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Effective Church Fundraising

My church has finance problems. What are the most creative and effective fund raising activities we should do besides car wash and garage sales?

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 ---Emma on 5/29/06
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In the past, we have sold BBQ plates. Eat in or take-out.
---Fred_S. on 10/20/08

sub sales works
---tom on 9/21/07

If the members of the church won't support it, is it fair to expect outsiders to?
---Jack on 6/4/06

Pray without ceasing. The church that I go to, we have never had any type of sale, yardsale, bakesale, etc. We feel that we are bumming and our faith would lie in the people and not God Almighty. We have never missed a payment on anything in the church, and we have money to give for those in need. How do we do it you might ask? The bible says "You have not, because you ask not". We are faith believing. Everybody pitches in, including the Pastor and we don't pay him a Salary, by his choice.
---Rebecca_D on 6/1/06

Not knowing your church does not qualify me to say for certain. Therefore, I will say that when our church began to fall behind in funds to pay our "way", we first prayed as a group and individually for guidance. Then we were led to look within the church body to bring us all back in order as families and the group back in "church order" with the scriptures. Each church need is different and the body must decide how to use it's resources. The fervent prayer of a righteous man...
---mikefl on 6/1/06

The only time that I think a church should be raising money is if it not for themselves. We raised money for tsunami, hurricane & recent earthquake victims. When our own church has a need then the church members should be prepared to give more themselves and examine themselves as to whether what they need is REALLY needed. Do the hymn books really need replacing this year or could they wait etc. Be good stewards of what you have, get a job done cheaper by doing much of the labour yourselves etc.
---f.f. on 5/31/06

focus on evangelism and don't worry about money GOD will provide.

we have no budget because GOD supplys our needs not our wants if our wants over come our needs than we get a financal hardship.

I will be praying for your church
---willow on 5/30/06

Church dinners don't generate that much revenue. Shows using congregational talent work one or two times a year. Benefit concerts work any time if you can get a name artist to donate their time. Silent auctions can be useful try getting frequent flyer to donate airline miles etc. You have to pick thing that other local organizations aren't doing that have high return on investment. Be careful of scam outfits that are after you church mailing list or church directories for mail ot telephone solicitation.
---notlaw99 on 5/30/06

Teach on the blessings of giving. It seems the people have the money, you just don't get it from them unless they feel they are getting something back. If they are taught that heavenly rewards are far better than earthly ones, they will give.
---john on 5/30/06

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