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Is Invetro Fertilization Faithless

Is invetro-fertilization man's way or God's way? If we do IVF, is that showing a lack of faith on our part?

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 ---Donna9759 on 5/25/06
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Leah, you said, "To me, it doesnt matter whether its through IVF or natural - all that matters is that god has given me the desire for a child and it will happen."

Leah, if God has given you the desire for a child, then GOD will make it happen, not man.

I've been where you are. Did IVF and all 3 embroyos died inside of me. I was devastated and distraught for many year. God told me, "You came and asked me to bless man's ways and I will not do that."

It's been 12 years since I did IVF and God just revealed to me that I have 3 children in heaven. He received the spirits of those embroyos when they died and my children are growing up in heaven. GOD IS GOOD - HE WILL WORK IT OUT - NOT MAN.
---anon on 9/2/09

We finally have twins coming our way thanks to these programs from our son and lovely wife. We thank God, and the children will be raised Christian because that is what we are.

Don't listen to Rhonda from Arizona. Best wishes and best hope to you.
---Nana on 9/2/09

Those who say IVF is for impatient people with no faith have obviously never tried it or had to wait for a child....

"obviously never tried it" somehow that is supposed to validate one is NOT impatient if others didn't try medical tinkering?? ...the worlds way of GET way gotta have it now society ...isn't this why young couples are maxed in debt and over-mortgaged and under-employed ...why wait with FAITH and be GIVEN by God when "give it to me now" worldly medical tools are available to GET it now ...rather than LISTEN to God who may be telling you that your not ready

MANY women wait 10+ years to have children faithfully blessed with MANY healthy children after waiting PATIENTLY

---Rhonda on 8/29/09

I am a christian and i have faith that I will have a child. To me, it doesnt matter whether its through IVF or natural - all that matters is that god has given me the desire for a child and it will happen. I am only 26 and have tried the natural way for over 5 years. We have been doing IVF for 6 months now and have had 2 miscarriages. Those who say IVF is for impatient people with no faith have obviously never tried it or had to wait for a child....Its the most trying thing i've ever done and if anything has strengthened my faith more than anything. I havnt had sucess yet but i will. James - i sincerely hope you never have this happen to you as it appears you a very quick to judge other people.
---Leah on 8/28/09

I think that everyone should remember that God is greater than anything. He put doctors here and gave them knowledge. I have my daughter through IVF. We have gone through it a few more times and have been unsuccesful. We are about to go through it again and hope and pray that we can have a sibling. We have researched into adoption and the cost is outrageous. It is unbeliveable especially when you hear about many children who need love from a good family. The finalization is prayer!!!
---Andrea on 5/20/08

It is easy to judge when you don't have a constant wish to have children. God would not give you that need if he does want you to have it. Yes, you need faith but IVF tests your faith in more ways that you can imagine. You have to have faith in God to make it successful. Man can only do a small part in the IVF procedure. God still needs to make those cell's grow into a human.Miracles happen in different ways,not only in the natural way
---Alida on 2/24/08

...Results very, they broke one of my eggs, another stopped dividing early, there were 2 I think category c-5 another was b-10 (which I really feel is my daughter.) They categorize them by symmetry A is a perfect circle B is next to perfect C, not quite as good as B the number indicates the number of cell divisions that have occurred. I could have had a multiple birth, but at a certain point God takes the whole thing over Continued...
---Frances on 9/13/07

... It was really comforting when the tech that does the actual sperm & egg injecting said something similar, she is a Nun. Anyway 2 died and absorbed into my body (just as a lot of pregnancies women have and never even know of) and 1, my daughter attached and grew. I prayed for God to let his will happen, and that if it was his will for us not to have a child to let me be able to accept it in a graceful and understanding manner. I prayed in Jesus Christs name. Continued...
---Frances on 9/13/07

... I now have a near perfect daughter (well we think she is perfect) to love and care for daily. My husband and I did not marry until I was 35, I had my daughter 2 weeks before I turned 38. Had I not been so old and tired we would have had a second, sometimes I wish we had, other times I am glad we just have her! I have a video of my daughter when she started cell division. I asked them if it was possible to make a video, which seemed like an unusual request, but they said they could. Continued...
---Frances on 9/13/07

... I am so glad we did. The video shows where they cut the tails off of the sperm sucked it into the needle and injected it into my egg. And each day they showed the growth and cell division taking place. My daughter likes to watch her creation. The end!
---Frances on 9/13/07

My daughter is an Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) baby, which is a kind of in vitro fertilization, it is where there is a factor for the male or both parents. They pulled 5 of my eggs (that is all I produced on the fertilization drugs most women produce much more around 30 of 40) and my husbands count was a little low so they took some of his sperm sucked it up this microscopic needle and injected it into my eggs. Continued
---Frances on 9/13/07

God allowed Satan and his angels rebel and Hitler destroy so many. He may allow you to conceive by this mechanical means more like to be a part of man subduing nature than the holy union of two people as it was in the beginning. The whole point of being protestant is so you can do what ever the hell you want and have your cheap insurance. Contraception was once considered immoral in all dinominations. The one Holy Universal Church which carries Christ's protection will never allow IVF.
---James on 8/31/07

Having attempted to concieve for 5 years and being a strong chrisitan, I feel like I am qualified to make a fair statement. I am not convicted with IVF - some of us are convicted differently and that is not wrong. I have been praying about this for many years and I am fixing to go through this procedure. What is God's will is what will be. There are no guarentees with IVF, if it is meant to be sucess God will allow it to be.
---Candice on 8/9/07

my husband & i r currently doing ivf, God has opened the door & blessed us every inch of the way, we do not "throw away" any unused eggs we store them for adoption or use them for the future. this is after praying about this for 2yrs when God opened the door for us to have it done for free, no regrets at all & nothing but blessings since!
---Beth on 3/7/07

No God says mans knowledge would increase who made us curious? Who made us wanting to know? Who made us to help others? God. I was fortunate to have 4 children the normal why and easy at that too, but many do not have that easy road yet they want to be parents and would make wonderful ones. So there are other doors open now and also adoption. It isnt a lack of faith perhaps more faith is needed to pray, keep going for shots etc. and holding on.
---Jeanne on 12/3/06

Those who use aspirin, disinfectants, heart medicine, cholesterol medication; are they faitless?
I am aware of some cults that do not use any of those. How about winter clothes for the Northern regions? How about we forego all of civilization and go live with the bear and the deer in the woods so we can show how great is our faith!
---Nana on 12/3/06

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I'm so grateful that God meets all of us where we are. If you choose to undergo IVF, God can use it to bless you. Maybe it is a lack of faith or pure impatience, but he's so patient and full of grace. If you choose to believe the impossible and ask Him to bring you a child naturally, He will meet your measure of faith. It will be done just as you believe. Read Mark 9:24 and 11:24. It may involve waiting and patience, but in the end you will receive a miracle if you don't doubt His power!
---Cara on 11/29/06

IVF is man's way. For whatever reason, God does allow children to be born this way. However, God did make men and women to conceive children by normal copulation. I do not agree with IVF. There are so many little children waiting to be adopted by couples who love children.
---Helen_5378 on 9/24/06

I believe that IVF is mans impatient way by lack of faith. I cannot remember where exactly, but the bible says something like hope deferred makes the heart sick. If we believe God is able to bless us with a child then we should be patient and wait for that blessing. James 1:3.
---Moses on 9/23/06

IVF requires the fertilization of many eggs which are then stored and then destroyed! Life begins at conception. This is not of God. It is man's way. Man's very evil way.
---james on 8/31/06

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Invetro-fertlization just sounds like an additional way to be blessed with a child if necessary.
---Thomas on 6/1/06

"Invetro-fertilization" is man's way because it is created by science. But it is created by man to help couples who could not bear children the natural way. Doing an IVF is not showing lack of faith in my part but an acceptance that somehow, somewhere in my system is a defect that I have to accept. I always believe that God helps people who helped themselves.
---Bebet3754 on 5/26/06

IVF is man's invention because GOD blessed them with the knowledge to come up with it. Most people who have it done have had an extremely difficult time trying to concieve and usually there is a physical problem which prevents natural conception. It's no more a lack of faith than someone with a diseased organ having a transplant
---T.S. on 5/25/06

I think to judge a lack of faith is quick.

Better to say they are impatient.
---Pharisee on 5/25/06

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I see nothing wrong with using technology. Do we lack faith if we take insulin for diabetes? Do we lack faith if we go to the doctor for any other medical problem? We live in an age of medical technology, and I see nothing wrong with invitro if a couple desires a child.
---Madison1101 on 5/25/06

While if a couple came to me asking my advice on having IVF, I would have to say I wouldn't advise it.

OTOH, I cannot condemn out of hand a couple who triest it.

Ulitmately it's none of my business, but only of the couple involved. They are the ones who must take responsibility for this action befoe God.

Not I.
---Jack on 5/25/06

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