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Is Doubt About God A Sin

Do you consider "doubt" a sin? If so was John the Baptist guilty of sin when he expressed doubt as to who Jesus was? We know he had this doubt because he sent men to question Jesus about his deity.

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 ---mima on 6/12/06
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There is a motto that says:

"Turn your doubts into questions.
Turn your questions into prayers.
God answers prayer."
---Bruce5656 on 4/20/08

doubt is a healthy part of our spiritual growth. it is like separating good and the bad. those that doubt have to do one of 3 things. 1. they totally give up. 2. they stop growing because they fear the unknown. or 3. they face the doubt seek to find the truth and grow into something greater in Christ. Doubt is important because it can urge us to grow. if you experience doubt find a friend to walk with you.
---Jared on 3/16/07

Faith can rise and go down from time to time. But if you are walking close to God it never lasts, at least not with me. Ofcourse, I know where I came from,and what God pulled me out of the day that He saved me. I need Him too much to ever drift from Him. I would not last, well, I would not last one moment without Him.
---catherine on 3/15/07

There's a saying: "There is sometimes more faith in honest doubt than in all the creeds."

There's nothing about John the Batpist doubting Jesus's "deity". He just wanted to make sure his life hadn't been wasted. Don't forget, he was sitting in jail awaiting execution.

The concept of the Messiah being divine hadn't really fully formed at this point. It's one of the things Jesus left to the Holy Spirit to reveal.
---Jack on 3/15/07

No I believe that it just shows that john was human.We all have doubts.John was in prison about to be executed, was it doubt or his circumstances creating doubt?When your in the dumps about some situation whats your reaction?Iam sur that john had a battle going on in his mind.
---tom2 on 6/15/06

Jack, I use biblical refrences for sinful actions, because God gave them to us. He sets the standard for right and wrong, not us. How else are we to discern sin in our own hearts? by how we "feel" about something? History is full of folks who "felt" they were right, but walked contrary to the Word of God. So, that's why I "LOVE" to use biblical examples when talking about sin.
---daphn8897 on 6/14/06

Why do people on these blogs LOVE to talk about the sins of others, especially Biblical figures?
---Jack on 6/14/06

Yes, doubt is sin. What do you think was the issue with Adam? He doubted God's word - that he would surely die if he ate of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and therefore believed Satan's lie. But, alas, we are all sinners. So, the question might better be, how do we battle doubt/fear/unbelief? Especially since we all walk in it to one degree or another.
---daphn8897 on 6/13/06

It is "The" sin that so easily besets us all. John did not doubt Him he professed Him. The question was asked because he wanted to hear the answer from Jesus' own mouth before his life came to an end.
---joseph on 6/13/06

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