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Anti-Christ Working With Christian

If the Anti-Christ is living today, which Christian leaders is he working with to further his goals?

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 ---Sue on 6/7/06
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Yes, no doubt he is living today. He is working with the Man - made relig - org's churches beginning with the rcc that Is here Rev.17 v's 4 - 6. Other Man - mades the buddha, islam, hindu etc.
---Lawrence on 8/4/10

Jack ... don't you think I had already made that identification of the nature of so many of these posts?
I was trying to show that the RCC does not fit the bill of being on 7 hills. I believe there's a lot wrong with the RCC, but I regard it as Christian, and not satanic
---alan8869_of_UK on 6/8/06

Galatians 5:16 This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh.Romans 6:14 For sin shall not have dominion over you: for ye are not under the law, but under grace.
---exzucuh on 6/8/06

Part 2:

The Holy Spirit disagrees with Rebecca, too.
---Jack on 6/8/06

The Holy Spirit, which diagrees with Loree's spirit, says that "If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us."

In other words, so long as Jesus tarries, so long will ALL of us, including Loree, stumble and fall into sin.

Do you claim to have no sin, Loree? Then you deceive yourself--etc.

But if YOUR sins do not mean you're not a Christian, then neither do the sins of other believers.
---Jack on 6/8/06

Houses have doors in the back as well as front. New religions and religious leaders also have backdoors(perhaps we could call them false teachings). Because of the above I make every effort through prayer and study to never state a believe or accept another's beliefs that I have not subjected to the Lord's judgment in prayer. I pray, "Dear Lord keep me from having or believing false teachings."
---mima on 6/8/06

alan8869, this is just another Bash the Catholic posts so frequent in these blogs.

Vatican City State sits on the Vatican Hill. It is politically independent of Rome (which has the other six).

However, according to the Bible Antichrist will rule the world from JERUSALEM (not Rome), which also sits on seven hills.

So which Christian leaders do YOU think are pushing physical, earthly, political Jerusalem's agenda today?
---Jack on 6/7/06

My spirit, which is in agreement with the Holy Spirit, disagrees with Rebecca's statement that "those who allow Satan's influence are no longer Christians". If you ALLOW Satan's influence, I don't believe you were a Christian to start with. Falling prey to Satan's influence is quite a different topic, though. I hope I said that right. :)
---Loree on 6/7/06

Actually, is not the Roman Catholic Church centred on the Vatican, not the whole of Rome? I wonder how many hills the Vatican occupies?
---alan8869_of_UK on 6/7/06

Rebecca D. Christians aren't perfect therefore they are sinners. Only Christ was sinless. Of course we need to strive for Jesus' standards without complacency. We come to God in repentence daily receiving forgiveness for wrong thoughts, attitudes etc. Live a life worthy of our calling, and in the freedom Jesus offers. Live as if Jesus was coming back tomorrow! We don't want to fall into pharasaical or laodicean thinking but to be aware or our constant need of God's grace. After all that's what saves us.
---Donna on 6/7/06

Bruce Yes, but none of them have anything to do with the catholic church which Herb was trying to do...
---ruben on 6/7/06

Check your geography. The "seven hills of Rome" are: Capitoline, Quirinal, Viminal, Esquiline, Caelian, Aventine, and Palatine.
---Bruce5656 on 6/7/06

Anti-christ is a spirit he manifests himself in one or many his power is in religious or political veiws he was gained power over the ages but has always been defeated by God at some points even used by God, as Nebuchadnezzar, Nimrod, Pharoahs of Egypt, Herod,Nero,Hitler, and so on,but the worst of all is the one you cannot see that has influenced false doctrine in the church.And made christians believe they have to pay God for blessings and live by the law making the cross none effect to them.
---Exzucuh on 6/7/06

Rev Herb,
The Bible CLEARLY and UNAMBIGUOUSLY says that refusal to confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is the spirit of Antichrist.

Whatever might be wrong with the papacy, NO Bishop of Rome has ever done this.
---Jack on 6/7/06

In the book of Rev. chapter 2 it says "where satan's throne is talking about the church in Pergamos, which is in modern day Turkey.
---eliza4969 on 6/7/06

The spirit of the anti-christ is here, always has been. Satan is working through every sinner there is. He is trying his hardest to get through Christians. If a Chrisitan lets Satan influence him on doing evil, then that person is no longer a Christian, regardless of who it is. No one knows who the anti-christ will be or when he/she will come. the sinners are doing Satan's job, doing a fine job of it to.
---Rebecca_D on 6/7/06

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Herb ... can you quote the bible passage for us please. Thanks.
---alan8869_of_UK on 6/7/06

Rev Herb-(Pope!!!!! Think about it. According to the bible it is the Pope that sets on 7 hills. Where is Rome located?) Not on 7 hills, does Rev mean reverse?
---ruben on 6/7/06

Pope!!!!! Think about it. According to the bible it is the Pope that sets on 7 hills. Where is Rome located?
---Rev_Herb on 6/7/06

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