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Son Likes Magic Tricks

My young son is becoming very interested in 'magic' tricks. Is this a harmless interest or could it develop into a real problem? And how should I handle it?

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 ---Criss on 6/5/06
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L. Linda, what in the world does your question have to do with this blog? There's no Rachel even on it! *confused*
---Nancy on 12/23/07

Rachel Reiter, are you still following paganism?
---lovable_linda on 12/19/07

Stage magic is harmless, and is a great way to promote manual dexterity for other tasks.

And if he gets good enough at it, he could earn a living at it.

I'd encourage it.

However, if your son is doing spell-magic, you should inform him that since it is the equivalent of praying in religions that worship other gods, that it is forbidden for a Christian to practice it.

(It's another of those laws designed to separate Jews from Pagans that Christians also follow.)
---Nancy on 12/18/07

[point form. 85 word max]
it uses deception, breaks 9th commandment. A bit out of its original context,

Romans 3:8 "And why not say, "let us do evil that good may come"" however, your works will be judged by its fruits... i use to do 'magic' and then stopped for Gods sake. However to do a neat trick with a 10 commandments coin then walk them through the Law would be great... Please, if someone here may reply [with scripture] i'd much appreciate it. the original blogger too.
---Steve on 12/18/07

It depends on the magic. If it is slight of hand type of stuff, it is harmless. At my old church there was an evangelist who had a magic show in which he told the gospel. Every year the town the church is in has an Italian festival, and the church sets up a booth with the magic show and face painting for kids, and they give away tracts. It is a great evangelistic tool for him.
---Madison1101 on 8/24/07

Magic tricks, also called "sleight of hand"--hundreds of years ago "juggling"--are harmless in and of themselves.

Most magicians (in this sense) do a lot to either debunk or show the dangers of occultism and magic (in the demonic sense).

And then, interests of kids come and go.

Don't worry about it.
---Jack on 3/27/07

There is fun magic and there is magic that envolves witchcraft. There is no harm in doing magic card tricks, or coin tricks. Like those magic people that is shown on t.v. I find it interesting. Just because your son is intrested in simple magic tricks, that doesn't mean he is into witchcraft. There is a difference.
---Rebecca_D on 6/7/06

Overall, I have felt that his fascination is just a passing whimsy and perfectly harmless in the right context - not believing there is any real 'power' in it. Also, to answer one blogger, I forbid my son to watch anything like Harry Potter, the Exorcist, Dracula, etc. Although they may be viewed as fantasy, I feel there is too much evil in those and shows like them. That's a different sort of fascination and NOT good.
---Criss on 6/6/06

There is a world of difference between real magic, which is evil, and slight of hand, which is very clever and entertaining. I see no difference in someone wanting to entertain others with the slight of hand type magic than by singing, dancing, acting, juggling etc. We all know that those in show business are not being their real selves so no-one is really fooled.
---M.P. on 6/6/06

i have been struggling with a similar issue with my daughters. I have noticed an increased emphasis on magic/witchcraft in lots of media and toys recently. I think it is dangerous to open the door to any type of "powers" that are not of God. however, if you are referring to those corny magic trick sets with reversible scarves, marked cards etc. - then that may be OK, as long as your son knows that "magic" is not real. Only God's power should be sought.
---melissa on 6/6/06

I have done slight of hand for a long time and everyone realizes that it is just a trick and not divine intervention. I was taught my first prestidigitation at church camp Southern Baptist, in a class. And we were taught the difference between what we did and what Christ did, which was not a cheap magic trick.
---randy on 6/6/06

Train up a child in the way that he should go and when he is older he will not depart from it.

Do that, and trust in God for that promise, and he'll put away his childish things in manhood.
---Pharisee on 6/5/06

A question what do you allow him to read and watch on tv
---willow on 6/5/06

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