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Proper Way To Worship God

What is the proper way to worship God? Can we worship Him everyday or should it just be during the Sunday worship service?

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 ---Macky on 6/8/06
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should we worship just during the Sunday service,, why?
I read somewhere recently the God is either everything or else He is nothing. God is everything and deserves all glory and praise and yes, worship. We can worship God everyday!All day! Then how much less trouble would we have? God honors worship.
---imahoosoever on 10/16/07

Worship Him in spirit and in truth. If you love Jesus and who He is, you will worship Him everyday.
---Angela on 10/16/07

John 4:23-24
---Leon on 10/16/07

Good answers everyone. Also,worship Him with all your heart,soul and mind. In other words, put some effort into it.
---john on 6/8/06

Amen to Leon's answer.
---Bruce5656 on 6/8/06

If you are referring to singing worship songs to him, whether in English or in the Spirit, you should do it every day. However, your life is a form of worship, so live everyday as if Jesus was walking beside you, watching your every move. We worship that which we Love, for Love is of God, and everyone that knoweth, loveth Him. Worship in Spirit and Truth, amen? Every day.
---Donna9759 on 6/8/06

The best testimony to your faith and to God is your behavior....everyday, every moment, every person.
---Grace on 6/8/06

Leon's answer seemed correct to me.
---mima on 6/8/06

You should worship him every day. As long as you glofify him, it doesn't matter how you worship (sing, dance, shout, etc).
---wes on 6/8/06

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