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What Is A Confession Booth

Would exposure of what is said in the "confession booth" destroy the Catholic Church?

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 ---mima on 6/3/06
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Inasmuch as private confession is NOT only a practice of the Roman Catholic church--what's to expose, Mima?

Or are you trying to stir up trouble by having people talk about things they don't know about (like yourself).
---Jack on 1/1/08

Mima--I'm still waiting for you to tell us about what is said in confession that will destroy the Roman Catholic church.

Either prove your statement from what you personally know from your own experience or people you have met (polemical words don't count)--or withdraw your charge.

You've made your accusation. Now substantiate it.
---Jack on 6/7/06

BTW, Mima and Helen....

The "confessional booth" hasn't been used for years.
---Jack on 6/5/06

I don't know where you got the idea that you were telling the truth. I've been giving nothing but the truth and pure historical facts.

If your heart is closed there's no sense in my continuing.
---Jack on 6/5/06

It's strange, Helen. I thought that you had figured out by now that I was on Jesus's side and was pointing out your errors to you.

ALL the ancient churches of the east practice private auricular confession. So do Lutherans, Anglicans, and even the Salvation Army had what was called "penitent form," which boiled down to private confession.
---Jack on 6/5/06

Jack - Hi it's me again! I am curious Jack as to who other than the RCC has a confession booth? Also, why do you believe that it is right to confess your sins to a man?
---Helen_5378 on 6/4/06

What judgment is there against you to say that a child either was not properly instructed, or didn't understand the teaching given?
---Jack on 6/4/06

Jack - With all due respect you were not there and you are not supposed to judge me. The Roman Catholic Church is full of fear tactics to keep the people they have already got. But since you are on their side, you wouldn't be saying anything against them now would you? I am on Jesus' side and it is my job to point out error to you --- if you do not receive the truth there is nothing I can do, except pray for you that your eyes will be opened to the deception.
---Helen_5378 on 6/4/06

No, I don't think it would destroy it, but priests are bound by vows to keep all that is told to them secret.
Even when I was an RC, I told my sins to God, not some guy in a robe. He couldn't forgive my sins, only God through Jesus Christ can do that.
Mima asks probing Qs,why be so rude Jack?
---NVBarbara on 6/4/06

It's a shame you were so poorly instructed that you thought you had to tell a lie in confession, Helen.

I'm not going to expect a child to be able to practie self-examination as meticulously as an adult, but why didn't you just tell the confessor that you couldn't think of anything?

After a brief examination, could neither of you truly find anything, he would have simply let you depart with a blessing.
---Jack on 6/4/06

Undoubtedly it would destroy the RCC. My memory of the confession booth as a child is this --- I got in there one day and just could not think of a single thing to confess for that week, so I said that I had told a lie.... fact was I was lying by saying that!! --- I told a lie in the confession booth. The confession booth hey --- not too bright.
---Helen_5378 on 6/3/06

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