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Homeschool Or Public School

How do you know when and if it is time for you to homeschool your children versus the public school?

Moderator - My five year old is in a school for gifted children and I have no problem at this point with his education. However, in addition he is taught at home everyday including Bible time. He gets it. I think issues to consider are the individual child and the family as a whole. My 18 month old is at home only.

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 ---Amanda on 5/24/06
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Check the Scripture and you will see that it is never time for you to send your little ones to an ungodly education system. God has given parents the responsibility to have their children taught by God fearing people.
---john on 5/12/08

The ultimate responsibility for a child's education rests with the parents. The school exists to facilitate discharge of this responsibility.

I fully support parents' rights to home-school their children--provided they actually get educated. I know of a couple of cases where the home-schooling was VERY lax and the children could just barely read.

It's not for everybody, but for those who can do it successfully, more power to them.
---Jack on 8/1/07

I LOVED homeschool, but it was only for a couple years. You can be very social as a homeschooler. Keep your homeschooler Involved with friends, lessons, activities... Homeschoolers have an edge if curriculum is up to standards and if parent/teacher is 100% devoted.

---Reiter on 11/14/06

i think it was SOO sad that the only thing keeping m kids from a christian education was MONEY! homeschool is a great option but not if you are a single mom who MUST work. everything is about MONEY these days and this applies to educationn too
---michelle on 7/1/06

my kids were in a private christian school. however i am a single mother and could not affrord the tuition this upcoming year, so i had to enroll in public school. i have to work full time so i cant homeschool (cont)
---michelle on 7/1/06

We homeschool our 4 children (soon to be 5). We have them active in soccer, gymnastics and girlscouts for social interaction. We attend library book clubs and take field trips with other homeschool families.
---Tracy on 7/1/06

It is depend on each child and each family as to what the needs are.
---Thomas on 6/1/06

My sister homeschooled all 4 of her children until they were ready for high school. She was in touch with other parents who home schooled, and they would get together and take the kids on field trips and other outings. All the kids were in social settings with other kids from church and their neighborhood. None had any problems adjusting to a new school situation. All are college grads, most with advanced degrees. This is the ideal and can be done succesfully.
---NVBarbara on 5/26/06

My daughter started high school this year and I did an incredible amount of research regarding the high school she was to go to. There are many public schools that I would never consider putting my daughter into, however, there are excellent public schools as well. You have to do the research to find them. My concern about home schooling is the isolation that it presents. Children have to learn how to cope with society and its differences of opinion, culture and lifestyle.
---Grace on 5/25/06

If you can homeschool I would do it. we had our kids in christian schools and pulled them to put them in public schools was the biggest mistake that my husband and I made. We are moving and we are sending them back to christian school. we saw a big change in them. If it wasn't for my husband and I to keep on them the teachers in the public school didn't care. I don't say all teachers are bad or the public schools I am just saying in the area that we are at. I won't put them back in the public schools.
---debbie23453 on 5/25/06

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