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Can We Disown Family Members

Should you disown those in your family who are in other religions?

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 ---Gerold on 6/1/06
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People like you are an abomination to the Lord. Why would you want to disown someone because they are not like you? That is a very ugly and selfish attitude. That is like saying you will not deal with someone of another race or gender, because they don't look like you. Variety is what life is all about! If everyone,in this world , was like you, I would not want to be a part of it. Don't be stuck on stupid. Everyone does not have to be like us in order for us to accept them. Being different is ok. Just learn to love and appreciate people for who they are.
---Robyn on 9/23/10

Well the answer is clear to me. You can not you may not like what they become or what they do but they are your family. I can not imagin anything that my children could ever do bad enough for me to disowen them However there are those that can my father in-law first disowened his daughter, then his grandson and now almost 2 years ago his son my husband and the worst thing about it is that my husband has lost his mom and his father. No they are not dead but close enough his mom can not even come see us or talk to us in fear of the repracations. It is so sad. I told my husband not that you would but if you ever told me I had to give up one of my children for you I am afraid you would have to go because that is not happening.
---Terry on 9/11/10

No, you shouldn't disown a family member who is other religions. Me and my sister was born and raised catholic. She and I joined the Baptist religion. My family still have the love and respect for us even before we converted religions. As long as we are going to chuch everyweek, my family is happy to see we are going to a place of worship. We are all serving one God and it don't matter how we worship him.
---joana9869 on 3/27/08

It is quite usual in some religions for members to be told to have nothing more to do with their families. This is certainly not the Christian way but those who have a family member who has joined a cult or false religion might find themselves cut off by the other person. In these cases Christians should endeavour to keep in touch even if spurned and pray for them but, as they have chosen this way, we cannot force them to keep in contact with us. We have to leave the matter with God who knows all things.
---RitaH on 3/12/08

I would never disown a family member. That is not the way to get them saved and on their way to heaven.
---shira on 3/11/08

my family is a league of religion...theres an SDA, Jehovah's Witness, Baptist, Presbytarian, Assemblies of God, Church of Christ and Destiny church...We all get along very well and share our beliefs..there has never been any arguement amongst us when the Bible is discussed .. we learn of each others belief and I believe that it is healthy to understand ones belief.
---jana on 5/2/07

that isn't very loving...shunning stinks please don't do it because then they may never come to the light.
---Jared on 5/1/07

"Should you disown those in your family who are in other religions?"

No, you shouldn't. My dad is threatening to disown me if I marry an older man. You should never disown your family.
---Kay on 5/1/07

No!!! You should take every opportunity to gently but firmly pointed out the difference in what you believe and what they believe but under no circumstances disown anybody because of what they believe. I'm outrageous enough to pray for them(their salvation) in their presence.
---mima on 4/30/07

Well I stand corrected. The one in san Dimas is accredated by the "Western Association of Schools and Colleges in Alameda, CA." This is rather questionable. As to Oral Roberts, the school, and HE is very questionable. The other schools I have never heard of. In looking at their web sites, science depts. do not seem to exist. that is my forte, thus the schools would not be for me.
---MikeM on 6/7/06

MikeM- All these are fully accredited and offer Bachelors and/or Masters degrees
North Central University (AOG)- Minneapolis,
Southwestern AOG University-Waxahachie. TX
Rhema University- FL (Orlando, I think)
Oral Roberts University- Tulsa, OK
( ORU is listed in US News and World Report
best Colleges and Universities
Life Pacific College--San Dimas, CA
Summit Pacific College- Abbotsford, BC
---Donna2277 on 6/6/06

Donna; many colleges, universities, hospitals are named after religions, or religious leaders, protestant, Catholic, or Jewish. Can you name one pentacostal college in the whole U.S? My sister is having a hard time with this, she being a sensitive type. What she is going through with being disowned is far worse than what the rest of us went through. This pentacostal sect is well known.
---MikeM on 6/5/06

MikeM-- Tell your sis that some Pentecostals would be proud she is going to college! Other churches trying to "come out from among them and be ye separate" become comfortable with only their own small group. Outside,they fear, they will be irresistibly drawn to sin and be made to look foolish by someone better educated. Of course, nothing like this has to happen. Sadly, they hide their lights under a bushel. Tell your sister to let her light shine and trust God to keep her in all situations.
---Donna2277 on 6/3/06

Read 1 corinthians chapter 13, pay special attention to the first 8 verses.when we worship our idols does God forsake us if we repent?you must assume that someday they will come to the truth, and you are the leading factor, your influence on them, your love, kindness, never ending love towards them.But read the chapter first.
---tom2 on 6/3/06

Oh, it happens all the time.

Whether it SHOULD be done is a different question.
---Jack on 6/3/06

My father threatened to disown me BECAUSE I became a born again Christian and joined a Baptist Church. He was of a denomination akin to Unitarian. I was a "Fanatic" to him. I was a 14y/o girl...he didn't put me out on the street, but I was kept in my room for weeks, no church, no friends, no contact with church people. I was relieved to learn that what he really meant was "disinherit". At that age I cared nothing about an inheritance. Eventually he forgot his his threat.
---Donna2277 on 6/2/06

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NO. Everybody isn't going to see eye to eye on everything. Just because they believe differently than you, that doesn't mean you have to disown them. Did Jesus do that when alot of people made fun of him, and worship an unkown god? No, he didn't. You got to love people in. As long as there is breath in a body there is hope.
---Rebecca_D on 6/2/06

Don't you think disown is a harsh word? Do you mean "walk away from" or "not bother with?"
The only time you should walk away from someone in other religions is if you've given them the gospel and they cuss you out, spit on you, call you names, and grieve the Holy Spirit. I was friends with 2 athiests, showed them God's love, and now they believe there is a God. But I didn't disown them because they were athiests.
---Donna9759 on 6/2/06

3. As each one of my brothers, and now sister, went to college they were disowned by the pentacostal part of the family. My younger sister, 20, sitting next to me now wants to know if all pentacostals do the same thing. I will not 'broad brush.' My education was in biology, I was labeled an 'evolutionist'-to them, that is anyone with education in the physical sciences. Her undergrad work is in economics. They have given her no reason yet for being 'disowned.'
---MikeM on 6/2/06

2. They also will not let their kids join scouts (I am a scoutmaster in my Church) claiming the kids would be exposed to kids in scouts, and that scoutings founder was a mason, therefore scouting is evil. The irony is the rest of us differ in the extreme in our beliefs, yet family love trancends other considerations, and doctrines are never discussed-and thats maturity.
---mikeM on 6/2/06

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1.The pentacostal part of my family, about half of them completly disowned everyone else over dogma. They claim the RCC, Mormon, SDA, and Baptist are all cults, and have not spoken in years, they are very hateful paranoid people. I note that pentacostal part of the family happnes to be the reformed ex-drug part of the family who had some other severe dysfunctions. The RCC, Mormon, SDA, Baptist part were never addicts. I think that may have something to do with their choice of beliefs.
---MikeM on 6/2/06

Love your enemy, pray for those who despitefully use you, do good to them that hate you, bless them that curse you.That advice is to the enemy. So how could we justify disowning a relative? It's a good thing God doesn't disown us just becasue He doesn't agree with our life.
---john on 6/2/06

Shira's right. How can they see Christ in us if we disown them? Often we are the only "Bible" they will read. We are to be the reflection of the love and light of Christ to all. People who disown loved ones , do so out of their own pride and dictatorial attitudes. The Bible says bless those who curse you,pray for those who dispitefully use you. If we are to pray for those who do evil how can we give up on someone whose only "fault" is a difference of beliefs. Prayer moves mountains.
---Darlene_1 on 6/2/06

Disowning them will do no-one any good but we might find that the amount of time we spend with them socially will change. We should never give up on anyone, false religion, backslidden or unequally yoked. All need prayer and Jesus; disowning them will not show them this.
---emg on 6/2/06

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they disown themselves by leaving the true faith and family of God for falsehood and dead idols.
---Eloy on 6/2/06

My parents disown my elder brothers and sisters because they were converted from being catholics to another religion. It was an experience worth forgetting but I can't. It has affected me so much that I could say I am just a product of what happened in the past! I wish that parents would be more understanding to the changes that goes on in the minds and hearts of their growing children.
---Bebet3754 on 6/1/06

Helen a prophet is not accepted in his/her own home town and among his own people.

That's hard for me too, I see the potential that some of my family have if they could just come into the light, but then I've had acceptance from certain wise ones too, so I'm not totally alone.

So as it is I am the family fool, the jester and whipping boy...The kids love me though, think about that.
---Pharisee on 6/1/06

Think of the parable of the mustard seed and think of the person you esteem the least for whatever reason; a religious argument or what have you, and then think of what God could do in a creature with NO redeemable qualities.

That was me as an unbeliever.
The Grandmother who took in the offensive heathen to the protest of her family, showed him grace and he saw God.
He saw nothing in himself and now had to be filled with the light he finally comprehended.

God never gave up on you.
---Pharisee on 6/1/06

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Helen: Be a silent epistle and pray for them. Love them. What else would Jesus do?
---Madison1101 on 6/1/06

Love them. Love is always patient and kind, never resentfully envious or covetous, never boastful or proud. Love does not demand it's own way, it is never irritable or touchy. Love does not hold grudges, it hardly takes notice when others do it wrong. Love is never glad when someone is harmed, however it rejoices when they are healed. It never participates in a deception, and is always an advocate of truth. Show love and they will ask you the way to find it.
---josef on 6/1/06

The only way I'd disown them is if they're unequally yolked. If they try to stop me from fellowshipping with God. , not if they're in other religions, but how their fruitage is, but there is a flipside to this, I pray for them. Though I might not them in my house as long as they are against God, if they repent& show me they are turning to God then yes I'd reconsider.
---Candice on 6/1/06

What then are you supposed to do when a family member absolutely refuses to hear the truth of the gospel from me, but every time in conversation never fails to bring up their religion to the point that it drives me crazy?
---Helen_5378 on 6/1/06

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