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Was Judas Following God

Was Judas doing God's will for his life when he betrayed Christ?

Moderator - No.

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 ---Rich on 5/24/06
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Jesus chose Judas because he was a the bible. Jesus purposely chose a very bad apple so that the devil could work through him when the time came. if Judas had been chaste, Jesus would have chosen someone else for that role. God discerned Judas' character not created it.
Judas was doing Satan's will...but God had a plan to use Satan's will against him (Satan didn't realize what Jesus' death would accomplish).
---Okebaram on 9/5/07

The Bible says that Judas was possessed by a demon when he betrayed Jesus. It was God's will for him to be possessed by that demon to betray Christ. Without his betrayal, The death of Jesus would have never happened. Sin would still rule the world.
---Leslie on 1/1/07

Well we don't realy know what happened in Judas's mind. We do know that he did by a plot of land and later threw himself over the edge of a cliff (Acts 1:18) So he didn't kill himself right away like they portray in the movies . I believe in my heart that he did seek forgiveness but was so overwelmed with guilt he couldn't face it anymore. He was prechosen by God to do this (Acts 1:16-17), the scripture had to be fulfilled, this was something that Jesus knew in advance would have to be done.
---rev._chris on 6/14/06

When Judas acknowledged he had betrayed innocent blood, instead of making restitution he DESPAIRED-this was his SIN - all he had to do was go back to Jesus & say I am sorry forgive me.he did not trust & believe in Gods Mercy,he PRESUMED that Jesus would not forgive him .
---Impartial_Bystander on 5/26/06

Perhaps it could be better said that Judas was doing the Satan's will when he betrayed the Lord Jesus Christ. Both Satan and his demonic led people are permitted today to play out their role. The time is coming of course in which all spiritual entities that are against God and his people will be tormented in hell for ever
---mima on 5/25/06

We've all had a moment of temptation that struck a chord with us, a particularly attractive sin.
Judas betrayed his own conviction, and maybe sought the acceptance the world; more specifically the Pharisees.We saw concern for money among the disciples when an alabaster Jar of perfume was lavished on the teacher; I'm willing to guess Judas might have led the charge.
---Pharisee on 5/25/06

Furthering that, there were times when Jesus would have been seized yet "slipped through the misdt of them."
Maybe this lead Judas to think he'd gain some easy dough? There's no telling what went wrong in Judas' mind, but we know that Satan had entered into him, and I'm guessing the Pharisees approached him at an earlier time My point is he knew he has sinned When he yelled out to the Pharisees "I've betrayed innocent blood"
---Pharisee on 5/25/06

I believe Judas did what he considered the right thing for him to do, for whatever reasons. I know the Father knew what he would do and worked with it to accomplish His plan, consider this, his betrayal was prophesied long before he was born. I personally don't believe a man can take his next breath apart from the will of the Father.
---josef on 5/24/06

I'm sorry, I disagree. The ENTIRE universe was created by God, even Satan. Or do you believe that Lucifers "fall" came as a surprise to God? All of this was created so we could make a choice, each of us. We can choose to worship God or something else. If you believe God has had little or no control over evil and will not wrest control until the end, I believe you underestimate the Almighty God.
---Rich on 5/24/06

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