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Who Forbids Marriage

First Timothy 4:1-3 says this,"doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron; Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats" now what denomination does these things?

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 ---mima on 6/2/06
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Wrong Paul was a Phraisee and a teacher and according to Jewish tradition and law, would have been married to have been a teacher of the law. We do not know what happened to his wife, but he was not married when he was talked about in the scriptures.

"Actually, Jesus nor paul was married."

---Jack on 6/3/0
---Ramon on 12/10/07

The word translated "meat" in the KJV does not mean beef, chicken, or pork (KREAS), but is the general word for food.

Oddly enough, "meat" is the 17th century general word for food.

If you're trying to play Bash the Catholics, you'd LOVE the DaVinci Code. It does the same thing.
---Jack on 11/23/07

Kasia, very important, the Catholic Church never said that Jesus demanded a celibate priesthood. But He did not say that it was wrong either.

Too many are hung up on doing the least they can get away with for Salvation. Where is your gratitude. We are children by adoption, we should be celebrating and showing that we are Christians by doing all that we can to be more like Christ.
---lorra8574 on 3/28/07

we are free to choose what we want to get marry or not.. it is our decision, forbiding to marry is not biblical it is only catholics dogmate but Jesus never forbade get married to people.
---Kasia on 3/28/07

Helen 5378

Matthew 6:16 and Matthew 9:15

Blasphemy for calling Jesus the Devil. Jesus said that we would fast and that includes abstaining from meat.

Step up Helen. When was the last time you fasted in accordance with th scriptures?

Only false teacher would tell you that fasting is not scriptural. Or that you shouldn't do this.

The question is, were you decieved, or do you seek to deceive others into following the doctrines of men?
---lorra8574 on 3/27/07

Helen. The RCC doesn't teach not to marry except as per Scripture from 1 Cor.7 for their priests to stay single so as not to be distracted and be able to give his life to the ministry. Paul taught this to everyone. Was that the doctrine of devils too?
---john on 3/27/07

It is the RCC that forbids marriage and commands it's members to abstain from meat particularly on Good Friday. Cult.
---Helen_5378 on 3/27/07

What denomination does these things?--- ALL of THEM.
---catherine on 3/26/07

Part 2 And there is a difference between occassional abstaining from meat and condemning the eating of all meat, or one or other type of meat, permanently. Catholics abstain from meat on certain Fridays (as part of fasting Matthew 6:16), but we do not teach that eating meat is sinful. And we are permitted to eat every kind of meat now that God has lifted the prohibitions - Acts 10:10-15; 11:4-9.

I am not aware of any Christian denominations that do either of these things now.
---lorra8574 on 3/26/07

The Essenes forbade marriage within their ranks; however the letter to Timothy was referring to heretical groups that existed at that time. They no longer exist, but they are recorded in the writings of the early Church Fathers, along with the Nicolataines.

These groups forbade all marriage, not just select groups as rightfully occurred in Judaism and Christianity Matthew 19:12.
---lorra8574 on 3/26/07

I dont know about 'forbidding to marry', but I can list a TON of churches that the FIRST THREE things describe! (but there's not enough room on here, sadly)
---T.S. on 3/26/07

I dont know about 'forbidding to marry', but I can list a TON of churches that the FIRST THREE things describe! (but there's not enough room on here, sadly)
---T.S. on 3/26/07

While I am not a "Greek freak". You can plainly see that first Timothy four calls this for bidding to marry and obtaining from meats, doctrines of devils.
---mima on 7/12/06

2/... The most dangerous part of any cult is that the people truly do believe what they believe. How are they going to know they are wrong if somebody does not tell them. The Bible teaches that if we do not tell them the truth that Jesus died for them, then their blood will be on our hands. I will not love them into hell.
---Helen_5378 on 7/12/06

NurseRobert - It is not only an insinuation that catholics are not Christians, it is a fact. How can you call people who idol worship and abound in false teachings Christians? Try asking a catholic some time what they think sin is -- they don't even know!! There may be some few who are saved, but most if not all are not. The Lord Jesus brought me out of the RCC a long time ago -- thank God that He did or I would have gone to hell had I died. (cont..)
---Helen_5378 on 7/12/06

Jack, about lifting the meat ban for the past 30 years, I have gone to catholic school until my high school grad recently and we were never served anything but fish sticks, filets or mac n cheese or grilled cheese on any friday not just during lent.
---Tracy on 7/11/06

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Christina, the discipline about Friday abstinence was dropped at LEAST 30 years ago.

Even so, it didn't apply in all cases (those with special dietary needs, sick, service personnell in the field, etc.)

In any case, it was not a general BANNING of fleshmeat at any and all times.

There's a difference here and what 1 Tim 4 is talking about.
---Jack on 6/19/06

Eve, as far as I know, ALL nuns go through a ceremony where they 'marry' Christ and from that point wear a wedding band. I believe this also applies to Anglican nuns as well as Roman Catholics. Someone correct me if I'm wrong please.
---emg on 6/5/06

part II.

Most of them are anti-Catholic and insinuate that Catholics are not Christians. And NO, Im not Catholic.
---NurseRobert on 6/5/06

Part I

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These are just a few of the Blogs dealing with the Catholic church.
---NurseRobert on 6/5/06

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Jack, When I was catholic we WERE forbidden to eat meat on Fridays, fish was ok though. Has the RCC changed its stance on that? If so, why?
---Christina on 6/5/06

Has anyone ever read about certain rcc sects and greek orthodox in which the nuns actually believe they are marrying Christ and even wear a wedding band?
---Eve on 6/4/06

I have pointed out many times that I'm NOT a Roman Catholic.

The Roman Catholic church does NOT forbid "eating of meat"--only merely abstinence from it on 6 or so days of the year, and even THIS abstinence is not obligatory upon all.

The word used here is NOT KREAS, the word for such things as beef, chicken, and pork, but is a generic word for food.

Moderator - They do forbid marriage of Priests.
---Jack on 6/4/06

Jack - I do not understand what you are talking about, but I do not read the KJV version of the Bible.
---Helen_5378 on 6/4/06

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Jack - "This means that EVERY church except the original one which has existed from the time of the apostles IS a man-made denomination."

Somewhat agree, but the Roman Catholic Church had its birth as a denomination with the Council of Trent - 16th Century.

It is highly simplistic to believe that the Roman Catholic Church had it origin with Christ any more than any other grouping.
---lee on 6/4/06

IN short, 1 Tim 4:1-3 is NOT talking about the RCC, and anyone who insists it is is "bearing false witness against his neighbor."

BTW--I'm not a Roman Catholic.

I admit it has many problems, but all forms of Protestantism have inherited the same problems.
---Jack on 6/4/06

Helen--I read the Bible and study it in several versions, including the original Greek (LXX for the OT, as this is the version the original Christians accepted.)

Jesus is Lord of my life.

Don't you just hate it when others point out a mistake you made in limiting yourself to the KJV?
---Jack on 6/4/06

NurseRobert - "Catholic bashing" -- responding to error and pointing out the truth is not "bashing". As for me I am on Jesus' side.
---Helen_5378 on 6/4/06

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Jack - Have you read a Bible through for yourself only and studied it? Who is Lord of your life?
---Helen_5378 on 6/4/06

NurseR ... yes there do seem to be a disturbing number of that kind of question now being asked.
---alan8869_of_UK on 6/4/06

Correct Jack, the Christians met in homes or outside and worshipped God and the apostles taught Christ. The church was the people, not a building NOR any denomination.
---Steve on 6/4/06

Quite right, Pharisee.

The excellent way is the path of no denomination.

This means that EVERY church except the original one which has existed from the time of the apostles IS a man-made denomination.
---Jack on 6/4/06

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Mmmmm another "let's bash the Catholics" blog...
---NurseRobert on 6/4/06

Part 4:

OTOH, there were gnostic sects who condemned all matter as evil in itself. Sex and marriage (as the physical body is material) fell under this condemnation.

THISis what 1 Tim 4:1-3 talks about, as anyone who knows anything about church history can tell you.
---Jack on 6/4/06

Part 3: Clerical celibacy in the RCC is, as everyone knows, a mere discipline, not doctrine. Whether it is now a useful one is arguable. I know several priests who are married and in full clerical status in the RCC. Three live in my city.

But Marriage is and remains a sacrament in the RCC. It would hardly be so were it "forbidden."
---Jack on 6/4/06

Part 2:

The temporary abstience from flesh meat (now imposed on only 6 or so days in the year) in the RCC can be substituted for some other act of self-denial, if one is unable to abstain.

But there WERE sects who absolutely forbade certain foods at all times. To give a curious example, the Pythagoreans forbade ethe eating of beans--they might be your late grandmother.

And there were other sects, including heretical Christian ones, that were even more rigorous.
---Jack on 6/4/06

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If you will read this verse in the original Greek, as I said, it does not mention "flesh meats" (to use the 17th century English term), which would be KREAS, but quite simply the word meaning "food". (Ever hear the term 'grace before meat"?)
---Jack on 6/4/06

I really don't see the point in getting angry, surely Mima is not the first to pose a question in regard to this verse.

Paul may not have been married, but he insisted that every man have the right to his own wife to avoid sexual immorality.

I'm not against Catholics I'm against legalisim.
---z-pha3394 on 6/3/06

Jack I'm sorry I offended you,

But the more excellent road I speak of regards the path of no denomination.

Paul warned us about making comparrison between men, and frankly denominations are born of differences between men and destroy the unity of the body.

The high road was to above all else gain Christ through loving our brethren dispite our differences. Let's just do that ok?
---Pharisee on 6/3/06

Jack -- "Catholic bashing" is a pretty cruel accusation. I was brought up in the RCC so I do know what I am talking about. People almost always only get upset when it is their idol that is being so-called "attacked". Bless you.
---Helen_5378 on 6/3/06

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It's not a denomination that does or will do these things, but folks departing from the faith & giving in to these things.
Doctrines of devils or evil spirits can be seen in many places. There are folks who worship satan. Some folks have made doctrines/denominations(outside of the body of Christ) worshipping other spirits.
---Rickey on 6/3/06

Actually, Jesus nor paul was married.

ONly in the Latin church is clerical celibacy practiced, and even that is not universal, as I know several married Roman Catholic priests who are in good standin, pastors of parishes.

Furthermore, the fasting discipline (changed 40 years ago) has existed in churches NOT in communion with Rome. It's hardly a Latin invention.

Therefore, Pharisee and Helen, the intention to indulge in Catholic bashing (with inaccurate information) is all to clear.
---Jack on 6/3/06

The Roman Catholic Church is the only one that I know of that does these things. They will not allow their clergy to marry, and will not allow nuns to marry either. God made marriage for everyone, and never in His word does God say to not marry.
---Helen_5378 on 6/3/06

Well we can consider a realistic examination of fact "bashing" if we like but continuing to ignore fact in light of Scripture is hardly a call to the high road of reason.

In all things the Apostles pointed us to the high road, a place where the most excellent things were always considered, and I can't help but feel as though the servant who posted this blog is trying to do the same.
---Pharisee on 6/2/06

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