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Has The Holy Spirit Talked To You

Can you cite one specific instance in which the Holy Spirit dealt with you? Why are you sure it was the Holy Spirit?

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 ---mima on 6/14/06
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Many years ago I attended Womens Aglow Fellowship,an Interdenominational Christian womens group,but hadn't paid my dues. Election for officers was in three months and God told me to go pay my dues I was going to be elected,you had to be a member 3 months to be elected. I obeyed and sure enough,I was elected to the office of Vicepresident. The Holy Spirit deals with me sometimes with just a feeling and I understand what to do and obey. The sheep of the flock recognize and follow their own shepherds voice.
---Darlene_1 on 1/24/08

Donna9759's post reminded me. I was a new (weeks old) the first poor job performance review of my life. I was shocked,hurt,cried (literally)to the Lord. He had me calmly re-read my evaluation to see if some truth might be there. I did. There was. And I repented. I asked why I was so hurt. Gently, he told me, "Pride". Who but the HS could speak like that! The next evaluation was great. The Boss asked how I had managed the change. I told her about Jesus in my life.
---Donna2277 on 1/14/08

One day i was seeking GOD with my whole heart an i prayed GOD if you are who you say you are let me know an i will follow you forever the bible sais ask and you shall recieve im asking and this feeling came over me so powerful i felt weightless like a strong vibration an i jumped up and said all my GOD your real is this you and it got stronger i was amazed an everytime i prayed he was there till i started sinnin again then it got weaker how can i get him back?
---BILL on 5/6/07

Previously in that church I had been possessed, and unable to control my thoughts. My pastor told me to renounce my sin, and pray in the Holy Spirit. After 3 brutal days of warfare, we had a mens group meeting in our house. While standing in a circle singing, and praising Yahweh, I perceived a slight pressure on my shoulders, and instantly I heard an urgent voice telling me to 'kneel down'. (next post)
---Mark on 4/23/07

(next post)
I delayed, but as soon as I complied and knelt, when my knee hit the floor, a fire burst in chest. Gradually it burned out. I was sad to let it go. The next day I realized I was set free, now and able to direct my thoughts. My torment was over, and has been for over 20 years.
---Mark on 4/23/07

The Holy Spirit told me a woman in our church had 1)had an abortion, 2)10-12 years earlier, 3)her mother did not no, 4)the father did not know, 5)No one in her current life knew. She confirmed these facts, and in the same order.
---Mark on 4/23/07

Yes, when I was very sick and feeling alone and scared. I was praying and the Holy Spirit said (not in a voice) take my hand and I will be the Father you always wanted and I felt a wonderful warm feeling all through my being. Of course I know he speaks to me all the time but, that time it was truly wonderful. The day I went forward in church for my salvation was very strong too.
---marya3575 on 4/3/07

Another time was when I was seven months pregnant with my son. Heavy rains, were coming down and water started flooding inside my house, my other baby girl was crawling, she did not walk yet I started getting terrified as waters were getting deep in the house, but I heard a voice saying, do not go outside, or something bad will happen, but I did not listen, grabbed my other baby, and fell, immediately breaking three bones in my leg.
---Cynthia_1 on 4/3/07

Catherine: I totally agree with you. But some people think that God doesn't deal with one's heart. They don't believe in God convicting a person of their sins. I want to know, how these people become saved if there was no conviction? Do you know?
---Rebecca_D on 4/3/07

Conducting will banking business, my friend was told to witness to the bank teller when he got his turn at the window. He was reluctant, he decided not to do so but when he got the window the spirit told him again to witnessed to this lady. So he did and she prayed with him and the other tellers and employees in the bank were astounded. This just recently happened.
---Mima on 4/3/07

Let me tell you a thing or two here--- When the Holy Spirit is dealing with you He don't talk much. You feel like your guts is being ripped out of you.
---catherine on 4/2/07

Since the Holy Spirit lives in us, all we have to do is be quiet long enough to hear. The Holy Spirit in us will lead us to all truth. Jn 16:13
---MARK on 4/2/07

Yes when my husband & I were on our 3rd date I told him I wasn't playing the dating game & if he was really serious since I had a newborn, well he said he was & I was hurt before,but the H.S. told me point blank "if you donot try with this one you will regret..."& 7 1/2 yrs later of marriage &1daughter & 2 boys we're happy
---candice on 4/2/07

The church I use to attend was in upheaval and problems, one Saturday the Church Overseer asked me to come with her to the seminar, the speaker was talking about the idea of every body starting there own cell groups, but many of this large congregation were new converts, with no Pastor, he was always on a plane leaving and never around, Suddenly, out of no where, Boom, fast as lightening a scripture came out of nowhere, Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it Ps. 127:1
---Cynthia_1 on 4/2/07

Several years ago, I was grieving over a problem concerning some family members (small children). I was relaxing and meditating, asking "Why can't things be the way they're supposed to be?" and suddenly I heard the words in my head "Maybe they are." I'm sure it was the Holy Spirit because the message, even though I didn't completely understand it at the time, brought peace....and things did eventually work out.
---Nan on 4/2/07

lt, I'm glad you let that one go.
---G.W. on 4/2/07

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High five, AlwaysOn.
There are some falling for the prosperity message. I used to watch the Christian networks. 'Follow the money' and you will find lingering jet engine effluent trails. I see some are beginning to look at those trails of vapor. Man can manipulate the weather and seed the clouds. Harvesting "silver linings" from the sheep is 'Risky Business'.
---Rachel on 3/30/07

The holy spirit dealt with me when the Lord was calling me to make a decesion to follow him completly. Some people describe this expeience as getting one foot out of the world and turning your life over to the lordship of God. I know it was the holy spirit dealing with me because the devil would not have been frustrating me because I was not serving God with my whole heart. Joy9988
---Joy9988 on 3/29/07

Awww, hugs to you (((Rachel)))!

Thank you so much for your words. Truly, there's nothing to forgive you for as I was never angry with you. I was, however, saddened that I offended you. I don't know if you ever read my apology and explanation, but please know that I never intended to offend you. I felt awful, not so much for myself, but because I upset you. Again, I truly apologize for my part in it all. Thank you for this blog, it is a great relief for me. Blessings to you always, Rachel!
---AlwaysOn on 3/29/07

After getting pregnant with my second child, I was let go from my job and I was very angry. This anger was eating me up inside and pulling me away from God as anger always does. I could not forgive or move on.

I moved with my husband to a spirit filled community and I was re-introduced to my faith and encouraged to pray the Rosary and return to the sacraments, which we did. My spirit was lifted and the anger left me. The whole experience was life changing and it brought me closer to God.
---lorra8574 on 3/29/07

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An occasion I will never forget is when the Holy Spirit spoke to me one night at church after I had cried my heart out while seeking Gods will for my life.
It was so powerful, almost audible, giving me very specific instructions, and leaving out someone that I thought would certainly be a part of my journey. I simply said "yes Lord".
When I got home later that evening I recieved absolute confirmation from an unexpected source. I was completely blown away.
God is truly an awesome God.
---lynet on 3/29/07

I would like it if Donna2277 would please come back to blogs.
Donna2277, if you ever read these blogs, I miss reading your posts. I looked forward to hearing from you. I was sad to see you leave because of the 5-point Tulip.
Where have all the real flowers gone?
---Raine on 3/29/07

"My sheep will know my voice"
---MARK on 3/29/07

A year later.
The Holy Spirit tells me to tell AlwaysOn that I love her like a sister.
The Holy Spirit tells me to ask AlwaysOn to forgive me for a year ago when we had a blow out over a stupid 300,000 car that someone wanted for their ministry.
Yes, the Holy Spirit tells me to tell her, that we are probably similar in many ways.
Yes, the Holy Spirit tells me to say,
AlwaysOn, forgive me, sister.
---Rachel on 3/29/07

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Well, it sure wasn't the Devil. The Devil will drive you nuts. Plus the Devil don't deal with you on nothing. He will come up against your mind, now. I hear from God regularly. I have too. It is an absolute must for me.
---catherine on 3/29/07

Every night before you lay down your head to sleep, do reconcilliation of your day and ask the Holy Spirit to remind you of what you did or say that was not from Him, and believe you me, He will remind you and you will repent.
---Junia on 3/29/07

Just ONE? I had a boss who lied on my performance review cuz she didn't like me. The Holy Spirit said to me: "Don't war with her, don't say a word to her, just keep quiet." Two weeks later I went to HR and asked: "could I have a package?" They gave me one. HA HA HA on her. A company NEVER gives severance to someone who voluntarily quits their job. But if you obey the Holy Spirit and don't ask Him WHY you have to not war with someone, He'll bless your obedience all the way. Amen?
---Donna9759 on 3/29/07

Absolutely. He tells me to repent, forgive my relatives for being nasty and mean when I tell them about Jesus. He tells me not to drive in bad weather. To put the shopping cart back at grocery store. He tells me to forgive co-workers who talk behind my back. He tells me how to pray for them.
---Rachel on 8/3/06

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God said, My sheep knows my voice. I was singing one night and the spirit of the Lord told me to go and talk to my mother in law. At first I didn't, because I was singing. He told me again, so I listened. I went back there and asked her if she wanted to pray, that I would go to the alter with her. She was shoving me out of the pew to get to the alter. If I hadn't listened to that still small voice, she may not have gotten saved that night.
---Rebecca_D on 6/16/06

I showed up at a bible study on the wrong Five others also showed up. I suggested we have a study on our own and we did. There was a strange lady there whom I've never met. The Holy Spirit said to me, "Ask her if she wants to be free." I didn't do it UNTIL I was prompted 3 times. Here, she was bound up in alcoholism, and when I asked her if I could pray for her, not only did she say YES, she started coming to my church, and she's been free from alcoholism ever since.
---Donna9759 on 6/15/06

I will never forget when the Holy Spirit spoke very clearly to me. I had neglected to do something that I knew the Lord wanted me to do. I asked for His forgiveness and was crying my heart out. Suddenly the tears literally turned off to my surprise and I said "What happened?"... His clear gentle voice said "I just forgave you".
---Helen_5378 on 6/15/06

Fell in love on the internet, met. He didn't look right for me. The H S spoke to me "Give this man a chance he is a good man." I kept saying no but I heard the voice three times while we were talking. I gave him a chance and we got engaged 3 months later and married a year later. He is now a pastor and we have had the best loving relationship for the past 7 years. I can't imagine ever being without him. We know God put us together. Thank you God & praise to the Holy Spirit!
---Nancy on 6/14/06

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