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Teachings Of Rogers And Price

Do any of you know anything about the teachings of Dr. Adrian Rogers and Dr. Frederic K.C. Price?

Moderator - Rogers taught the Bible and Price teachings many false doctrines.

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 ---emg on 6/4/06
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Yes, I know about Dr. Adrian Rogers. He was a man of God and my kind of preacher.
---shira on 4/22/08

Adrian Rogers was a God loving servant of our Lord Jesus Christ.Every sermon that the Lord used him to preach always lined up with the Word of God. He was taken home to be with the Lord in Nov 2005. You can still listen to his sermons on his website at, Love worth finding.
---Cynthia on 7/18/07

Fred Price teaches on faith. Check out his teachings for yourself. He teaches it line upon line & precept upon precept making it simple and easy to understand & in-line with the word.

Moderator - He is the most racist person I have ever heard speak whether Christian or not. His son is allowing Hip-Hop on the pulpit for entertainment. This is false Christianity at its best.
---Rickey on 7/13/07

What he said was don't go to God & say " Your will be done" because many folks don't ask in faith & try to put everything on God. Some go to God & say " Father if it be Your will bless me, heal me, etc." not knowing that it is His will.(Hosea 4:6) W/O knowledge of the word folks are literally cut off from God's best for them.
---Rickey on 6/5/06

Ricky, he said don't pray God's will be done. He wants you to pray your will be done, not God's. Very different concept or theory. Puts man in control don't you think? Little gods. Seems many here believe that already with all the power they carry. Just read what Mima said, He made someone fly all the way to the sits by touching him. Now is that power or not?
---Lupe2618 on 6/5/06

Many people have asked me about Fred Price and Kenneth Copland's ministries. I believe both of these men are making merchandise of the people. And they both teach many things which are not scriptural based. That said; I wouldn't venture a guess as to thier conditions before the Father.
---mima on 6/5/06

To pray "God's will be done" literally means to find scriptures on the topic & pray them. If we pray & say, " Father, if it be Your will heal me", we aren't acting in faith according to the word. Meaning, asking according to His will/word. His will & word are one & the same.
---Rickey on 6/5/06

Thanks for the help there. It sounds as though Frederick Price preachers similarly to Kenneth Copeland. Bearing that in mind I don't think I'll bother reading his book which I've recently been given. The other book is by Adrian Rogers and you mostly seem to think he's the real thing so I'll read that one. I have limited time to read so don't wish to waste it on books that will not be helpful to me. Thank you all.
---emg on 6/5/06

Since many of you believe already this garbage, I am not surprise that I someone will defend him. I know by the answers everyone has put down on many matters of the Word Faith movement. We should not support anyone that mixes truth and lies. Satan did that to Eve and quotes Scripture mix with deceitfulness to pull away God's children to go astray and believe the lie and not the truth.
---lee_1 on 6/5/06

2. get virtually anything they want. Christians rather than God, have authority in the earth over Satan and sickness and disease. Consequently, believers should never pray "God's will be done."
---lee_1 on 6/5/06

Here is what he said, "When a person is born again they experience exactly what happened to Jesus. There satanic nature is replaced by God's divine nature. The transformation is identical to Jesus' transformation that Christians become little gods (small gods) and are as much an incarnation of God as was Jesus." And he goes on to say, because Christians are "little gods" they now have access to the "Godkind of faith," which can be used to
---lee_1 on 6/5/06

I believe what happens is the people watch him and and don't pay attention to what is taught. They get so caught up in the spiritual that they overlook what he is really saying. He speaks truth mixed with many lies and people believe he is great because of the truth part and are willing to overlook the rest.
---karen on 6/5/06

Rickey maybe your involvement with Price is causing you to answer some of the other questions on this site the way you do.
What does your statement, "He teaches it line upon line & precept upon precept making it simple and easy to understand & in-line with the word," mean?
What do you consider precept upon precept to be?
---Elder on 6/5/06

Adrian Rogers was IMHO a dedicated teacher of the Word and I never heard him once sway from God's Word. I was blessed listening to him, he is missed.
I watched Price years ago, but he just went too far teaching some false doctrine, I haven't seen him in many years. I can't comment on what he's up to now.
---NVBarbara on 6/4/06

It's true we are called to be holy, but many times folks have the wrong definition of holiness. Due to the definition that folks have made it has caused bondage.
---Rickey on 6/4/06

Contrary to popular belief, hip-hop is scriptural. Sing unto the Lord a new song(Psalms 96:1) Rapping using scriptures isn't wrong. As a matter of fact it is ministry. There are different strokes for different folks.
---Rickey on 6/4/06

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Moderator, have you listened to what he is teaching? Are you basing what you're saying on opinion or the Word?

Moderator - Yes, I have heard Price many many times. And yes racism is against the Word of God as well as Hip-Hop from the pulpit as entertainment. Christians are called to be Holy.
---Rickey on 6/4/06

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