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Why Are You On These Blogs

What's your goal in coming to the ChristiaNet blogs? Is it to find friends? Win souls to Christ? Share knowledge? Find sources of new knowledge? Or simply join the fun?

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 ---Bebet3754 on 6/4/06
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There are plenty of believers here for fellowship,and lots of apparently either non believers who need to hear and see Gods word through his ambassadors.also many young christians who need guidance.My goal in life is to be used of God to win the lost to jesus.And in the process grow in the lord myself.
---tom2 on 11/16/07

I visit this blog for I am led by His Spirit, and if I hide it under the basket it will surely catch fire.
---Lynn_E._Bedford on 6/22/06

MikeM: The Department of Life Sciences in the university where I am teaching teaches evolution. But no one, no professors would even attempt to evaluate on the personal beliefs of the student. The professors are not out to "convert" a student to believe on evolution! Of course, questions about evolution would be asked during the exam but the questions are just asked for knowledge purposes. We don't evaluate "faith" in our science classes. It is beyond the area of any science course!
---Bebet3754 on 6/21/06

All of the above.

I also am somewhat of an apologist, searching for a publisher. That is why I seem to "go after" SDA Christians. Many SDAs are saved, but many also trust EGW and her whacked, and plagerized writings.

Those, I try to make uncomfortable, citing truth to move them to a boader understanding, and I mean no evil

I also try to comfort afflicted ones.
---John_T on 6/19/06

This is my experience with "open-minded" evolutionary scientists. An explanation given for one thing was at odds with the "proof" for something else. Much of what was paraded before us was circular reasoning and when it came to origins, they had no answer. Often they flat out ignored stuff that tended to disagree with their theories and the professors REALLY did not like to be challanged. I had expected the scientists who claim to revere the scientific method to honor it.
---DeeKay on 6/19/06

Hm-m-m My first MA was from a public university. I expected that my science classes would teach evolution. They did. I expected that except for faith in the Bible and God's explanation their ideas would be supported by good logic and material evidence that seemed to support the theory of evolution. It was with the greatest shock that I found out that was not the case.
---DeeKay on 6/19/06

Going back to this literal creation question. What that would require to maintain such a view is avoidence of all education beyond high school, to protect faith. The 'hard sciences' then would collectivily hae to be seen, in total, as being 'evil wisdom of man' and thereby suspect. Is that not what the dark ages were all about?
---MikeM on 6/19/06

I visit because there is always something interesting being discussed, it's also very educational, and fun. I sometimes don't want to sign off:)
I've run the whole gamet(?) of feelings while reading both questions and responses. Sometimes I can barely believe my eyes. Other times I'm in complete agreement with somewthing that's been said, and have been known to throw up a spiritual internet blog amen and high five, smile.
---lynet on 6/18/06

To Mike M: No, no, no,no and no, in awnsre to your questions (I belive 6-7).
---Alexandra on 6/18/06

I come here to learn what other Christians believe. It's been an eye opener at times. And I'm often motivated to dig deeper into the Scriptures to determine which beliefs are Biblical and which are not.(I admit to sometimes enjoying spirited debate) Mainly, I've noted that about the only point of agreement is that Jesus saves and "ye must be born-again".
---Donna2277 on 6/18/06

MikeM--Here's something we actually DO agree on. I stopped a few credits short of getting an MSW (Masters in Social Work).I was 40 at the time, working in a hospital where reality smacks you in the face daily. My university study was mostly useless. As for DOING social work, I decided that anybody with a good list of resources and some common sense could help people just as much. Even now I think of Prof. Churchill at CU (and others whose names momentarily escape me) and wonder what planet they are from.
---Donna2277 on 6/18/06

I more refer to the professors in social science deptartments, whom I wonder what real function they have. The social sciences are in constant flux and they all sport 'pet theories,' wanting to see their own ideas on the front page. I will stick with the hard sciences. A professor earns a masters in math and sociology, they can get a greeter job at Walmart, 'counting people.'
---MikeM on 6/18/06

Part II.
You stated that college professors are living on their own ivory towers. They are not! They seem to be unaffected by the difficulties of daily living and by the crisis that sometimes occur because their analysis of the unfolding events have already made them aware of the possible outcomes. Having known the possible outcomes, they are more capable of adjustment. That's why you won't see them panicking over issues.
---Bebet3754 on 6/17/06

Part 1.
MikeM: I asked my friend regarding the state that people in the academe seem to be shielded from the difficulty/reality of daily living. Like, when the workers are marching on the street, we, the teachers and the college professors, are safely hidden from the heat of the sun and the pavement because we are in the universities. I wish to tell you that we seem to be separate from reality but we are in the midst of it.
---Bebet3754 on 6/17/06

EmG; I believe college professors to be the most 'removed from reality' class of people in America today. They live in their ivory towers and are seperated, often divorced from the realities of daily life. They do not experience the abstract and urbane theories they postulate. This is found more in the social sciences than anywhere else. I never 'trusted' anything, taking what they promoted with a 'grain of salt.'
---MikeM on 6/11/06

Mike "What you are saying is you know nothing about it and are simply comfortable with what your beliefs tell you. I guess that a peaceful place to be." Yes I am very comfortable and peaceful thankyou. What God's word tells me is far more important that what any university professor could tell me.
---emg on 6/11/06

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I come here to instagate thought. Yes, I do like to debate. I debate against atheist as well as fundamentalist. Atheism I believe can be a religion. I do not like to argue through, debate and argument are not the same thing.
(EMG; What you are saying is you know nothing about it and are simply comfortable with what your beliefs tell you. I guess that a peaceful place to be. I know lots of blissful people who I will say are more happy than me.)
---MikeM on 6/10/06

I am glad that I posted the above questions because your responses made me happy. I am seeing your reasons why you're around CN blogs. Albert's responded that he found his mate here at CN. That's should be categorized as "friendship that is to last forever!" Congratulations! I have another question: Could it be that some people join CN blogs for the pun? Any reaction?
---Bebet3754 on 6/9/06

2. I believe that He would like us all to accept His Son as our Saviour, but with foreknowledge He knows that many will not. I do NOT believe in predestination, I believe everyone who hears about the sacrifice that Jesus made has a choice of accepting Him or rejecting Him but that those who have NEVER heard have not had the chance to accept or reject Him and God knows who they are also. I dont expect you or others on C.N. to agree with all I say.
---emg on 6/9/06

Mike I agreed to answer your questions but I can only do so within the range of my own beliefs. Obviously we disagree on many things but, in a nutshell, I believe in the 6 day creation, that God made all things (including oceans) but to the time scale that the bible says. I believe He made only one pair of adults from whom we are all descended, regardless of the variety of our appearances.
---emg on 6/9/06

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Q4(ctd)Mike.M:: I believe God is a just & loving God with compassion & wisdom beyond man's understanding.If you look around, all religions have incorporated a moral Law. Most of which are in the T/C with exception to those which pertain to OUR Lord & saviour who has said all mankind will know about him.This is an ongoing process & we will not be around to see its fruition.People of this era & foregoing eras will be subjected to His mercy & will, not really in our jurisdiction.
---Emcee on 6/8/06

Mike M::The questions you ask some can only be answered by God eg 1&2 in all truthfullness. One may speculate but this will be incorrect.
Q3Is in my mind clear as God made man to his image & likeness which is evident from all races.Science & religion do not equate as the working of Gods mind, will only be know to man if at all,he desires.TBC
---Emcee on 6/8/06

To tell the lost the good news about Jesus, and to share what I do know and to learn what I don't know.
---Helen_5378 on 6/8/06

eMG; Curious, how could you believe in a 'young earth?' To me thats like saying 'I dont believe in the pacific ocean.' I see no difference. Untill 1890 Catholic textbooks still said the earth did not move, and that is equatable.
---MikeM on 6/8/06

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-In reality you answers are more 'liberal' than 'some answers' offered by your American cousins, some who do say babies/children burn.
-I would not expect you to answer about our religious politics.
-As to evolution, its, in the end, subjective belief vs. objective reality. I have seen people run out of a musium that displayed early man fossils, then a year later deny they were even at at the musium. That ain't faith.
---MikeM on 6/8/06

5. Your last question which you have also numbered 4, I do not actually understand. Perhaps that is because I am British (or maybe not as educated as you are). If there is a way you can re-phrase it for me I'll attempt to answer you but I'm sure that others will anyway. 1, 2, and 4 have, I am sure, been discussed on here before but perhaps you missed the discussions. Hope I have helped. God bless.
---emg on 6/8/06

4. I do not believe that God consigns to Hell anyone who has never had the chance to hear about what His Son Jesus did for them. I believe that they will be judged on what they did with the knowledge they had. I also think the mentally retarded will be treated the same way. How could anyone be sent to hell for not believing something that they were incapable of understanding?
---emg on 6/8/06

Mike. 1. I personally do believe in a young earth but I do not believe that it is a salvation issue. 2. Aids or no aids, I do not believe that babies and children, too young to understand the gospel will go to hell. 3. I cannot see evolution being compatible with scripture because I believe that God made man in His own image and other animals, all complete, not one changing into another.
---emg on 6/8/06

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Bruce; theory? no issue.
2. II Sam 11:23 Ok, I see no issue, some would.
3. Man has been on earth a very long time. Adam and Eve, the first pair, of 'covenented' people.
4. Romans 2:13-16 conscience of the Gentiles? Its rather vague.(cross reference31:33 (31-34)
5. Ok, non-American

2 then answered
---mikeM on 6/8/06

Q1. Have you heard of the Gap Theory? Makes sense to me.
Q2.Babies in Hell. The thing to a catagorical would be David's statement in answer to this is II Sam 11:23
Q3.As it relates to the origin of man, yes it is because if there is no first pair, there can be no original sin.
Q4.Paul deals with this in Romans 2:13-16
Q5. I have no interest in getting involved in American political discussion.
---Bruce5656 on 6/8/06

Why am I on these blogs?
I come here for the 'soul food!'
---NVBarbara on 6/8/06

Emg; 1.Does one have to believe the earth is only 6,000 years old?
2. Do AIDS babies/children go to hell?
3. Is Evolution mutually exclusive from scripture?( I am a biologist)
4. Does the majority of humanity, created in love by the Creator, who have never heard of Jesus, are they predisposed to hell?
4. Is American pluralism, and the 'republic' anathama to conservative protestants?
These are the questions I have been asking. NEVER have I had a real answer, only a rhetorical dance.
---MikeM on 6/7/06

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i have only replied to 3 blogs - the last 2 in the past 2 days, but i am a little disappointed. i was hoping to exchange information with other christians, learn, and receive feedback on my opinions. maybe i am doing something wrong - i can't figure out how to find responses to my blogs.

Moderator - Just click around and experiment.
---melissa on 6/7/06

I am really sorry MikeM but telling me that I could find your questions if I scroll back through two months of questions is insufficient information and, as far as I am concerned, is an unreasonable request. I have difficulty keeping up with all the new entries without having to do a deliberate search for your name (without even knowing the titles of your questions). If you repost and I find that I can answer any I will do so, otherwise, I would, respectfully, suggest you let the subject go.
---emg on 6/7/06

My answer: To glorify God.

Off topic: Hey, Jack, I've only read two short posts from you and I agreed wholeheartedly both times. I think I like you, lol. :D
---Loree on 6/6/06

J & emg; If you scroll back two months you will see I have asked these questions, all, without exception, bailed. I have learned one good thing here. I used to think the 'sheperding' part of my family were normative protestants. From most here I have learned they are considered beyond the fringe. As to the various issues I've challenged, but they always fall into the classic fallacies of AD HOMINUM. As for me, I go along with "If ones faith cannot stand the test of free inquiry, its finished."
---MikeM on 6/6/06

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2. As Bruce, I too am troubled by the questions asked because they don't seem like they come from Christians. And some of the answers are very bad, attacking the person. I have never in life seen that and so it surprises me that Christians would be so mean sometimes. To me if its about the essentials of the Christian faith it is important but we should not attack anyone. Especially their salvation since no one knows a persons heart. I have met wonderful brothers and sisters and have made so many friends.
---Lupe2618 on 6/6/06

As Bruce put it on part one, I too have learned a lot and have never studied as hard as I do now. It has given me an incentive to continue to learn more and to make sure it is not my opinion but from many great writers of Scripture that have been gifted in teaching. Commentaries from six different theologians to make sure I get the point and what is happening at the time certain passages were given. Also have used Christian websites that help answer many of the questions ask here.
---Lupe2618 on 6/6/06

What questions are those MikeM? I would like to take a shot at answering.
---J on 6/6/06

to minister the gospel.
---Eloy on 6/6/06

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Mike M perhaps you could open up a new question for EACH of the dozen or so matters that you feel have never been answered. Perhaps you could start each off by saying 'this is the 1st (2nd, 3rd etc.) of my unanswered questions'. Some of us might be aware of these being asked before by others and be able to direct you to replies, or you might just get some answers this time around. Why do you think that it is protestants in particular that avoid responding?
---emg on 6/5/06

God has given us all free will to believe what we will decide.Thats his design. But remember his design also includes one truth the only truth,his plan for his creation through his word, and spirit. Whether you accept or not the truth is your choice, as a born again christian I,am here to speak the truth, in love, through jesus to the glory of God the father.amen.
---tom2 on 6/5/06

Exercising my ministry of comforting the afflicted--and afflicting the comfortable.
---Jack on 6/5/06

All of the above.
This is one of the most exciting places I've visited. I learn something daily, I've been reading for quite a while, and I'm glad I started doing a bit of writing. It's like a non stop Bible study, also it's enlightening to see all the different opinions.
I'm glad to be a part of it all.
---lynet on 6/5/06

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I'm going to start looking for a limping guy when I go out MikeM. I'd love to give you a hard time face to face. How did you fall OFF a Jeep? Did you hear me laughing?
Seriously, I appreciate your input bro, get well soon. :)
---NVBarbara on 6/5/06

I like to share scripture and tell why something is or is not sin. I like to tell people that God will forgive them, if they repent and believe in Jesus. If we goof up, we can confess to God and get back on track. Thankfully God is more forgiving than people are. These are the things most important to me.
---Ulrika on 6/5/06

To share the good news of Christ. I enjoy reading other people's opinions, and their beliefs. I may disagree with some, but that doesn't mean we can't get along in Christ. If I say something to help someone along the way, then thank God for that. People have helped me see things differently on some things that I haven't seen in the bible before. and I hope that I have returned the favor. That is what is all about, Loving God, Loving Eachother.
---Rebecca_D on 6/5/06

what I have noticed hers, as I have for 20 years, since I was 15, is that I ask the same dozen or so questions that cannot, or more correctly are not answered. Protestants avoid, dance around them, bail, or are offended by the asking of them in the first place, the same now as 20 years ago. I suspect these same type of questions were asked 400 years ago when protestantism was new.
---MikeM on 6/5/06

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That is a very good question. Why am I here? On the one hand, it has kept me on my toes theologicaly. On the other hand it has been very frustrating sometimes reading the things people say (not to mention do!)

It brings me to the Bible on a more frequent basis re-examining my own long held beliefs and those that others present here.

For that reason it has been worth it.
---Bruce5656 on 6/5/06

PART TWO: (You wouldn't realy expect me to say anything in one part by now would you?)

My eyes have been opened as to the breadth of opinion that Christians have regarding some subjects. Most of which are inconsequential in the grand scheme of things and a few which are very troubling to see put forward.
---Bruce5656 on 6/5/06

I can never forget CN because through this site I have found my new wife and I consider her as a gift from God.
---Albert on 6/5/06

1.I have learned here even within coservative protestantism there is a very wide spectrum of belief, they are not monolithic.
2. I learned much of my 'sheperding' relitives are considered to be very apostate, and not mainstream.
3. Through I am not protestant( I have not said my religion) I can respect others beliefs.
4. I have a broken femor, and can't do much else until it comes off next week.(fell of a jeep in 'Vegas) now dont laugh, I will hear you if you do!
---MikeM on 6/5/06

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only been a christian for a year and live with my mom who is not a christian. my boyfriend guides me a lot but he goes away to sea for long periods. I just use the blogs to learn from other more mature christians :)
---anon on 6/5/06

I enjoy reading the opinion of others. People live in a little box made of their opinions. And so when you read their opinions you know where they're coming from. Every time I go out to witness and every time I post here I know I'm going to discover other people's opinions. One time reading what Elder wrote, I learned a different idea about free will.
---mima on 6/5/06

All the above
---mike8683 on 6/5/06

All of the above Bebet! I have made some dear friends here. I learn from so many, and its an encouragement to spend more time in the Word, and my prayer life has become so much more meaningful. I hope and pray that I have helped even just one person see our Lord more clearly and let them know that I REALLY do care about them. This site is fun often too! I love our Humor blog! God bless you all, that includes our faithful Mods!
---NVBarbara on 6/5/06

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I'm trying to bless people so that I might as well be blessed.

I only wish I could say I never lose sight of that.
---Pharisee on 6/4/06

GOOD question
I have met some dear friends on this sight. nvBarbara Elder Maxine and Shamas. I know if I emailed them or called them would be at my side.
this is a wonderful crazy family and I love it so much.I just wish my own time constrants allowed me to be on here as much as I want.
---willow on 6/4/06

To share knowledge and sometimes learn from others by being corrected when I post things that are not always accurate. We should never stop learning.
---f.f. on 6/4/06

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