learn more about the true nature of God.
---Grace on 6/1/06

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