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Why Different Denominations

If all of us claim we walk with God and follow our bibles then why do we compete in denominations? Is your church the truth for you, or you think it is the only truth?

Moderator - Because most churches don't follow the Bible.

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 ---curious on 6/10/06
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Moderator is right "most churches don't follow Bible". And as many posts have revealed, churches are like a business and competitive.

Also, often you find people even identify themselves by the church or pastor the follow. But believers only have one pastor/shepherd, i.e Jesus Christ. As 1Cor1:10-13 says"...that ye all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you..." but, "...there are contentions among you". "Is Christ divided?" This is a message that applies to churches of today too.

mima is right not to have an allegiance to any "churches" and only to refer new believers to the Bible. We should be looking to the Holy Spirit for teaching, not man (1John2:27).
---Haz27 on 8/5/10

It's not Based on the Bible only , as the bible teaches:
---Ruben on 8/5/10

I accept that. We bothagree on that
---francis on 8/5/10


2) We Catholics do not accept the Bible as the only rule of faith. R. Tramer. Editor
---francis on 8/4/10


It's not Based on the Bible only , as the bible teaches:
---Ruben on 8/5/10


2) We Catholics do not accept the Bible as the only rule of faith. Besides the Bible we have the living Church, the authority of the Church, as a rule to guide us. We say, this Church, instituted by Christ, to teach and guide man through life, has the right to change the ceremonial laws of the Old Testament and hence, we accept her change of the Sabbath to the Sunday. We frankly say, "Yes, the Church made this change, made this law, as she made many other laws, for instance, the Friday Abstinence, the unmarried priesthood, the laws concerning mixed marriages, the regulation of Catholic marriages, and a thousand other laws."


Peter R. Tramer. Editor
---francis on 8/4/10

poster, I do not see "compete" in denominations, I see "denominations". And church is not the truth, church is a gathering together of believers, but Christ is The Truth.
---Eloy on 8/5/10

, Illinois

Dear Sir:
(3) We also say that of all Protestants, the Seventh-day Adventists are the only group that reason correctly and are consistent with their teachings.Peter R. Tramer. Editor
---francis on 8/4/10


This is the "Official" teaching of the Catholic Church.

The day of the Resurrection: the new creation

2174 Jesus rose from the dead "on the first day of the week."104 Because it is the "first day," the day of Christ's Resurrection recalls the first creation. Because it is the "eighth day" following the sabbath,105 it symbolizes the new creation ushered in by Christ's Resurrection.Sunday:
---Ruben on 8/4/10

180 Wabash Avenue, Chicago, Illinois

Dear Sir:
(3) We also say that of all Protestants, the Seventh-day Adventists are the only group that reason correctly and are consistent with their teachings. It is always somewhat laughable to see the Protestant Churches, in pulpil and legislature, demand the observance of Sunday, of which there is nothing in the Bible.

With best wishes,
Peter R. Tramer. Editor
---francis on 8/4/10

there is a failure to rightly divide the word of truth (2tim 2:15) It is all truth so we must learn to divide it. The ascended Christ gave this to Paul, so it stands to reason we should ask Paul how to rightly divide. Peter said ask Paul (2 Pet.3:15,16) he didn't say go to James or John.
---michael_e on 8/4/10

The One God Jesus name Church of The Living God ( Apostolic means the teachings of the Apostles ) Is according to Mark 16 v 16, Acts 2 v's 37 - 41 which Fulfills Matt.28 v's 19 - 20 delivered to the Jewish people First on the day of Pentecost by Apostle Peter. Is The same as The Early Church.

The devil's deceivings caused the below aft he killed off some of the Early Church Saints with roman leaders & the crusades.
For church denominations Are the Man - made trin reli - org's churches that began with the rcc then her daughters offspring churches, not in correct order came the presby, luth, cog, naz, bapt, episco, aog etc trin churches that came from here 2nd.Cor.11 v's 14 - 15 & end up here Rev.17 v's 4 - 6.
---Lawrence on 8/4/10

In a 'Nutshell": Confusion comes from Satan. There are 2 gospels in the N Testament. One is FACT and one is Fiction. It is our job to find the truth. Jesus said ONLY His words will save us. Not Paul's, Luke's or the unknown writer of Hebrews. It is YOUR choice, choose life or death.
---Dr._Rich on 2/27/08

It is all so amazing. I can listen to a known false preacher and have a tough time finding anything wrong, well, they may slip a little in what they preach. I mean the Bible they are reading from it. These people have just not been saved. Blows my mind. And I have to also guard against thinking more highly of myself at the same time. Asking God to help me not to get into sin and trying to learn where all these false preachers are coming from. Dear me.
---catherine on 2/27/08

I do not look at a church for the truth, I look in God's Word for the truth.
---Helen_5378 on 2/27/08

*How do you account for the churches mentioned in the first three chapters of Revelation? there were seven churches having seven different doctrines.*

These churches were really not denominations but simply churches that had faults. We note that each had something to commend them but their failures were also pointed out.

Any 2 churches even within a denomination could easily fit into the type of churches mentioned in Revelation.
---lee on 5/31/07

lee: "Denominations have never flourished except in a free society."

How do you account for the churches mentioned in the first three chapters of Revelation? there were seven churches having seven different doctrines.

"what is in focus here is not what the church is"

Defining the church has everything to do with what we were dicussing.
---Steveng on 5/30/07

Ephre3798 - *If we back track to the early church, we do not see major doctrinal differences hence not many denominations.*

And the church was far from being any kind of democracy where the congregants ruled the church. And we often have seen the State as being the instrument in forcing compliance to what the institutionized church believed in.

Denominations have never flourished except in a free society.
---lee on 5/30/07

Steveng - what is in focus here is not what the church is but what constitutes the institutionalized church - denominations such as Methodist, Baptist, etc.

The competition is more evident than it appears as there is big money in churches.

I used to do the financial audit for my church, & our head pastor makes well over $70 per year; the secondly pastors do well for themselves. They define their own hours and for what little they do, it appears to be a very lucrative possession.

---lee on 5/30/07

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If we back track to the early church, we do not see major doctrinal differences hence not many denominations.

If at all there are controvercies, they sort it our collectively after seeking guidance of the spirit.

The only reason for having different congregations was locational (geographic). Church of Rome, Jerusalem, etc.

Today you will find 10 in your area. Thank God that we have as many churches as possible but whether there is purity is left for close scrutiny.
---Ephre3798 on 5/30/07

whatever the reason 4such pastor,still not our business 2judge..carry on with what we know is right and have no part in error..I prefer small churches,we all know each other. Some say we shouldnt collect money..How r we 2 pay the bills? How do we help those in need? Some live in apartments and only collect pensions, if they want 2give financially with their heart n its their only means, r we 2 refuse them? Money is the only means 2day 4most 2help and take it if given with love. No hard ups in our church.
---jana on 5/30/07

ashley its not a revival unless a lot like very very very many people are getting saved...thats what revival is in my defination...when people hold revival meetings(if they're not false) they want to lead as many people possible to the kingdom of God by using what God gave if its fire and brimstone like johnathan edwards...cont
---mark_B. on 5/29/07

or miracles...or a soft loving message, God has annointed that person to use the gifts that they have to bring in the multitudes into the kingdom of God...unless people were getting saved that meeting that you went to was hardly a revival
---mark_B. on 5/29/07

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A long time ago, I went and sang at this Indian church. At first things were really going well. then this man stood up and said he felt the need to burn his headdress. I did't know then, that the headdress was past down. And was full of evil from the witchdoctors. It was something to experience. I understood why he done that.
---Rebecca_D on 5/29/07

mark_B: "I would rather go to a megachurch than a home church if the spirit of God is moving more in a megachurch."

I've visited many churches while traveling throughout the U.S, stepping in every state except Maine, New Hampshire and Hawaii. I attended small home-based churches and large megachurches. I agree that the atmosphere in a megachurch is energized but...

...don't confuse human energy with the true Spirit of God.
---Steveng on 5/29/07

in the bible belt of the U.S. you see many things that shock and horrify you. All in the name of christianity. I have thousands of true stories that would make your hair stand on end. I remember I attended a revival. They had a fire and brimstone minister. He would spend five minutes working the crowd into a frenzy, then pass the collection plate. he would do the same every ten minutes. That went on for two hours. He then thanked them for their hospitality and walked out with everything people had.
---ashley on 5/29/07

lee: "...but the major problem with small churches is..."

Christianity was built upon home churches. The church today came into existance about three hundred years after Jesus was resurrected.

The definition of church is simply the body of Christ, where two or more are gathered in my name. There are no "work" as you call it. There are no donations. The purpose of the church is to help each other grow, to edify each other. And you can only do that on a personal level.
---Steveng on 5/29/07

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Ashley: Say What?!
---sue on 5/29/07

Ashley - that story about a Church of God pastor asking women to undress must really have been something. However, up in them thar hills you will also find churches that do the snake handling thing so I should not be surprised at what is found within some church today.
---lee on 5/28/07

To me the reason why there are so many churches with so many denominations, is like any other business that can be prosperous, there are many that want to became part of such an organization so they set up their own church in the hope of becoming financially successful.

Love of money is the root of all kinds of evils.1 tim. 6:10
---lee on 5/28/07

Jana: pastors do indeed want glory. a true story. I was a missionary and visited four churches. I sat in the back in silence. Before the services in each one started, the pastors raced down the aisle. with anger,red faces and using profanity, they told me they worked hard to get people into their church. How dare I come into their church. they went door to door to win converts. if one person left, that was money out of their pocket. where was the glory of God in that and serving him. nowhere.
---ashley on 5/28/07

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2- small churches are not always better. large and small churches are corrupt too. another true story. I visited a church of God in Tennessee. The minister stated before the service that he wanted all the single women to come to the front of the church. His son wanted a wife. He then asked them to undress to nothing so he could examine each lady. They did it to my horror in front of the whole congregation. I was the only one who stood and left, never to return.
---ashley on 5/28/07

To me the reason why there are so many churches with so many denominations, is because you take two or three people whom don't agree with the Pastor and they get huffed and puffed up, and start their own church, with their own rules. Before you know it sin rules the pulpit. People can't take it when the word steps on their toes. Then they blame the Pastor for preaching against sin in people's lives. God's word cuts like a two-hedged sword, it cuts both ways.
---Rebecca_D on 5/28/07

In American protestantism its basically 'everyone their own church.' This is 'a form of' gnosticism. There is not one protestant that can claim apostolic authority as was given to Peter, James and John.-its all sola scriptora, a man made
concept. Its best explained by a quib about Baptist,(whom I have no issue with)
"Put 2 Baptist in 1 room with 1 Bible what will come out is 3 opinions"
---MikeM on 5/28/07

Mark M::Mega is apparantly bigger but not truer .The H/Spirit resides in Jesus 's Church He said so.&BTY it is bigger than MEGA its universal catholic (that dreaded word to so called Christians) & Apostolic appproved
---Emcee on 5/28/07

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*Small home churches are ideal for a growing Christian.*

Very true but the major problem with small churches is that you may be asked to work yourself to death. Also all small churches have a building program in sight and will ask or demand of their members financial donations that may wrought hardships on families, particularly those that are already financial strapped.
---lee on 5/28/07

I would rather go to a megachurch than a home church if the spirit of God is moving more in a megachurch
---mark_B. on 5/27/07

it's human nature for compition. even though i have a ministers creditial i do not run my own church, i do however have a ministry to MINISTER to people, but the only thing I folow is the bible & the only person I answer to is God. As far as my church home if they are lnied up with the bible, I stay if not, I'm outta there. The church I am at is the truth for me where God guides me to.I can't hold accountable for other persons opinions.
---candice on 5/27/07

Small home churches are ideal for a growing Christian. Unlike large megachurches where a person is just another face in the crowd, small home churches develop a true bond with each other. Each person is able to encourage each other, refreshed each other's hearts and build each other up each and every day, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.
---Steveng on 5/27/07

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People compete. God does not. As long as we are in these imperfect bodies we are going to continue to do things that are not pleasing to God. Don't be side tracked by what your eyes see. Walk by faith and you will do ok. There is only one true church of God. The Universal Church and it is made up of all believers. We believe in the Trinity(Father, Son,Holy Ghost) It is not a building or a denomination,my friend.
---Robyn on 5/27/07

Moderator: On the contrary, most churches DO follow the Bible, it's their interpretation that is different. Whatever their interpretation, they think in their mind "it is right." All denominations, including Christian denominations, have their own interpretation. No denomination is right. God only wants us to have a close and intimate relationship with Him only, not a church. Small home churches are...
---Steveng on 5/27/07

Mima: most pastors want to take credit: That is insulting to God's servants do u know they are taking credit of these new comers? That is most insulting to God is not for us to judge God's servants..That is purely God's business, not ours..Lord have mercy
---jana on 5/27/07

I don't compete. Denominations make no difference. But there are cults and some type denominations to be avoided. Our walk with the Lord(salvation) is a journey. We strive to learn more about our Lord and Savior everyday. Try to get closer and a better understanding each day. We will never have all of the answers to anything, even in a lifetime. Do not be deceived.Just try to find the truth and it shall make you free(St John 8:32)
---Robyn on 5/25/07

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A church is much like a sports team in that groups of people pooling their resources can do much to propagate the Gospel to the world.

On the other hand, those that do not identify with a church (the lone rangers!) are much liken to an individual basketball player who thinks he or she can play all positions at once and be effective.
---lee on 5/25/07

I believe the Bible is true. Therefore I have no allegiance to a church. I put forth an effort to closely follow the Bible. Many churches ask me to direct people to them I refuse, I merely direct converts to read the Bible. Of course many end up in churches for which most pastors want to take credit. How ridiculous!!!
---mima on 5/25/07

That is right Winna, many will think they are going to heaven but in fact or not. Many will do mericles and yet they will not. Many follow false teachings and will not. The question is, are we making God to conform to us, or is it the God of Scripture? Each passage has its own intrinsic meaning within the context that it is written. God did not make mistakes. Humans do. This is a life time study.
---Lupe2618 on 7/4/06

Revelation 8, 9, 16 Many were dicieved, with satan counterfeit christianity, will suffer God whrat, Gods fury, Matthew 7;21-23, Not everyone who says lord lord will enter the lords coming kingdom here on earth. Jesus will tell many i dont know you.
---winna on 6/29/06

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Howbeit in vain do they worship me teaching for doctrines the commandments of men. A kingdom divided will fall. The word is line upon line and precept upon precept. That they might go forward and fall backward. Some stop at doctrinal lines rather than pressing toward the mark of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. Mommy was a Baptist and daddy was a Lutheran won't mean anything on judgement day. Going twain will though. Going beyond doctrinal limitations manifests a love for our Lord.
---Heather on 6/29/06


I forgot my to add this to my comment:

---John_T on 6/29/06

"Come out of her my people!!! "eric on 6/11/06

"Jesus is coming back a waiting body of people unified by their love for Him and characterized by His mark/sign (Sabbath)..." --Geoff on 6/12/06

As long as ONE church believes that ALL OTHERS are apostate, there can be no unity, or cooperation among denominations.

Can ANYONE not see the inherent arrogance in these statements, and why they bring discredit to the cause of Christ?
---John_T on 6/29/06

3. God alone by His Spirit works in us the merit and reward. John tells us, We love because He first loved us," 1 John 4:19. These passages unmistakably teach that faith and good works are the fruits of God's work in us. We were not chosen becuase we were good, but in order that we might become good.
---Lupe2618 on 6/29/06

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2. Pierr, Our salvation is not by works done in righteousness which we did ourselves, but according to His mercy He saved us, through the washing of regeneration,, and renewing of the Holy Spirit," Titus 3:5 We are encouraged to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling, for it is God who workedth in us, both to will and to do of His good pleasure.
---Lupe2618 on 6/29/06

Pierr, every blog that I have seen on line that deals with SDA's shows that they believe that they are saved because of what they do with the law. You try hard to make that point about salvation. With it you have your merits. I don't condemn anyone in the SDA' on salvation, because as I have read a few books on comments from some that have studied very hard into their faith, it is determine that the essentials of the Christian faith are correct but many within the movement continue to follow the law.
---Lupe2618 on 6/29/06

Whether we are saved because God gives faith to those He selects (as Lupe believes) or as a result of us hearing the messages, and gratefully accepting Christ's offer & promise (which is what I feel I experienced) and so have faith, there is no doubt that Faith is sufficient for salvation. No need for Works, although if our personal Faith is true, then Works should follow it.
---alan8869_of_UK on 6/29/06

3. of God which led them to repentance, (Romans 2:4). Jeremiah cried, "Turn thou me and I shall be turned; for thou art Jehovah my God. Surely after that I was turned, I repented; and after that I was instructed" (Jeremiah 31:18,19). Works is the result of our salvation, but not the cause of it. If someone shows no works, then we can assume they are not saved. But never does it save anyone.
---Lupe2618 on 6/29/06

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2. once does he say that we are saved "on account of faith that is, as the meritorious cause. And to the same effect we may say that the redeemed shall be rewarded "in propotion to their good works, but not "on account of them. Even repentance is equally declared to be a gift. "Then to the Gentiles also hath God granted repentance unto life." Acts 11:18. Paul rebuked those who did not realize that it was the goodness
---Lupe2618 on 6/29/06

Hello Pierr, I don't think I am on dangerous ground. I think I understand grace very well, which is one of my strongest points in my life. You see Pierr," A man is not saved because he believes in Christ; he believers in Christ because he is saved. Even the beginning of faith, the disposition to seek salvation, is itself a work of "Grace and a gift of God." Paul often says that we are saved through faith" that is, as the instrumental cause but never
---Lupe2618 on 6/29/06

The only people who will be in heaven are true followers of Jesus Christ.
---tom2 on 6/28/06

Why, because most christians don,t even come close to walking in the spirit. Most walk in the flesh. flesh means disagreements and disagreements means denominations. Ergo we have plenty of both disagreements and denominations.One compliments the other when the flesh rules peoples thinking.
---tom2 on 6/28/06

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Whilst most Christians support the necessity for unity amongst Christian churches and denominations across the world, there is great concern about unity with other religions.
---truthwarrior on 6/13/06

Lupe: I have been reading some of your entries and I am afraid I have do disagree with you again.
We SDA do not want FORCE any one to believe like we do! Also we don't want to be DIFFERENT JUST BE DIFFERENT but you may known that God's people have been called "a peculiar" people.
I see you on a dangerous course when you favor FAITH without works. Works do not save but SERVICE-DOING WHAT IS RiGHT is what we should DOIng! Finally re-study the Sabbath,it is worth it! Your friend P.
---Pierr5358 on 6/13/06

Geoff, it has nothing to do with the Sabbath. All you SDA's want others to believe as you do, but it just doesn't work. You think you have to work for something when its all by the grace of God, and not by anything you have done or will do that will bring you to His kingdom. It is His strength and His power that takes us there because without Him we are unable to save ourselves. You will love Him because He first loved you.
---Lupe2618 on 6/12/06

Come out what, into what? Corinthians 6:16-18

"And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd." John 10:16

Jesus is coming back a waiting body of people unified by their love for Him and characterized by His mark/sign (Sabbath)-They have the faith of Jesus and keep the Commandments-Rev 14:12.
---Geoff on 6/12/06

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Acts 20:29-31

Read this verse,

There is a true faith which holds to the testimony of Jesus today but God people have been scattered.

Revelation 18

Come out of her my people!!!
---eric on 6/11/06

Claiming to walk with God and walking with God are two different things-Mat 7:20-23. Remember the chapter begins with a caution about judgment, but still we can't call good evil or evil good-see v15-20, Is 5:20.

It is the plan of satan to scatter and attack us-Jn 10:10-12. So we must quickly find a Bible believing church and not be isolated, sitting duck, prime target for the enemy-Heb 10:25. Main incentive: we are in the last days.

Know any churches that follow the Shepherd faithfully?
---Geoff on 6/11/06

If you sure you know what it takes to have a good church start your own. A building is not a church it is the people and the the authority that makes a church. Start it in your home. Where just two or three are gathered Jesus will be in the midst of them. If not, you just have to overcome and go to someones church.
---exzucuh on 6/10/06

I totally agree with the moderator.
I'm sadened at the state of the church today. I am sometimes conflicted. I don't know whether to sit and listen so I am not forsaking to assemble myself, even though I'm not getting what I need. Or seek other options.
---lynet on 6/10/06

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The early church didn,t have the bible.they had eyewitness testimony from the apostles and others . many had witnessed jesus time went on they died off and their witness was put down in the form of the bible, Letters from paul to different churches, and to different people.the same with peters epistles, and james,s.I follow christ crucified for the world and what he teaches through his word and through the holy spirit. all else is irrelevant to me.
---tom2 on 6/10/06

I don't have an allegence to any church, but I am associated with my church. The reason I go where I go is because I feel it teaches the Holy Word of God. We believe the whole bible, not parts here and there. We believe in the assembly of believers in one accord. There is no bickering in my church.
---shira on 6/10/06

When I got saved 8 years ago, I had somebody who is now a teacher of the word, tell me that I had to get "rooted and grounded in love" and her interpretation of that was "rooted in a church". I never did believe that and later I saw that it meant "rooted and grounded in Christ". My experiences with church, although few, have not been good. My allegiance is to The Lamb. Sadly, I have not been able to find a church so far near me that preaches truth.
---Helen_5378 on 6/10/06

Because everyone else has broken away from the original Church, even those churches that claim to be following the Bible.
---Jack on 6/10/06

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