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Immortality A Gift From God

I would like to know if most of you reading this realize that man does not have an immortal soul. Did you realize that is means that man does not burn in hell for ever and ever? Did you realize that immortality is a gift from God?

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 ---Bruce on 6/13/06
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Yes Bruce in response to your statement and questions. I for one have absolutely no doubt.
---joseph on 11/2/07

2. us shall dwell with the devouring fire? Who among us shall dwell with "everlasting burning?" This is God's design and what He has determined to show how dreadful the unrestrained anger, fury and fierceness of Jehovah is.
---Lupe2618 on 7/7/06

I thank you Pierr for your kind words and I also mean them with love. I just don't want you to think I am looking for things to go against this view, but answering to what I see as Truth. Isaiah 33:12-14 declares, "And the people shall be like the burnings of lime; Like thorns cut up they shall be burned in the fire. Hear, you who are far off, what I haved done; And you who are near, acknowledge my might. The sinners in Zion are afraid; Fearfulness has seized the hypocrites: Who among
---Lupe2618 on 7/7/06

3. Now, just lately I hear that your denomination believes that Jesus is an angel. I had not heard that before, which itself is the same concept as the Jehovah Witnesses. So I am beginning to believe both of your denominations are the same in many ways. Yet, it does not matter to me what it is, it has to have the Truth. I am only after the Truth not if you are right or not.
---Lupe2618 on 7/7/06

2. If it so happens that I am wrong I will admit it. It takes a lot of study to find out what the customs were at the time. It takes a great deal of work. I am only working for Christ Pierr, not for Baptist, Methodist, Pentacostal or anyone. If it is God's Word I will do my best to be prepared. I have spoken against you on the law, not of ignorance but because I have studied for five years. You cannot make cerimonial become moral, no matter how you put it.
---Lupe2618 on 7/7/06

Pierr, your concept of "soul sleep" and hell are the same as the Jehovah Witnesses. I have studied their concept very well. I have not studied yours very well but have been learning a lot. I know you will not agree with me on many things and I understand that. I am not looking for things to discredit you or your denomination, I am looking for the truth in Scripture. If at some point I run into a problem, I look for the answer. I have much help to help me. I want the Truth Pierr.
---Lupe2618 on 7/7/06

Bruce, this is beginning to look like a righteous site. The soul's current motality, a finite hell and an immortal and benevolent God are all in line with scripture. AMEN! on 7/7/06

2. in the case of Ez. you have to really look at what is said, to whom, the comparisions to who. But when you compare the whole of Scripture you get a clear view. Remember also that what is explicit is always true, what is implicit is not always true, it only imply's something and its our job to see what the implication is. Scripture does not contradict. I know it takes work but we love to do that anyway.
---Lupe2618 on 7/7/06

Eric, we know that forever means only what the context of what is spoken means. In the cases you mention of course they had there own meaning but in Rev. it does mean forever. Each words with its own context. You cannot say that one thing means one thing all the time. Each case has its own context to what is talked about. I believe when reading we have to take many things into consideration. The times, the things happening at the moment, to whom it is spoken to, etc.
---Lupe2618 on 7/7/06

4. which the righteous will tread down as a result of the fire of God's judgement(v.1) The prophet desires, as should all believers, that there be far-reaching repentance, and if not, the pain of the impenitent is inescapable. I believe Eric, if the passages are read in context and a little information is read on the times of the words spoken, you can see what the prophet was conveying. I can only answer one question at a time.
---Lupe2618 on 7/7/06

3. our Righteousness" (Ps. 84:11; Jer. 23:56; 1 Cor. 1:30). healing here the reference should not be limited to the physical recovery from the harm done by the wicked (3:5). This sickness is inextricably linked with sin, with healing coming only through the suffereing of the Servant. (Ps. 103:3; Is. 53:5; 57:18,19; 1 Peter 2:24). Ashes under your feet Here ashes wer poured on foot trails to provide a more solid pathway during wet weather, here the wicked are compared to ashes,
---Lupe2618 on 7/7/06

2. (see the proud of 3:15). The destruction of the roots, normally protected by their subsurface location, provides a vivid, proverbial picture of its totality. All who refuse to repent will be cast in to the fire of hell. (Rev. 20:11-15). Sun of Righteousness While the wicked will be devoured by the heat of His wrath; those who fear Him will feel His warmth with healing in His "rays" or "beams" (Is. 30:26; 60:1,3). The reference is to the Messiah; He is "the Lord
---Lupe2618 on 7/7/06

Lupe: May I suggest that you do a serious study of the words: PUNISHMENT and PUNISHING.
May the Lord help you recognize which is ETERNAL. With brotherly love. Pierre
---Pierr5358 on 7/7/06

Eric, in the case of Malachi, you have to read the whole context to understand, also the concept of ashes were often poured on foot trails to provide a more solid pathway during wet weather in those times, so reading what events or traditions were done in that day you realize what is meant by the ashes. "Burning like fire" here Malachi spoke of God's judgement as a destructive fire that swiftly and totally consumes with exessive heat
---Lupe2618 on 7/7/06

The desolation of Edom was to continue for ever and ever Isaiah 34:10.
Christ is called a priest for ever in Heb 5:6 yet after sin is blotted out christs work as a priest will end. according to the deffinitions of the term for ever the wicked will suffer as long as they continue to live in the fire. Then they will be turned to ashes mal 4:1-4, Psalm 92:7

The saved get eternal life, the lost get death. Rom 6:23
---eric on 7/7/06

Rev 14:10 says the lost will burn for ever.

The words "for ever" do not necessarily mean without end. In fact the bible uses this term 56 times in connection with things which have already ended. In exodus 21:1-6 the hebrew servant was to serve his master for ever but it was obviously only as long as he lived. Hannah took her son Samuuel to Gods house to abide for ever 1 sam 1:22 but she plainly limited that time to as long as he lived, verse 28...
---eric on 7/7/06

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You have to show me how that ll fits with Mal 4:1-3,

The lost will be ashes. And Ezekiel 28 says that God will bring Satan to ashes as well.

You cant be ashes and burning forever and ever at the same time. Obviously the forever and ever mean something else...
---eric on 7/7/06

6. will surely do what is right. No innocent person will ever suffer at His hands. Never. The Bible clearly teaches that the punishment is eternal. The same word is used for both eternal life, and eternal death. Punishment implies pain. Mere annihilation, which some have lobbied for, involves no pain, "Wicked men will hereafter earnestly wish to be turned to nothing and forever cease to be that they may escape the wrath of God.
---Lupe2618 on 7/6/06

5. it often sounds as a cruel and unusual punishment. Here is something I want to add, "If, however, we can take comfort in the concept of hell, we can take it in the full assurance that there will be no cruelty there." I really mean that. It is impossible for God to be cruel. Cruelty involves inflicting a punishment that is more severe or harsh than the crime. Cruelty in this sense is Unjust. God is incapable of inflicting an unjust punishment. The Judge of all the earth
---Lupe2618 on 7/6/06

4. some to shame and everlasting contemp." Here two groups will arise from death constituting the "many" meaning all, as in John 5:29. Those of faith will rise to eternal life with Christ, the rest of the unsaved to eternal torment. When someone declares "Hell is a symbol for seperation from God." a breath of relief is usually caused, because the lost are already seperated from God and been seperated for eternity to them is not a lose. No matter how we analyze the concept of hell
---Lupe2618 on 7/6/06

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3. That they might gaze at you." this passage cannot be talking about Satan but of the king of Tyre. The earthly king in his downfall, would be knocked or cast to the ground, cut down, and lie before the gaze of other kings. From Is. 23:17. There is an implication of a revival under Persian rule. Yet if you go to Daniel, 12:2, "And many of those that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, Some to everlasting life,
---Lupe2618 on 7/6/06

2. As far as the question is concern we are told that God will make the corrupt incorruptable, and the mortal immortal. He didn't say it was immortality for the the saved only. But for the corrupt to incorruptable it was. Now the passage in Ezekiel 28, the context shows one meaning with two persons involve in the subject. One it talks about Satan, and his fall, but it also talking about the king of Tyre in comparrison to Satan himself. In verse 17, "...I laid you before kings,
---Lupe2618 on 7/6/06

Eric, I would like to bring the passage you put out on Jude 1:7, When the passage is talking about Sodom and Gomorrah, it was not saying that those cities were still burning eternal. If you go to verse 6, the subject talked about is the angels that didn't keep their proper domain. This apostasy of fallen angels is described in Gen 6:1-3. The transition to Sodom and Gomorrah in verse 7, points to the similitude of the sin of homosexuality. and what these angels did in Gen. 6. So in fact
---Lupe2618 on 7/6/06

Eric: Go to the Mall, Chat & Penpals and "Join our free Chrisian community."

Thanks, Jerry
---jerry6593 on 7/1/06

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I dont know my christian net e-mail name.
I am new here.
---eric on 6/30/06

the soul is not immortal
please read these verses,
Rom 2:7 man seeks for immortality, that means he dosnt have it.
1 Tim 6:15-16 Only God has immortality
1 Cor 15:51-54 this verse tells us when we will have immortality if we have done the will of God, at the resurrection.
rom 6:23 gift of God is eternal life
we recieve that gift at the resurrection at the second coming
Rev 22:12
---eric on 6/30/06

Eric: I agree that you are doing an excellent job on this and other blogs. Please use your ChristianNet e-mail name so that we may contact you directly.
---jerry6593 on 6/30/06

The soul of man is the immortal essence of God. It is the presence of God in man that makes him immortal. Without the soul a man would be a beast. The spirit of the beast and the spirit of the man is "ruwak", the same. "What does God breath?" How about, "HIMSELF". learn the difference "nephesh", " n@shamah"
---Tim on 6/30/06

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Eric you have presented an excellent case, your zeal is tremendous. I believe you have a heart of compassion and a great desire to make the truth of the Fathers word as He has given you embrace known to others whether they will hear or forbear. You are doing a good job keeping your answers respectful, keep up the good work.
---joseph on 6/29/06


The word soul in the hebrew means a breathing creature with bones and flesh. A soul is not some mysterious ghost that lives inside me. A soul is a life.

The bible says souls will die and burn up and turn into ashes.
Please read Ezekiel 18:20 and malachi 4:1-3

There is not two phases to hell. Only one event at the end of the millenium when the wicked dead are raised.
John 5:28-29 Revelation 20:9

I would like to learn about this regeneration...
---eric on 6/29/06


Satan will burn as long as it takes for the fire to devour him.
Read romans 2:5-6
It says we will be judged according to our deeds.

Satan might as well burn a litle longer than everyone else but he will be consumed and turned into ashes Ezekiel 28:18
---eric on 6/29/06

The fact is that there is truth to what most of you are saying. There are two phases of Hell. There is the current Hell for lost souls, and a future Hell (lake of fire) for them at the resurrection of the damned. Souls do not burn up, and resurrected bodies will constantly regenerate, so they will never be consumed. (Can you imagine that torment?)
---Doc on 6/27/06

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Eric with all your learning please tell me how long will Satan and his "worshippers" burn since you say it is not forever? Is it one minute, one day, one millennium or what? How long?
---Elder on 6/27/06

I need to correct my previous post.

I meant the rich mans torment.....

Lazarus was a typo.
---joseph on 6/27/06

Lazarus' torment is his extreme grief for not allowing the inspired Word of God to refresh him and to guide his words to accept His saviour. In Mat. 13: 42. The wailing and gnashing of teeth is the result of the sudden flash of insight and awareness of the wicked concerning the fact that their life is about to end and that salvation was simply a matter of accepting the life in Christ that had been offered them.
---joseph on 6/20/06

As Eric has shown from scripture these things "are set forth as an example of the suffering of the vengeance of eternal fire." And as you will notice in both the examples once they are consumed the fire is no longer needed. The furnace of fire represents the place outside the gates of the new Jerusalem where the wicked will be consumed (destroyed fully) they will cease to exist. Which is the definition of destruction as it is used in Mat 7:13. Cont.
---joseph on 6/20/06

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Mat. 13: 37-42: Verse 40 Note the wicked being gathered and burned at the END of this world. The Son of man SHALL (further) send and gather out of His kingdom all THINGS that offend, and them which do iniquity (wrong); and SHALL cast them into a furnace of fire; there SHALL be wailing and gnashing of teeth. All future tense. These things are not happening now. They have nothing to do with the present state of the dead. Cont
---joseph on 6/20/06

This verse is critical to understand what an eternal fire is.

Jude 1:7 "Even as Sodom and Gommorah and the cities about them in like manner giving themselves over to fornication and going after strange flesh "are set forth for an example suffering the vengence of eternal fire."

Are those two cities burning today? No. They were consumed. Just like Satan will be consumed. Ezekiel 28:18 He will be ashes
---eric on 6/18/06

How can a drop pf water quench any fire?

Again the parable is symbolic. The lost do not recieve eternal life. Thats what the bible teaches if you want to believe that the lost burn forever and ever thats your belief.
Do some serious study on immortality. only the saved get eternal life. the lost get death romans 6:23 , the lost turn to ashes, malachi 4:1-4, the lost perish john 3:16. How can you perish, die and turn to ashes and still have eternal life?
You cant
---eric on 6/18/06

brothers and sisters we can disagree. I believe that eternal life is a gift of God. I also believe that the unrighteous who have not accepted jesus have an eternal destiny in torment, separated from God in hell.bless all.
---tom2 on 6/16/06

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Why then does the rich man ask fior just a drop to wet his tongue??if the fire and torment don,t exist? why would our lord even say it???why would he ask if there is no torment that abraham go or send someone dead to tell his brothers so they might escape the place where he is if its such a nice place?.why mention it at all if there is no such place????why does our lord talk about the broad road to hell if hell don,t exist?
---tom2 on 6/16/06

If you are of some doctrine that denies hell and the firey torment there then all I can say is thats your right , but I have noted that men interprute scripture whatever way pleases them.
---tom2 on 6/16/06

gentleman, it might sooth your souls to believe that after death the lost aren,t tormented eternally in hell. But to say other is false teaching. Our lord himself said there is a hell, a firey place of torment.jesus said the broad road to hell.hell exists and is a place of torment.
---tom2 on 6/16/06

as I said explain the rich man and lazarus.??lazarus in heaven with abraham and the rich man talking and asking for just a drop of water.sounds like eternal fire and separation to me.there are other examples given by jesus about hell. a place of never ending torment for the unrighteous.
---tom2 on 6/16/06

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Tom 2,

Thessalonians says that the lost are eternaly seperated from God but it dosnt say they are eternaly living and burning.

Look at the verses I have given on the matter and look at the weight of evidense, what are you holding on to? You make God look like a cruel terrorist who takes joy in burning people. Could you imagine burning with immense agonizing pain with no end? I cant. My loving God cant either.
---eric on 6/16/06

To those who use the RM&L parable to support your view...Does your bible say the Rich man's "soul"? Lazerus's "soul"? NO! this is "assumed"right? Have you ever had a discussion with an "evolusionist? They make a supposition,then build an argument based on the supposition!
---1st_cliff on 6/16/06

Summary: The subject through out chapter 16 is the proper way to handle what the Father has blessed us with. We must learn this lesson now because once we die school is out. If we refuse the lesson we can expect the fate of this rich man. That great gulf is an impassible interval. If we don't make it through the gate in this lifetime we never will. This parable had nothing to do with where the dead are. If you can show me were I am missing it please do. I am always open to the truth.
---joseph on 6/16/06

His parable to them expounded upon what he was teaching His disciples when He was so rudely interrupted. He spoke to them about the inevitable results of selflessness, covetousness and a lack of compassion for our fellow man. We are blessed to be a blessing. Neither our life of comfort on this earth nor our hardship is any indicator of what our life will be in eternity. When the rich man spoke (figuratively) to lazarus he was speaking (future tense) through the gates of the new Jerusalem. Cont.
---joseph on 6/16/06

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It would be my pleasure sir. First this was a parable, I know this because Jesus only taught plainly to His disciples. Mat 13:10-14. With this parable, He was speaking to the Pharisees. The subject that was being discussed is established in Lk. 16:13 and never changed. Apparently the Pharisees had overheard the conversation and were offended because of their covetousness and ridiculed Him. Thus the teaching of verses 15-31 which addressed that covetous spirit. Cont.
---joseph on 6/16/06

also matt13-37-42 about the firey furnace for the unrighteous.oh by the way after death none of these places are for rotting corpses they are for lost souls to suffer in torment just as the parable jesus taught about lazarus and the rich man, who by the way was in hell eternally.
---tom2 on 6/15/06

Joseph,matt 7-13 broad road to hell.seems if you don,t accept jesus your headed there.not in a mortal body does God give you the gift of immortality so you can burn in hell?? 3nd thessalothians1-9 excluded from Gods presence.another gift of immortality from God so you spend eternity separated from have an eternal spirit.the choice is whether you spend eternity with him or burning in hell.
---tom2 on 6/15/06

Tom 2,
the parable of the rich man and lazarus is just a parable. Parables always have symbolic meaning. Just like the seeds by the wayside are symbolic. Just like the parable of the wedding garment.

The parable cannot be taken literaly. Search and pray over it to find the real message that Jesus is trying to teach us. That parable cannot be used to prove that the lost are in hell right now.
---eric on 6/15/06

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Joseph, explain to me about the rich man and lazarus parable taught by man in fire eternally separated and lazarus in abrahams bosom in heaven.I agree that born again christians won,t be in hell but others will be its Gods word,and the teachings of jesus.
---tom2 on 6/15/06

Allow me to add my name to the true witnesses here. Jerry, Eric, 1st Cliff and Bruce. To the rest of you, If the thought pleases you that some will suffer eternally so be it. I'll be waiting for a biblically based response to 1st Cliffs challenge.
---joseph on 6/14/06

jerry, God gives all he has to his children, imoortality, joint-heirs to sit in his throne, perfect peace, holiness, righteousness, etc. Christ alone HOLDS immortality and also gives his immortality to every Christian. Where is immortal God? In the Christian. Where is resurrected Jesus? In the Christian. Where is the Holy Ghost? In the Christian. Where is all the fulness of God? In the Christian. So where is immortality? In the Christian. The soul that sins will not have eternal life, but eternal dying.
---Eloy on 6/14/06

Helen: You said "Man DOES have an immortal soul." And then you quote the scripture that man must "put on" immortality. That does not make sense. Why put on something you already have? The Bible says that God ONLY has immortality (1Tim 6:16), and that "the soul that sinneth, it shall die. (Eze 18:4).
---jerry6593 on 6/14/06

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Read these texts on immortality, in fact do a search on that word. and the word mortal. We our called mortal, never immortal. The soul is never once called immortal in all the bible.
1 Timmothy 6:15-16 Only God has immortality.
Romans 2:7 when you are seeking something that means you dont have it or else you wouldnt be seeking for it.
Job 4:17 The bible calls man mortal.
Romans 6:12, 2 Corinthians 4:11 Please read these :-)
---eric on 6/14/06

The only people who recieve immortality are the saved. The gift of God to the saved is eternal life the gift to the lost recieve the wage of their sins which is death. Death andimmortality are direct opposites. The lost will not live for all eternity. We recieve immortality at the ressurection just read 1 Corinthians 15:51

Read John 3:16 those who believe get everlasting life but those who dont perish. How can you perish and be alive for all eternity burning forever?
---eric on 6/14/06

To you who know all the answers,I make this promise,I will repent in sackcloth and ashes,if you can show me just once where the bible(KJV NIV etc)says that the "soul" is immortal deathless or never dieing! (should be easy since the word soul is mentioned more than 800 times)
---1st_cliff on 6/13/06

OH YES YOU DO. Gods word says so.I don,t know what bible your reading ,but it ain,t the one I read.evrything above and below are gifts from God. All talents and all things upon the earth are gifts from God. And more importantantly all spiritual holyness and holy revelation that changes men hearts and lives are gifts from God.You were made to be immortal by God either with him or eternally cast into the lake of fire because of unrepented sin and rejection of his son.
---tom2 on 6/13/06

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Do YOU realize that you have believed a lie? Do YOU realize that you have been under the wrong teaching? Do YOU realize that you need to read and study the BIBLE instead of whatever trash you ARE reading and studying?
---T.S. on 6/13/06

It is written, the wicked will be tormented in an unquenchable fire, they will be cast into utter darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth, and the smoke of their torment will ascend for ever and ever. Both Testaments prophesy of eternal torment. Please read Isaiah 66:24; Daniel 12:2,3; Matthew 13:40-43; 25:41-46; Mark 9:43-48; Luke 16:23,24; II Thessalonians 1:7-9; Jude 7; Revelation 14:9-11.
---Eloy on 6/13/06

Then Jesus is a liar by your accounting friend.
Are you a Christian?

Joh 5:29 they that have done good, unto the resurrection of life; and they that have done evil, unto the resurrection of damnation.

Why resurrect the wicked?
Matthew 8:29 appointed time of torment?
Luke 16:28 "place of torment"
Revelation 14:11...just read this one.

You can believe anything you want, but that won't soothe the fire appointed to false teachers.
---Pharisee on 6/13/06

God and God alone creates souls. With that creating of a soul you have permanency also created. When permanency is created, it means that the existence of what ever is permanent must be somewhere at any given time. And if a soul is not in heaven then it must be in the opposite.
---mima on 6/13/06

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John 3:16 guarantees my immorality thru Jesus Christ. You are correct, it is a gift of God.
---shira on 6/13/06

Evidently you have never read the parable of the beggar and the rich in heaven with abraham the other in hell forever.Told by jesus.
---tom2 on 6/13/06

absolutely he does.God say he does in the old testament in more than one place.
---tom2 on 6/13/06

Bruce - Sounds good, but it is a lie.... man who rejects Jesus' Sacrifice of Himself on the Cross will burn in hell for eternity. Man DOES have an immortal soul --- "and this mortal must put on immortality" 1 Corinthians 15:53.
---Helen_5378 on 6/13/06

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