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Mentally Abusive To My Wife

I was mentally and to be honest sometimes physically abusive to my wife. She is divorcing me. I can do nothing to change her mind. God has changed me, I know I am forgiven. I still want my marriage, I still love my wife. What can I do no?

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 ---Charlie on 6/14/06
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Learn what it means to be married to God.
This is a life time relationship.
Only he knows your Heart.
If it is his will for this marriage in the natural, He will heal it.
This woman needs to heal.
He should be your priority.
---Char on 6/16/08

Charlie, How long were you married to your wife and how long did you abuse her before she made this decision? I know that with much prayer things can change and that all things are possible with our God...And do you have children?
---Elisabeth on 5/27/08

Hi. I also was the wife of a man who abused me in the same way you did. I survived that marriage for 20 years praying God would change my husband. Needless to say I did divorced my husband. My ex-husband always promised to change. He would do good for a while but then it was the same scenario all over again. All I can say is let your actions speak louder than your words. Romance her to the best of your ability. Treat her like a queen. Don't force her to change her mind, pray God will do this.
---Pam on 5/27/08

Sometimes we have to live with the consequences of our sins even after we are forgiven--but I and the others here pray for a reconciliation.
---Jack on 5/27/08

1. Charlie

That wasn't the real you committing those terrible acts on your wife. Pray hard to God to transform you and to get rid of that in you which is violent and abusive. Let God fill you up with His gentleness and patience. You are on the right road. Obviously you have to come to a full understanding of what you have done, feel sorry (for what you have done, not just losing your wife). We are all guilty of wickedness (maybe not the same as yours).
---Ed on 9/18/07

2. Charlie

Search for the real you, Charlie, and with God's grace you will be transformed. I pray for that and that you be reconciled with your wife.
---Ed on 9/18/07

Pray for the healing of her soul, and plead the mercy of God upon your marriage, and unless the Holy Spirit speak and tell you don't bother BELIEVE it DONE.

Now, as soon as you see her again the evil one will be ALL OVER HER, (and maybe you) with all of their strength wrestling against the healing God intended.

2Timothy 2:24-26
---Believe_It on 9/15/07

Similar, did you know at the time what you were doing? Or did the divorce take place and after reflection, understanding came.
What did you learn that would help others not have the same outcome? Flip the switch before it's too late.
---Erna on 3/13/07

I did similarly in my former marriage. My husband left me, divorced and has remarried. I suggest you pray and seek the Lord.
---Similar on 3/11/07

Hi Charlie,
Just wanted to know how things are going with your divorce. Has anythng changed?
---KathyLH on 7/12/06

You have to allow her the chance to choose. She probably needs proof of your changes. I divorced my husband because he cheated on me AND he hit me and was mentally abusive. You have to give it to God and so does your wife. You will never change her mind. Forgiveness in us doesn't have the sea of forgetfulness. It will have to be God through you. Seek God's face and get Christian counseling for yourself. You may have some habits to unlearn. Pray for your wife unselfishly and also for yourself.
---amy on 6/16/06

Would she be willing to seek councelling with you? Are you willing to do the same? I left an abusive marriage and lost all trust for the one I had believed would love me and respect me as he promised in our wedding vows. It would be really hard for her to trust you again. You will have to go the distance and prove to her that you have changed. Ask her what you can do to prove it to her. Getting her to ever trust you agian will probably be very hard. Above all, pray for God's will.
---Kathy on 6/15/06

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