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Al Gore Running For 2008

Should Al Gore run for president in 2008? Do you think Al Gore will become the next president in 2008? What about his global warming movie with Hollywood?

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 ---Sally on 5/25/06
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In my vieew al Gore and most democrats are socialist. The Republicans are slightly less socialist. I am Libertarian. I believe Hillery will be the next president. I will cry when that happens.
---MikeM on 3/19/08

One great thing about the USA is that anyone (native-born citizen, that is) can run for president.
---Jack on 5/19/07

Global warming is real. Think of others before yourself

teach love
---frank_cos on 7/27/06

I recall Bush's 2004 STate of the Union message, in which he complained about "activist judges not doing what the people want."

Judges are NOT supposed to do what the people want. They are supposed to do what is RIGHT.

Of course, it was activist judges that put him into office....
---Jack on 6/5/06

If not Gore or Hillery, who would you choose as a candidate? I vote for the person, not a Party, never a straight party ticket.
So, who do you think is a 'worthy' candidate?
---NVBarbara on 6/4/06

Does Al Gore even want to run for President in 2008?
---Thomas on 6/1/06

I am Libertarian and dispise BOTH parties. Both are for big goverment, and control of people lives, the rhetoric is different, but the reality is the same. My Biblical example is the Israelites who wanted a King, Saul, to be like other nations...the bigger the goverment, the worse it got......
---MikeM on 5/28/06

Hollywood better worry about another kind of warming. I pray Al Gore doesn't run for president. If he does, I pray he isn't elected. I was taught that weather runs in cycles, global warming isn't real. 20-40 year weird weather cycle.
---Nellah on 5/28/06

Mike, I know how you feel. I cried both times bush was elected.
---randy on 5/28/06

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