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Is Your Church Service Rigid

How many of you attend churches that are very rigid to time? Service must finish by noon and the preacher must not preach for more than 40 minutes etc?

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 ---M.P. on 6/6/06
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My church is sort of like it. People are spoiled today. The American way...short, sweet, and quick...except when we want to do something we like. Then, time is no factor...amazing. Yup, at times, we like to waste God's time, but not our time. Our time is too good to be wasted.
---Michael on 11/27/07

Jack, no it is not impossible for God to take over in a sermon. My Pastor would study about a sermon and when he got up behind the pulpit, God changed his (the Pastor's) mind on what to preach on and God took over. How? Because the Pastor was willing for God to take over and let God be God. God can't be limited on what he does and how he does it. If someone done that, that is telling God that they can do it better than he can. as for me and my church, we let God be God and are willing for God to use us.
---Rebecca_D on 6/8/06

A pastor asked my advise about a movement of the spirit. I told him the Scriptures say, that the word, the spirit and the blood witness here on earth. He was a piano player and I suggested singing songs about the blood. He did. The spirit fell on him and he was out like a light for over 10 minutes, on the platform. And later he told me, I will never listen to your suggestions again. No, a church service should not be rigid in time or anything else.
---mima on 6/8/06

Jack: Everyone knows that spontaneity is more spiritual? Give me a break. Please do not insult my intelligence, or the intelligence of the preachers who have studied the Word and prepared for centuries to give their congregants an exhortation from the Word. The only person who did not have to prepare a sermon ahead of time was Christ Himself, because He is the Word of God. The rest of the mortals need to study and prepare.
---Madison1101 on 6/7/06

Rebecca, as we well know it's IMPOSSIBLE for God to take over if the preacher is giving studied preparation to his sermon and is writing it out in advance. (Bet you didn't know God was so limited by pen and paper!)

EVERYONE knows that spontaneity is ALWAYS more spiritual.
---Jack on 6/7/06

I like when we keep to a schedule. The sermon is 45min long & we still get the word. I give time ot God in & out of church, but it is good to stick to some kind of schedule ,if we run over time it is after the sermon when people are gathered chatting to eachother, that part is between you & your timeschedule, but during service we give our attention to God.
---Candice on 6/7/06

My church has an advantage, we don't have a nursery. We do have Sunday School for the little ones downstairs, sometimes we are out by noon. The sermon has to be written in advantace? What ever happened in letting God take over? I'm not against note taking but it shouldn't be on a time limit. On Sunday and Wednesday evenings, we start having church around 7:00 and sometimes it is over around 8:30-9:00, depends. Some churches have a routine, doing the same thing every service..boring.
---Rebecca_D on 6/7/06

Perhaps--could it be--that is people are looking at their watches, the preacher has run out of God's words and is substituting his own?

FWIW, I'm dependent on public transportation to get to church, and, alas, have to time things accordingly.
---Jack on 6/7/06

If you are running multiple morning services things generally have to keep to a predictable schedule with a fixed order of worship. You my have concurrent church school programming going on for children, youth and adults so you have a defined time window to get things accomplished in. The sermon window in such an environment will normally run 17 - 22 minutes. Sermon have to be written in advance, polished for presentation and repeatable for each service you can't ad lib in that environment.
---notlaw99 on 6/6/06

While my pastors do not stick rigidly to a time clock, there is something else to be considered. There are children in other rooms in the church that need to go home and eat lunch and be taken care of by their parents. The nursery workers and children's ministry workers are often left with crying children who are tired and cranky and wanting their naps at home. Be considerate of them please.
---Madison1101 on 6/6/06

Where the worship and the Word are pure and flowing like a river, time is lost in the realm of the spirit where everything is all about Jesus. I could stay in that atmosphere until time is no more.
---Linda6563 on 6/6/06

Lord my church is not like that. If my Pastor sees anyone looking at their watch, he will make them take it off. That is what is wrong with alot of churches, putting a time limit on God. There should be no time limit on God. As long as God is moving freely in a church, why stop it just because it is after 8:00 in the evening? Now if the spirit isn't moving then that is different. What if God told us that we had a certain time to talk to him, would you be offended?
---Rebecca_D on 6/6/06

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