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Should We Dance In Church

Should we dance during the church service or is that just too far out?

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 ---Robbie on 6/15/06
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Oh, my goodness sakes alive. If the Person of the Holy Spirit comes upon you and causes you to want to dance...HAVE FUN. Jesus is so much FUN. Party time with our Lord and Savior. He's more fun than anyone. And by the way>>Do you know the most successful man who's ever walked the face of this earth? Jesus....Well, I suppose some of you will argue about that. Go ahead. I know the truth. And the truth shall set you free.
---catherine on 11/24/10

I looked the subject of dancing up because I wanted to understand it better by others that it has happened to. Last Sunday at church,the Holy Spirit was pulling me out to dance. As I yielded, I experienced something I had never felt before. It was like everything inside me was praising and worshiping my Father. It was a very spiritual experience. I can't imagine trying to hold that back. I think I would have bursted if I hadn't moved out. You definately know that it is the Spirit of God. I thank God for the opportunity and privelge to worship Him in such a spiritual way.
---Dianne on 11/24/10

If The Holy - Ghost initiates it, Do It. It maybe jumping up & down, running the isles, going around a circle with your legs, swinging - waving your arms & hands.

It's Not like doing the flesh - carnal fox - trot, square dance, disco etc. Doing this Is mockery from the devil.
---Lawrence on 7/15/10

When the Spirit of God is moving you, Move. And if there are any Spirit-Quenchers in your church, it may be that you are in a dead sin-filled church where God is not glorified.
---Eloy on 5/21/08

Church is God's house, and flesh sins whenever it tries to stifle God in his own house.
---Eloy on 5/21/08

I remember once when God came over me and I jump up and his Spirit moved in me to do the Holy Ghost jig, and it was not I dancing but the Spirit of the Lord upon me. Let the Spirit of the Lord be in the house, and not the spirit of man. When you seek the Lord God with all of your heart and pray that he come and do with you his perfect will, as the potter does to his clay, he will answer your heart and change you into exceeding great things unspeakable, that only he knows what he has in store for you.
---Eloy on 5/21/08

Psa 149:3 Let them praise his name in the dance: let them sing praises unto him with the timbrel and harp. AND Psa 150:4 Praise him with the timbrel and dance: praise him with stringed instruments and organs. It is biblical, if the spirit of God moves you to dance then you do it unto the Lord. There is time of worship and reverance to God as well as a time for praise and making a joyful noise unto the Lord. The main thing is lefting the Spirit of God lead the service.
---Tammy on 5/20/08

David DID NOT dance naked. He wore a line ephod. PLease check out what the scriptures say. There is nothing wrong with dancing in praise and worship to our L-rd. It is an awesome way of worship. If done with a pure heart and unto the L-rd is is AWESOME! I am a Messianic Jew and we dance every Shabbat and it is beautiful.
---Gophylann on 5/19/08

You didnt specify what kind of dancing....
---pkay on 5/19/08

Eric: If you will save your dancing until you get to heaven. That's too bad. You will probably be the same and do the same things you are doing now. Now that will be sad....Now is the time to perfect your gift.What is holding you back?
---Robyn on 5/12/07

Sue: If it feels right then go for it! Dance! We have a right to praise God. He woke you up this morning, that's worth praising and dancing for, you have job,kids, a home to live in. All of those things are reasons to dance before our God for. Or you can dance just because you are happy to be saved. Another great reason. Don't let Satan defeat you in this area. Just move to the music. Look straight ahead, don't mind the stiff and frozen. They might come around one day. God bless you.
---Robyn on 5/12/07

Robyn said: "It starts at my toes, works upward. My heart feels like it is going to jump out of my chest, I get tingly all over. And there is so much power running through me, it is hard to be still..."
This is exactly how I used to feel when I went to the bar and heard a good rock/roll song on the jute box!
---sue on 5/12/07

Friend. If you have never danced before God at church or at home, for that matter, you don't know what you have been missing. David danced before the Lord in the bible. He danced so until he came out of his clothes. Can we do less? God wants us to dance before Him. Worship and adore Him with everything within us. I would not belong to a church where I did not have this kind of freedom.
---Robyn on 5/11/07

This is a great question. Dancing in church is fun and a loving way to show our love to God. He wants and needs for us to do this. I have gone home from my church service weak, sweaty and happy from dancing for my God and Master. Try it sometimes, you will love it.
---Robyn on 5/11/07

Just a Thought::David danced -Herodias Danced-In the OT- danced is mentioned 22 Times & 5 in the New Testament.People have mixed feelings. Dancing is entertainment Gods House is as Jesus said "My fathers house is a house of Prayer & you have made it a den of Thieves"We revere Almighty God,sing praises to His name but to Cavort is not my idea of Reverence.Some say the feeling is in the toes spreading up wards Love is something that starts in the heart.Sorry its not my attribute.
---Emcee on 5/11/07

Sue: you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is God and not self. When the Holy Spirit comes upon me I know it, I feel it. It starts at my toes, works upward. My heart feels like it is going to jump out of my chest, I get tingly all over. And there is so much power running through me, it is hard to be still. You drink from the saucer because the cup overflows. but if you are unsure, ask God if this is him, and not self, then use you. If you still feel the same, it is God. If not, it is self.
---Rebecca_D on 5/11/07

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If you read one of my other comments on church furniture. I said I like A/C in my church and the modern conveniences because I do boogie at my church(if you want to call it that).We call it holy dancing or shouting. We, also, play tambourines and all type musical instruments. We fall out, run around the church by the Spirit of God, we cry whatever way Jesus moves us.We perspire, a lot! I love my church. And our worship is for real. I love Jesus.
---Robyn on 5/11/07

Umm...Sue, dancing in church is to God...its another form of worship like singing, except w/ your body...i think any time you can dance to God, if you want to dance for God then thats when its the Holy Spirit
---mark on 5/11/07

Question: How do I know it's really the Holy Spirit or just me wanting to boogie down? And I ask this in all respect because I am having a hard time trying to figure out the differance between the Holy Spirit and my own conscience. Thanks
---sue on 5/11/07

I wish Melissa can read this. Last year she mentioned her three year old child dancing before the Lord. She closes her eyes as she dances.
Indeed, the Holy Spirit is present with us today from the time Jesus Christ ascended to heaven. He promises, when I go up the Holy Spirit will come down. Jesus is coming back soon, very soon. We have neglected the Holy Spirit for too long. It is proper to dance and sing joyfully before the Lord. And acknowledge the presence of the Holy Spirit.
---agnea on 5/11/07

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My goodness what are you going to do if the Holy Spirit comes upon you and makes you dance. What harm is there? With so much rotten stuff going on today, we need more dancing before God. David did it. You know, also, we, true Christians, have to put up with alot from unbelievers. Can't they put up with a little bit from God's people?
---catherine on 5/11/07

2nd samuel 6:22
(this is specifically on topic of dancing)
I will become even more undignified than this...

Yes do it for God
---mark on 5/10/07

Should we be dancing before our King in Heaven.

Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Your dancing for your King, Not for any one else, All the Sour Prunes in this world will not keep me from putting my dancing slippers on.

Dancing for the King of Kings and The Lord of Lords.
---Cynthia_1 on 5/10/07

"Saul's daughter looked through a window, and saw king David leaping and dancing before the LORD; and she despised him in her heart" 2 Samuel 6:14
"Therefore Michal, the daughter of Saul had no children unto the day of her death."2 Samuel 6:23
---John on 5/8/07

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If a person is led by the Holy Ghost to dance, then dance on. but if the Holy Ghost is leading you to dance, then don't. Simple as that. Too many people do things in self, and say it was the Holy Spirit moving. If one is truely a child of God, they can see what is of God and what isn't by just watching.
---Rebecca_D on 5/2/07

I think their is nothing wrong with dancing if it is to glorify God. Read Psalm149:3, 150, Sam: 29:5, Ex. 15:20, 1 Cor. 6:19-20. Matthew 11:17. Luke 15:25. 1 Tim 2:8. Internet on Cristian dance, very interessting
---Junia on 5/2/07

Wow! read Psalm 95:1- 95:3.."Come let us sing for Joy to the Lord;let us shout aloud to the Rock of our Salvation.Let us come before Him with thanksgiving and extol Him with Music and Song".I thought that is what Church is!
You Honor,praise and glorify the Holy Lord of heaven. We need to Wake up and join His Family of Righteousness,We are Dead to World but ALIVE in Christ.
---rosem4839 on 4/24/07

The Bible tells us to dance and raise our hands and sing and shout. That doesn't mean we have to do it all the time or in church but it's a good place to do it. We are to praise the Lord with all our heart and soul and mind. I don't think dancing in church is too far out. I think it's a most suitable place for it.
---john on 4/24/07

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Elder has expressed it brilliantly.I would like to add Jesus words "My Fathers House is a house of Prayer".IMHO Dances are performed in the dance halls & is the devils way of stirring up sexual iniquity,in 98% of cases & the other 2% is doubtful.Reverence & decorum are the requirements in the Lords least in the CC
---Emcee on 9/19/06

It is fine to dance in church as long as the person doing it is being totally led by the Holy Spirit. I have seen orchestrated dancing and it reeks of the world.
---Helen_5378 on 9/19/06

To manny: I see you quoted Scripture, which cannot lie, however it is very disturbing to those that wish to believe differently than what the scriptures state. If you leave no room to maneuver(having different beliefs) you have pinned the tail on the donkey so to speak.
---mima on 9/18/06

We praise God because He is worthy. We praise Him with all of our abilities. We do not need the Holy Spirit to move on us because in John 4, He has already said that He wants to be worshipped. How can I be a witness (Acts 1:8), unless I "demonstrate" my love for Him? Being Good will not do it. Many who do not know Him are good. Praising Him will. Be a true worshipper and worship Him, in body and in spirit.
---Ron on 9/18/06

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Speaking from my heart,I feel that there is an appropriate time & place for all things.Worship expressed by dance in the Holy Spirit should be honored. Inappropriate dance defined:"out of the spirit, self expression, entertainment" God is Holy & should be praised & worshipped in Holiness. We may not always agree but we must pray for one another, love one another, harbor no ill feelings over the differences & do our very best to please God. Love & Prayers for us all.
---S.S. on 6/28/06

David danced before the Lord, and he was a man after God's own heart. I see no problem if the spirit of the Lord moves upon a person to dance, then and only then will it be in order, if one just dances to be dancing, then they are doing it in the flesh and God gets no glory out of that. So if I feel the spirit moving on me to dance, I'm am moving pride out of the way and I'm going to dance for the glory of God.
---Rebecca_D on 6/28/06

Psalms 149:3 Let them praise his name in the dance: let them sing praises unto him with the timbrel and harp.
Psalms 150:4 Praise him with the timbrel and dance: praise him with stringed instruments and organs.
Ecclesiastes 3:4 A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;
---Manny on 6/28/06

Come on baby, let's do the twist.... :))

Some of you ar so weird and fanatics. I truly feel sorry for you
---Paul_Adam on 6/28/06

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Why not? If you get married, you celebrate by dancing. Sport figures celebrate by dancing (how about a touchdown dance). So why shouldn't we celebrate Jesus by dancing?
---Massey on 6/28/06

Melissa, given the chance your 3 year old would dance in traffic if there were music. Do you see any problem with that?
The Bible says to let all things be done decently and in order.
Cond #2
---Elder on 6/28/06

Cond #2
What message does dancing in a church service bring if any? Does it show a lack of discipline or a leading of the Holy Spirit? Does it cause disruption or cause people to receive more of the message being preached?
What is more important the dance or the message?
Is it pagan worship twisting the body or showing what God can do with a disciplined dedicated worshiper? Are souls getting Saved or distracted.
What is the end result? That is your answer.
---Elder on 6/28/06

Last Sunday night at church we were talking about free expression of the Holy Spirit, and an older lady said, "If the older ones are afraid to do it, then let the little ones do it!" So I guess she approves of my 3 year old dancing at church!
---melissa on 6/28/06

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Melissa, YES. Children CAN and DO have "Spiritual experiences". They are very sensitive to God, even though a lot of times most of them that young are too young to understand right from wrong and therefore cannot fully understand the plan of salvation, BUT we adults can learn a lot from children, who don't have all the inhibitions we do sometimes, and aren't afraid to physically express what they are feeling inside- even thought they themselves may not understand it
---T.S. on 6/27/06

Would someone please answer my question about a young child experiencing the Holy Spirit? I will be out of town for the next week, so I won't see your response immediately, but I would appreciate one.
---melissa on 6/27/06

My 3 year old daughter dances whenever she hears music, especially in church. Obviously, she has a gift for interpreting music through dance. I feel embarassed sometimes because I worry about the disapproval of others, but in my heart I am awed by her. She seems to know something we don't as she gets lost in the music. She closes her eyes and raises her arms as she moves to the music. She looks like she is having a spiritual experience. Could a child this young feel the Holy Spirit so keenly?
---melissa on 6/23/06

In Psalm 150:1-14 it says to dance in the Santucary, it says to praise Him with trumpet, with harp, with lyre, with tambourine, with strings, with flute, and with clash of cymblas and it says everything that has breath to praise Him.
Hope this helps.
---KathyLH on 6/23/06

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Make a joyful noise,sing unto the Lord dance before Him...
---Lynn_E._Bedford on 6/22/06

When the power of God gets ahold on a person, they have to do something, because they sure can't just stand there. Remember when God told Moses that he couldn't see his (God's) face because his (Moses) eyes can't contain that much glory? The same with us when the spirit of the Lord is moving, our bodies can't contain that much glory and power, so we dance, sing, shout, run, fall out under the spirit, Don't put a limit on what God can do through us, if we are willing.
---Rebecca_D on 6/22/06

2. satan is not going to do anything that will positively affect anyone or change thier life making them stronger in the Lord or closer to the Lord. The only thing he knows how to do is mimmick the manfestations of the Holy Ghost to keep people like YOU talking and doubting it. And BTW, this is not just someone's off the wall interpretation of God's word- The Bible is very clear on the subject of the baptism in the Holy Ghost and the power that accompanies the experience
---T.S. on 6/20/06

I know because of what I feel in my heart. I KNOW the Holy Spirit is REAL, because I've seen and felt His power demonstrated WAY too much to doubt it. His Word says "Your ways are NOT my ways, my thoughts are higher than your thoughts." In another place it says "How unsearchable are his judgements and his WAYS.....they are past finding out"
---T.S. on 6/20/06

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T.S., How do you know what they are of? Whose right and whose wrong. The reason for so many denominations is so many different interpretations of God's word. Have a nice day.
---Thomas_D. on 6/19/06

"God knows the heart and he knows mine"

You're right. He SURE DOES
---T.S. on 6/18/06

"Your no better than any other Christian because you say your pentecostal."

I never claimed to be.

"I don't subscribe to your ways"

they're not MY ways, they are the ways of the HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD
---T.S. on 6/17/06

T.S., I don't criticise anyone at church. I don't fold my arms and look sour. It's what's in the heart not in your legs. When I leave church I try to act the same when I'm not in church. Your no better than any other Christian because you say your pentecostal. God knows the heart and he knows mine and I don't subscribe to your ways. I'm not a member of any church in this world but I'am a member of the body of Christ.
---Thomas_D. on 6/16/06

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TS--maybe such people just don't like Christian elevator music?
---Jack on 6/16/06

Thomas D- If the joy of the Lord fills your HEART, then sometimes it cause you to react by dancing for joy. I have a hard time believing a person who says they love the Lord, when they sit frowning with arms folded during praise and worship time, criticizing how everybody else is worshiping.
---T.S. on 6/16/06

If the spirit moves upon you to dance, then dance. Don't worry about what others think, that is the problem too many people are worried about what others will think. they let their pride get in the way instead of doing what God tells them to do.
---Rebecca_D on 6/16/06

Helen 5378,I agree with you.I don't like when Christians have reheresed dancers ,who actually are taking Jewish practices, and making them into Christian ones. I only believe in dancing in church when it is the Holy Ghost moving through a person anointing them to do it.
---Darlene_1 on 6/16/06

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The Lord is concerned with your heart not your dancing.
---Thomas_D. on 6/16/06

I have seen modern interpretive Christian dance done as part of a special church service. It can be done to music on in concert with a reader describing a Biblical event or Christian topic. When the performance is well done it can be a highly effective adjunct to a special religious service.

These are planned choreographed presentations with one or multiple dancers sometimes in combination with an American sign language interpreter it can be a very moving presentation.
---notlaw99 on 6/16/06

When the Holy Spirit moves you to dance, obey him and dance; when he moves you to lose strength and fall out, obey him and let go, when he moves you to jump, or to shout praises, or to laugh, or to weep, or to sing, or to worship, or to pray, or to lay hands and heal, or to prophesy, or to speak in tongues, or to interpret tongues, or to sing, or whatever the Spirit moves you to do, obey him and do it. The church is God's house, and we are to let his Holy Spirit have his way, and not quench his Spirit.
---Eloy on 6/16/06

Eric-Why should being in a building make any difference?
---joseph on 6/16/06

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The previous post is mine "David dance before the LORD why shouldn't we"? (along with this from different post) "And linda makes 3. You are correct Linda, and I believe you have a pretty good idea of exactly what that mark is. However I respect your not wanting to put it out there as many will not believe. Leaving it up to the Holy Spirit is prudent." I apologize Joseph I capitalized the first letter accidently. I realize these thoughts may not reflect yours.
---joseph on 6/16/06

Joseph--Another thing: David was OUTSIDE the Tabernace dancing in the streets--and in his birthday suit.

If David danced nude in public, don't you want to, too?
---Jack on 6/16/06

Joseph, would you be willing to wear your birthday suit like David did when you dance in church?

If David did, why shouldn't you?
---Jack on 6/15/06

Joseph, the Hebrews also had animal sacrifices, used incense, had high infant mortality, high maternal mortality, and polygamy.

If they had these things, why shouldn't we?
---Jack on 6/15/06

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Dancing in the Spirit is just fine. What I do not like is orchestrated dancing -- it is of the flesh and really is a show.
---Helen_5378 on 6/15/06

David danced but he didnt do it in church.

I dont think dancing is not a form of worship. Kneeling, praying, singing, giving tithes and testifying are.

I will save my dancing when I get to heaven. But I dont know if the angels will sing music I can dance to!
It will be a joyful dance of redemption!
---eric on 6/15/06

David dance before the LORD why shouldn't we?
---Joseph on 6/15/06

Yes,actually, we should. It is scriptural.
In 2Samuel 6 David danced bfore the Lord.
The word "dance" comes from the Hebrew wrd. "karar" which means "to whirl; dance".
The bible lists several ways to praise God.
---Rickey on 6/15/06

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I think this is a question you should ask the Holy Spirit, the one who CAUSES worshipers to dance with joy. When the joy of the Lord overflows in people's hearts, they can't help but express it in some form. It's different with everybody. And those who have 'problems' with worshipers should be worshiping God themselves instead of LOOKING AROUND and judging everything else that's going on
---T.S. on 6/15/06

Can you show me where this was done in the NT?

Can you show in early Christian writings that this was ever done?

If you can show this in either place, then I suppose it's ok.

OTOH, if you "want to dance like David danced," according to the Bible he wasn't wearing anything.
---Jack on 6/15/06

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