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Churches Asking For Money

What do you folks think about churches collecting money each week for building funds when there are poor people sitting in the nicely already in the church?

Moderator - It gets old, however I don't attend that type of church.

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 ---Donna9759 on 6/14/06
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Worshiping God is not about strenuous (rigorous) offerings (Colossians 1:25 R.S.V.).

We cannot enrich God's life by giving Him ANYTHING at all, WE CAN be helpful to the BODY of Christ, but we are still helpless to provide anything in comparison to what HE provides,....offer Him NO COMPETITION...HIS gracious giving is SUPREME...step back.

---faithforfaith on 12/24/13

You completely miss the point of giving offering to God. It's not that God needs our offering, it that we need to give it. We are to obey God's Spirit, if that means giving to a point that hurts, then that what we do.
---Jed on 12/24/13

Worshiping God is not about strenuous (rigorous) offerings (Colossians 1:25 R.S.V.).

We cannot enrich God's life by giving Him ANYTHING at all, WE CAN be helpful to the BODY of Christ, but we are still helpless to provide anything in comparison to what HE provides,....offer Him NO COMPETITION...HIS gracious giving is SUPREME...step back.
---faithforfaith on 12/24/13

Rod4Him, I agree with you to a point about the preacher but sometimes there can be a turnabout in the preaching once the preacher/minister sees that others are able to think for themselves and/or challenge him.
Preachers are not perfect and congregations are meant to use their God given brain and be able to say when something is wrong - giving a minister a change to change things if change is necessary.
I was once told that a church member should NEVER challenge or disagree with a preacher. I disagree strongly with that. Sometimes moving on IS the answer but not until a challenge for change has been made.
---Rita_H on 12/24/13

Faithforfaith the words "God loves a cheerful giver" are misused deliberately (i.m.o.) by the pastors of many churches - those who also tell us that God gives 'one hundred fold' (which is also scriptural but does not "like for like")

Some churches teach that the more we give the more we get and they ALWAYS mean 'money' when they say that.

Those pastors are more interest in having a bigger car/house that seriously preaching God's Word.

God will deal with them.
---Rita_H on 12/24/13

I can only give what i can afford which isnt much right now because I have bills, my own fault. I can only get to church when i have a ride and I havent been in several weeks but i see on facebook how he reminds everybody to bring extra money. Before i moved here i had a wonderful pastor that did everything, feeding and clothing the poor without asking for extras. Once in a while I would think about it but not every week. I am diabetic and I was in the donut hole since September and Insulin is very expensive. I know also I get resentful when anybody asks all the time. I am taking the advice given here. I will take care of what i have to and give what i can thank you.I am so glad to have found this site.
---Susan_B on 12/22/13

To faithforfaith.. thankyou! I think yes! You are correct.. taken me wow! seems like a litebulb! In my head but,especially since going through all this since 2010... till now,yes! I agree fully
You are like a "breath of fresh air"
Your teaching here very much appreciated.
Love of Jesus! Lidia4796
---Lidia4796 on 12/21/13

I wouldn't say "Do it to your own convenience". But rather do as the Holy Spirit convicts you. It's not much of a sacrifice if you never give until it hurts. Jesus didn't give to His convenience, He was obedient to His Father at any cost, and it hurt bad. We didn't become Christians to live a life of convenience, but to walk in Jesus' footsteps carrying our own cross and being crucified to ourselves.
---Jed on 12/21/13

"God loves a cheerful giver" is SERIOUSLY misunderstood and has NOTHING to do with money.

If you decide to GIVE ASSISTANCE to a person, do it according to your convenience (don't be irresponsible with your time, don't do it grudgingly, don't do it because you feel pressured),.....FO R God loves a CHEERFUL giver, not a resentful one.
---faithforfaith on 12/21/13

Is there any human group that we belong to that does not demand anything from us? We only have to determine if it is being over-done or not. Then, we should allow God to lead us to do whatever part we have to do.
---Adetunji on 12/20/13

Assuming Rita's advice is correct, and I believe it is, why bother going to listen to that person? If he is wrong there, where else is he wrong?
---Rod4Him on 12/19/13

Rita, you gave some great advice. Hoping Susan listens to it.
---Mark_V. on 12/19/13

no one should ever feel pressured to give to anything. if God wants you to give, He will lay it on your heart. I tithe but I don't give unless I feel like God wants me to give to any particular ministry. I have a ministry I give to but sometimes I know I don't give enough.
---shira4368 on 12/18/13

Susan B, what you need is courage to stand your ground. You should place on that plate what God tells you He wants you to place on it and leave the subject of money there. His opinion of your giving is all that matters.

For all other appeals for money allow them to fall on deaf ears. Ignore the pleas, allow the plate to pass you by, ignore the box in the porch or the envelope you are asked to fill.

Don't worry about what anyone else gives.

If anyone ever comments on your offering tell them it is between you and God and no discussions on the matter will be held.

I've been in your position in a previous church.
---Rita_H on 12/18/13

What all pastors should be saying, before the offering is taken, is that we should give from our hearts as God leads us. That we should not be trying to see what our neighbour is placing on the plate and that only God needs to know these things.

Something more private than an open plate is far better, a bag on a handle is favoured in many churches or a wall mounted box hear the door where people can make their free will offering on the way out.

It would also help if the story of the widow's mite were read out to the congregation on a regular basis.
---Rita_H on 12/18/13

Susan, maybe what you are experiencing is guilt. That is very possible. They ask for money, for some reason or another, and it gets you upset because you cannot give. Don't worry, if you cannot give, don't. God understands everything we are going through. Everything.
---Mark_V. on 12/18/13

I am on social security disability, I am slowly getting disatisfied with the church I have attended for the last 6 months. I dont mind the collection plate at all but what I do mind is the pastor asking for money in addition to the collection plate every week. If he stayed on one topic, okay but he goes from this giving to that giving all charities outside of the church. A building fund is necessary so I can see that if its actually needed because of space or the building needs extensive repairs.
---Susan_B on 12/17/13

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Mima, one needs to be realistic toghether with being a believer. buildingfundses are nessecary. for following reason (i minister in Togo west-Africa) worshipping God under a "tree" is fun, however when it is rainy season, nobody comes, dry season nobody stays longer then 9 in the morning, we can not use public buildings, for a law in Togo sais that public buildings cannot be used for any religious event. muslims build mosques free-masons build temples, even the shrines of the idols today have seats. if we want to reach out to the unbeliever, a decent building is a nessecary part of our strategy, the building is the first thing people see. it is true however that we should not put too much focus on the building as well.
---Andy3996 on 3/22/10

Mima, those who turn everything upside down were not like us. They totally committed their lives to the Lord. They left everything behind. You do not see much of that going around whether they go to church or not. So that is no comparison. The few who started the church had Christ with them. Sustaining them making bread when there was none. They left mother and father and families. A total committment. Not just what everyone does now. Now, they don't give up much whether in church or not. And then complain why they don't have much, they do not give much. Worldly things are more important to spend their money on. Do they give up the cell phones, HD-tv's, car's, No because they cannot live without them.
---MarkV. on 3/18/10

No one has to give any money if they don't want to. In fact they don't have to go to Church as Steven G says if they don't want to. If they are just going to complain about the Church it is good they are not there. Maybe that is what makes many churches bad, they have so many complainers who hate to give. "What have you that you did not receive? If then you received it, why do you boast as if it were not a gift"?
Nothing we have belongs to us, it all belongs to the Lord.
---MarkV. on 3/18/10

the heart is shown, in giving without law indeed, but it is also shown in refusing to give what is due, and then changing the meaning of certain scriptures just to keep ones consience clear.
the 10 upon the 10 percent was the levitical tithe, the tithe upon the levites income given to the priests. something I do as a servant of GOD, however your church is rich, inthe church God made me supervisor, all members give their tithe, still we have a monthly budget of about two dollars and thirty cents. talking about offerings we never exceed the three dollars a week. still we take care of 25 orphans. I praise God for my members. if your church would give only five percent of heir income, you could by all means do much more for your God.
---Andy3996 on 3/18/10

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Every church requires overhead expenses, for heat, lights, water, and regular maintainence. These costs don't go away, and in winter, can increase with utility use. Every church member does well to recognize these costs, and contribute reasonably to help defer them. Our church has a faith and testimony service the first Sunday of every month, and on those Sundays, most members of the congregation choose to fast for the morning meal, and contribute the saved money to a feeding and helps program for hurting members of the church. If people recognized their church as their first trusted resource, more people would become involved in financially supporting it.
---Elaine on 3/10/10

"There is nothing wrong with churches collecting building funds. These funds should be used to maintain the house of God and for planting new churches."

How can the above statement be justified in light of the work of the great commission?
---mima on 3/10/10

There is nothing wrong with churches collecting building funds. These funds should be used to maintain the house of God and for planting new churches. Haggai 1, however, if there are poor people in their midst, God wants the poor, widows, and orphans needs (not wants) to be met Deuteronomy 15:7. How to achieve these needs depends on the church and the committees in place.

God instructed the children of Israel to leave the edges of their lands during harvest time for the poor and needy Exodus 23:11. All the workers in the vineyard of God should pay the offering with no exclusion according to Numbers 18:27-29.

Ezekiel 34:2 Woe to the shepherds of Israel who feed themselves! Should not the shepherds feed the flocks?
---Esther on 3/10/10

the portions of the Levites had not been given them: for the Levites and the singers, that did the work, were fled every one to his field. Nehemiah 13:10
today as well many ministries are suffering due to rebellion and stinginess

---Andy3996 on 3/10/10
According to the OT, the Levitical priests only got a tithe of 10% of the 10% or 1%. Tell that to some of those televangelists who draw multi-million dollar salaries and rant about tithing.

And the NT mention of "tithing" is more about hypocrisy than a "command" to tithe!

People at my current church only give 3.5% and they have a $6.5 million budget and $2 million missions budget. Of course they could do more, but they are not hurting.
---obewan on 3/10/10

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Dear Obewan, did Jesus not tell us " But woe unto you, Pharisees! for ye tithe mint and rue and all manner of herbs, and pass over judgment and the love of God: these ought ye to have done, and not to leave the other undone. Luke 11: 42 so to say that the New testament never tells us to give our thithe, is error.tithes always heave been for the ministers of God, the poor and the strangers.
And I perceived that the portions of the Levites had not been given them: for the Levites and the singers, that did the work, were fled every one to his field. Nehemiah 13:10
today as well many ministries are suffering due to rebellion and stinginess
---Andy3996 on 3/10/10

While reading the responses about preachers asking for money for building funds I was reminded that the church that turned the world upside down had no buildings for the first 200 years after the cross! The verse is Acts 17:6, which in part says," These that have turned the world upside down are come hither also," so the most effective time of the church was before the church had any buildings!!!

Which leads you to believe that building funds might be, could be, and probably is a little un-Biblical modern-day preacher endeavor.
---mima on 3/9/10

All that we have is God's. God only asks 10% and even then we are to give with a cheerful heart. --Cathy on 3/8/10

Where in the New Testament do you ever see that God asks for 10%?

In the Old Testament it is clear that God asked for 10% of the food and never money. And let me repeat, a full 1/3 of that 10% of the food went to poor and disabled people.

Just do a Biblical study on the "poor tithe". It was a social welfare system where 100% of the tithes every third year went to the poor.

Freewill OFFERINGS are used to spread the gospel and may be more, equal, or less than 10%.
---obewan on 3/8/10

Jesus said "the poor you have with you always."

The Church was established to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and the good news that although ALL are sinners and worthy of eternal punishment in Hell - Jesus saves sinners by repenting and trusting in Him alone.


If the early church had this mentality to give all the money to the poor, the gospel would never have left Jerusalem!

All that we have is God's. God only asks 10% and even then we are to give with a cheerful heart. IF someone poses this question its because they do not want to give to the work of the Lord and see souls saved. When was the last time anyone saw a beggar on the street holding up a sign "Trust Jesus for your sins?"
---Cathy on 3/8/10

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Give it to the poor!
---catherine on 3/7/10

Many churches do help poor people who make there needs known. Others do not.I am so very concerned about division and legalism among the churches and brother/sisters.We seem to judge everything and everyone including ourselves. We are called to love which means give, give, give.We have a mentality that the church is the building,pastor and Sabbath.The Church is the Bride of Christ who is all Believers. If an affluent one sees a brother in need, why does he wait for the church to help when he IS the church. The church has taken the form or an organization rather than its purest form. My Bible tells ME to give to the poor. So do I say to my brother "Ya need to talk to the pastor. Be well and filled! See ya next week?"
---jody on 3/2/10

DBONE the bible is GODS Infallible word, ask God.
---Andy3996 on 3/2/10

dear DBone, you should try to ghet a bible dictionary, and find the word tithe, you will be surprised about the results, however it is true that tithes are no longer used in its biblical sense by many denominations. but that does not make the tithe to be anti biblical or outdated. by the way, He who is in love with the Lord, does not give a tithe, he gives it all (litteraly) and does not care what it is called.
---Andy3996 on 3/2/10

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God never requested tithes. The business men who wrote the bible did! Every human being in the USA pays tithes in the form of taxes. Churches are misleading their sheep. Churches can request offerings or donations but, that is all. Any church that demands otherwise, is nothing more than a non profit business. Besides, if God is really into a church, no money is ever needed from it's sheep. The shepards take care of it all. Technically, after all the donations are received throughout the week, a church needs to add up the total and 10% of that total should go to someone in the congregation during the last Sunday Service of the particular week. When churches begin this, then we will know that they are really in tune with God's promises.
---Dbone on 3/1/10

If the "church" was ever implimented the way the NT says it should be then there wouldn't be a building fund and the money could be used where it really matters - to help people.

Most Christians today believe that the church is a building, nonprofit corporation, or a denomination (having its own traditions, way of living, and interpretations of the Bible). They say, "Let's go to church," or "Did you go to church today?," or ""We have a fine choir at our church." etc.

Jesus is returning soon not to join with (marry) a building, a nonprofit corporation, or a denomination, but is returning to marry His people - Christians. Do some research about "home churches."
---Steveng on 7/13/08

Elane Hill, In Hebrews 10:25, we are intructed not to forsake the Assembling of the Saints together.

I understand where you are coming from when you have no desire to attend a church.

I do encourage you to search for a body of true believers in Christ, and a place that teaches Biblical Truths.

I understand places like this are difficult to find in the world we live in today, but there are some out there.

Be Encouraged.
---Rob on 7/13/08

ok, I can't understand where people think churches get their money to serve the communities and do all they do? People are willing to give money to non-profit organizations to serve mankind yet a church is any different? Please people, have a better understanding about how churches operate. God commanded tithes in the sum of 10% of your income we don't even give that much. I come from a church who has a daily food bank for the homeless,where do you think they got that from? donations from its members! Money doesn't magically appear for all churches do! It's members of that church collectively giving together for the same cause and work of God.
---val_valano on 7/13/08

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I'm no longer attending any church because by attending several in my area all they ask for is money for building funds and their ministry. My grandson went to VBS and they pitted the boys against the girls to raise money for their cause!!!!!!!!!
---Elane_Hill on 7/13/08

Can you name the church your talking about friend? If you cant then you shouldnt ask such on this forum..It is not our business to talk about what other churches do with their money...You will be lying...God is watching us all...Lord have mercy
---jana on 5/23/07

I think its terrible when all the church is doing ,is raising money to build churches ,and not paying attention to the poor and their needs. Otherwise building funds are important when the church needs attention. Rundown, poor churches do not glorify God.We should do everything in our power to honor God's name and beautify His house.
---Robyn on 5/22/07

If people wont contribute to the building of a new church where ll the money come from?There are times when its necessary to build a new temple.ofcos there always pple who grumble each time they ve to part with a single coin.
---pkay on 5/22/07

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sister donna, sister darlene has answered your question..I agree with her. the church's job is to feed the spiritually hungry people..not the earthly. unless you want to. remember when Jesus said to his disciples individually, "Peter,feed my sheep" I forgot what text.
---jana on 8/3/06

My church has a building fund, but if someone in the congragation needs it to pay bills or get food, that money is theirs. God makes a way on every need we have in the church. Donna; you need to tell him, if you don't then he is going to buy this building and fall flat on his face and stuck in debt. If it were you, you would want someone to tell you...wouldn't you?
---Rebecca_D on 6/16/06

False comparison. Your solution to the problem you proposed is...?

Madison listed many different funds in churches. Churches that do nothing do not have all those things going on needing funding.

Besides it is GREAT FUN to give to the Lord's work! Is your comment somehow carping at giving? Hope not, for you miss out on blessings if you do.
---John_T on 6/14/06

My church has a building fund, a deacons fund, a missions and general giving. The deacons offering is once a month and that money is earmarked for the poor families that have needs in the community. We have a ministry with a food pantry where people can get bags of groceries without cost. The secretary gets their address and provides backpacks with school supplies for the kids, and a laundry basket with more groceries and a turkey at Thanksgiving and toys for the kids at Christmas.
---Madison1101 on 6/14/06

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A minor story about a big subject. After renting a booth at a local fair. people begin to give me money. In no time I had $300, which is what the boost cost. At that point I refuse to accept any more money and people asked me why. Well I said I do not intend to make money off of any endeavor designed to win souls. Many people walked away shaking their heads.
---mima on 6/14/06

Folks, this Pastor, whom I love dearly, he is near and dear to my heart, but when his co-pastor left, he took 3 quarters of the congregation with him. The Pastor I love is down to 21 people. He thinks if he buys a 1.5 million dollar bldg., the people will come. I think he has it backwards, but I don't have the heart to tell him. Pray for him, He is a VERY GODLY man. I love him but he's not seeing the fallacy of buying a new bldg with only 21 people cuz his other sheep were stolen from him.
---Donna9759 on 6/14/06

Well Moderator changed the question around. Moderator, can you at least fix the last part? ......for building funds when there are poor people sitting in the pews and benches in that same church. Mod-please por favor, please change the question back to it's original context? Thank you. Luv you.

Moderator - Sorry, missed it because the word "poor" wasn't in the submitted question. Hopefully, people can see you proper context here. Thanks :)
---Donna9759 on 6/14/06


Should a man annointed by an infinate Almighty God have to beg for money?

If you give them the assurance of life eternal they'll give all, The Apostles did as many do still today.

Preach the gospel, that's what the church preaches and we shouldn't endure a beggar's money message designed to convict and shake the pennies from our pockets.
---Pharisee on 6/14/06

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pkay, the reason most people grumble at the parting of a coin is because they are immature, they have been told a lie (cursed if you don't give), or they are being hackled for it. I rest my case. We are told to lay by in store. The reason for that is so that no man can twist your arm when it is time to give. Arm-twisting is not God-trusting. Build the people and the people will give cheerfully.
---Linda6563 on 6/14/06

Father has a way of taking care of the needs of those who put Him and His purpose first. What happens if you build a new building to house people and don't build a people who house God? You will probably have a problem with the upkeep of that new building. Donna, I have seen what you are talking about with my own eyes. What happened? The people left and you didn't even need a new building to put them in anymore.
---Linda6563 on 6/14/06

I believe that if you take care of the people, the building will take care of itself. In other words, let the building of the people for God to live in be more important than a new building to put the people in. When the people are built, there is increase and maturity in the spirit. Where there is increase and maturity in the spirit, I have a feeling you won't have too much trouble getting a new building built...and debt free I might add.
---Linda6563 on 6/14/06

There is nothing wrong with this just so long as people are not made to feel that it is compulory nor made to feel uncomfortable about it. Buildings have to be maintained and if the weekly offerings are only just covering things like the heating and lighting then other money has to be acquired when repairs are necessary. There are some churches, however, that never stop asking for money and the members don't seem to know where it is being spent. Churches should be accountable for their cash.
---M.P. on 6/14/06

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AMEN,AMEN Moderator I visited a baptist church once in Loganville, Georgia. They had a huge gorgeous auditorium but that wasn't big or good enough, his whole sermon was about money for a bigger bldg.
---shira on 6/14/06

If the building isn't big enough then obiously they have to do something. We all want our church to grow. But if they are not feeding the hungry and clothing the naked and visiting the sick then that should be their higher priority. I wouldn't belong to a church that doesn't do those basic things that Jesus taught us to do.
---john on 6/14/06

If the church is growing, there will be a need to provide more space for the members. And this planning has to be done prior to overflow capacity. In my State, there are building regulations that only allows a fixed number of occupants in a bldg. Poor would have to be defined more. Some poverty level persons have different priorities with what funds the do have. I'm sure if the need arose and someone approched the church in need, something would be worked out on an indivual bases.
---Fred_S. on 6/14/06

Oh the audacity to for you to mention this. There you go again wanting to obey Jesus(helping the poor) when man is determined to build a bigger better building. Jesus did not say anything about building a building, he must've made a mistake or forgot, but never worry man will help Him out. Is there a possibility that the spirit has shown you the error of man's ways and traditions? You be the judge.
---mima on 6/14/06

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Pastors are taking up collections for building funds and there are already poor folks in and outside of the church. Shouldn't we be feeing the poor first? I say yes, what do you say?
---Donna9759 on 6/14/06

As we all know churches get built for free, repaired for free, and there's no charge for the untilities. Ever.

And just what do you mean by "poor people sitting in the nicely"? I think you omitted a word or two here.

In my experience, in churches with wide socioeconomic spectra, the poor are generally MORE generous, both in amount and percentage, than the more well off.
---Jack on 6/14/06

Is it for a specific building project? Our church needs a 40,000 roof repair for example.
On the other hand, another church I know raised an inordinate amount (in my opinion) for a new pulpit.
---Bruce5656 on 6/14/06

When I am doing Stewardship Consulting I try to recommend Unified Church Budgets. They keep the number of special giving solicitations down. I also discourage "Mission Road Shows" as each group that wants to put one wants bring a straw with them to take a sip from your "Mission Funding Well" or try to fleece you congregation that Sunday.
---notlaw99 on 6/14/06

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If a church has outgrown it's present structure,no matter how nice, there is nothing they can do but raise money to either enlarge,if possible,or build a whole new church. There is nothing wrong with that. People are poor for all kinds of reasons and it isn't a church's place to "SUPPORT" the poor. Help those who have a temporary need,yes,but not on a regular or ongoing basis. A church's main purpose is to win souls not support the same poor all the time. Poor must help themselves too.
---Darlene_1 on 6/14/06

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