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Holy Spirit Goose Bumps Gone

I know that we are called to walk by faith, BUT I really don't FEEL God at work in my life anymore. Once in a while, I used to get those Holy Spirit goose bumps and KNOW that I had had an encounter with God. Now He is quiet. Why?

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 ---Empty on 6/5/06
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\\Well, we feel em Cluny, They are real:

When you feel it, big things happen! Prayers get Answered, and stuff starts happening supernaturally too. I note the Archangel Michael's characteristics of light and power. Definately Holy Spirit something. Some say Jesus presence.
---brian on 12/15/09\\

One of the traps demons set for beginners is to get them to judge their spiritual condition by feelings.

Christ is risen!
---Cluny on 5/15/11

Willa, I understand your statement,

" I have been part of churches that consider emotional reactions to be Gods presence and that would be the whole of the meeting"

I have too, I've seen the rediculous things done on TV through the W of F teachers. Which is a mockery to the faith. I believe most of it is not from God. They get people pumped up, and once they are very emotional, they throw their false teachings and members answer with amen. Much of the Truth is lost when people are in that condition. Most of those guys start with very good intentions, but later because of their popularity and money hungry actions go very wrong. Real love for Christ does not need to get pump up to feel what is inside of us.
---Mark_V. on 5/15/11

Paul's "That I man know him" has nothing to do with something as unreliable as human emotion.
Goosebumps is not faith.
---larry on 5/14/11


my point is I will love my Lord regardless of what I feel. I did not say there is not a feeling of love but rather it is not real love if it is not seen. The love the scripture teaches consists of every part of us.
---willa5568 on 5/14/11

Willa, nothing in this world feels better then the love we have for Christ. There is nothing. When we truly love our wives, we always think of them, try to please them, worry that we don't abuse them, show our feeling by doing things for them, never talk bad about them to anyone, but that love is nothing for what we feel concerning Christ. Oh, we might make a mistake and because of our love for Him, we ask Him to forgive us for hurting Him. As one song says' "Every time I sin, I feel like I putting the nails back on His hands" I cannot see anyone who is truly born of God not have that love for Christ. And that is a feeling, that others don't have.
---Mark_V. on 5/14/11

Love is partly a feeling, but feelings are not what makes love real. Though we love God we do not always feel like doing what He has commanded us. A good example. Jesus prayed "Father let this cup pass from me". He did not feel joyful about what he was to go through but was willing to do His Fathers will because of the joy set before him.

And about "holy spirit goose bumps". How do you know if it is holy spirit or just excitement. I have been part of churches that consider emotional reactions to be Gods presence and that would be the whole of the meeting. No teaching of any kind, this is not in the scripture. We do not need an experience to know God is speaking. The question is what do you want to hear?
---willa5568 on 5/13/11

I disagree with Mima's comment:
A word about goose bump feelings. Many people never experience these feelings the reason is God will not force himself on anybody."
It's God who gives faith. Many don't experience any feelings of love towards Christ. There is feelings we feel, maybe not goose bumps, but a real love for Christ. If you do not feel that love, then something is really wrong. Can a person love someone without any feelings? Love is a feeling. When God saved me I felt that feeling which to this day I still feel. Thinking everyone felt as I did I found out later on I was wrong, not everyone feel those feelings of love towards Christ. One of the assurances of salvation is whether we have that Love for Christ.
---Mark_V. on 5/13/11

//You don't "get" the Holy Spirit, over time the Holy Spirit gets more of you...

The Holy Spirit's work is confirmed in God's word [and works] not our emotions.//

---aka on 5/12/11

//Now He is quiet. Why?//

Maybe God is given you time for you to get over your tingling flesh and serve Him and others in the way of the Spirit.
---aka on 5/12/11

Could be that God is testing you to see if you will still have faith without any feelings. It is at times like this that you need to trust God all the more and seek to get closer to him and not turn away.

Your faith is being tested and if you pass the test then it will be stronger and you will mature in your faith. Just wait and see.
---poopsey on 5/12/11

Can't say for sure the bumps are from HS/God. I do have them just about every time I Pray. It's a strange feeling,starts at my head then flows like a wave down to my feet.
---Steve_Gabriel on 5/11/11

Empty, God may be quiet because you have chosen to follow and abide in the RELIGIONS, TRADITIONS, and DOCTRINES of people, (which SATAN is probably behind) and have rejected GOD'S TRUTHS!!!
---Rob on 3/22/11

There is no biblical support for Holy Spirit goose bumps.
The Holy Spirit is God's spirit working as guidance and a comforter as promised.
You don't "get" the Holy Spirit, over time the Holy Spirit gets more of you.
The Holy Spirit was at work when Stephen was stoned, when Matthew was murdered in Africa and during Paul's preaching at Antioch for which a riot ensued. I doubt if any of the disciples were feeling goose bumps.
The Holy Spirit's work is confirmed in God's word not our emotions.
---larry on 3/22/11

It is too many christians wanting to experience a feeling when praying and seeking God. The feeling are only a by-product of communing with God. They may or may not come. We should not feel discouraged,down and out if we don't experience emotions and feelings. We should simply thank God for his presence and light. And believe(faith) he heard our prayer and His Will, will be done. Again this is what faith is.
---Robyn on 3/18/11

Next thing I was in the darkness in front of me was light I looked down in front of me I could not see my arms or legs I could only see my chest looked at my chest I was wearing something hard white in colour my chest was luminous and transparent I could see through it I could see my shin I could see Goosebumps all over my skin I was looking at my ribs then I was looking straight ahead what was in front of me was the blackest thickest darkness I have ever seen I was thinkink to myself I wouldnt like to be over there it looks creepy its so dark,this was a vision from god.
I have been getting attacked of satan for 26 years
---paul on 3/18/11

After reading what---Robyn on 3/15/11 worte you can easily see that Robyn has had experiences with Holy Spirit goose bumps,
---mima on 3/18/11

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Next thing I was in the darkness in front of me was light I looked down in front of me I could not see my arms or legs I could only see my chest looked at my chest I was wearing something hard white in colour my chest was luminous and
---paul_dolan on 3/18/11

Experiencing the Holy Spirit and being saved, also, is not about goose bumps. We are to walk by faith, not feeling. Even when we feel God has forgotten about us, we are to still believe and never give up.This is what faith is! If we could see and feel God all of the time we would not be living by faith. Sometimes we just have to be still...period.It is scary and frustrating,too, sometimes. The goosebumps were like a confirmation to you. A support.But when you feel the support is feel the Holy Spirit is gone. Not so.You must still believe and not give up. You are in a growing phase.This is why it is so important for christians to have other christians to pray and fellowship with.
---Robyn on 3/15/11

A word about goose bump feelings. Many people never experience these feelings the reason is God will not force himself on anybody. These same people you know you not to go by feelings. Why? Simply because they never have feelings. The human body, marvelous as it is, can not handle the surge of energy that the Spirit of God contains. When the Spirit of God comes upon you will have Goose bump feelings. And it is up to you to recognize when these feelings come upon you.
---mima on 3/15/11

To someone that has not felt it it is hard to understand. "Goose bumps" is only part of it, words can't truly describe just how amazing it is. I once had a time when I could not fell it. So I prayed, asking for god to come back, bit he had not went anywhere. Not long after I had prayed this I was driving down the road listening to the radio, a women was on talking about how she did not need her husband to tell her how great she was every day to fell needed. After I hard this It hit me, god doesn't need to make him self known all the time for me to know he is there. With this thought the felling returned. god has not left you, he may just need you to learn something before he returns the feeling of his presents. God bless
---job41516 on 3/15/11

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Your encounter with God: The goose bumps does not come from God. What is your salvation testimony? In any case, why ask us? You need to be asking God. Just say, "God why are you not doing anything in my life, anymore? To be honest, I think it's stupid!
---catherine on 7/11/10

I know the "goosebump" feeling too. It is funny how people who have never felt it feel the need to poke fun at it. I love God with all of my heart and soul and I relish that feeling. It is like a chord has been hit. When I thank God for all he has given me, taken away from me and left me, I often get that feeling on the "taken away from me" part.Sometimes music or a real heartfelt truth can bring it about. I have lost it before. When I am willing to drop all composure and pretense and just let my feelings take over, I become overwhelmed with that "touch from God" feeling. God loves you. You must never doubt this. The feeling will return to you when you least expect it if you let your heart lead the way.
---Linda on 7/10/10

Yes, Linda seems true. I know these "Goosebumps" are real, but I have been empty of them too, then, just last night, I prayed in Full Faith, and I felt something new! A New Feeling. This time is was full and not tingly, it made my vision wavery.
---Brian on 12/21/09

First of all, you do not identify yourself by the way you feel. Your identity is in God. You call yourself empty, yet God calls you full of Himself. How can two walk together except they be agreed? It is always awesome to experience God supernaturally. However, God does bring you to a place of walking by faith and being established in structural truth. Moses lost the supernatural when he had to start dealing with the people standing before him to be judged. I had a lot of early experience, but one day Father said to me, "Are you willing to trade the experience and feelings for the truth?" It took me two weeks to answer that question, but when I did He began to establish me in truth so that I was no longer moved by feelings.
---Linda on 12/19/09

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Holy Spirit is GIFT given to those who repent receive water baptism and OBEY - IT dwells within True Christians ...IT is this power that gives guidance teaching correction and help to OBEY

many do not OBEY God and cannot for their carnal minds YET they claim "christianity" and a human experience with the Spiritual ...often described as "glow-y goose bump tingle-y type of feelings"


religious christiandom declares the Holy Spirit is all of these human experiences in human faith yet Scripture is VOID of this idea

this is why you believe their is "quiet" because the deception you believed must be worked-up in human faith
---Rhonda on 12/16/09

\\ Well, we feel em Cluny, They are real:\\

Oh, I don't doubt that you feel your feelings, or that they are real.

But it does not follow that God is causing them.

|| While the acts of God and presence of God are often followed by various physical manifestations, these manifestations are NOT themselves God nor his presence. Unfortunately, many people learn to associate them (which is not itself a bad thing), but mistake the manifestations for God himself (which IS a bad thing). This is similar to pagan idolaters who worship images of things made by God, rather than God himself.||

Good point, Strongaxe!
---Cluny on 12/16/09

What you call HSGoose Bumps are nothing but the anointing of God/Holy Ghost moving upon you and it's a wonderful experience. God gave us feelings,God does move through our feeling very often. Loosing it says nothing about your faith it happens to any of us who have had that experience when we begin to be less involved with God. What I mean are you praying as much,are you taking time to read your Bible,how often do you have a praise sesson to God. The Holy Ghost only moves with the anointing when we prepare and come to God in Jesus Name with our sincere love,adoration, and heartfelt gratitude in prayer & praise. God created humankind for fellowship with him make time for him. Sing to him. He loves the sound of your voice. Glory to God!!!!
---Darlene_1 on 12/16/09

Do you mean, when your heart goes, beat, a beat, beat? He's quiet, now. Huh! He will be back. Just wait.
---Catherine on 12/16/09

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About 15 years ago, while visiting a new church the following happened.
A young boy, who I later found out was nine years old, came up to me and introduced himself. Immediately I knew by the Holy Spirit that the child will saved and when I mentioned this the child said, yes I am saved and have been since I was seven years old.
So pronounced was this manifestation in the form of a word of knowledge that I have never forgotten it. Nor have I ever doubted what took place. So yes manifestation from God often come quickly and take one completely by surprise.
---mima on 12/16/09

And there it is.

Theres always one person to make everything a sin
---JackB on 12/16/09

While the acts of God and presence of God are often followed by various physical manifestations, these manifestations are NOT themselves God nor his presence. Unfortunately, many people learn to associate them (which is not itself a bad thing), but mistake the manifestations for God himself (which IS a bad thing). This is similar to pagan idolaters who worship images of things made by God, rather than God himself.

Imagine how you would feel if you met someone for the first time, and you were wearing a red coat - and every time you met them later, they never say "hello" unless you're also wearing the same red coat? Wouldn't you feel like they loved the coat instead of you?
---StrongAxe on 12/16/09

Well, we feel em Cluny, They are real:

When you feel it, big things happen! Prayers get Answered, and stuff starts happening supernaturally too. I note the Archangel Michael's characteristics of light and power. Definately Holy Spirit something. Some say Jesus presence.
---brian on 12/15/09

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Joy is a fruit of the Spirit is it not?

Maybe some people feel such joy that they get goosebumps.

(waiting on someone to say goosebumps is a sin and give scripture proving it)

---JackB on 12/16/09

There is NOTHING in the Bible called "Holy Spirit goose bumps."

So many people think that they are supposed to feel jollies, fontrums, happies, and such all the time.

Where do they get that idea?
---Cluny on 12/15/09

I have felt these too. Once, I was standing on a crosing island wearing a "No excuse for abuse." T-shirt, and the feeling came on so strongly, that I felt totally overwhelmed! Then, a police person mistreated my shoulder with the palm of his hand, the feeling Instantly Vanished! It was so sudden! It never dissapeared before!

Now I do not feel it anymore either, but I did just now as I was looking up Jesus sites like this one! This is only the second site that I found.

We will get those Manifestations back. Have faith like me,

Your Brother, Brian J. Conners
---brian on 12/15/09

Empty remember job,sure seemed to all his friends and family that God had desserted him. But he never lost his faith, never cursed God, even on a bet with satan. Hold on to your faith brother God ain,t gone nowhere.
---tom2 on 6/10/06

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Because I believe God's Word to be absolute truth, I know that He will never leave me nor forsake me. It is (afterall) one of His promises. I understand the 'feelings' may not be the same, BUT HE NEVER CHANGES!!!! We were discussing this very topic in a bible study class I attend, and someone made an awesome point that helped me grasp it more. She said, "Sometimes God wants to be pursued and so He hides - wanting us to seek Him." Hmmmmm...
---Empty_-_maybe_not on 6/9/06

Empty, God is Holy and God is Love, and his presence indeed can be felt: "Then a spirit by my face passed, stood up the hair of my flesh; standing in front of me, yet I could not discern its appearance, a form in front of my eyes; then a lamblike voice I heard: Is man equal to God? or than his Maker, is pure a man?" Job 4:15-17.
---Eloy on 6/9/06

Empty,brother. Everyone at sometime in their walk with the lord has felt the way you have.Please remember that the battlefield is in the mind.You think God has left so your flesh reacts.we all know that when the spirit shows up peolpe get excited. But friend it can,t be that way always. You have to reach a point in your life were your faith carries thru the times that you describe.Y es it,s not easy thats why its called faith.Believe God friend.I will NEVER LEAVE YOU or forsake you.thats what God said.
---tom2 on 6/8/06

#2--Had I committed some offense? Was He chastising me somehow? No that wasnt it.
But I began to experience the real challenge of the Christian life, the frustrations of spiritual warfare, and that just being a Christian doesn't solve all problems. (Dumb as that may sound,I think I sorta unconsciously expected Jesus to be a panacea.) He stays in the background a lot of the time, but I found out that, when it really counts, when you really need Him, ( and sometimes unexpectedly) HE IS THERE.
---Donna2277 on 6/8/06

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#1--I distinctly remember the same thing happening to me maybe..oh, about a year after I came to know the Lord. I read my Bible AM & PM, spent much time in prayer. But, suddenly, I felt abandoned by the Lord.I begged and pleaded for Him to "restore the joy of my salvation". Where once I prayed and studied and worshipped eagerly, I now often had "force myself".
---Donna2277 on 6/8/06

The Holy Spirit is in you always,quietly nurturing you along and connecting you with the Word eluminating a cause or service or prayer for other .In grief and at funerals the presence is so very
quiet.It is what keeps us strong in everything we do.It has no measurement.Don't doubt your status with God or his promises.You are safe and blessed.In Christ Our Lord.Through Faith in Jesus .Lulac 3895
---Lula on 6/8/06

Suggestion: reading your Bible is an excellent program, but follow up by asking God about what you've read! Ask Him to clarify something you don't understand; tell him that you miss those 'goose bumps'! Speak to God as you do your best friend, telling all of your heart. A relationship with God, as with anyone, is most effective when the communication is open and frequent. Sometimes we think of God as far away, when in fact, he does walk beside us everyday. He is just waiting for you to say Hi!
---Grace on 6/8/06

I remember the day I asked God to lead my life, and surrendured my ego. I went to God in prayer every night and asked to know the truth. Even if it required me to change what I had been taught. It was a simple request, and God has answered. And, there have been many ways I have been shown, some through the Bible, some through other people, and other ways. God speaks to us in many forms, not just one way. We only have to ask in sincerity and humblness, and God will know the true state of our heart.
---Grace on 6/8/06

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Dear Empty, I absolutely understand your concern! It is a feeling, but hard to define, because it goes so much deeper. I have felt the same as you; I think that as we grow spiritually, there are times that God shows us things, and then there are times of quiet. Sometimes we get distracted by life, and forget our best friend. He doesn't forget us, he is waiting, because he knows the state of our soul. When God is quiet, I remember the times that he spoke to me, and that causes me to refocus.
---Grace on 6/8/06

Yes, Empty, I know exactly what you are talking about. I was like a baby and had to be weaned off those "feelings". See my first response to your blog. Father had to go so far as to even ask me if I was willing to lay down the feelings for the truth. I had to search myself for a couple of weeks before I could, with all my heart, say, "Yes."
---Linda6563 on 6/8/06

I am NOT saying that my faith is based on my feelings. Definitely not! But I am saying that I no longer feel His presence like I used to. Many of you make good points and I appreciate your input. I just wondered if anyone else ever experienced the same. As for verses that support God is a feeling, there aren't any NOR was that EVER, EVER my statement. I know that God is much more than a feeling, but sometimes His presence invokes feelings, of that there is no doubt!
---Empty on 6/8/06

Excellent Josef. That was beautifully spoken.
---Linda6563 on 6/8/06

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Cont. However as you have grown your need for those sensual tinglings has subsided. His desire for you now is to experience that which is produced through His Spirit. Allow your expectations to grow, expect the manifestation of love, joy, peace, patience, faith, kindness and temperance in your life as you meditate on His Word. They are equally as gratifying. The Father loves you and your fruit will manifest that love.
---josef on 6/8/06

1 Cor 13:11 When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things" I don't quote this passage to undermine your experience in the least, I would have loved to have had that type of experience. I am simply saying when you were a child in Christ you were fed with milk, He cuddled you and allowed you to experience Him in a way you could understand and appreciate. Cont
---josef on 6/8/06

In prayer if you draw near to God, he will draw near to you. "And you all will seek me, and find, when you all will search for me with all your heart." Jeremiah 29:13.
---Eloy on 6/8/06

ps, have you ever considered that maybe you walked away from God? Friend the battlefield is in the mind , Godly thoughts all day long, from rising in the morning to the setting of the sun THINK GOD.
---tom2 on 6/7/06

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If you seek Him you will find Him if you search for Him with all your heart. Start search!!! Get on your knees and thank and praise every morning no matter what and acknowledge Him as your Lord and Savior and then He will visit you and bring you to tears. He loves you so much and wants a relationship with you. Seek Him, dear friend.
---Pat on 6/7/06

Empty: Goosebumps? That is what people experience when they first fall in love, the romance and excitement of a new relationship. Now, you are getting into the meat of the Word, and deepening your relationship into more than just romance, but a strong, meaningful relationship based on the Truth of scripture and not just the feelings of excitement that occur. Faith is not a feeling, but a fact. Facts don't give me goosebumps. Feelings do.
---Madison1101 on 6/7/06

part2 Gods word tells us that he allows trial, and tests TO STRENGTHEN our faith.there are no goose bumps when you go through a hard trial or test, and God is in them. SO you see God is in your life choosing to test you and allow trials and because you have no goose bumps you believe he has forgotten you when actually you are the one who has forgotten who God is.
---tom2 on 6/7/06

by Gods word . This feels right, or this feels wrong.these feelings are all that should be used when a christian uses feelings to descern Gods word.Not how many goose bumps per square inch.
---tom2 on 6/7/06

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part 2. your goose bumps may be gone but God isn,t. how can my God show up. do you me he gone somewhere??? his word says he will never leave you. He word says he will always be with you. Friend forget your bumps and read the word of God. Actually you, me all of us are the ones that just show up and instead of praising him for who he is and whats he,s done we almost always show up cause we want something.
---tom2 on 6/7/06

I think what you are misunderstanding, and what many christians fail to perceive is that the bible is God talking to you.even when you don,t feel a thing God is still there and more importantly his word.feelings and goose bumps and prostrate bodies are great as long as they are preceeded by correct following of Gods word for the circumstance that you are experiencing.God talks from cover to cover, so that you might be covered.
---tom2 on 6/7/06

Well, in spite of the fact that I can't 'feel' God with me every minute, I still believe and pray and continue my walk. Sorry, Moderator, but I know when God speaks to me. You can say anything you want but, when the Lord says something, that totally overides your opinion. Sometimes when He speaks, there are definitely goose bumps. Sometimes there is much more too, like becoming prostrate before Him or no longer being able to stand. When the Holy Spirit shows up, you can most assuredly FEEL Him.

Moderator - Please show the scriptures that state God is a feeling.
---Empty on 6/7/06

One can read the whole Bible, know the Scriptures, have them memorized, and be able to quote them proficiently and still not know the Author. Relationship with Jesus is more important than how much you read. I would rather read one Scripture or passage of Scripture and have the Holy Spirit give me understanding in that passage than to read the whole Bible and have no understanding of anything I read. Eph.1:17-23. Balance is the key.
---Linda6563 on 6/7/06

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Lewis's Screwtape said, "Our cause is in no greater danger than when a human looks at a landscape from which all external sign of God has disappeared, asks why he has been abandoned, but is determed to obey Him."
---Jack on 6/7/06

There is a song called "Something I Can Feel" and some pastors don't like it because they say our salvation is based on faith and I agree it is, but I wouldn't have it if I couldn't feel it. I can feel the Holy Spirit when it starts working in a church.
---shira on 6/6/06

It's funny that several of you should mention more time in the Word of God. At the beginning of the New Year, I started a "through the bible in a year" program and am almost 1/2 way through both the Old & New Testaments. Come to think of it, it was about then that I stopped having the 'goose bump' experiences. Interesting!!! I do have faith, BUT I miss the close encounters with my Lord.

Moderator - That might tell you that the goose bump experiences you were having were not godly, but of the flesh.
---Empty on 6/6/06

Your faith should be based on the Truth of Scripture, not your feelings. Get into the Word more and pray.
---Madison1101 on 6/6/06

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Seek the GIVER of the 'goose bumps' and not the goose bumps themselves. EMOTIONS don't last forever, but a real, intimate relationship with GOD does
---T.S. on 6/6/06

Empty, probably because God lives and moves and speaks in His word, the bible. Start reading the bible from Genesis, and really focus on what they are saying. If that doesn't minister to you, go to the Psalms, then the Gospel of John. Meditate on who you are in Christ Jesus. Write down all of the scriptures on Joy. Once you do a study on Joy, you will be filled with Joy. Most folks don't realize God lives and moves and speaks to us through His word.
---Donna9759 on 6/6/06

The tempo of God's Spirit has not changed. Could it be that the fault lies with the changing of your sensitivity to the spirit?
---mima on 6/6/06

Jesus said I will never leave you or forsake you.can,t live by feelings brother their fickled.We walk by faith, not by sight. Or feelings.
---tom2 on 6/6/06

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If in your life if you seek only him FOR LIFE, then these assurances will surly be your truth.

There's a cristian rock song (Oh no) that the girl asks God 'how is it between us'

Ask that question and chances are you'll find things you said you'd do that didn't get done or he told you to do and you weren't listening.

This destroys confidence in your ability to recieve from him.
---Pharisee on 6/5/06

It took me about two weeks to answer that one because I loved the manifestations of the Spirit. However, today, I now know that I love Him in either situation. Growing pains. Just growing pains.
---Linda6563 on 6/5/06

My friend, I used to have encounter after encounter with Father. I would feel Him so strongly at times that I would just lay there and weep. At other times, I would feel like you have felt in the past. Then one day He said to me, "Are you willing to exchange your feelings for the truth?" In other words, are you willing to believe in Me even when you can't feel Me or when it seems like I am silent.
---Linda6563 on 6/5/06

We must live by faith but with faith we can also feel the presence of God. It's called anointing. It isn't how close God is to you, but how close you are to God. Make notes and put down what you do during your waking hours,then go back in your mind and check to see if you still do the same things you did when you felt the closeness to God. God never changes but sometimes we may grow slack in being in fellowship with Him. Have Bible study,prayer,and praise continually to stay close to God.
---Darlene_1 on 6/5/06

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Dear one, we can't count on feelings.
We must build up our faith muscle to know that God is always with us.
Perhaps you got 'goose bumps' because the Lord knew you needed that to build your faith. Now its time to grow up and exercise your trust and faith in God, whether you 'feel' it or not. God bless you.
---NVBarbara on 6/5/06

As far as I know the holy spirit doesn't do goose bumps.Nowhere in the bible does any apostle, or writer mention goose bumps.revelation is the sign of God working in your life.God talking to your spirit.When you know your not doing the right thing you get convicted.FEELINGS aren't a sign from God, but changed lives reveals Gods presence not goose bumps.abraham waited some 20 years I believe for God to give him a patient.
---tom2 on 6/5/06

Read Hebrews 13:5amplified.
It says".....for He [God] Himself has said, I will not in any way fail you nor give you up nor leave you without support. [I will] not, [I will] not, [I will] not in any degree leave you helpless nor forsake nor let [you] down (relax My hold on you)! [Assuredly not!]

Also Ezekial 2:8
---Rickey on 6/5/06

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