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What Happens After Death

What really happens after death but before jugdement? Where and in what state will that person will be in?

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 ---Taphros_Madondo on 6/14/06
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Their bodies will be turned into dust, and their spirits will have risen to be with God, awaiting final judgement on the Last Day. The dead know nothing, just God. Imagine how it would feel waiting for judgement when you know all your life you rejected the God who made you. All they have is the fearful expectation of Judgement by Jesus and his Holy Ones.
---frances008 on 5/17/08

1Cr 15:20 But now is Christ risen from the dead, [and] become the firstfruits of them that slept.

Dead being asleep. Sounds like Paul agreed that is what the dead are doing.
---Samuel on 5/16/08

Lupe2618;2Pet.1.21 That bible writers were moved by Holy Spirit is talking about the OT! To conclude that all "holy writing" is God-breathed would encompass more than just the bible!
---1st_cliff on 5/15/08

Willow; I'm aware of all you say,it's that none of the "eye witnesses" wrote about it.That Luke got it from them is assumption! A great deal of fundamentalist belief hangs on that one scripture to support life after death yet the eye witnesses did not mention it! True?
---1st_cliff on 9/23/07

Well 1st_cliff, they are in a lot of trouble if when they can't find scriptural support they resort to mythology. No wonder this world is so mixed up. We're safest just sticking to the Bible.
---Geoff on 7/26/06

The body dies, the spirit is asleep. Do the dead know anything? Ecclesiastes 9:5-6, 10. When Jesus appears at the last trumpet blow, the righteous dead will rise first then the living will be caught up with them. Daniel 12:2, Isaiah 26:19, John 5:28-29, I Thessalonians 4:16-17, Revelation 20:4-5. Now, I ask you this, if a person died today, how then will the dead in Christ rise first if everyone is already in Heaven? Who is risen during the first resurrection? The second resurrection?
---Steven on 7/26/06

Geoff; You're right,belief in the "compartments" of hell (hades) is out of Roman mythology where Hades ruled the underworld of the dead.Cerebrus (3 headed dog) guarded the enterance.there were more than 2 compatments,depending on how bad you were! The problem is "interpretation" of scripture.
---1st_cliff on 7/26/06

Hold on a minute, Ramon. None of your texts support that there are two compartments of hell. You said that's a popular belief but I'm having trouble finding supporting scripture & you are too. You confuse the terms for the grave. The grave is where the dead, saints and sinners, sleep until the resurrections-Dan 12:2, Rev 20:5,6.
---Geoff on 7/24/06

#4.Find the Definition of a parable.No one need to find "a deeper meaning" of Luke 16:19-31.It can be read to ANYONE and they will grasp the meaning of the story without anyone interpreting it.

Are we to say Jesus use something False? Did he taught falsehood?.No, but to a SDA he did.According to Eph.4 Jesus descended first into the lower parts of the earth he then ascended on high bringing a multitude with him.This explain the "place of departed souls/spirits(Sheol,etc)."
---Ramon on 7/18/06

#3.The NT equivalent of Sheol is Hades. Prior to Christs resurrection,Luke 16:19-31 shows Hades to be divided into two realms: a place of comfort where Lazarus was, and a place of torment where the rich man was.

All parables, are "true-to-life" realistic stories that could easily substitute for a newspaper headline or a common every day human experience.Paul condemned using Jewish myths and fables in 1 Tim. 1:4; 4:7;ETC!So by saying Jesus use a fable (as most people say)is so navi!
---Ramon on 7/18/06

#2.Luke 16:19-31 was not a parable.Let just say this is a parable,which is not,do we find any parable that did not tell the truth about the subject matter using illustrations for a real event?.All of Jesus' parables are based on real life events, even if they are not speaking of an actual historical event in particular.

This is not a parable.There was a certain man named "Lazarus".Abraham is real.None of Jesus' parables were fictitious.They is no expections!.
---Ramon on 7/18/06

Geoff.Wresting?,He went to "zzzz" afterdeath? Some believe Sheol / Hades is a realm with two divisions (Matthew 11:23; 16:18; Luke 10:15; 16:23; Acts 2:27-31), the abodes of the saved and the lost. The abode of the saved was called Paradise and Abraham's bosom. The abodes of the saved and the lost are separated by a "great gulf fixed" (Luke 16:26).
When Jesus ascended to Heaven, He took the occupants of Paradise (believers) with Him (Ephesians 4:8-10).
---Ramon on 7/18/06

Elder; I was simply referring to "apostates" which I partially answered myself! Altho they had their beginning in the 1st century I was referring to today!
---1st_cliff on 7/18/06

Cliff, on 7-14 you brought Paul into the conversation. You did again on 7-16. Then on 7-17 you replied to my question of 7-16. So you can see why I thought you were still on the subject of Paul.
If you were not speaking of Paul who were you referring to?
( Of course we ended up with a good study about the boy didn't we?)
---Elder on 7/18/06

Elder; I asked about apostates and you immediately "assume" I'm referring to Paul! No such refference is made!I am fully aware of all his virtues!
---1st_cliff on 7/18/06

Cliff ???? Are you trying to bring attention to your self or what?
An Apostate is one who has received light but not life. Paul had received both.
If you think that Paul was an Apostate why did Jesus send Ananias to him to restore his sight?
Why did Jesus call him a chosen vessel?
Why was he sent to the Gentiles?
Why would he suffer for Christ so much?
Cond #2
---Elder on 7/17/06

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Cond #2
Why did the Jews try to kill him?
Why was he protected by the Disciples? Were they also Apostate?
Why did Barnabas testify for him?
Why were the Churches comforted by him?
And, why did he preach about the sacrifice of Christ so that Christ Himself approved?
Read it all in Acts 9:10-31.
With all of the above it is you who says Paul is not valid.
Now I know that you too have received light.
---Elder on 7/17/06

Ramon, maybe I can help you. There is an unfortunately, often misunderstood text-1 Pet 3:19. The more full context is 1 Pet 3:18-20. Note: Jesus was quickened by the same Spirit which preached to the disobedient in Noah's day. Some say this one text refutes all the others to say that He was in Hell preaching during his death. How silly, in light of all Jesus said about the sleep of death! He, Himself slept as well.
---Geoff on 7/17/06

Ramon, while I'm waiting for your scripture reference of Jesus wrestling, I'll answer your question. Jesus was sleeping in his grave until resurrection Sunday-Mt 12:40, 28:1-7.
---Geoff on 7/17/06

Pharisees. A religious party among the Jews. Name denotes separatists. Prided in strict observance of the law, the care with which they avoided contact with things gentile. Beliefs - immortality and resurrection, existence of angels and spirits. Upheld authority of oral tradition - equal value with the written law. Tendency - reduce religion to observance of ceremonial rules, encourage self-sufficiency, spiritual pride. Major obstacle to the reception of Christ by the Jews.
---Robert on 7/17/06

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Elder; Do apostates know that are apostate? Don't they believe they are fine upstanding Christians? If you point out that a particular doctrine is of Babylonian origin (for instance)do they humbly agree? No they will attack you and make you the villain!
---1st_cliff on 7/17/06

Sorry Cliff but my reference should have been II Tim 3:16-17.
I was taught about the Death, Burial and Resurrection of Christ in the Catholic Church. Does that make the truth of the issue wrong? All truth is God's truth. And Paul's teaching is some of the clearest about it.
What was the context of Paul's statement about being a Pharisee?
You claim to "get it all" and yet miss so much. Why?
I have yet to see a fundamental doctrine that you agree with. Are there any?
---Elder on 7/16/06

Cliff, you keep answering with passages and you don't believe in them so how do you prove your points? If you used human reason I could understand but you use Scripture, the very source you don't believe in.
---lee_1 on 7/16/06

#2 OTOH Jesus denounced the Pharisees as "from your father the devil" The statement from Paul in Act.23.6 He says " I am a Pharisee,son of a Pharisee, not "used to be" or "once was" but AM! It's much the same today with "converts" do they drop all previous teachings? Does not some of their former religion show? Because he was indoctrinated at the feet of Gameleo much was indelebely etched in his brain. Erased it all???He was human,like you and I.
---1st_cliff on 7/16/06

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Elder;I see no conflict with Paul's statement to 1Tim.3.16 in describing Christ!I get the impression from you that God used bible writers like "recoring secretaries"that He dictated to. If that was correct there would be no errors or need to update or edit any manuscript,because God is never wrong! (right?)..cont..
---1st_cliff on 7/16/06

Shari, you said "[heaven] is where the thief is worshipping our Lord right now." When did he get there? Jesus said he would be with Him in paradise, but on the 3rd day Jesus had not been to heaven yet-Jn 20:17.

Ramon can you help me find the text where Jesus wrestled someone for some keys? I've only read about Jesus' wrestling match with Jacob-Gen 32:24-28.
---Geoff on 7/16/06

Cliff, I understand what you are trying to say, but either God controlled these writings and men or he didn't.
If Paul was wrong in your example then how can he be trusted in I Tim 3:16-17.
Cond #2
---Elder on 7/14/06

Cond #2
If he is wrong in I Tim then the NT cannot be trusted and neither can the Old. I have not seen any other writer making a statement like Paul did in I Tim.
The major attack of Satan has always been directly against the Word of God.
I have always liked writing to/with you and prayed for you and hope you will take the time to see and understand what is being said here.
---Elder on 7/14/06

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cont#2 That's why he writes" absent from the body,present with the Lord" also " whether in the body or out..." etc. This is Pharisee teaching not Jesus' teaching. Jesus taught " resurrection of the dead". So this is where we have a problem. IMHO.
---1st_cliff on 7/14/06

Elder;"Semantics"? If I question you (or Paul) does that mean I condemn you? I don't believe anything "without question" else how do I know you're not just pulling the wool over my eyes? As I have said many times,Paul was a brilliant writer and a devout Christian, It's just that some of his "Pharisee" teaching shows thru in his writings! Chek any bible dictionary ,you'll see Pharisees believed in immortality of the soul.cont...
---1st_cliff on 7/14/06

Cliff I also want to remind you that you are the one that brought Campbell into the conversation and your "research" and told us. He was involved with many Eastern Religions and cults yet you have never condemned him but you continually condemn Paul, "the Apostle Born out of due season." By condemning Paul you must also condemn Luke as he wrote about him. You must also condemn the others that were with Luke because they would have had to let a lie live in your opinion.
---Elder on 7/14/06

1st cliff. Answer me this ONE question. If you believe NT, Do you or do you not accept Paul writings? Truth Please! All of us here accept the bible except you.
---Ramon on 7/14/06

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Cliff again you are the one who wrote about Campbell and quoted him and his cult teaching as truth. As far as reading the other "stuff" that might have been OK if you were grounded in the Truth to begin with. You have used many of those as truth and to condemn the real truth.
---Elder on 7/13/06

jerry6593 you are just standing at the dock. This boat has already sailed. Go back and read the other comments on this blog and then come back.
You will see the explanation then you can accept or reject. It doesn't affect my position one bit.
---Elder on 7/13/06

Lupe2618; You state "the body waits for a resurrection" and you cite instances where this happend shortly after death,but the body doesn't "wait" Those cremated are just ashes, those at sea are eaten by creatures,those in the tomb are disintigrated. The body doesn't wait the "Dead"(person) waits for the resurrection! "Do not be amazed at this for the time will come when all who are in the grave(not bodies) will hearHis voice..."JN.5.28.
---1st_cliff on 7/13/06

3. had already left the body. Yes, the body is dead and waiting for the final resurrection. But the spirit goes to be with the Lord if the person is saved. Mankind's probation ends at death. Our ultimate destiny is decided when we die. There is no hope of a second chance of repentance after death, and there is no place of purging such as purgatory to improve our future condition. But one thing is clear, that the spirit leaves the body at death.
---Lupe2618 on 7/13/06

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2. In verse 54, "But He(Jesus) put them all outside, took her by the hand and called, saying, "Little girl, arise" v.55, "Then her spirit returned, and she arose immediately." This and many passages make it clear that the spirit leaves the body at death. Jesus brought her brought back to life and the spirit returned to her. He called, and she came to life just as Lazarus. God gives life and He also gives the spirit to the dead. It is very clear that the spirit
---Lupe2618 on 7/13/06

Jerry, while you and others fail to see about the dead is very wrong and against Scripture. When Jesus spoke to the thief, it was very clear what He was saying to him. You fail to see that the body is dead and the spirit goes to Christ, the body waiting for final resurrection. The Spirit leaves the body at the moment of death. Many passages teach just that. In Luke 8:50-56, we hear of the story of the daughter of the ruler of the synagogue. He was told she had died.
---Lupe2618 on 7/13/06

Elder; So I read some of Joseph Campbells writings,suddenly that makes me a "follower"? I also read the book of Mormon ,does that make me a Mormon. Or Health and key to the scriptures, does that make me "Christian Scientist"? NO! I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of the living God and because He paid the ransom I have the opportunity to live forever!How do I know this? From "scripture"!
---1st_cliff on 7/13/06

You are too smart to believe that Eric is Cliff's son. You said that Eric erred by saying that we do not go directly to heaven at death. The entire Bible speaks death as a sleep, waiting for the resurrection. Search your concordance for sleep and slept. For example:

John 11:11,14 "Lazarus SLEEPETH .... Lazarus is DEAD."

Mat 27:52,53 "And the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which SLEPT arose, And came out of the graves after his resurrection"
---jerry6593 on 7/13/06

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Geoff. May I ask who he was wrestling with? And what keys he wrestling for? If you know about this.

Where did Jesus went according to scriptures?. This is a easy answer , if you know scriptures. Is not much information, but scriptures does tells us.

The concept of soul sleep is not a Biblical doctrine.
---Ramon on 7/12/06

At the transfiguration Moses and Elijah appeared with a glorified Jesus. In John's vision on the isle of Patmos the angel said not to worship him as he was one of his brothers; a prophet. John also saw the souls of just men made perfect. I think it's clear that paradise and heaven are the same and that is where the theif is worshipping our Lord right now.
---Shari on 7/12/06

Cliff I have only repeated what you have said. Do you read your own post?
Here is your chance again, tell us what you believe. Or, do you know yourself what you believe.
Your wife is a Pentecostal and you reject her belief but if something is New Age or wrong you accept that. Why?
It will haunt you when you find out too late that you were wrong and Paul told you how to be righteous.
---Elder on 7/12/06

1st cliff.#2.When we talk a long ago I notice you dont accept the NT. Which is a shame because it took a few days. Elder wasn't around then. Dont try to cover up the truth. Who was the one who call me a follower of paul because I quoted some sciptures of paul writings? Are Lupe, Elder me the only one who say you reject scriptures for what you wrote in the past? No they are others here.

Here the real question. Do you or do you not accept Paul's writings? You hide when people ask you that.
---Ramon on 7/12/06

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1st cliff. Everybody in the Christian Net Can tell you dont believe the NT.You follow the New Age. Im no body puppet, if you were talking to me. You not here to spread the good news. Why dont you answer the questions given here. Are you campbell puppet? Since you love him so much.
---Ramon on 7/12/06

Elder. Answer me this if you will. 1). How can you accept and Trust Campbell writings but cant trust the bible? 2. How can one accept Campbell writings and not Pauls? 3. How can one reject the NT but use it to prove someone wrong? 4. How can you be saved if you dont trust and accept the NT? 5. If one dont know what the truth is because they is too many translation, how can they believe Jesus words?.6.What is a New-Age person during in a christian site? I feel sad for people like 1st Cliff.
---Ramon on 7/12/06

Elder; Let's get back to reality. If I question 1 scripture (say in Gen.) suddenly I don't believe the OT. or say Luke suddenly I don't believe the NT. How judgemental can you get? Your little puppet repeats everything you say just to sound like he knows something!
---1st_cliff on 7/12/06

OK Ramon, stop being silly. You understand what Eric said. Jesus was not lost. The question is, since Jesus is righteous, did He upon death go immediately to the Father that Friday? According to the Bible He rested in the grave until Sunday morning-Jn 20:17. Some even have the silly notion He went to Hell to wrestle for some keys.
---Geoff on 7/12/06

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Cliff.#3. You dont know what to believe.You are just trying to cause fights here and are not trying to spread the Gospel. How can you if you if you dont trust the bible? You have no right to call yourself a Christian when you reject both OT and NT. How can you believe Jesus words when you say you cant trust the bible today? And you say you will see him at the Resurrection?.You will but it wont be for a happy Party. How can you believe that if you dont trust the bible? Did Campbell told you?
---Ramon on 7/12/06

Eric. How was Jesus saved? You said " The same way he died will be my state of death". So are you going to be Nailed to a cross? You say your death will be the same as Jesus. Are they going to beat you up like Jesus? You say we wont go to heaven after death. False! And I can see you have not answer my question.
---Ramon on 7/12/06

Cliff.#2. You wrote "The bible is not a book, but a collection of 66 sacred writings and letter put together in a book form". Are you saying Pauls writings? How can pauls writings be both sacred and false at the same time? Now you telling us that we cant trust any translation.How do you know what Jesus really said? How do you know what the bible really said? How can you believe something if that version of the bible cant be trusted? How can you prove your point if you dont believe the OT,NT?
---Ramon on 7/12/06

1st cliff.Where you get scripture passages from? You believe nothing Cliff.First you say you believe Jesus words without a doubt yet you say now that they are too many Translations to know the truth. How can you believe Jesus words if you dont believe any Translation? Cliff you make no sense. First you say something and now you saying something. How can you use scriptures passages to prove someone wrong if you dont trust any translation?
---Ramon on 7/12/06

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Eric are you Cliff's son?
You state that Jesus didn't go directly to Heaven at death (true) and our death will be like His because we won't go directly to heaven either (false).
Jesus walked around, was seen, had conversations with His followers and was seen going up in the clouds.
Since you state our death will be the same who will you go visit after you die? How long will you stay? Could you be dead now?
---Elder on 7/12/06

Acts 13;36.
---winna on 7/12/06

Cliff, I'm trying to warn you, the more you talk the more you condemn your self.
You said, "That bible writers were moved by Holy Spirit is talking about the OT!"
Now you say we don't have an OT that we can know for sure.
You said, "Christ Jesus'words I believe without question (written in the NT)."
Now you say there have been too many translations to know the Truth of the NT.
Cond #2
---Elder on 7/11/06

Cond #2
God said His Word would abide. There is enough of His truth in the world for anyone to be Saved and know the Truth. Even you, if you would stop rejecting and hoping your excuses will be enough when you meet Him face to face.
When you don't believe the OT or the NT you cannot be Saved.
You look at Spiritual things with worldly eyes yet you accept what the Cults throw at you. You have proven this over and over.
What Bible do you read to get your information?
Cond #3
---Elder on 7/11/06

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Cond #3
You said, "The bible is not a "book",but a collection of 66 sacred writings and letters put together in book form."
Yet now you say we can't know for sure what to believe.
Are you saying there are "More" writings that are "Sacred?"
If so what are they?
You now have a chance to make your self very clear on this subject

---Elder on 7/11/06

2. If you were a Catholic, you could stand on the Pope, if an SDA, you could stand on the Sabbath but you could try to prove your points through Scripture. But in your case you have no foundation of any kind yet want to discus Scripture with others when you don't believe in the Bible in the first place. Now how silly is that? You need other people to talk to you Cliff. Someone who understands you that is in the same position as you. That has no God or no Christ to believe in, where you can be happy.
---Lupe2618 on 7/11/06

Cliff, you condemn the Bible to be false, then when you answer someone you try to use passages to show your point. How can you use something you just don't believe in? In the first place its true or not. In your case you don't believe its God's word and you gives reasons. How can you even have a conversation with anyone that is Christian and compare Christianity with what? You have nothing to stand on to speak of. And yet you want to use Scripture to prove your points.
---Lupe2618 on 7/11/06

Elder; I wonder why ,after all this time, you still don't "get it"! Why for centuries, controversy over translation has existed and still going on. Dozens of different bible translations are extant! So because no original manuscripts exist,and no two are identical,what is our choice? To accept a particular version "without question" is just plain gullible and is the reason for truth seeking "bible study" not just popular opinion!
---1st_cliff on 7/11/06

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Eric - "Christ was obviously saved so did He go to heaven right after death?"

Saved from what? Those in Christ have been saved from the wrath to come but that not by obedience to OT laws but through the grace offered to anyone who truly believes in Christ.

Golly Eric, your statements are getting wildier all the time. Perhaps you should study the basic of the Christian faith to see if you are truly in the faith at all.
---lee on 7/11/06

Your right He is God. Absolutely and your right He is not an angel, couldnt be more clear.

But Jesus can represent our condition. Yes He is God but He lived this life we live and overcame the same way we should overcome. If Christ is in my heart you can put His name overtop of mine.

And the same way He died will be my state of death except I will be resurrected at the last day or maybe I will be alive to see Him come.
---eric on 7/11/06

#2. Cliff also dont trust the OT either. Let take the example of the Holy Trinity. Now cliff wont accept Genesis 1:26.Now brother Elder and others are still trying to make Cliff believe the Genesis account. Cliff reject all of the NT, and half if not all the OT. Now how can he be save if he dont believe in Jesus Christ? Cliff is just here to spread his New Age doctrine and confuse the weaker Christians. Cliff try to confuse people with his "Many Hell words (hades etc)" Speech.
---Ramon on 7/11/06

Eric ... does it complicate things to point out that Jesus was not saved? He was God, and sinless, how did He need to be saved?
---alan8869_of_UK on 7/11/06

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Brother Elder, I believe that Cliff does not trust either, the New or the Old. I have noticed that when he states something wrong with Scripture, he takes samples from different places and puts them together to prove why it is not correct and so fails to take each one in its context. While many words are written each one has its own meaning for the context in which it was written. By failing to do that he makes Scripture to be false.
---Lupe2618 on 7/11/06

Eric, do you even pay attention to what you write? Or you stating the maybe He was lost? You are speaking about Christ and should have your facts straight. "Christ was obiviouly saved, so did He go to heaven right after death?" First of all, God was not lost Eric. He is God. That is why you cannot make sense in what you believe. "He is God". Not an angel but God. Can you make sense of that? I don't think you can when you don't believe He was God.
---Lupe2618 on 7/11/06

Lupe, my friend, maybe you can answer this question for me.
The following was summited by Cliff, "Lupe2618;2Pet.1.21 That bible writers were moved by Holy Spirit is talking about the OT!
---1st_cliff on 7/9/06"
Now, since Cliff has openly, on more than one occasion rejected the NT, is he now accepting one verse or is he stating the OT can't be trusted either?
How does one reject the NT and then use it to prove a point?
---Elder on 7/10/06

Take the death of Christ as a great example to what happens after death.
Christ was obviously saved so did He go to heaven right after death?
On sunday morning He said He had not yet been to His Father John 20:17.
He didnt go to heaven on friday.

yes I know He had to fulfil a certain prophecy of 3 days but His death is not differnt from ours. We dont go to heaven right after death. We await the resurrection in the grave.
---eric on 7/10/06

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Alan; Why would that be, everlasting life (life after death)is "after" resurrection and a promise for the living! When you went to sleep last night,many hours passed that you have no recollection of, that's why Jesus used sleep and death synonoumusly in Jn.#11. At resurrection you will have no concept of time passing.
---1st_cliff on 7/10/06

Cliff ... I seem to remember that John had something to say about everlasting life. Amd Matthew reports Jesus saying that those who fed the hungry will be accepted by God.
If there is no life after death, Jesus was just a moral teacher, but a liar.
---alan8869_of_UK on 7/10/06

gerardo - to answer your 1st question. The church believes Jesus is fully God and fully human. Read about that in the various church councils.
The 2nd question is simply answered by those of wrote the scripture and were witnesses to those events.
---lee on 7/9/06

2. With this change in punctuation the "today" then refers to the time Jesus was speaking rather than the time Jesus will meet the thief in Paradise. This punctuation is unlikely, however. It was perfectly obvious to the thief on what day Jesus was conversing with him. I never could understand how others can even see it another way since it is very clear what the point was in Jesus statement.
---Lupe2618 on 7/9/06

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Geraldo, Go back and read your own explanation. You are stating what I stated. Here is the problem with the passage when read the way you say, "I say to you today, you will be with Me in Paradise" When Jesus is talking in this case he is telling the theif, I am speaking to you today, well that is hardly the words he cares to hear. Why would he care for Jesus to declare that today he was speaking? Would he be mistaken and it was another day? Well of course not.
---Lupe2618 on 7/9/06

So cliff reject Luke and Paul. Who's going to be next? Peter?, Mark?... Cliff said "To conclude that all holy Scriptures is Gods breathed would encompass more that just the bible" So cliff believe that there are other "Holy writings" besides the bible. The Qur'an maybe. The qur"an is holy for cliff . WARNING!. 1st Cliff is full of New-Age doctrines. He come here in CN to spread his New-Age doctrines and confuse the weaker christians.
---Ramon on 7/9/06

Ramon & Lee,

If you are men of God and you believe that I am not, please answer the next questions as I also long to be a man of God myself. I believe in the Bible and I'm having a hard time believing what you teach.

1 When Jesus resurrected on the First Day, (a)did the Body get resurrected, (b)did the Soul get resurrected or (c) did both the Body and Soul get resurrected???

2 When Jesus took Paradise with Him to Heaven (a) Where are the scriptures and (b) who were the witnesses??
---gerardo on 7/9/06

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