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Our Origins From God Or Satan

Do you believe that ALL things have their origin with God (who saw that all He had made was GOOD) and that the devil tries to spoil much of what we've been given, or do you believe that certain things actually have their ORIGINS with the devil?

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 ---f.f. on 6/5/06
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All things have their origin with God. God is the creator of everything, and I mean everything that you can think of. However everything fell when Adam fell, and sin entered the human race. I also believe that before the fall there was not things like dust and weeds --- all bad stuff came in with the fall ... the whole of creation fell.
---Helen_5378 on 4/28/08

Impossible, the Devil has no creative power except to generate the lie which will die at his side.

Isaiah 45:7 I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.
---Pharisee on 6/1/07

I believe that every human being is born of the Creator. We all have this within us; this is what Jesus meant when he said the Kingdom of Heaven is within you. We have the freedom of choice to access our inner spirituality, or follow our ego. I believe that evil is something that humans to do each other, and is grounded in the egotistic nature. It's easier to cite demonization as responsible for sin, but more difficult to acknowledge your responsbility for your behavior and change to follow God.
---Grace on 6/21/06

Father is the one and only creator. Satan has no power of creation. He can only create chaos . Even though there are somethings in this world people want to lable as created from Satan it's not, it is only corrupted by his influance.
---rev._chris on 6/21/06

The sin of pride entered into satan while he still served God in heaven. He wanted to be like God and worshipped.He was cast the earth.satan I believe was the original liar, and deceiver in the garden to eve,But she chose to believe his half truths and diobey God ,which is a sin. She then convinced adam to disobey and he chose to listen to her and sinned.GOD didn,t create sin he created sinful creators by allowing a free will choice to choose.but you can choose not to disobey.
---tom2 on 6/6/06

It is impossible for the devil to originate (create) anything. What appears to be of his origin is in fact a distorted twisted view of what God has done for us.
---mima on 6/6/06

We can read about God's creation, how He made new things each of the 6 days and saw that they were good. I cannot think of anywhere in the bible where we read of Satan creating anything so I would say that absolutely everything has its origin in God. All the corrupt bad things appeared after the fall once Satan came on the scene. Everything in the world that is now put to an evil use was originally created for our good i.m.h.o.
---emg on 6/5/06

The only thing that has its origin with Satan is deception intelligence that rationalizes disobedience to the Father, His Word and His principles based on sensual perceptions of the outwardly tangible. Which is the source of pride, fear, anxiousness, etc, etc...... However as I consider this statement, is there any intelligence apart from the supreme intellect? Maybe Satan just misused the intelligence given him?
---Josef on 6/5/06

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