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Organ Donor Cards

Have any of you donated your body to science and/or do you carry an organ donor card? If you havn't or don't is it because you think it would be wrong or have you just not got around to doing it?

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 ---emg on 5/28/06
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We know exactly what happens to our bodies after they cease to function. They rot. Only the soul, our "God part" matters, for it's all that survives us.
---Catherine on 11/14/06

I'm leaving with what I came with. When the trumpet sounds, I don't want to wait around for my eyeballs to find me so I can see which way is UP!!! (just joking :)
---T.S. on 6/2/06

I carry a donor card (UK) which allows you to specify which parts of your body you are prepared to donate. What surprises me though is that there is nowhere on the card to put your address so this could create a problem (delay) if medics wished to locate family to confirm that tranplants can take place. I've had the card for a long time and should perhaps check if newer ones now give a space for the address.
---emg on 6/2/06

This is briefly what I found out today. "When you donate your body to science, it can be used for up to three years after which a burial or cremation will be carried out along with a special memorial service." This is in the U.K. There are many reasons why a body cannot be accepted, suicide, infectious diseases being just two of many.
---f.f. on 5/31/06

Candice, I believe the temple of God resides in our spirits that for this time on earth is within us, not our mortal bodies that will turn to dust. IMHO
---NVBarbara on 5/30/06

No I have not & will not donate anything to Science. First off, they will not take damaged parts, I have a low immune system ,so there goes my blood & other organs, 2nd my body even though an earthly one for now, is still Jehovah Gods temple & I will not ruin it even in death.
---Candice on 5/29/06

f.f. I think your friend was misled. It does not seem to be the "British" way of doing things. I would be intersted to hear the result of your new research.
---alan8869_of_UK on 5/29/06

NurseRobert, I am in the U.K. where things might be different from U.S. Things could also have changed since I was told that so I could do some checking.
---f.f. on 5/29/06

Amen Sister Barbara, for this is of the Kingdom that we look to things we all have in common.
---Pharisee on 5/28/06

See the difference? Alan you can be so sweet and delicate with your wording.
My blog sounded as if a mechanic was breaking down a '57 Edsel!
It all works out the same, we will shed our 'earth suits' when we die. God will make them whole and perfect at our bodily resurrection.
---NVBarbara on 5/28/06

a friend's daughter had donated her body to Science and when she passed away they said her body weighed 1 lb over their limit and made my friend pay for shippment back and burial which cost her (an elderly lady) several thousands of dollars. Intention to donate is honorable but who knows what will happen after you pass on?
---Ann on 5/28/06

FF, thats not true... If you donate your body for medical study it should be treated with great respect and is "disposed of" (buried or creamated, according to the family wishes) at the end of the year. The school provides for the funeral. At the Medical College of Georgia (where I went to nursing school) they had a memorial service for all of the people who donated thier bodies. It was a beautiful event. Don't let this put you off, its a noble cause.
---NurseRobert on 5/28/06

I carry a donor card but have not donated my whole body to science. I thought of doing so at one time until a friend told me that she had changed her mind after discovering that her body could be used by medical students for years after which the family would have to collect and dispose of the remainder. She said that she couldn't put her family through that. I decided I couldn't either.
---f.f. on 5/28/06

I am an organ donor and my drivers license indicates that. It is all wore out, but maybe I will have something to help others live if I can't.
---shira on 5/28/06

My donor card says "any part of my body for the treatment of others".
When I have died, I will not be in, or need, my body any longer, and it ceases to be holy (that's not the right word, but I mean it is no longer the organic thing that God has provided for me to live in on the Earth)
Giving it for the benefit of others is the last act I will be able to make which obeys the commandment to love my neighbour.
---alan_do8869_of_UK on 5/28/06

Its listed on my Driver's licence that I am an organ donor. After all my parts have been stripped, what's left will be cremated.
---NVBarbara on 5/28/06

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