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What Is The Curse Of Ham

Where does the bible tell us about the curse of HAM? I thought it was Canaan who was cursed AND, where does it say that the curse is Black Skin? I didn't think that there was anything specific said about what the curse actually was.

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 ---f.f. on 6/5/06
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It wasn't all Ham's descendants who were cursed, but only the Canaanites. This was fulfilled in the time of Joshua. NB: the Canaanites were probably olive-skinned, not black.

Anti-black racism is shameful. So is the anti-white racism that almost lynched three young lacrosse players from Duke University for a rape they certainly could not have committed. And the corrupt prosecutor withheld exculpatory evidence so he could pander to the anti-white prejudices of many of the black votes.
---Ktisophilos on 4/26/07

The name Ham means black/brown. Ham wasn't cursed, it was his decendents that was cursed. Gen 9:18-27. And I agree it says nothing about anyone being black. It is a shame how blacks were treated back in the day, and still being treated. Well not only blacks but anyone whom isn't white. Their judgement is coming for judging others.
---Rebecca_D on 4/25/07

The crazy thing is there is only one skin colour. We are all coloured with melanin a dark brown pigment. If we have little of it we are pale if we have lots we are dark brown. I would like to have more melanin as I am an outdoor person sick of developing skin cancers! Anyone got a little brown to donate to a poor suffering whitey? Where's your Christian charity!
---Warwick on 4/24/07

That's one horrid false doctrine.
We're all made of the same dirt.
God likes variety and God likes colour.
---KrispieCremopolis on 4/24/07

What Bible-believing Christians would believe in a curse not mentioned in the Bible?? As the question states, the curse was on *Canaan*, not Ham, and there was *nothing* about skin colour.

This was trying to find a justification for the evil of slavery in America. While most slavery was unconnected with skin colour, American slavery was white-on-black. And America's Constitution says all men are created equal. Hence the desperate pseudo-biblical rationale to deny the full humanity of blacks.
---Ktisophilos on 4/24/07

IT's right after the Flood story--Genesis 9:24.

You're right. There's NOTHING about it being black skin.

But you'd be surprised how many Bible-believing Christians in the South believed this as a dogma of faith when I was growing up.

It was picked up by the Mormons, but one of their recently deceased Living Prophets had a convenient revelation when Eldridge Cleaver was flirting with them.
---Jack on 4/23/07

Thanks Pharisee, that's the hardest I have laughed all day.
---Kathy on 6/7/06

The eldest son of Ham was Cush (the name means black in Hebrew) so that might have something to do with the idea of 'black' being the curse, but it still makes no sense because it wasn't HAM (or Cush) who was cursed, it was another son Canaan. More than likely all 8 people who came out of the ark would have had different skin tones from each other but somewhere down the line this 'curse' was used as an excuse for racism and slavery. Humans clutch at straws to justify evil deeds.
---emg on 6/5/06

Pharisee :) ........
---NVBarbara on 6/5/06


Pharisee, you get 10 points for that!
---Jack on 6/5/06

Thank you Jack. That was the verse to which I referred but it says 'cursed by Canaan', not 'cursed be Ham'. This is why I am asking what do people mean by the Curse of Ham. I just don't think it's there
---f.f. on 6/5/06

I know about the curse of Ham that's not in the Bible.

That's when you invite people over and cook a BIG ham and nobody shows up.

The curse is ham and eggs, ham sandwiches, and split pea soup for weeks...this dear friends is truly the curse of Ham.
---Pharisee on 6/5/06

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