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Woman At The Well Saved

Do you believe the woman at the well in John chapter 4 received salvation. If so why? If not why? Or are you noncommittal about this question?

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 ---mima on 5/29/06
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She had been waiting for "Messiah" and was even still desirous of "better things" (Hebrews 6:9) such as the "rivers" (John 7:38, Revelation 7:16) and she readily recognized Messiah while the disciples still called Him "Rabbi".

This is the water that also flowed from Christ's side (very significant "water" because eating of the bread of life is not enough, we must also drink of His spirit in order to "enter by the door", John 10:1).
---greg on 6/1/08

When Jesus makes you a well, you no longer have to go somewhere else to get water.
---Linda on 5/30/08

Hey Jack,

Good answer! Yes she was saved. There are so many good lessons to be learned here. Not only was she saved, but she was also forgiven for her past infidelities.
---trey on 5/29/08

At first the woman is still thinking on the physical level. She wanted this living water so that she would not have to come all the way out to Jacob's well every day. However, She first saw a Jew, then a prophet and finally the Messiah. YES, the lady at the well was saved. Jesus saved her.
---catherine on 5/29/08

Not only was she saved, but she set up her own Woman at the Well parachuch ministry.
---Jack on 5/29/08

I do not believe that the woman at the well received salvation. In verse 29 she asks "...Could this be the Christ?" Also after Jesus says to her in verse 26 "I who speak to you am He." there is no response from the woman. Scripture does not say that the woman confessed Jesus as the Christ, so that is why I say she did not receive salvation. Many this day confess that they believe in God, but they refuse to believe in Jesus.
---Helen_5378 on 9/3/07

I think any who have seen his glory firsthand; nicodemus, the woman at the well ect, ect. and been taught by him definately had a choice to make.

To say that they made it or not is not within my power, but I know I made a choice when I sought the evidence for myself, and having never seen him in person I still chose to believe.

I have to think they believed.
---Pharisee on 3/13/07

Definitely saved! When Jesus told her he was the Messiah, she believed him . She subsequently went into the city & gave testimony of her belief to others in her community. Because of her action many of the Samaritans also believed after she'd led them to Jesus. Definitely saved! (Jn. 4:39)
---Leon on 6/4/06

I believe she was saved. She went and told others about Jesus and what He had said to her. The bible doesn't tell us in clear words that she was saved but it certainly doesn't tell us that she disbelieved what He said either. The fact that she was so excited and went to tell others shows me that she understood what He said about living water etc. From what we read in verse 29 I'm sure she knew who Jesus was.
---M.P. on 5/30/06

Donna- I agree. Jn 4:28-30: "The woman left her water pot, and went her way into the city and saith to the men, Come see a man , which told me me all things that ever I did. Is not this the Christ? Then they went out of the city and came to Him." In her excitement she left her water pot, her chore forgotten. The MEN in the city heard her and went after Jesus. She was a mere woman, a sinner and an outcast as well. What was it about her that made these men even listen to her..let alone seek Jesus?
---Donna2277 on 5/30/06

Yes she did. Her leaving her waterpot and going into town to tell people about Jesus, indicates, she believed, and then went out to tell everyone else. Isn't that what we've done when we first got saved? She also realized who Jesus was when she said: I perceive you are a prophet. She also wanted the living water he had to give Yes, she rec'd salvation. "If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart God raised him from the dead, you shall be saved."
---Donna9759 on 5/30/06

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